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How To Groom A German Shepherd At Home

Brushing Your German Shepherd

Grooming My German Shepherd At Home

Brushing your German Shepherd is extremely important for the overall health of your dogs coat. Frequent brushing helps to rid their fur of dirt and debris, especially since they shouldnt receive frequent baths.

By brushing them a minimum of 4-5 times a week, you cut down on the need to bathe your Shepherd. Ideally, for maximum coat health your German Shepherd should be brushed daily.

Since German Shepherds have a plush double coat, daily brushing will also help to limit the amount of fur that is shed throughout your home.

We all cherish the light that our dogs bring to our lives, but their constant shedding of fur can be quite frustrating in your home. Frequent brushing not only benefits your dog, but its also important for your own well-being.

Its also important to find a quality anti-shedding brush for your GSD. This way, you can get the job done quickly, and the experience will not be uncomfortable for your dog.

If you brush your dog daily with an anti-shed brush, the process will be quick and easy each time, since youre preventing the build-up of hair with each use.

Daily brushing is extremely important during the warmer times of the year, as your German Shepherd is shedding the most during these times. Daily brushing will be mandatory in the efforts of keeping your home clean, and keeping your dog cool by stripping any loose fur.

Do German Shepherds Need Grooming

All dogs need grooming, including German Shepherds!

Grooming is important to prevent the dogs coat from becoming matted. Grooming keeps your dogs skin healthy and allows you to check for any lumps and bumps, sore patches, or parasites.

A thorough brush removes dead and loose hair from their coat, helping to keep the fur healthy and shiny.

Grooming also massages your dogs skin, helping to improve his circulation.

Best of all, regular grooming strengthens the bond between you and your dog and is a pleasurable experience for both of you.

How To Trim Dogs Foot Hair

Brush up long hairs between the toes then use scissors to trim the hair around the top area of your dogs foot and the paw. You should only use blunt-nosed safety scissors when trimming your dogs fur.

Avoid trimming the hair between the toes.

If this is the first time youre trimming your dogs hair, and youre unsure, its better to bring them to your local vet clinic or groomer for assistance.

Other body areas that may require regular trimming include:

  • Eye area.
  • Hair around the chin and lower jaw.
  • Hair mats and tangles.

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Getting Your Puppy Used To A Grooming Routine

If your GSD hasnt been brushed in a while or the fur doesnt come up with another brush , one of these brushes is your best bet.

Shepherd puppies are going to be understandably wiggly when you try to brush them. Many puppies will think that you are trying to play with them and will twist around to try and grab the brush, which may not look that dissimilar to one of their favorite chewy toys.

Its important to be diligent with your GSD from early puppyhood to adulthood, gently correcting him if he is trying to get away or play with the brush, and rewarding him both with a treat and with verbal praise when he behaves during a brushing session.

In order to ensure that you have removed the maximum amount of fur from your dog, it is best to brush him once with the grain of his fur, and then gently against the grain to loosen any trapped hairs, and then once more with the grain.

Only go against the grain of his fur with a pin brush, bristle brush, or shedding rake. You may have to go over the same spots several times in order to get all of the fur out of the over and undercoats.

Having a puppy sit while you brush his neck, legs, and back, is a good way to stay in control of the dog, before standing him up to brush his haunches and back legs. If he seems particularly averse to brushing sessions, your technique may be too rough, or his skin may be sensitive to the brush you are using.

How To Groom A Long Haired German Shepherd

German Shepard Deshed: Dog Grooming Services

The long hair of this dog means that there is a lot of extra grooming that youll have to do compared to a standard German Shepherd. If youve never seen the amount of hair that a long-haired German Shepherd sheds, you may be in for a bit of a shock. After a full brushing youll be left with what looks like another dog on the floor, so be sure not to leave it too long between brushes.

Because of its length, your dogs hair can easily become matted and sticky if left uncleaned and ungroomed. This means youll need to keep on top of your poochs grooming schedule and make sure they’re brushed regularly to avoid irritation and overheating from a build-up of fur.

