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How To Teach A German Shepherd To Attack On Command

How To Teach A German Shepherd To Go Into Down:

How to Train your German Shepherd Puppy to Attack on Command? Effective Training Tips
  • A good technique for teaching down is to have your dog sit and then to lure them toward the ground. Do this by holding a treat on the ground a foot or two in front of them.
  • Dont force them to the ground. Use the lure to get them moving into the down position. You may have to let them smell and see the lure in your hand.
  • Once they go into position properly, say the word down and give them the treat. Repeat the down position 10 times correctly.
  • Try having your dog perform down from both the sit position and from a standing position.
  • Youll find if you teach the down both ways when you train more advanced commands later theyll be easier since your dog understands down to mean to go into the down from any previous position they were in.
  • It sometimes helps to take the treat and move under the nose and head, toward their bodies, in which case your dog should fold their legs under them to smell the treat.

    Work on the down command in different areas of your home and in varying distracting, but safe, environments so your dog learns to follow your command more reliably.

    What Are The 7 Dog Training Commands For A Dog

    The seven most essential dog training commands are:

  • Your Dogs Name
    • Chinese Shar-Peis
    • Afghan Hounds

    If you have one of these dog breeds, you may want to decide if teaching your dog German commands is worth the effort if they have already learned them in english. If your dog is still a puppy, then go for it. They need to learn the basics anyway.

    More Tips To Train Your German Shepherd To Heel

    Now that I have shared my two working methods to train your German Shepherd to heel, I would also like to share my expert tips which will further help you in this regard.

  • Pick either your left or your right side to place your dog and stick with it. If your GSD keeps switching the sides of the walk, you will have difficulty maintaining control and training consistency.
  • Before training your dog to heel properly, he should be taught basic commands like sit, stand, and recall.
  • Always choose a training area where there is the least number of distractions for your dog. It can be your backyard or inside the house.
  • Training can be frustrating for you and your dog in the initial phase. Try to train in short 10-15 minute sessions only.
  • Choose either of the two methods mentioned above and stick to it for at least two months. Both methods are great and will produce results if you have a positive attitude, consistency, and patience.
  • I assure you that you will get results as these are the exact methods I use to heel train any dog. I would like to thank Jeanne for allowing me this opportunity to help GSD owners.

    Though you can use these methods to heel train any breed, training to heel is especially crucial for German Shepherds, as they are strong and bulky, which exerts more pressure on your shoulders. A powerful dog without heel training can be a dangerous thing. Without this discipline, your dog may attack another dog or person, or pull you out into the street.

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    How To Teach A German Shepherd To Stay:

  • To teach your dog to stay, begin by having your dog go into their sit position first.
  • Say the command stay in and then take one step back while keeping your eyes engaged in your dogs eyes. Its useful to find a hand command for the stay that you havent used previously in another command.
  • If your dog stands up to follow youas they probably willtell your dog to sit again. Lure them with a treat back into position.
  • Then, once they sit, say stay. Take a shorter step back, so that your dog doesnt want to follow you.
  • You can increase the steps you take back from your dog before you return to them for their reward.
  • Lengthen this distance slowly as your dog learns impulse control and the stay command.
  • Ultimately, your dog will stop following you, sit, and stay in its position. They will need more training for longer distances.
  • When you practice teaching your German Shepherd the stay outdoors, always use the long lead or their leash so they stay safe while they are in training.

    Stay in safe areas to avoid your dog running off to chase a car, person, or animal.

    Training German Shepherds Not To Bite Or Chew On Things

    35 German Dog Commands to Train your Dog

    Dogs explore the world through their mouths, and most puppies go through a biting stage. This type of biting is not aggressive, but it still needs to be addressed before they get bigger when a playful bite can become dangerous.

    Chewing is another popular puppy past-time. They may do it simply out of boredom, because their teeth are coming in, or as a way to learn about their world. Once again, its a natural behavior that should be curbed as early as possible.

    Here are some tips for teaching your German Shepherd puppy not to bite or chew on things:

    • Yelp or cry when they bite during play. This is what their mother and littermates did to let them know they got too rough, so its a very natural way to teach them not to bite you. Let your hand go limp and then ignore them for 30 seconds to send a clear message: if you bite me, I will not play with you.
    • Provide toys. You need to provide them with something theyre allowed to sink their teeth into, especially when theyre teething. Have a variety of toys for your puppy to choose from.
    • Use an anti-chew spray. Chew Deterrent Spray is just one example of a non-toxic substance that you can put on nearly anything. It has a horrible taste, so one nibble and your puppy wont go back to chewing on whatever you sprayed.

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    Start With Simple Commands

    A common mistake among German Shepherd owners is skipping the basics and trying to achieve difficult commands right off the bat.

