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How To Get Rid Of German Shepherd Odor

Reasons Your Dog Might Stink And What You Can Do To Help

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Some dogs smell worse than others but German Shepherds are not typically a stinky breed. Some dogs that may have more body odor include hounds, dogs that excessively drool, dogs with oily skin, and dogs with lots of wrinkles.

Unless your German shepherd has gotten wet, has been rolling in something smelly, or hasnt had a bath in ages, a good grooming and brushing will usually keep them and your house from smelling bad.

If your German shepherd seems to stink all the time, some common causes that can contribute to dog odor include:

  • Poor grooming or needing a hygiene trim
  • Bathing too often
  • Poor diet
  • Poor grooming

    German shepherds have a thick double coat that requires continual grooming. If their coat becomes matted, it can collect dirt, grime, grass, skin oils, etc. If the dog isnt brushed regularly, it can collect moisture close to the skin, which can lead to a funky smell as well as fungal or bacterial infections.

    Some German shepherds, especially long-coat or plush coats, may require more grooming, especially around the vagina or rear end. If urine or feces dribble onto the fur, a simple wash and trim of those areas will help prevent odor and keep the dog healthier.


    Excessive licking

    Excess saliva on the fur can cause body odor. Constant licking can be a sign of many problems including allergies, anxiety, or even pain. Dogs that constantly lick can create an underlying health problem such as a bacterial or yeast infection.

    Skin inflammation

    Bacterial infection

    Brush Your German Shepherd Hairs

    Brushing your German Shepherd Dogs hair will help him to get rid of the debris and some dead hairs.

    You should brush your German Shepherd every day to keep him clean and fresh.

    If you find dog hair all over the house then removing dead hairs can help you.

    Long-haired dogs need to be brushed more often than short hair breeds.

    How to Brush Your German shepherd Dog correctly?

    Follow these steps:

    • Always brush the way the hairs grow on your German Shepherd .
    • Be Gentle because brushing the hairs can be painful if not done correctly. If you do not brush regularly, then you can found some mat in your Dogs coat. Remove it carefully. You can cut it with a scissor but be very careful.
    • Always brush in the same way and be careful to brush your Dogs belly. Never brush too hard on the skin because it can hurt.
    • Brush your Dogs face correctly. You can brush on his face if the hairs are long. If the hairs are short, you can use a damp cloth.
    • be regular to brush to get your German Shepherd Used to it.
    • Use a coat conditioner if your German Shepherd has very tangles hairs.
    • Use a quality Shampoo to bath your German shepherd Dog

    Dogs have different Skin ph than humans. Using regular shampoo can give itchy skin to your Dog.

    You should use a good quality dog shampoo to improve your Dogs coat and make him smell good.

    You can buy a shampoo with a good smell.

    Ways To Improve Your German Shepherds Smell

    There are a number of things that you can do to improve your German Shepherds smell. The most effective method will depend on the cause of your German Shepherds smell.

    Improve its dental health

    Since bad breath is a common cause of bad odors in dogs one of the things that you can do is to improve your German Shepherds dental health. You can do this by giving it bones and chews to chew on that help to reduce plaque, you can make sure to give it annual health cleanings and you can even brush its teeth yourself. You should also take steps to make sure that there are no problems with its teeth or gums by taking it to the vets.

    Keep it dry

    When your German Shepherd gets wet it can cause it to become smelly and it can lead to infections. This is why you should make sure to clean its skin and ears after it gets wet. You should also check its ears periodically to check for infections.

    Change its diet

    Since a bad diet can cause German Shepherds to smell you should take measures to ensure that your German Shepherds diet is how it should be. The best way to do this would be to ask your vet when you see them next.

    Clean it

    One way to keep your German Shepherd smelling nice is to bathe and groom it regularly. By doing this you will be able to keep its fur smelling fresh and free of odor. By grooming it youll also be able to remove loose fur which could be increasing its smell.

    Get it to stop rolling in smelly things

    Ask your vet

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    Diet: The Key To A Healthy Fresh

    While bathing and regular brushings are ideal, a fresh-smelling pooch starts with a healthy body. Switching to a high-quality diet can help you better manage some of your dogs smelliest issues. Here are three things to look for in your pets diet.

    Protein: Digestible animal protein thats bioavailable to your dogs body lets him access the amino acids. Amino acids provide the good stuff that builds skin, bone and muscles but also helps cells function, without going to waste in your backyard. NutriSources high meat Element recipes contain at least 83% animal protein, sourced from our carefully vetted suppliers to ensure the quality of the ingredients.

    Quality ingredients: Food allergies and sensitivities to certain ingredients, whether its corn or a specific animal protein, can trigger an overreaction in your dogs system. Switching to a high-quality diet and trying novel proteins can bring your dog some much-needed relief from itchy skin and tummy issues.

    Probiotics: Good health starts in the gut! Healthy bacteria in probiotics support the immune system, so your best friend can better fight off infection. Our proprietary new Good 4 Life Plus system has added digestive benefits to support the proper digestion of high-meat diets and gut health.

    Learn more about NutriSources Element Series, and watch for it in 2021 in your communitys independent pet supply store.