Long-haired German Shepherds constantly shed their fur so you may want to invest in a decent vacuum cleaner as youll be using it a lot. We all know how dog hairs have a habit of getting everywhere so make sure you have plenty of lint rollers to hand so you can de-fur your clothes before you head out.

As well as brushing your pooch its important to maintain well-trimmed nails, so regular manicures are vital. There are many health benefits to keeping your long-haired German Shepherds nails neat and trimmed. It can be an awkward task if youve never done it before so be sure to check out our guide above.

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German Shepherd Coat Maintenance

Before we get into how to groom a German Shepherd for summer, there’s one thing you should know

They have high-maintenance coats!

Depending on the length of their fur, they will need daily to weekly brushing. But especially during the coat-blowing season, which happens twice a year.

If you’re struggling with tumbleweeds of hair from your German Shepherd, check out my article on the best vacuum for German Shepherd hair.

Regular grooming will keep your GSD comfortable and it’s essential for several reasons

  • It distributes the natural oils in their fur.
  • Regular grooming promotes a healthy coat and skin.
  • And it prevents matting.
  • But it’s way more than just a healthy exercise
  • Regular grooming is a wonderful way to bond with your pooch.

My 3 are so in love with their grooming sessions, they tend to fall asleep!

Ideally, you should start grooming at a young age. This will help your GSD feel comfortable with all the grooming tools.

If you’ve got an adult dog or a rescue, it’s going to take some work getting them comfortable. But it’s not impossible

Using clicker training and positive reinforcement is a great way to teach any dog a new behavior.

Do German Shepherds Shed A Lot

Yes, German Shepherds shed a fair amount throughout the year, in particular between the hotter and cooler seasons.

So, living with a German Shepherd means youll have to cope with copious amounts of hair around your home.

Its worth bearing in mind the more often you groom them, the less likely theyll be to leave their hair everywhere around the house.

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How Big Is A Full Grown German Shepherd

The long-haired German Shepherd is surprisingly very similar to its short-haired counterpart, despite looking quite different. They share the same general body shape and size, which means that you wont have to worry about making any extra space. The average height of a long-haired German Shepherd is 55-65cm and they usually weigh in at 22-40kg, making it a medium size dog that would fit well into any average size home.

Grooming During The Shedding Season

German Shepherd Dog Grooming Tips

German Shepherds are sometimes called, German Shedders!

That will tell you all you need to know about their grooming requirements during the shedding season!

When your dog is shedding in the spring and fall, youll need to brush him every day.

Heavy shedding happens in spring to allow the dog to get rid of his winter coat so that he wont overheat during the warmer weather.

In the fall, the lightweight summer fur is shed to make way for the dogs thick winter coat.

Indoor-dwelling German Shepherds may not shed as heavily as outdoor dogs.

Thats because your central heating and living in your house will keep your dog nice and warm, negating the need for the thick underfur that an outdoor living dog would need.

Many German Shepherd owners report that their long-haired dog sheds less than his short-haired relatives. But why is that?

Well, the reason for this odd phenomenon is that the German Shepherds fluffy undercoat gets trapped by the longer outer fur as it sheds.

That means less hair on your furniture, but it also makes your dog more susceptible to developing mats in his coat.

Also, although a short-haired German Shepherd is less prone to matting, you will find more of his hair on your clothes and carpets.

Therefore, both long and short-haired German Shepherds require plenty of grooming, although for different reasons.

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Wahl Arco Cordless Pet Clipper Kit

This 5-in-1 Arco clipper from Wahl is a versatile and reliable option for pet owners who prefer a cordless clippers convenience. However, this cordless clipper is still powerful enough to use on your German Shepherd.

Owners will appreciate this lightweight clippers ease of handling, allowing you to trim difficult spots without tiring from extended use. The battery will last for 80 minutes of clipping and needs a 75-minute charge.