    However, effective attack training should always begin with simple commands. Remember, baby steps and little milestones will help you teach your dog more advanced commands easier when the time comes.

    So, never skip basic commands such as stay, sit, and stop. In fact, its crucial that your dog knows the stop command since itll come handy later on.

    Management Tips To Help Your German Shepherd Avoid Attacking Your Other Dog

    If you have dogs that have known each other for a while but fight, then try these tips.

    Spend separate one-on-one time with each dog. This gives them the attention they crave while decreasing any chances of jealousy while the dogs are together.

    Feed your dogs in separate rooms or in separate crates. This also lets them develop a positive association with their crate.

    Never leave toys out unsupervised. Keep higher value chew items like bones, rawhides, and antlers put away. Only give them to your dogs when they are physically separate from each other.

    If one of your dogs guards its toys, figure out which toy it is and eliminate it from your toy selection. Only let that dog play with the toy when its alone.

    Physically pet and praise your dogs equally. Its important that all your dogs get similar amounts of attention when theyre together and apart.

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    Advanced Obedience Training Commands

    • Fetch your dog should fetch the desired item. Could be the newspaper, your slippers, or a ball.
    • Jump your dog should jump over or through an object. For example a low wall, a hoop, or into water.
    • Track your dog should track the desired item or person.
    • Guard your dog should be watchful and alert around something like an item, door, person, or gate.
    • Bite your dog should hold onto or bite into an object.
    • Speak/Bark your dog should bark on command.
    • Quiet your dog should stop barking on command.
    • Go ahead your dog should go ahead of you. Used during agility competitions.
    • Article search similar to track’. your dog should search for a lost item.

    Dog training is constant you’re training them even when you think you’re not.

    Keep in mind, a lot of training will happen during your daily interactions with your dog and consistency is still important here.

    But short refresher sessions are essential. These short sessions will keep your dog from becoming rusty’

    Make A Strong Bond Between You & Your Puppy

    How To Train A German Shepherd To Attack: Protection Training Basics For GSDs

    Before doing anything, its essential to build a strong bond between you and the dog. This wont be easy if you are spending a busy lifestyle. But still, you can do a great job if you follow these tips.

    • Allocate at least 30 minutes for your German Shepard.
    • Dont use punishments to correct bad behaviors of your dog, this will affect you negatively. Always use the positive reinforcement method.
    • Feed your dog yourselves
    • Take your puppy on daily walks.
    • Keep your dogs crate where you stay most of the day.

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    What Is Schutzhund Canine Training

    According to the United States Schutzhund Clubs of America, the very word Schutzhund is a German word that means protection dog.

    So Schutzhund training is protection dog training.

    In the video clip you watched earlier, you probably noticed that the trainer was giving the dog-specific commands and that the bad guy was wearing a thick sleeve on one arm.

    These are hallmarks of Schutzhund protection dog training, which is the gold standard.

    What is most important to know about Schutzhund training is that it is a type of protection dog training that was specifically designed for German Shepherd dogs.

    While Schutzhund today is considered a canine sport, and dogs can learn Schutzhund skills and enter competitions, it is also the best way to train your GSD to protect you by attacking appropriately in the right conditions.

    You Can Reteach A Particular Behavior If Your Dog Struggles With The English Command

    For dogs that have learned to respond poorly to an English command, you can reteach the desired behavior using the German command. Your dog wont confuse it with the English command because the German word doesnt have pre-existing associations. This gives you a fresh start to train your dog with the proper response.

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    Get Your German Shepherds Full Attention

    You must have your dogs full attention before hell learn anything. Pick a quiet place, with little or no distractions.

    To begin with, your back yard is the best place since the smells are familiar and so also the surroundings.

    If you were in a park for instance you have no control over the distractions. Like other dogs and their owners, the scent of other animals, children playing, or a Frisbee whizzing by.

    Once both you and your dog are confident in the training, then you can step it up by moving it to a place with more distractions.

    Reintroducing Treats With A New Command

    How to train a German Shepherd to attack on command

    Show them you still have a treat ready by letting them see and sniff the hand with the treat. But now they have to work for it a little more than usual by learning a new command.

    Once you have their attention, start teaching the new command. Offer the treat as a lure for the new command and then reward them when theyre successful.

    Youll find that your dogs initial reluctance quickly ends.

    You can also use a popular toy instead of treats when training. Be sure you use a safe and durable toy, which will last through a strong chewer, like one of these durable toys for powerful German Shepherd chewers.

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    What Not To Do For Your Aggressive German Shepherd

    Some things can make your German Shepherds aggression worse. Its best to avoid doing the following which will slow your training.

    Dont punish a dog for aggressiveness toward another dog in your home. Your dog will associate the punishment with the other dog and with you. This breaks down social relationships.

