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How To Train A German Shepherd

How To Keep Your Dog From Barking

How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy – A Detailed Video on GS Training Tips

While German Shepherds communicate primarily through body language, their bark is another way for them to let others know what theyre thinking. Its unreasonable to expect your German Shepherd never to bark, but you should teach your dog when barking is acceptable.

A GSD is a guardian breed, and he will want to protect his family and his home from any danger. Thats why they bark when someone knocks on the door. But, they may also bark at other dogs, the TV, and other non-threatening stimuli.

What can make this behavior tricky is that you want them to bark to alert you when a stranger or other legitimate danger approaches, but you also want them to stop after youve confirmed that the family is not in danger.

The best way to do this is to follow these steps:

Speedy Ways To Train A German Shepherd

Are you excited to begin training your German Shepherd and wondering how to train a German Shepherd because youre eager to get started?

Ive trained German Shepherds and will show you the quickest ways to get the behaviors that you want

While having fun and bonding with your dog!

Training Your Dog The Command Leave It

This command is particularly helpful when trying to get your dog to let go of something. Some GSD puppies resort to destructive behaviors like chewing and biting on household items. This command will come in handy during such times.

Step 1 : Start your training by holding a treat and calling your dog by his name. Wait for him to come for the treat and then drop it on the floor. Step 2 : When he tries to get the treat, place your hand over it and in a firm voice say leave it. Following this command, pick up the treat and pull your arm away. Wait a few minutes and then repeat the same exercise. Always be firm and clear when commanding it to leave it. Step 3 : Repeat the exercise until your dog can respond to leave it without you having to place your hand over the treat. If he responds positively, reward him with the treat.

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How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy

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Are you the proud owner of a German Shepherd puppy? If so, youve just added a beautiful new member to your family!

Few other dog breeds possess the grace, intelligence, and athleticism of the German Shepherd. Its no wonder theyve been bred and trained for military and police operations since World War I.

Most likely, youre not interested in training your German Shepherd puppy for the military. You;simply want a well-behaved dog thats obedient and loyal to you.

But how do you know where to start? What makes German Shepherds different than other large dog breeds? And with so much information out there, how;can you know where to turn for the best puppy training advice?

In this all-inclusive guide, well reveal everything you need to know about how to train a German Shepherd puppy.

Here Is A Friendly And Hassle

How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy

1 German Shepherd dogs are very territorial dogs. You need to bring both dogs to a neutral place. In this way, there will be no danger of aggression to protect their territory.

2 Exercise both dogs before they meet. An exercised dog will have less energy, and it will not get over-excited when he meets the next dog.

3 Make sure both of them are on a leash and do not let them meet head-on the first time.

4 -Take them for a walk together so they can get used to each other. . You can ask the other person to start walking with the dog and then you start following him with your German shepherd.

5 Let the dogs sniff each other back. Dogs can know each other better by smelling the end. They can get a lot of information about each other. If one of them poo or pee, let the other dog sniff it. It is a non-verbal way of knowing each other in dogs.

6 Watch at the dogs reactions when they crosswalk each other. If one of the dog is getting very excited and want to approach the other one, then it may mean that it is not thoroughly exercised.

7 Watch for any sign of excitement, and if anyone starts to show it, then it means they want to play.

8 after several days, they have been walking together and sniffing each other, you should start to let them get close and interact.

9 Keep them on a leash and be careful of any aggressive behavior. If they get together in a friendly way, then you are making progress.

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Recall Games Playing Tennis With Your Puppy

No, they wont be using a racket.;

To play tennis with your puppy, think of them as being the tennis ball for this one, and them having to pingpong between people to get their yummy rewards!

This is great exercise for a German Shepherd; even you will smile at seeing how much fun theyre having. They can actually put on quite a show when going after a tennis ball try making it bounce high in the air to see a nice Free Willy leap just be mindful of their joints and do it on a soft surface.

How to play:

PS. Youll need a friend to help you with this one. A human preferably, an imaginary one wont do unfortunately.

  • Go into a room with no distractions probably the room they spend most of their time in.
  • Have you and your friend kneel down at opposite ends of the room
  • After your puppy has eaten the treat, have your friend do the same you did. And then do the same. And then it will be your friends turn again and so on.
  • See? Your puppy ping ponging between the two of you now. Dont forget to keep rewarding them for coming!
  • PRO TIP: Start reasonably close together and make the gap between you larger once the idea clicks for your puppy.