    Breast Cancer Made Me A Better Dog Mom: A Message From 4

    How to get rid of German Shepherd Dog Odor?

    I thought when I bought all natural and organic dog shampoo that it was just that – all natural and organic. I was going through cancer treatment when I discovered the products I had used on my dogs were the same synthetic ingredients I had been trying to avoid but the manufacturer had misled me by making them sound all natural and organic!

    The same day I was diagnosed with cancer, my faithful companion, a toy poodle, died after his third battle with cancer. I believe the environmental toxins in pet grooming products were a contributing factor to his death. I’m committed to being a better Mom for dogs everywhere by being a voice for safety and integrity in the pet grooming industry.

    To demonstrate our commitment to pet parents, our pet grooming products are USDA certified organic to food standards – truly all natural and organic!

    It takes a little patience to go all natural. It can take 3-4 baths to get the build-up of synthetic dog shampoo off your dog and transition them to their natural beautiful self. Once a dog has transitioned to 4-Legger, their natural beauty can shine through!

    You can feel good using 4-Legger’s safe and non-toxic dog shampoos knowing you took an important but simple step to reduce your fur family’s exposure to toxins.

    -Melissa 4-Legger Pack Leader

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    Frito Feet Allergies And Yeast Treatments

    If the corn chip odor coming from your dogs feet is overpowering, your dog likely has a primary allergy that is causing a secondary yeast infection.

    Take a look at your dogs pads. If they are red and inflamed, your dog has likely been licking them to try and ease the discomfort.

    Yeast grows in your dogs nail beds and in between the pads of your dogs feet.

    You will want to try to find the source of the allergy-triggering the yeast but first, lets get your dog some relief as quickly as possible.

    You need to remove the yeast bacteria daily, or several times throughout the day, by submerging your dogs feet in an anti-fungal solution to keep your dogs paws clean and reduce itching.

    Do not rinse your dogs paws afterward. Pat dry.

    Trim or shave the excess hair around and in between your dogs pads the best that you can.

    Medium to large breed owners may need to get creative when it comes to submerging feet. A large container, or multiple containers, will be required to soak your dogs paws.

    A plastic sweater container works or cheap oil pans or dish containers from the dollar store to soak front and back feet separately.

    Dirty Dog Syndrome: Is It Your German Shepherd Or Their Bedding

    All things considered, the German Shepherd dog is a relatively clean breed.

    This dog breed doesnt need an intensive amount of brushing or grooming. The GSD typically doesnt need a lot of bathing either because their coat is naturally water-repellant and somewhat self-maintaining.

    But going too long without basic maintenance brushing, grooming and bathing can increase body odor. In other words, what you know now to call your dogs scent signature is suddenly in all capital letters and bolded.

    So this means it is time to get down to business and give your dirty dog a bath and a good brushing.

    But there is one thing that many German Shepherd owners forget about when it is bathing and grooming time their dogs bedding, blankets, and other belongings.

    Dogs can sleep up to 14 hours per day at different life stages. For example, during puppyhood and in the senior dog years, your German Shepherd may sleep a lot more than they do as a young and energetic adult dog.

    But no matter how you slice it, even seven or eight hours of sleep a day adds up to a lot of time spent curled up in the dog bed. So that can end up being one very smelly, stinky dog bed!

    When you wash and groom your dog, it is always a good idea to give your dogs bedding, blankets, toys, and personal belongings a good washing or at least a good airing out at the same time.

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    Smelly Is In The Nose Of The Sniffer

    For most pet parents, wet dog smell comes with the territory.

    To me, burying my nose in the scruff of my dogs neck fur on a cold winters day is one of the best smells in the world. Its a scent that evokes something from our ancient past, the wildness of nature, a little bit of my dogs wolf ancestors, the unknowable mystery of the world around us.

    It makes me grateful for my life with dogs, smells and all.

    There Is A Reason Your Gsd Has Bad Breath

    Smelly dog? How to remove pet odor quickly and naturally!

    The first reason you shouldnt just try to cover up your German Shepherd dogs bad breath is that, as we mentioned in the introduction here, bad breath is a messenger.

    Your dog cant talk to you in your language to let you know there is something wrong. Your GSD cant point to a tooth that is hurting or a paw that itches.

    But bad breath can let you know it is time to look more closely and maybe schedule an appointment with your canine veterinarian.

    Even if you do manage to cover up bad breath in some way, it is unlikely to resolve on its own. For this reason, it is much safer to accept the challenge and go to work to investigate the root cause so you can treat it and keep your dog healthy.

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    What Not To Do

    Dont waste time: Searching online or trying to fix things yourself can delay improvement. Too often, Campbell says, I hear from owners, Oh, my gosh! I wish I would have found you sooner. Ive been dealing with this for two years, and in 30 days, I have a new dog.

    Dont use home remedies such as:

    • Borax
    • Hydrogen peroxide
    • Vinegar
    • Bleach
    • Coal tar

    Coal tar is a really old product, and its sometimes thought of as being more natural, Campbell says, but as we became more advanced, we realized that coal tar can act as a carcinogen, and its also so stinky.

