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How To Stop A German Shepherd From Barking

Acclimate Your Dog To The Stressor

Aggressive German Shepherd Training/How to stop your barking dog!

If your dog barks at the neighbor dogs, at the postman, at children who walk to school in front of your home, it is likely that he thinks these things are threats. You can convince him that they are not threats by introducing him to those people and dogs on neutral ground, like in the street out in front of your home.

How you teach your German Shepherd to stop barking will depend entirely on what he is barking out. In general, obedience training that instills him with a command that, when said, immediately ceases his barking, is the best option.

German Shepherd Barking At Night Heres Why

When your dog starts tobark loudly at night, it can cause a lot of problems. Everyone in your homestarts to struggle with sleeping well. And if the barking is loud enough, yourneighbors may start to get annoyed as well. Learning what causes your dog to bark,and how to prevent these late-night outbursts, will help make everyone a littlehappier.

When your German Shepherd barks at night, there are manyreasons. They may have separation anxiety, feeling lonely, or they hearsomething outside the window. Moving your dog to a new room, giving them plentyof exercises to wear them out, and setting up a routine can make the barkingstop.

This article willexplore a few of the most common reasons your dog is barking in the first placebefore we start looking at a few of the steps you can take to prevent barkingat night.

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A German Shepherd Barking: A Perfect Guide To Train Your Gsd

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The sound of a German Shepherd barking is a sound youll never forget. This is one of the kindest dogs in every possible meaning. These dogs have a unique character that glows up from even the early stages of their lives.

Theyre quite vocal, and they love to speak, even when theyre not asked to. So, how do you stop this kind of annoying trait?

Surely, there are situations where barking isnt appropriate, but we cant keep a dog from barking. Or, can we?

Controlling barking is very possible, but it requires plenty of time, patience, and treats! YOURE now in for a treat because, in a few steps, youll learn how to tell the cause of the barking and learn how to control it.

Ready? Steady! SPEAK!

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How Not To Stop A German Shepherd From Barking

Punishing your dog by hitting them, or hinting at punishment with a raised hand in the ready to hit position. This will scare your dog and make them distrustful.

And in the event that they are barking to get attention, punishing them will only reinforce the behavior.

Yelling at your dog will make them think you are joining in on the barking. Yelling will not stop your dog from barking.

In most cases, your dog will turn a deaf ear and keep barking.

Making them wear an anti-bark collar. This contraption can cause your dog considerable pain and discomfort. It is not a proven method to stop barking.

It will also cause negative feelings in your dog. These feelings may be associated with a person or animal present when the shock is applied. And these situations can trigger aggressiveness.

At this point you are surely wondering:

# : Use The Appropriate Training Program To Stop German Shepherd Barking

Mean German Shepherd

The following barking problems should be addressed before formally teaching your dog to bark on command and sometimes this is not recommended at all.

Fearful German Shepherd barking

German Shepherd anxiety may first appear as a barking problem. These are dogs that are truly afraid of something and pushing them to face their fears will only make matters worse. The best techniques involve slowly teaching your dog to change the emotion state of fear to one of joy in the presence of the fear trigger. Most fearful dogs will never become completely relaxed, so you will always need to be on the alert and manage the environment to prevent aggression from arising. I highly recommend you do not train a fearful dog to attack or bark on command.This link will help you get started on a training program to diminish your dogs fears.

Resource guarding in German Shepherd dogs

Also known as food aggression, resource guarding is a type of fear, in this case it is the fear of loosing something. Common things dogs will guard are toys, furniture, and even the owner. Because this also falls under the fear category you must be very vigilant and avoid situations that will make your dog become food aggressive. Follow this link for more information on this issue.

Stress and anxiety barking in German Shepherd dogs

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They Are Barking For Their Territories

Furthermore, barking to defend ones territory or the owners is a typical motive for this behavior. While visitors knock on the door or when youre in the presence of other dogs, this sort of barking will occur. You must first educate your dog to look at you when he begins to bark before you can change his barking behavior. This may be achieved by following the steps indicated in the next section.

How To Make It Stop

Hearing a dog bark constantly is very annoying and totally unbearable. When you get the first complaint from your neighbors telling you that your dog couldnt let them sleep, act immediately. Take notice of the situation and try to figure out what pin-pointed this behavior. If you continue to get complaints from other people, try the following techniques.