The five-position blade set allows you to completely customize the length of the clip you give your dog depending on the body area. Your complete kit purchase includes a clipper, storage case, charger, four guide combs, blade oil, and a cleaning brush.


How To Bathe Your German Shepherds

Choosing The Best Shampoo for German Shepherds

When bathing your GSDs, you need to choose a shampoo made specifically for dog hairs. You cannot use human shampoo for bathing your dog because dogs skin has different pH from human skin. Using human shampoos can make your dogs skin dry or cause an allergic reaction.

For healthy German Shepherds, use a mild and gentle hypoallergenic shampoo for washing all parts of the body and tear-free shampoo for the head area. If your German Shepherd has skin issues, you may want to ask your local vet for advice.

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Where to Bathe Your Dog?

For a medium to large-sized dogs like German Shepherds, you might find it easier to bathe your dog outside in the backyard.

Some dog owners prefer to bathe their German Shepherds using a garden hose set on low pressure.

Setting The Water Temperature

In summer, you may want to let the water cool down first before bathing your dog. In the colder days, you may want to prepare buckets filled with comfortable, warm water as opposed to cold hose water.

Always test the water temperature first before washing your dogs to ensure its not too hot or cold.

If it is not possible to bathe your dog outside as in the case when youre living in an apartment, you can use a bathtub or dog tub.

If youre using a bathtub or dog tub, you will want to put a non-slip mat in the bottom of the tub and around your bathroom to prevent any slipping.

Getting Started

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Best German Shepherd Hairstyle: Au Naturale

Via Pixabay/FREE IMAGE

You wont find much variety in hairstyles for your German shepherd. When it comes to looking good, its more about being properly brushed and groomed, and whether their coat is shiny and healthy. If you truly feel the need to trim your pup, purchase a pair of grooming scissors and give them very specific snips that wont affect the rest of their gorgeous coat.

But really, so long as your giving your Shepherds tresses the attention they deserve through brushing and washing, they probably look great just the way they are.

Just remember to always pay attention to the cues that your dog is giving you, and if something is causing them stress, then it may be time to find a different approach/hairstyle/groomer/etc. We hope these hairstyle ideas and grooming tips have been useful for jazzing up your pups coif. Happy grooming!

Why Shaving Your German Shepherd Is A Bad Idea

Dog Grooming Tips for German Shepherds

While discussing grooming tips for this breed, its essential to emphasize that shaving your German shepherd is definitely not recommended. There are a number of reasons why this is a bad idea, but here are a few of the most important ones we want to mention:

  • Their double-coat works together to keep your dog comfortablecool in the summer and warm in the winter. The folks at German Shepherd Corner also tell us that, The outer guard hairs, and fends off water, dirt and insect bites. The undercoat is soft and fuzzy and works to insulate your dog from heat and cold. By shaving the coat, youre removing all of those protective barriers provided by the fur.
  • Shaving takes away the outer coat, which takes away much of the beautiful coloring and markings of your pup. All youll be left with is the undercoata less exciting, muted cream, gray or beige color all over.
  • Even when theyre shaved, theyll continue to shed .
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    Professional Grooming For Your German Shepherd

    If you are feeling overwhelmed with the options you have for at-home grooming, you can always put your Shepherds grooming in the hands of a professional.

    There are plenty of professional grooming options for dog bathing, nail trims, ear cleanings, and brushing. Groomers can provide a high-quality spa experience for your dog!

    Why You Should Consider A High

    If you’re going to follow the bathe and blow method to groom your GSD for summer, you’ll need a high-velocity dryer.

    Sure, you can try this method with a regular hairdryer.


    No human hairdryer is made to dry the thick fur of an 80 lbs German Shepherd that originated in Europe!

    You can try, but your efforts will fail. And youll still end up with a damp dog!

    High-Velocity driers make de-shedding your dog a lot easier and quicker. The air from the dryer lifts and blows right in under the guard hairs.

    This loosens and removes those millions of undercoat hairs.

