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How To Keep A German Shepherd Puppy Busy

There Is Hope For Gsds With Separation Anxiety

Keeping A German Shepherd Busy

Keeping your German Shepherd active and busy can help relieve a lot of anxiety all on its own.

The tips below are designed to entertain, teach, and stimulate your dog even when youre not home. But they are also great ways to help anxious dogs feel safer and more in control while you are away.

Basically, youre giving them a job to do until you get back. And that is exactly what GSDs love most: working!

To learn all about German Shepherd separation anxiety and what you can do about it, make sure to check out this excellent article we have for you linked below:

How to Deal with German Shepherd Separation Anxiety

Teach Your Dog A New Trick

Top up your German Shepherds day by teaching them a new trick.

Your smart dog needs to stay busy and loves to learn new tricks. While teaching tricks might seem unnecessary to you, theyre critical for keeping your dog entertained and spending quality time with them.

Think of them as simply an extension of their obedience training. And many tricks have other practical purposes.

More importantly, training your dog to perform tricks:

  • Engages their minds
  • Teaches them a new skill
  • Helps prevent training burnout
  • Can get them to learn to focus and concentrate
  • Is fun and a great bonding activity

There are so many tricks that you could teach your German Shepherd to help keep them from becoming bored. Have you taught them to:

  • Shake
  • Spin
  • Roll over

Have you heard that engaging your dog in 20 minutes of training is nearly equivalent to an hours walk in terms of stimulation?

One way to teach your dogs tricks is to enroll them in an online dog training program that includes not only their basic obedience but the steps to perform these fun cues with you.

Since I know youre probably busy , theres always the option to enroll in a positive, game-based training program that you can use to entertain your German Shepherd and keep them busy.

Try Brain Training for Dogs to keep you on track with your tricks and reduce boredom in your German Shepherd.

Play Tennis With Your Dog

This can look little silly but it is very funny game.

Do you like tennis? So why not involve your dog with you. You can ask a family member to join also.

  • This game should be played with a wall.
  • You and another family member should hit the ball against the wall and it is your puppys responsibility to bring it back when you miss it.

If your dog is barking too much during the game do not worry he is only excited.

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German Shepherd Training: The 7 Golden Rules & Basic Commands

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Im sure youll agree when I say:

A well-trained dog is a pleasure to have around.

If you own an untrained pooch you know the frustration it causes.

Whether youve just brought home your first German Shepherd.

Or if youve finally decided its time to teach your old dog new tricks

Youve come to the right place to get the 101 on German Shepherd training.

It is a fact that German Shepherds are among the brightest and most intelligent working dogs.

Preceded only by the Border Collie and the Standard Poodle.

This is according to a book published by Stanley Coren in 1994 The Intelligence of Dogs.

You can read more about his study and the metrics here.

Thanks to their ability to understand new commands in less than 5 repetitions and obeying the first command 95% of the time or more.

And the desire to please you most owners can succeed at training their dog on their own.

Because of their intelligence, German Shepherds can sometimes be stubborn. They need a firm hand and a smart approach to their training.

Training your German Shepherd is exciting. But sometimes dog training can seem overwhelming if you don’t even know where to begin.

So heres the deal:

Youve got to get inside your German shepherds head

And Im about to show you exactly how you can do this:

When Can I Take My Puppy To The Dog Park

How to Keep Your German Shepherd Pup Safe in the Summer ...

During the first 3 months of your puppys life, you should begin to socialize him with as many people, places, and different experiences as possible â however, it is much advised to avoid bringing him in contact with other outside dogs until he is fully vaccinated.

Parvo is a severe and life-threatening disease if your pup is exposed to it without the proper vaccinations.

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Fun German Shepherd Activities You Must Try

Are you looking for fun German Shepherd activities to keep their minds sharp and their brains happy?

Youre in the right spot!

Activities are an excellent way to provide your German Shepherd with mental stimulation to reduce boredom and increase good behaviors.

Youll feel relieved after you learn just a handful of these activities that increase your GSDs brainpower and help keep them calm

Even German Shepherd puppies!

Do Not Offer Old Possessions As Chew Alternatives

Some dog owners think that it is ok to offer their German Shepherd old shoes, rags, or cast-off clothes to chew instead of the valuable ones still in use. Wrong thinking!

If you give your dog an old shoe to chew, you are reinforcing his preference for chewing shoes. Once the old shoe is all destroyed and no longer good to chew, your German Shepherd will look for your latest purchase to replace the consumed one! Dogs are dogs, and they do not know the difference between an old shoe and a brand new one!