  • Try to understand what your GSD really mean when it barks.
  • Is it angry or just wants to play? This will help you deal with the situation in a more effective way.
  • If your GSD starts barking whenever you have a visitor at the door, take help from voice commands.
  • The commands you can use to tell your dog that barking is not appropriate are No, Stop, and Quiet.
  • If your dog continues to bark, try to distract it.
  • When a GSD barks at visitors, this usually means that it is trying to protect its family and territory.
  • If so, let your dog know that it is in a safe environment.
  • If your GSD stops barking once you let the visitors in, offer it a treat as a sign of appreciation.
  • Repeat this for several times until your dog creates the connection and learns to stay calm whenever someone rings the doorbell.

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A Sign Of Their Health

What you should know about your dogs mood swings

Mood swings arent always easy to spot. One of the most prevalent symptoms of an underlying health concern is barking more, indicating anything from nutritional difficulties to hormone abnormalities in certain dogs. You should know to be alert to the fact that something is amiss.

So contact a veterinarian immediately away so that you can work together to solve this problem.

You Shouldnt Use Muzzle Or Anti

How to STOP barking dog on leash! My german shepherd is aggressive towards other dogs

Some owners may use a muzzle to suppress their dogs barking.

Muzzles and anti-bark collars are ineffective training tools for your German Shepherd. If used inappropriately, they might exacerbate behavioral issues such as aggressiveness, anxiety, or panic responses!

A muzzle or electronic collar to control barking should only be used as a last option. Your veterinarian, behaviorist, and other specialists can assist you in bringing your dog under control without resorting to harsh means of discipline first.

Theres no need for pain when we have so many more effective options at our disposal!

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Your German Shepherd Is Sick Or Hurt

While dogs have evolved to have many tools to communicate with people, talking in human words is not one of those tools.

So your dog has to resort to other ways to let you know if they are hurt or sick. One of those ways can be barking.

While barking may not be the way your dog chooses to let you know they are sick or hurt, if the barking doesnt appear to have any other cause, it is time to dig deeper.

The health issue may be external or it might be internal. For example, some dogs that are having dietary issues or hormonal issues might become more aggressive or irritable and bark more.

Mood changes are one of the primary signs that your dog may be developing an underlying health issue, and barking more is one of the primary signs of a mood change.

This is the right time to reach out to your dogs veterinarian to report what you are witnessing and, if necessary, make an appointment for your dog to be examined.

Step : Avoid Using A Muzzle Or Anti

Some owners may use a muzzle to suppress their dogs barking.

Other times, owners may use a shock anti-bark collar as a method of punishment for barking.

These tools arent effective in training your German Shepherd properly and can even cause behavioral problems such as aggression, anxiety, or fear reactions to worsen.

Using painful anti-bark collars and muzzles should be a last resort.

Contact your vet or a professional behaviorist if youre considering using a muzzle or electronic collar to stop barking.

Try more positive methods first before adding in negative punishment.

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Dont Give Your German Shepherd Attention

If your german shepherd is constantly barking through the night, the worst thing you can do is respond to them. If your dog is barking, then theyre looking for attention. By interacting with them youre showing them that if they bark they receive your attention, which will only reinforce the behavior.

The Bite Of A German Shepherd

How to Stop Your German Shepherd Dog Barking

Theres a saying that when a German Shepherd bites you, shes in it for the long haul. An aggressive 70-pound dog pouncing on you can get quite ugly fast.

Think broken bones, damaged muscles, deep lacerations, bruises, scars, and expensive medical bills. Although uncommon, it can sometimes lead to the victims death.

German Shepherds have a bite force of 238 PSI , compared to humans with a bite force of 162 PSI.

In fact, the American Animal Hospital Association lists the German Shepherd as one of the six breeds with the most dangerous bites, based on a US study.

Therefore, training your GSD to inhibit her bite is mandatory as it not only rewards you with a well-behaved dog, but also ensures your safety as well as the safety of the people around you.

A crucial step towards correcting this nasty behavior is to first understand why German Shepherd puppies bite.

Before we move on, take a look at some important and useful information that weve written for you in the following 2 articles:

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Obedience Training Is A Must

A well-trained dog is easier to control, and this is especially true when trying to stop barking.

Giving some time to obedience training also helps in controlling dog barking. It is very essential for owners to understand that dogs bark but they do not mean to disturb anyone.

As a lot of people own dogs as pets, proper obedience training is necessary. This can be taught at home with some time and patience.

How To Stop This Type Of Barking

Doing so involves getting several friends, that are not known to the dog, to walk past the backyard.

Stopping whenever your dog barks, and only passing by once they are quiet.

But to do this you need to guarantee no strangers will keep walking until they have learned not to bark, and have enough willing volunteers to make it happen.

For this reason, the best solution for most families is to create a barrier.

Prevent your dog from seeing when people walk past with a thick hedge or fence.

Although this involves effort, time and money, it is often more practical than setting up training for such a specific set of circumstances.

