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How To Get My German Shepherd Puppy To Stop Biting

Give Him Something To Chew


When Puppies start growing their teeth, they usually do not know how to use them.

So they keep chewing and biting whatever comes in the way. You should Bring Him some toys to bite and play. .

Puppies are adorable. If you let Your puppy do every cute thing it wants to do, then it will get used to it, and this can cause a lot of problems in the future.

When Your Puppy Will Grow And Become an Adult The same cute Things Can become a problem and can be Dangerous.

Always Give Him something to chew. The Toys and bones you give him should be safe to chew. It is very important in his teething period.

Discipline At The Moment The Biting Occurs

You must discipline your German Shepherd at the very moment the biting or nipping occurs so that he will quickly learn and remember that his biting behavior is inappropriate.

Have you ever left your GSD alone for an hour or two and upon returning find that hes had a good chew on your possessions or on your wooden table leg, and then tried to discipline him without success?

Well, this is because your German Shepherd wont understand what he is being reprimanded for as the disciplinary moment has been missed! This is because dogs only have a very short term memory and will typically forget an experience in about two minutes.

However, if you train them well, they will remember your commands through associative memory.This means they can remember experiences, people, and places based on different associations.

Heres an example of associative memory when I pick up my car keys my German Shepherd will go straight to her bed as she has learned to associate the sound of the keys with me going out. She goes directly to her bed to relax as she knows theres no playtime for a while.

How Do You Know If Your Puppy Has A Dominance Problem

Dominance aggression rarely shows up in puppies before the age of 18 to 24 months, which corresponds to social maturity.

Even German Shepherds, a breed known for problems with dominance, often suffer from a misdiagnosis because they can show aggression as early as six weeks old.

It is crucial to be able to identify and distinguish aggression in your puppy at an early age so you can eliminate dangerous behaviors.

What many people think is dominance aggression can be fear-based or anxiety-driven reactions to specific stimuli. Fear biting can be as damaging as canine dominance.

Distinguishing fear from dominance in your pup depends on several factors.

  • Age Aggression at a young age is usually fear-based.
  • Body language Fear usually starts as an attempt by a pup to make herself appear smaller. You will see a low body posture, dropped tail, and lowered ears. However, fearful dogs often learn to become more offense-oriented and eventually develop more assertive signals like erect neck hairs, upright ears, raised tail, and possible attacks.

Puppies and dogs who nip from dominance aggression should receive diagnosis and training from medical professionals and certified canine trainers.

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Why Does My German Shepherd Bite My Hands And Arms

If your German Shepherd has been biting your hands or arms, youre probably wondering why and what you can do about it.

This post will show you a number of reasons why your German Shepherd might be doing biting your hands and what you can do about it.

So, why does my German Shepherd bite my hands? Common reasons can include wanting attention, teething, rewarding the behavior, a lack of training, excitement or that it is exploring using its mouth.

There are actually a number of things that you can consider when trying to understand what might be causing your German Shepherd to be doing it. There are also a number of things that you can do to get it to stop doing it depending on the cause.

Be Consistent In What You Teach

4 Tips To Get A German Shepherd Puppy To Stop Biting ...

If you are trying to train your dog to behave and stop biting and nipping, make sure you are doing it with consistency and repetition.

While training a GSD, you will need to repeat your technique several times until it starts to learn. Your GSD needs to know that biting and nipping is not acceptable and will upset you.

You will also need to become the leader of your dog, not a friend of the same level. When you are a leader, you control the dogs behavior. When the dog accepts you as a leader, it starts to follow the rules you set and the commands you give.

Do not let your puppy bite on your hands during the training process.

Doing so will create confusion in your dogs mind, and it will not be able to learn that biting is not good.

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Enroll In A Puppy Class

An AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy class or another well-run local class will provide your puppy with the chance to socialize with other dogs.

Teaching your little manic play biter to be polite with their mouth may seem like a huge challenge at first. Patience and consistency are the keys. Some puppies may back off during one play session, and come at you teeth first in the next.

Play biting does not mean your puppy is vicious, says Dr. Jerry Klein, AKCs chief veterinary officer. However, if you havent been able to moderate the behavior by the time theyre six months old, its a good idea to consult an experienced dog trainer or animal behavior specialist.

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Bite Inhibition Using Your Puppys Favorite Treats

Another variation of this technique is to use your pups favorite treats. Heres how you do this.

  • Get a handful of your puppys favorite treats.
  • Hold it in your hand and close your hand with the treats inside.
  • Say off to your pup.
  • After a few seconds, if your puppy does not try to take the treats out of your hand, say take it, and give the treats.
  • What you are teaching your puppy here is that off means not to touch. This command will stop your pup in his tracks the next time he is about to bite an object or person.

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    If You Have Children Do Train Them To Behave Properly Around Your Dog

    Never allow your child to tease your German Shepherd puppy! Acts such as taking away a dogs snack, cornering the dog, pulling its tail, or simply hugging it too tightly can anger the dog and cause it to bite.

