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How Do German Shepherds Sleep

How Long Does An Adult German Shepherd Sleep

Do German Shepherd Puppies Sleep a Lot?

Once fully grown, a German Shepherd will sleep around 12 or 14 hours a day. Though this may seem like a lot, its not a continuous, restful sleep like a humans 8 hours a night. German Shepherds will take naps throughout the day, then sleep while their human sleeps for 6 or 8 hours.

If you find that your German Shepherd doesnt sleep that much, or isnt sleeping through the night, it may not be getting enough enrichment during the day. A bored or frustrated dog that isnt getting its energy out is more likely to be restless at night.

You can ensure your German Shepherd gets adequate exercise by taking it for long walks or hikes, playing fetch, or engaging it with agility workouts and puzzle toys. German Shepherds are intelligent dogs and need mental and physical stimulation for health and happiness.

Providing Your German Shepherd With Good Sleep Conditions

Taking care of bathroom business is essential for your German Shepherd to get good rest, but there are other things you can do.

When you first bring home a young German Shepherd, it has been used to sleeping in a pile of puppies. It misses its brothers and sisters. It misses its mother.

Fortunately, for a dog, smelling is believing.

If you can take some unwashed toy or blanket that holds the scent of your German Shepherd puppys mother and siblings, it will have the sense that they are present.

It will not feel as alone. Your puppy will sleep better, have fewer accidents around the house, and make less noise at night so you can sleep better, too.

Some breeders will give you a towel that has been scented by your puppys mother to take home with you.

Most others wont object if you take them towels or toys to pick up the mothers scent before or after you bring your puppy home.

If thats not possible, go to the pet supply store and buy a spray bottle of DAP, Dog Appeasing Hormone.

This synthetic hormone mimics the odor puppies smell when they are nursing, and helps calm German Shepherds of all ages at night.

Should German Shepherds Sleep With You

Despite their level of attachment to you, they cant be with you all the time, and you both need to sleep. German Shepherds can sleep with you or near you, but not in your bed. Give your German Shepherd their own place to sleep at night and avoid letting them sleep in your bed.

Doing so creates independence, discipline, and routine, and also prevents unwanted behavioral issues.

This will also help both you and your dog get a peaceful nights sleep. By giving them their own sleeping spot, you will give them the independence they need for their development. To the dog, their bed will become a familiar place with the smells they know are their own. The dog will probably do the usual few circles, and then curl up and go to sleep easily.

Also, and most importantly, you will avert the prospect of having to change their sleeping patterns at a later stage by starting with this arrangement straight away. No separation anxiety will arise as a result of moving him out of your bed if hes been used to sleeping in it.

Applying these principles to the sleeping patterns of your German Shepherd is sure to help your dog develop a balanced temperament. Also, your dog will respect your leadership, which is especially important to him.

Your German Shepherd will naturally be very protective of you. Your dog will want to have you in their view all the time, and even when sleeping, theyd like to know you are in their range. So, let them do so it is part of their nature.

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Should I Leave My Puppy To Cry At Night

Should I leave my puppy to cry at night? He doesnt seem to like being left alone and cries every time I leave the room. Leaving a puppy to cry at night is likely to increase your puppys anxiety and may lead to other behaviour problems developing, such as separation-related problems.

Make Sure Your Gsd Puppy Gets Its Nutrients

How Much Sleep Should a German Shepherd Have?  Embora Pets

A lot of german shepherd owners feed their puppies commercial dry dog food, canned wet foods or a combination of both. While others may prefer feeding them a home made diet. Raw diets are also becoming popular.

Whatever are your and your puppys preferences, you have to ensure that they get the right amount of nutrients.

The amount and type of food you have to feed depends on

  • Your puppys age
  • Your puppys weight and size
  • Your puppys conditions
  • Brand or quality of food

Remember not to overfeed or underfeed your GSD puppy. It can cause problems later on. Your best bet is to check in with your vet, and ask for diet recommendations.

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What Should You Know About Gsd Puppy Sleeping Schedule

Puppies will sleep at different times throughout the day and these puppy naps could last from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

What determines how long these daytime sleep sessions last depends on the length of time the puppies are left undisturbed.

If you notice your pup getting drowsy, you will want to lead them to bed where they can sleep undisturbed. Pupper may take time to get the idea, but eventually, they will recognize that it is their special place.

Moreover, it is only natural for a GSD puppy to wake you up in the middle of the night during the first few weeks of bringing them home.

With tiny undeveloped bladders, very young puppies will always need to pee.

Puppy naps are difficult to schedule. One minute Lil Fast & Furious is doing the zoomies and the next, they are snoozing off in a funny position somewhere random in the house.

Therefore, you need to make sure your GSD pup has a long stretch of sleep at night.

4 months 12 to 6 am

Once your GSD pup reaches 17 weeks, you may pick a bedtime and wake-up time that suits you best.

If you like to go to bed later and wake up later, then your puppy can certainly adjust to that schedule.