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Sure To Keep Your Gsd Puppy Busy

Transform Your Dogs Behavior. Transform Your Familys Life.

Discover the online program that more than 57,000 dog owners have used to rapidly transform their dog into a well-behaved, obedient furry friend.

Bringing up playful puppies, especially a German Shepherd puppy, can be lots of fun and also very, very challenging. The simple act of owning a GSD puppy is full of many responsibilities.

Bringing that puppy up to be a confidant, well adjusted and well socialized dog is of the utmost importance. So, below I will list 3 simple “games” to practice with your German Shepherd puppy soon after you get it home.

Each of these will act as a bridge leading to more advanced puppy training methods down the road. They will also enhance the bond between yourself and your new playful puppy.

German Shepherds And Children

Ideas to keep your German Shepherd busy

Adult German Shepherds can range from being calm and patient to bouncy and boisterous, depending on their personality, training and socialisation. Some can make great family pets in homes with children of all ages, but dogs should always be supervised around young children.

Make sure you can recognise the signs of unhappiness or anxiety in your dog to help avoid any conflicts. German Shepherds can be nervous of strangers so make sure theyre never left unsupervised. Be careful if you are introducing a German Shepherd to younger children or adults unfamiliar with the breed as they often dont know their own strength.

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Weight Of A Male German Shepherd

A male German Shepherd is heavier than a female. The weight of a male German Shepherd is about 66 to 88 pounds. In kilograms, it is about 30 to 40 kg. this is usually equal to the weight of a smart teenage boy or a smart middle-aged woman.

A German Shepherd is sexually dimorphic. It means that the weight and height are different for a male German Shepherd and a female German Shepherd. The weight of a German Shepherd varies according to age. With every passing month, a specific weight gain can be observed in a German Shepherd puppy until it becomes a Mature dog.

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Otterly Pets Dog Rope Toys

  • Durable toys can withstand abuse.
  • Great for tug-o-war.

Theres nothing better than a good, quality assortment of toys for your dog at a great price. The Otterly Pets Dog Rope Toys package is a collection of well-made rope toys designed for the most aggressive players and chewers.

Made from non-toxic cotton, this assortment of rope toys is not only unharmful to your pet but actually helps to clean teeth and massage irritated gums. This makes it great for both teething puppies and older dogs at the same time.

Your package includes four knots, a 6-inch ring, a figure-8 rope, a 20-inch handled rope, and a 3.5-inch monkey fist. For a very good price, you get all of this to keep your dog occupied and entertained, free from destructive boredom. Every piece is also washable.

We love that this toy package is affordable, includes five different variations of rope toys and they are made from natural materials. This significantly aids in irritated gums and cleans teeth as well. In addition, youll appreciate that the pieces are all color-coordinated to present a beautifully designed package full of interactive playtime fun.

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Hire A Friend For Your Dog

If you can afford it, you may wish to hire a dog walker to be your dogs friend once or twice a day while youre gone.

Even if they stay for just a few minutes, that small bit of human contact may be just what your dog needs to stay happy and entertained until you get back.

The key to using a friend for hire or a dog walker is to make sure you introduce your pooch in advance.

There is nothing quite as upsetting to a German Shepherd as a stranger coming into his house.

Toys For German Shepherd Puppies

How to Keep a German Shepherd Busy While Youâre at Work ...

During the puppy stage, German Shepherds need a different set of dog toys than they do as adults. Youll likely want to focus on toys that will help satisfy their urge to chew, as well as potentially provide them with a little relief during crate training .

Durability is also important for dogs in the 6-9 month range that have a stronger bite force, so keep that in mind. The toys below are great for German Shepherds up to around 9-12 months of age. At that point, youll want to step into the right dog toys that are made specifically for adult dogs.

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Give Your Dog Responsibilities

German Shepherds thrive best when theyre pre-occupied and able to use their unique physical and abilities. In fact, if you give your GSD some household chores, youll find that theyre happier and better behaved.

Apart from having a happy helper at home, giving your dog a job also gives you plenty of opportunities to train and reward them for their positive behaviors.

Play The Which Hand Game

If youve been thinking about teaching your dog some scent work games this is a great game to get you started. The only thing youll need is some dog treats, and if dont any on hand you can use some chopped up fruits & veggies or make your own homemade dog treats.