    Dont allow your dogs to fight to work things out on their own. One of your dogs could seriously injure the other!

    Dont set your dog up for failure. If you keep having issues with your German Shepherd attacking your other dog dont let them ever be together unsupervised.

    Dont think its just a one-time event. Most likely, your German Shepherd and your other dog have issues with each other that youre not aware of. Thinking this is just a one-time thing could put your dogs in danger when they attack each other again.

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    How To Train A Dog To Attack With 16 Simple Easy Steps

    No desirable outcome will happen without proper preparation

    The first phase of these steps is the preparation ones, you should fully prepare yourself and your dog mentally and physically before you even start with the actual rigorous training ahead

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    German Shepherd / Schutzhund Dog Training In Phoenix & Scottsdale

    The sport of Schutzhund, developed in the late 19th century, is the German term for protection dog. German Cavalry Captain, Max von Stephanitz originally developed Schutzhund to determine the breeding quality of the German Shepherd Dog. Schutzhund trained dogs are basically performing the same tasks as a highly trained police K9. The dogs undergo a thorough examination of their skills in three different phases.

    • Tracking, Obedience, and Protection.
    • There are also three different levels of Schutzhund titles SchH1, SchH2, and the master level of SchH3.

    Before a dog is allowed to participate in a SchH1 examination, the dog must pass an extensive temperament evaluation by a licensed judge. This temperament test is called the Begleithundeprüfung , which is German for Traffic Sure Companion Dog Test.

    The dog must demonstrate basic on and off leash obedience. Sureness around strange people, strange dogs, traffic and loud noises is also required. Only dogs that possess a stable temperament and do not display any aggression or fear pass the examination and receive the BH title.

    A dog must have successfully completed the BH examination in order to advance to a Schutzhund title.

    How To Train A German Shepherd To Attack

    How to Train Your German Shepherd to Attack on Command

    According to Private Security Professional Of America, a protection dog defends a family in situations where they may feel threatened. If you have a German Shepherd, then they are the perfect breed to train, however, you should not have a GSD specifically for protections as they require socialization and exercise to strive.

    One popular way you can teach them to be the best protection dog is to teach them to attach on command. It takes time and patience when training your GSD, and youll need to teach him obedience first before he can respond to any commands.

    As I mention above, socialization is a vital factor since youll want to teach it to protect your family as well as friendly to people who mean you no harm.

    In this article, we will discuss how to train a German Shepherd. To start with, youll need a dog who obeys commands without hesitation. Plus, your dog must have basic training and understand commands: sit, heel, stop, etc.

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    Why Do Police Dogs Know German

    Police dogs are generally three types of breeds:

    • German Shepherd
    • Belgian Malinois
    • A cross-breed of the two other breeds

    According to K9 Officer Randy Widdicombe, its a myth that non-English commands are meant to ensure no one besides the handler can command the dog to attack or sit. In reality, most police dogs, German shepherds in particular, are purchased overseas and were trained with those command words. Its easier for the officer to learn a few German words than to retrain the dog with new commands.

    German Shepherd Basic Obedience Commands

    German Shepherds can learn basic training commands within a week because they are highly intelligent. Here are some of the basic commands you can teach your GSD.

    • Come- signals your GSD to come towards you
    • Crate, Kennel, or Bed- signals your GSD to enter his crate, kennel or bed
    • Get it or Go get- makes your GSD get an object that is laying on the ground
    • Go in or Inside-makes your GSD enter the room or house
    • Go out or Outside- makes your GSD leave the room or house
    • Heel- reminds your GSD to remain at your side
    • Lay down or Down- makes your GSD go into the down position
    • Leave it- teaches your GSDs to leave or ignore an object
    • Let go or Drop it- teaches your GSD to release or drop onto the ground any item in his mouth
    • No or Stop- interrupts your GSD from doing something
    • Okay- indicates that the situation is safe or in order
    • Sit- signals your GSD to sit
    • Stand- signals your GSD to stand up
    • Stay- signals your GSD to remain where he is
    • Take- signals your GSD to take things gently from your hands.

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    Key Takeaways For Teaching Your German Shepherd Training Commands:

    • Always be consistent. Use the same words each time.
    • We can’t expect our dogs to know what we want without teaching them first.
    • Keep your commands short and simple.
    • Do regular short refresher training sessions to avoid a decline in your dog’s response.

    And now for the special download

    Here you can download an audio recording of how to pronounce all of these commands in German.

    My friend Anna is a native German speaker, so you’ll be getting it from the horse’s mouth so to speak!

    You can also download a text file so you can follow along with the audio.

    How to Download These Files

    Audio File:

    Text File:

    Right-click the links below and select Save as to download the file to your computer.

    German Shepherd Training Commands Audio.

    German Shepherd Training Commands Text

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