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    Can German Shepherds Track Deer

    Since German Shepherds have a solid ability to sniff out things at a distance, theyre often trained to find and retrieve small objects like toys and even lost household items. However, this doesnt mean they cant track in settings other than showing off party tricks!

    German Shepherds can track deer if theyve been trained well in both scent-based and tracks-based seeking. Although theyre naturally good at working with other animals, while they are not typically used as hunting dogs, many of the skills that enable them to excel as working dogs also allow them to track deer.

    That said, you need to give your dog the primary scent-based seeking education using the steps mentioned above. After that, you will have to introduce tracks, a blood trail, and a decoy deer simultaneously. Of course, you will not hide the deer while the dog is watching you, as this sets up the wrong expectations compared to the actual scenario!

    PRO TIP! You can use the below strategywith other targets, such as birds.

    Start With The Basic Training

    How to Train German Shepherd to sit and stay

    Start with the basics and create a foundation. From there you can move into advanced learning or what most of us consider training to be. Older german shepherds have the ability to learn advanced training easily while puppies attention span is short and their temperament not in the mood for boring training.

    Start with the simplest things, your dogs name, then basic commands like sit, stay, stop

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    The Ultimate Guide To German Shepherd Training

    German Shepherds are one of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world. Its not surprising, though, since theyve held the number 2 spot of most popular dog breeds for the last five years.

    They can be found in every city in every state in the United States. They live in big cities, suburban homes, and rural areas. Their loyalty and devotion to their family make them excellent watchdogs, family companions, and service dogs.

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    German Shepherd dogs are highly intelligent and trainable. In fact, they may be too smart for their own good, which is why early training and socialization are a must. Failing to socialize and properly train a German Shepherd puppy could make for a nervous, overprotective, and otherwise unbalanced adult dog.

    For that reason, weve put this guide together on German Shepherd training, so you can start your puppy off right and continue to teach them throughout their life.

    Contents & Quick Navigation

  • Additional German Shepherd Training Tips and Tricks
  • What Do I Need To Train My German Shepherd Puppy

    It might look like a long list. Its not really just the basics.;

    We recommend investing in the following equipment to train your puppy

    • A treat pouch;
    • A soft collar
    • A harness: One that doesnt pull or tighten when its on your puppy and they walk.;
    • A 2 meter training lead
    • A piece of non-slip vet bed or a soft mat ;
    • Treats: The more smelly, the better. Weve written more about treats here.
    • Two identical toys: Great for swaps
    • A soft grooming brush;
    • A crate and playpen: Optional, but pretty handy if you ask us. ;

    Youll also need to practice a couple of other things on your behalf such as:

    • Patience: Put into perspective, puppies are only toddlers in human years. It might take them a while to get the gist of everything youre teaching them.;
    • Persistence: The puppy training journey becomes a lot less of a labyrinth when you are consistent with your training practices.;
    • Time to practice: In line with being persistent allowing time to practice their training everyday is key for a bright, trained puppy.;

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    So What Really Is The Best Way To Train A German Shepherd Puppy

    The best way to train your German Shepherd is by following a fun, engaging program that teaches not only the basics but covers problem behaviors, too.

    The best way of training a German Shepherd puppy is not only by using positive reward-based techniques but also by incorporating fun games that work your breeds super intelligence in a productive way.

    Sound difficult?

    Its not, because you can learn how to train a German Shepherd puppy easily with this inexpensive online Brain Training for Dogs Obedience and Games Program from the comfort of your home. It teaches you how to get your pup to learn positive behaviors.

    Training German Shepherd puppies is fun when you know how and use the best program from the start.

    Dont make the mistake of missing out on early German Shepherd training

    Or youll regret it later when your GSD is larger, more powerful, and wont listen to you!

    Tip #: Teach Your German Shepherd Puppy To Use His Mouth Properly

    How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy to Stay Outside: Top ...

    You may have noticed that your German Shepherd puppy likes to chew on your shoes, toys, boxes, carpets, pillows, your handswell, pretty much everything! Before you loose your mind let me tell you that this is normal puppy behavior. At this age dogs explore everything with their mouths and even though annoying, it is a great time to teach your pet what is appropriate for his mouth as well as how to soften the bite. The reason German Shepherd dog puppies have sharp teeth is because they are capable of learning how much pressure to apply when biting different things. This is good news! It means you can actually teach your pooch that when biting human skin they need to be absolutely soft and tender. To train a German Shepherd puppy to do this follow this link!