    But be warned, using an HV dryer might make de-shedding easier, but it’s no less messy!

    Yes, de-shedding is a messy business no matter how you look at it.

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    Benefits Of Good Grooming To Your Pets

    It keeps their skin healthy

    Proper grooming has a lot of benefits, and one of them is to keep pets from skin infections or diseases. They are also prone to skin conditions such as folliculitis, ringworm, or allergies. If not treated immediately, it could cause a much worse effect on their health. Having healthy skin makes them live a longer life.

    It keeps them away from diseases

    Treating what you see outside the body affects the overall health of your pet. Your pets are prone to tick-borne diseases whenever they go outside. They get it from the environment. The ticks can also cause Lyme disease, which makes the joints swollen.

    It helps in identifying physical conditions

    If your pet is covered with a lot of long hair, it will be hard for you to see the shape and condition. One example is the Lhasa Apso, who is prone to eye infection. It is always helpful to bring them to the groomer every month. Every dog breed has health issues that need to be addressed which you can read here.

    It makes them look pleasant

    Who wants to see a dirty dog or cat? Your family, friends, neighbors or even strangers can see your pet when you go biking, strolling, or walking outside. Because of that, it will be helpful to keep them clean and neat all the time. People who see your pet will not shy away from them.

    It makes them feel good

    Anyway, what are common grooming treatments that you can do for your German shepherd?

    German Shepherd Double Coat

    Grooming Your Dog At Home – What I Use – German Shepherd

    The German Shepherd is generally referred to as having a double coat an outer protective coat and an inner coat with softer hair generally regarded as providing some degree of insulation against different temperatures.

    However, there are definitely other coat types among this breed which means that some German Shepherds just have the more wiry outer coat.

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    Managing German Shepherd Shedding

    How much do German Shepherds shed? While the amount of shedding hair can be attributed to several factors like diet, climate, and illness but they do shed a lot!

    Performing regular grooming weekly or daily brushing can help you remove excess and loose fur and help spread your dogs skin oil into the fur helping it stay in place.

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    Shedding Tools For Home Grooming

    Since your breed is an excessive shedder, youll need a shedding tool to keep your house clean and their skin healthy.

    One of the best shedding tools on the market is the Furminator De-Shedding Tool for Dogs.

    Use the Furminator De-Shedding Tool every month to help decrease shedding in your home. The soft-grip handle ensures your comfort is in mind, while the easy eject button makes removing your dogs fur from the brush a breeze.

    The Furminator brand claims to reduce shedding by hair loss up to 90% with regular use!

    Looking to decrease shedding?

    Youll love all the easy tips in this article, 21 German Shepherd Shedding Solutions to keep your house cleaner and your dog healthier.

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    Bathing Your German Shepherd Puppy

    Ideally, you should bathe your German Shepherd puppy two or three times a year to preserve the coats natural oils, which protect his skin and undercoat.

    Young puppies in particular really dont need to be bathed often, says American Kennel Club Judge and German Shepherd Dog expert Dr. Carmen Battaglia. The puppy coat is soft and cottonlike. Little by little, as your German Shepherd puppy grows between 8 weeks to 6 months old an adult coat will replace his puppy coat. During that time, theres no advantage to bathing unless your puppy is really dirty.

    If your German Shepherd puppy happens to get muddy, Battaglia suggests simply rinsing the dog down. Let him shake off the water, then back brush his coat and dry him off with a towel.

    When its time to bathe your German Shepherd puppy, he will feel comfortable with being handled during bath time if he is used to getting groomed. Bathing your GSD puppy doesnt have to be a monumental challenge its just a matter of following a few simple steps:

    1. Wet your German Shepherd with warm water , using a hose or shower attachment. Start at the back of your puppys neck, holding the hose close to his coat and dragging it all the way to his tail. Sweep the hose back and forth, letting the water saturate your dogs undercoat.

    5. Release your German Shepherd so he can shake out his coat.

    6. Back brush his coat using a soft dog brush.

    7. Towel him off.


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