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How To Make A German Shepherd Bark

To teach your German Shepherd to bark on command, you need to find something that naturally triggers a bark. If you dont know one already, watch them and try to find one. Once you find a trigger, for example, getting their dinner ready, do it and say bark or speak when they bark. Then, reward them. They will quickly make the association and learn the command.

Use Safety Precautions To Prevent Injury

How to Completely Stop German Shepherd Barking Problems? ONLY Effective and Working Tips | NO BS

Try a control management tool such as a muzzle or headcollar to regain control when out in public. Its best to prevent biting accidents before they happen and head collars give you better control during training.

Gentle Head Collar

This control tool provides gentle corrections and prevents jumping, lunging, and pulling. The head collar is painless and doesnt cause choking, but gives you more control over your German Shepherd.

Using a head collar wont solve your underlying issues. It does, however, provide better safety and control. If you need more confidence in handling your aggressive German Shepherd, then place the head collar on them before going outside.

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Your German Shepherd Is Excited

Just like kids, puppies can easily become over-excited. As puppies, German Shepherds may bark when they get worked up through play, training sessions or exercise.

Even as adults, if your GSD gets very excited about something or someone, including a favorite visitor, a tasty treat or the presence of another dog or animal, you can expect to hear some vigorous barking.

Why Doesnt My German Shepherd Bark

If your German Shepherd doesnt bark and youve had them from puppyhood, it could just be because they are naturally quiet. Different dogs have different personalities, and even if your dog is a typically excitable or noisy breed, they could just be naturally shy or reserved.

Alternatively, if your German Shepherd is a rescue dog, it could be related to something in their past. Some rescue dogs dont make much noise because, in their previous life, they were punished for doing so.

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What Is A Gsd

In this how to train your German Shepherd puppy article, it would make a lot of sense to talk about, you know, German shepherds?

German Shepherds, also known as German shepherd Dogs are medium to large sized dogs originating from.Germany.

This breed was officially known as the Alsatian in Britain until 1977 when its name was changed back to German Shepherd.

Even though they sport a rather primal, wolf-like appearance, the German Shepherd is a relatively new breed of dog, with their origin dating to only1899.

They are a part of the Herding Group. True to their name, German Shepherds are working dogs developed originally for herding sheep.

However, because of their strength, intelligence, trainability, and obedience, German Shepherds around the world are often the preferred breed for many types of work, including disability assistance, search-and-rescue, police and military roles, and acting.

One of my grandparents friends was by the police force for quite some time and upon retiring took his German Shepherd with him to live the relaxed pensioner life.

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Hello Kate,Is pup aggressive when people approach or simply over-reactive?If pup is only barking and is not otherwise aggressive toward strangers, I recommend the following video to help desensitize pup. v=LXCELHDT2fs& index=11& list=PLXtcKXk-QWojGYcl1NCg5UA5geEnmpx4aIf pup is also aggressive, additional training will be needed with a lot more safety precautions to ensure no one is bitten – in that case, I would reach out to a professional trainer who specializes in behavior issues like aggression, and works with a team of trainers who can practice being “strangers” to practice around pup carefully with the skills needed to help pup.Best of luck training,Caitlin Crittenden

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Time To Do Some Legwork

If this is your first experience with crates, and arent familiar with how they work or even how they look, it would be helpful to visit some pet supply stores to get an idea.

If you already have your dog, bring him with you and let him try out a couple. If youre getting everything ready before he comes home, its still a good idea to have a look around.

Even if you ultimately make your purchase online, youll be more knowledgeable when making your selection.

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How To Reduce Your German Shepherds Barking

There are a number of things that you can do to reduce how much your German Shepherd barks and the best option will depend on why it is barking.

If you would like some more tips on how to train your German Shepherd, take a look at the .

Give lots of exercise

The first step to take will usually be to make sure that your German Shepherd is getting lots of exercise

If its not currently getting lots of exercise then allowing it to do so will help to make it feel better and to reduce its attention seeking behavior. This should also have the effect of reducing its barking.

You might find that the exercise that you are giving it isnt enough so youll have to find ways to make the exercise that it does get more efficient.

If you find that walking it isnt normally enough to wear it out then you should try to make it more efficient. You can do this by walking faster, walking further, walking in a hilly area or you could make it wear a doggy weight vest that weighs no more than 10% of its body weight.

You could also walk it with other dogs since it will get it to use up more energy by playing with the other dogs.

You could also teach it to play fetch. Its an effective way to give it a lot of exercise since it will get your German Shepherd to do a lot of sprinting without much rest in between. It can be difficult to teach dogs how to play fetch but I have talked about how you can teach it to yours in the past here.

Get its attention onto you

You can watch the video below to see how

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