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    Your German Shepherd Puppy Needs A Leader That Leader Is You

    Your German Shepherd puppy by default will view you as his leader. As noted above, he will emulate your emotions. He will also follow your lead, provided that he trusts you.

    It is key to remember here that establishing yourself as a leader in your GSDs eyes does not mean that you should show dominance over him. In fact, doing this will only frighten your GSD and make him untrusting of you.

    So how do you do this? Its simple treat your GSD with the same respect that you expect from him. For you, this means exercising patience, persistence, and simply not giving up on your dog.

    While all German Shepherds are extremely intelligent, they need this intelligence drawn out from them in a very nurturing manner in order to live up to their full potential. Once you show your GSD that you are worthy of being a good leader, he will trust you and remain just as loyal to you as you have shown that you are to him.

    With this in mind, it is important that you never yell at your GSD and never, ever hit your dog not matter what! Doing either of these things will only erode any trust that you may have established, and it will make your GSD especially skeptical of you and therefore much harder to work with.

    Guide To Advanced Stay Techniques

    Once you are at the full distance of your leash, drop the leash and work on having your dog stay while you move into different rooms. Dont forget to come back to your dog to reward him, so he doesnt develop the bad habit of moving during a stay.

    Add in distractions, such as friends walking around while you train your GSD. For the final steps, have your dog on the long leash and train in your backyard.

    Extend the leash as far as it will reach and have your dog stay in place for 30 seconds or longer. Move to outdoor training at a quiet park and repeat the steps for increasing distractions.

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    Training A German Shepherd Puppy At Home

    Are you ready?The process of home training a German shepherd puppy is simply a non-stressful procedure, however, it requires you to be patient, tolerate, persistent, because it may take some time but at the end, youd be glad you did.

    German Shepherds are amazing dogs naturally, the shepherd puppies are lovely cute and their training does not involve the use of any form of special equipment, and this is good news for you!

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    Puppy house training is one of the most basic things you have to do to help your dog get conversant with his new home and the environment and there are many ways to go about it. Now, the very first house rule your dog should learn is how not to pee and poop inside the house, starting this way you have just made the process simple and easy.

    The most practical and efficient way of training your young puppy is to adopt the Positive training methods which will enable you to get a smart and obedient dog.

    Without wasting time, I want you to learn some simple home tips to potty train your new German shepherd Puppy. All you just need to accomplish this love, patience, consistency and sweet treats.

    Now lets delve straight and begin with the best German shepherd puppy training steps.

    Introducing A New Dog To Your Household

    How to Housebreak and Potty Train your German Shepherd Puppy

    Whether you choose to get a puppy from a responsible breeder or adopt a German Shepherd dog from a rescue group, the first two weeks for you and your new dog are a critical period of adjustment.

    If your dog had a previous owner, this time could be particularly stressful for him or her. Here are some tips for a smoother transition for new dog owners.

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    What Is Ipo In Schutzhund

    IPO is a German-language acronym that stands for Internationale Prüfungs- Ordnung or International Trial Rules. More recently, IPO has been transitioned to IGP, which means Internationale Gebrauchshund Pruefung or International Working Tests.

    The Schutzhund IPO/IGP competition is often referred to as a canine triathlon because it is composed of three different skill sets.

    Dogs that are enrolled in Schutzhund for the purposes of competing in canine sports or learning to attack in a protection dog capacity learn these three skills:

  • Obedience.
  • Training A German Shepherd Puppy

  • 1Begin your training attempts at around eight weeks old. Although any German Shepherd dog is trainable, they are very strong and powerful animals. If you start out with a puppy, you have the opportunity to shape and mold its personality and develop your relationship early.XResearch source
  • If you happen to get an older dog, adult dogs can still be trained effectively.
  • German Shepherds can be very protective of their family members, so you want to socialize your puppy early in puppyhood. This will get them used to interacting well with a wide variety of people and animals, which is essential.XResearch source
  • 2Start gently handling your puppys paws, ears, tail, etc. This will be a big dog, and you want to prepare the dog when they are young and small for future grooming and veterinary visits. They may need nail trimming, ear cleaning, temperature taking and other procedures. These procedures will be difficult to accomplish should your full-sized adult German Shepherd dog object.XResearch source
  • 3Begin training your puppy with basic commands. You will need to train them to sit, stay, and heel, in addition to house training them. Your puppy will not understand your commands immediately. Have patience with your dog when they don’t do exactly what you ask right away.
  • 4Use food treats and praise to reinforce your commands. German Shepherds love to learn and they are highly motivated to follow your commands if they are rewarded with treats.
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