    In fact, most dog bite cases in children occurred because of teasing!

    Instead, teach your child to be gentle with your pet, as even unintentional rough play can result in unwanted events. Dogs get cranky too, especially when they get hurt or feel that their privacy is being invaded.

    Never leave your child alone with your puppy unattended. Supervise their interactions at all times.

    Studies show that parents trust their dog around their kids too much that they overlook the signs that the dog is in distress.

    How German Shepherd Mom Train Her Puppies To Not Bite

    STOP puppy biting!!! with German Shepherd Man and Jae

    When German Shepherd Dogs are puppies, and they are growing up, in the first 3 4 weeks they are fed milk from their mum.

    After 1 month the puppys teeth start growing. And when it goes to the mummy and try to drink the milk, then he starts hurting her with its little teeth.

    So What The German Shepherd Mum do?

    Dogs have a lot of skin around the neck. You can grab it by hand.

    German Shepherd mom will take the puppy from the neck and lie him on the ground.

    When the puppy tries again, she repeats the same thing or barks to him. In this way, the puppy will understand that he has to change the way he is drinking the milk from his mummys breast.

    When the puppy grows, then the mummy will start to feed them food and stop feeding milk.

    So what a Human Owner can Do?

    There are several ways to train a puppy not to bite, but I will begin with a simple and basic training you need to know.

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    S To Stop Your German Shepherd From Destructive Chewing

    Most solutions for stopping chewing in your German Shepherd are directly derived from the causes. In other words, try to understandwhyyour dog is chewing. Heres a super video from celebrity dog trainer Zak George who explains both why dogs chew and more importantly, how to stop destructive chewing:

    Most behavior problems in German Shepherds are caused due to a lack of exercise or boredom or a combination of the two.

    Lets now dig a little deeper into excessive chewing here are8 steps for stopping your GSD from destructive chewing that really work!

    Why Do German Shepherd Puppies Bite So Much

    October 28, 2020 By // by Megan AUSTWICK

    Why do German Shepherd puppies bite so much?

    When your puppy is going through that stressful biting period, it can seem like things are never going to calm down. Where has your cute puppy gone?

    Luckily, it wont last forever. Its completely normal for GSD puppies to have a biting period, and you arent alone.

    Here are some tips to calm your German Shepherd puppy down, and minimize the painful biting period.

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    Diversion Tactics Deter Your Gsd Puppy From Biting

    You can stop your puppy from biting your hands by distracting him with a toy or game. Puzzles and similar games are especially effective if your pup is biting from boredom.

    Training Methods

    • Crate You can avoid using your pups crate as a place of punishment or isolation by placing your pup inside it with a favorite toy. Keep the puppy and crate in the same room as you.
    • Tether Tethering is helpful if your puppy likes to bite your ankles or chases you when you attempt to ignore her. Similarly to the crate, do not use a rope to isolate your pup.


    Your training with games is most effective when you train the desired action with food rewards and then add the cue or command.

    For example, you offer your dog a tasty morsel for dropping the ball after fetching it. Once your pup begins to bring the ball and give it to you automatically, you add a cue such as drop it. You would use the same process with other games for the desired action, which is usually releasing the toy.


    Toys are simple diverters. If your pup starts nipping, you substitute a toy for your hand. Toys are more effective for hand biters than ankle chasers.

    How To Stop A German Shepherd From Biting And Nipping

    Pin on Things for my dogs

    There are several ways you can train your pup not to bite or nip. If your pup is biting because of teething, it is not a problem.

    However, if your pups biting habit is getting out of control, adopt the following strategies to get control over it.

    • The first step is to tell your dog that biting is not acceptable.
    • You will do this with the help of voice commands, body language, and hand signals.
    • If your pup bites at you, make and ouch sound.
    • Pull your hand away and say No.
    • Move away from your pup and stop playing.
    • When you stop playing with your pup the moment it bites, it will associate no play with biting.
    • Repeat this practice whenever your GSD bites or nips.
    • It will help your GSD learn that biting and nipping is not appreciated.

    If this method doesnt work and your GS pup is still biting, try this:

    • Start playing with your pup.
    • Let it grab your hand and as soon as the pup bites, say No in an authoritative tone.
    • Put your thumb in your pups mouth and under its tongue.
    • Put your other finger lightly beneath its chin.
    • Your pup will not be able to bite you and in this uncomfortable situation, it will try to get your fingers out of its mouth.
    • This is an effective technique that will make the puppy feel uncomfortable and it will avoid biting you.
    • Remember, you will have to repeat this technique several times until your pup completely hates taking your hand in its mouth.

    This doesnt work either? Try this:

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    Why Is My German Shepherd Puppy Biting Hard And So Aggressive

    First of all, sit back for a second and take an objective look at things. Is your puppy really aggressive, or is it just playing like every other dog?