    Bourgeois explains that veterinarians sometimes do use diluted solutions of vinegar topically to treat yeast infections. She says, You have to be careful with the concentrations youre using because they can be really irritating and damaging to the skin.

    Dont go wild with spray-on fragrances. Bourgeois says that covering up dog odors with body sprays or perfumes can cause more skin irritation.

    Dont make assumptions about costs. In many cases, veterinary prescription products are more cost-effective and clinically effective because they feature higher concentrations of key ingredients such as:

    • Chlorhexidine
    • Pramoxine
    • Getting Veterinary Help

    Bourgeois adds, If it starts getting worse and worse, reach out again because we do see things like infections where all of a sudden there are new lesions or your pet is even more uncomfortable. The severity may have increased enough that we feel like its valuable to come in.

    Why Are Your Dogs Ears Stinky

    If your dog still smells even after a bath, the ears are another area to check. Healthy dog ears dont produce odor. But if youre getting funky bacterial smells like morning breath or pungent cheese, theres a problem. Smelly ears can be caused by allergies, yeast, infection, fleas and even ear mites. As the inner ear becomes inflamed and produces discharge, this also produces pungent odors.

    Aside from odors, these are signs of an ear infection in dogs:

    • Pain and sensitivity.
    • Pawing and scratching at the ears.
    • Rubbing head and ears on floors and furniture.
    • Red inflamed areas and visible signs of discharge.
    • More frequent head shaking.

    If your dog is in pain maybe he jerks away when you offer his usual ear rub take him to the vet immediately for diagnosis and treatment. With a full-blown infection, cleaning wont help. Youll do little more than contribute pain and irritation. Without proper treatment, ear infections can result in hearing loss.

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    Wet Dog Smell: The Basics

    • Moisture amps up odor-causing microbes
    • Wrinkly skin invites smelliness
    • Diet can play a role
    • Quick and frequent drying helps
    • Natural enzyme cleaners are magic
    • Grooming wipes are helpful in a pinch
    • Linen bedding like these beauties or this set fights stink
    • Baking soda is your friend
    • Consult your vet if odor is persistent or foul

    Read on for more details and expert tips to fight the funk.

    Dog Odor And Skin Infections

    Dog Smell

    Skin infections are common in many dogs. While infections are typically caused by allergies or other skin problems, they may be worsened by frequent swimming, especially if the coat takes a long time to dry completely. When dogs shake after getting wet, they are able to remove a lot of water from their coats. However, this is not enough in dogs with water repellent or thick coats. Dogs with skin folds may develop infections in the creases where air does not reach the skin to dry it.

    The odor of a skin infection is generally worse than the usual “wet dog” smell. It is often sour and quite foul. A sour smell may be the first sign of a skin infection. Take a good look through the fur and see if you notice any bumps, sores, boils, or rashes which can occur anywhere. The skin may also look red, flaky, or excessively greasy. You may feel a greasy or waxy coating on the skin. Many skin infections also make the dog itchy.

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    Cleaning Your Dogs Bedding And Gear

    For your dogs wet smell-absorbing bedding, slipcovers, and other doggy items such as fabric or nylon collars and leashes, use a good odor neutralizer detergent such as Costcos Kirkland brand, or any oxy detergents, including Arm & Hammer.

    Natures Miracle, a well-known brand of pet odor neutralizer, makes a popular, safe product you can add to your regular laundry detergent to deodorize those doggy blankets.

    In addition, its helpful to add a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar in with the detergent cycle, as well as the rinse cycle.

    Pro tip: Be sure that any product you use isnt just masking the odor with a frilly scent. Check to see that it actually contains odor-eliminating ingredients such as enzymes or baking soda.

    Tips To Keep The House Clean Naturally


    There are two choices to tackling the furniture and ridding those pesky and gross smells. For both, you will need to strip all the soft furnishingscushion covers, rugs, duvet covers, sheets. You can either throw these in the washing machine or apply baking soda or a natural odor repellent, then vacuum. You can use detergent mixed with 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar. The more natural cleaning products you use the healthier it will be for the whole family.

    Sprinkle baking soda into every crevice of your furniture. The powders innate absorbent properties will soak up all the dog smell. Let the baking soda sit overnight and vacuum away. For the bed, you might want to this procedure in the morning. This way when you get home you can re-make the bed for the night.

    The Floors

    Whether you have linoleum, tile, or hardwood floors these can all be sources for the dog smell. To keep a crisp smelling house you will need to clean your floors once a week. Sometimes more if you have more than one dog and young children. Regular sweeping of the floors will remove hair. A thorough mop of the floor with 3:1 vinegar solution after sweeping will also eliminate foul scents.

    Quick Tips on How to Get Rid of That Dog Smell:

    • Get Your Dogs Bathed Often
    • Sweep & Vacuum Every Other Day
    • Mop Floors Once a Week
    • Use Two Couch Cushions to Switch Out While Washing
    • Wash Dog Beds Once a Week
    • Leave Carpet Powders in for at Least 10 Hours
    • Open the House When Possible
    • Feed Your Dog Healthy Foods

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