How to Play the Which Hand Game:

  • Place a treat in one of your hands.
  • Close your fists and hold them out in front of your dog.
  • Let the dog choose which hand its in.
  • When your dog sniffs or paws the correct hand open it up and give them the treat.
  • If he chooses incorrectly dont discourage him, it takes a few tries to catch on.
  • A gentle touch command will be helpful.

Tip: Chopped up carrots make excellent treats for scent work games and training. Theyre low in calories, easy to prepare, and dogs absolutely love them.

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Mental Exercises For German Shepherds

Although German Shepherds are incredibly smart, you dont really need complicated activities to keep them engaged. Often, they just need a few minutes each day learning something new, engaging in interactive play, or performing a certain function.

If you have a GSD thats gotten bored with just walking or playing fetch, here are a few ideas that might inspire you:

Simple Games To Keep Your Playful Puppy Happy

German Shepherd Puppy Training Questions

Puppy Hide and Seek:

This is a really fun game to teach your GSD puppy to come to you when called.

1. First, put your German Shepherd puppy in a sit-stay and hide behind a nearby tree or a piece of furniture. Wait a few seconds, then call him to you in a high pitched and excited manner.

2. Once your German Shepherd puppy “finds” you, praise him, praise him, praise him. To make this progressively harder, make each hiding place a little harder and a little farther away from you than the one before.

Find The Object Li’l Puppy:

This game is a great way to teach early smell discrimination training. This works best, especially in the beginning phases, if you have a helper to hold your GSD puppy.

1. Have your helper hold your German Shepherd puppy and let them both watch as you put several objects on the floor just in front of them, such as: a coke can and an empty toilet paper roll. Make sure you’re wearing a plastic glove if possible while touching the items. You’ll need to have a favorite toy of your pups as well while doing this.

2. Now, walk back to your Alsatian puppy and your helper. Casually retrieve the pups favorite toy from your back pocket, rub your hands on it for a few seconds, and let him watch as you throw it over near the other objects you’ve just laid out.

“If dogs could talk, perhaps we would find it as hard to get along with them as we do with people.” – Karel Capek

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Keep Your Dog Busy & Happy With Interactive Play

Being indoors doesnt have to be dull. Play some fun games with your dog or teach them something new. Dogs thrive on interactive play, and it has a big impact on their overall health and well being. To keep your dog entertained and happy you dont need a bunch of fancy toys or access to the outdoors, you just need a little bit of time and dedication.

We might not be able to provide them with the full time job they were bred for but we can give them something meaningful to do with a few simple games and tricks. And when you look at your dogs happy face after a simple game of tug youll know exactly why dogs are mans best friend.

You call to a dog and a dog will break its neck to get to you. Dogs just want to please. Call to a cat and its attitude is, Whats in it for me? Lewis Grizzard

How do you keep your dog entertained indoors? Have you read about the recent studies that found a correlation between interactive play and a dogs well being? Does your dog know the name to all of his toys? Do you make your own doggie treats or toys?

The Benefits Of Keeping Your Dog Busy

Bored dogs get into trouble. Were their main source of entertainment, so if we dont give them stuff to do theyll come up with activities of their own and thats when we end up with chewed up shoes and curtains.

There is a growing acceptance among scientists that play is very, very important and the type and frequency of play are a really good indicator of a dogs quality of life. , former RSPCA chief veterinarian

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Work On Impulse Control For Better Manners

Dogs, like children, have to be taught that they cant always get what they want right away. From a puppy learning bite inhibition to teaching an adult dog to wait on command, impulse control keeps our dogs out of trouble and safe.

Brush up on the basic impulse control commands like leave it, wait, stay, settle, and down. These commands are important if your dog ever gets loose or decides to chase after that squirrel.

Instead of handing out a free meal have your dog perform a few tricks before they eat.

Fun Activities For German Shepherds

7 ways to keep a German shepherd busy

Sam Shephard is an experienced German Shepherd owner and has learned throughout the years how to optimize the breed’s health and wellness.

German Shepherds are happiest when kept busy.

With the understanding that this dog breed would need a lot of attention, play, and exercise, we adopted our first German Shepherd. Activities are crucial in order to keep them healthy and happy. This was our first time caring for a German Shepherd Dog, and we initially underestimated just how much activity she would need.

When she was a puppy, we started to notice that she would get antsy, anxious, and even destructive. This was intensely frustrating for my mother, who liked to keep a clean and orderly house. My mom started to despise our dog and her destructive behavior. Thats when we took Sultan to see a trainer. Wed been somewhat successful with our own training methodsshe could sit, stay, come, lay down, shake, fetch, and do just about anything else she was asked to do.

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