    Sometimes regular play may appear aggressive in larger dogs.

    Answer this question fairly, not from the perspective of fear or anger.

    If hes just playing, its essential to keep things in check. But its also important to let him be a dog. If he is genuinely being aggressive, there are things that you must do to curb that aggression.

    Remember the part about making sure that your German Shepherd puppy gets basic obedience training?

    Ways To Stop German Shepherd Puppy Aggressive Biting Right Now

    Are you at the end of your rope and wondering how to stop your German Shepherd puppys aggressive biting right away?

    Dont let them ruin your previously happy relationship with their nuisance nipping!

    Take back control of their behavior using these quick and easy solutions that work.

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    Focus Two: Human And Animal Socialization

    Its likely there are plenty of people queuing to meet your new puppy, as well as a whole host of animal friends to get to know.

    Add to this potential for seeing furry friends and their humans whilst youre out on walks and its especially important to focus on how to behave around them as soon as possible.

    Every day your puppy is exposed to new sights, smells, sights, sounds and sometimes even tastes if you turn your back for long enough.

    You need to keep them reassured that everything is okay and remove them from anything that appears to be overstimulating.

    The primary concern here is to make sure your dog feels safe and secure, and that the experience will be positive as much as you can anticipate.

    German Shepherds have a tendency to be wary of strangers, whether theyre dogs or people, and can go into guard dog mode pretty quickly if they feel threatened.

    Therefore, they might be a little aloof and resistant the first few times you interact with somebody.

    This means checking that those you are introducing to the puppy know how to properly handle and treat one, especially any children who happen to be around.

    Likewise, you should also ask in advance whether any animals you might come into contact with have proven they are able to stay relatively calm and behave appropriately when spending time with other dogs.

    Things To Remember When You Socialize Your German Shepherd Puppy:

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    Disciplining Your German Shepherd Puppy The Right Way

    5 Games to Stop Your German Shepherd Puppy From Biting

    A German Shepherd puppy will soon grow into a large adult with stronger, sharper teeth!

    You might find it cute that your fuzzy little German Shepherd puppy biting your hand or ankles is cute but

    Think again!

    Imagine your dog all grown up as a nearly 90 to 100-pound athletic powerhouse full of large, adult-size teeth. Its essential you know what to do to stop this behavior to avoid any accidents.

    Thats where understanding discipline comes in.

    Some people incorrectly assume that discipline means punishment. But, this isnt entirely what type of discipline were discussing.

    Did you know that discipline originally comes from the word discipulus, which in Latin means student or pupil ?

    So, using discipline on your GSD refers to teaching him the correct behaviors and rules of living in your home.

    This is your essential guide to learn how to discipline your German Shepherd for biting and nipping. Youll discover:

    • 5 reasons why German Shepherds bite
    • Precisely how to discipline your GSD for biting and nipping
    • What to avoid when training your dog so you dont make things worse

    In particular, youll learn how to teach your German Shepherd not to bite you or others and to control her mouth .

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    Giving Your German Shepherd A Comfortable Place To Sleep Means:

    • Giving them the best German Shepherd dog bed to avoid joint issues and provide them a deeper rest
    • Keeping them away from cool drafts or hot zones
    • Stopping kids and visitors from interacting with a cranky German Shepherd to avoid nips, bites, and scratches
    • Moving your dog away from the excitement and boisterousness
    • Using a white noise machine or a sleeping aid with an automated heartbeat and warming sensation to soothe your dog and quiet them down

    If you havent seen your puppy sleep in a while and theyre acting too excited, then placing them down for a nap might be just what you need. Many dog and puppy owners swear by the behavioral aid snuggle that mimics a mothers heartbeat and provides warmth.

    Using these strategies to create a quiet zone will help your puppy recharge and become its sweet self again.

    Should I Get Chew Toys For My Puppy

    Your puppy needs toys to chew on while they are teething. Toys help manage German Shepherd puppy biting as they soothe their gums when teething.

    Toys also stimulate your GSDs curiosity and help keep your pet busy in a healthy way.

    Ensure that the chew toys you purchase are suitable for teething as your puppy transitions to its adult teeth. Also, purchase dental sticks to maintain teeth and gum health as your puppy develops.

    Keep your puppys favorite toy close by, as this will also help it stop mouthing. Mouthing includes snapping at ankles and other human body parts, which is undesirable behavior.

    If you have a favorite toy on hand, you can quickly distract your puppy from biting. Instead of nipping and mouthing on you, you can use an old toy or rag to play tag or tug of war with your pet.

    Healthy socialization starts at a young age with friendly play among litter mates. Using a toy, like a Kong, to distract German Shepherd puppy from biting is a way to replicate this back and forth to train your pet to stop biting.

    Teach your pet good behavior as a puppy to carry through long into its adult years through positive reinforcement. As it grows into an older dog, change the toys for professional obedience or advanced training methods to continue to stimulate your GSDs impressive intelligence levels.

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