Can A Dog Be Left Outside Overnight

Never leave your dog unattended for long periods of time, this includes overnight. If something happens to your dog such as heatstroke or hypothermia, the longer it goes unattended the worse it will be for him. Always check on him to make sure he has enough water and is not exhibiting any signs of health issues.21 Sept 2015

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Why Do German Shepherds Nibble

Nibbling is the gentle bite your dog will make on your body, especially on your toes! This German Shepherd behavior is generally considered an instinctual behavior characterizing puppies of all breeds, especially during teething.

When young puppies play, you will have noticed that they will display behavior consisting of gently biting each other as part of the game. Your doggo can transfer this nibbling behavior to you or your furniture if no other puppies or pets are around, which is why teething toys such as the KONG Puppy Toy from Amazon are essential. You can even stuff it with treats or peanut butter to keep your GSD entertained.

But German Shepherd Dogs tend to bring this growing up behavior into their adult life. Naturally, newborn German Shepherd puppies will explore their world with their mouths before using their sight and smell. And it appears that this instinct is maintained throughout life for important reasons, as shown by some studies.

A study investigating the meaning and emotion associated with nibbling in dogs concluded that the behavior is not related to negative personality traits. Instead, nibbling has two functions:

  • It manifests the highly positive emotions of one dog towards humans or other animals.
  • It is a special form of communication used to create and strengthen emotional bonds between animals, irrespective of their social status.
  • Despite these facts, nibbling behavior in German Shepherds can also be triggered by several other factors:

    Top Best Answers To The Question Why Does My German Shepherd Sleep On Its Back

    Why Do German Shepherds Prefer To Sleep With Their Owners?

    Sleeping on the back puts your German Shepherd in a vulnerable position since their soft stomach is exposed and they cant pounce into action quickly. German Shepherds sleep upside down because they feel safe and this allows them to doze off without fear about an attack from predators or enemies.

    Those who are looking for an answer to the question «Why does my german shepherd sleep on its back?» often ask the followingquestions:

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    German Shepherd Dogs Are Protective Of Their Loved Ones

    They are known for being fearless and self-confident. GSDs will assertively stand their ground and are suited to be either watchdog or guardian, whichever the situation demands. They can be aloof with strangers yet are not hostile. This natural protective instinct is reassuring to the German Shepherd owner. But it also comes with a certain responsibility. You should be committed to spending time socializing and training your dog to ensure your companion feels comfortable around strangers and other dogs. If you do, you will benefit from all this dog has to offer.

    Make Sure Your Puppy Doesnt Exercise Too Much

    As mentioned above, your puppy might be napping a lot because of too much exercise. So how much exercise should they do regularly?

    According to most of the sources, a 5 minute long walk at a time for every month of age should suffice. This means that if the puppy is 2 months old, then the exercise routine should be a 10 minute walk at a time.

    Here are the pointers that indicate when to stop exercising.

    • Your puppy slows down.
    • Your puppy starts panting.
    • Your puppy starts laying on the ground.

    If you see these signs, then its time to pick your puppy up in your arms, and take them home to rest.

    Age also plays a role in the intensity of workouts. Heres what NOT to do, especially in the first 12 months.

    • Do not make it run excessively.
    • Do not make it exercise on hard surfaces like sidewalks. Grass is the best area for your GSD puppy to exercise.
    • Do not let it jump from the couch, furniture, or obstacles.
    • Do not let it twist its body too much like turning or maneuvering a lot while running.

    Light fetch is also fine, after a few weeks. After 12 months, you can increase the intensity of its exercise.

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    German Shepherd Sleeping Habits And Patterns

    There are so many aspects of a German Shepherd dog breed that mesmerize any dog lover. First, there is the way they move about, play, and guard their parents! But whats most intriguing is that German Shepherd sleeping patterns are quite different from other dog breeds.

    Do you have concerns that your German Shepherd isnt getting adequate sleep? Sleep is an essential component of your dogs health, and thats why weve analyzed what a German Shepherds normal sleeping patterns are, how much rest they should get, and the significances of different sleeping positions.

    Different Lifestyles And Their Effects On Nap

    Why wont my German Shepherd sleep at night?

    All dogs are different. Some are wild and rambunctious creatures who live for the thrills life has to offer. Others are more docile and are content with the quiet moments of life. Where do German Shepherds lie on this spectrum?

    One title to describe a German Shepherd would be the protector. Being specifically bred to watch over herds of sheep, its in their very blood to be fiercely loyal. Intelligent and self-assured, they are confident in their abilities and obedient to their masters. These attributes make them amazing work dogs, and as such, hold many roles in society.

    German Shepherds are working dogs, and when given a job to do, they can work tirelessly.

    Some German Shepherds are brought into military service, fulfilling roles such as bomb detection, apprehension, acting as a scout, and believe it or not, they make a good deterrent for any potential ambushers. German Shepherds that are in the military are the cream of the crop and are carefully selected for their abilities.

    Sometimes, German Shepherds will need to stand watch on operations. Much like people, dogs can be resilient in their resistance to sleep.

    German Shepherds are also used as Search and Rescue dogs, due to their keen sense of smell. The concentration and energy required of German Shepherds for this task are immense, and sometimes they will be worked near non-stop for days on end after a catastrophe, leaving little time for sleep.

    Another thing to consider: age.

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    What Can Affect Your Dogs Sleep

    Apart from natural ageing, a dogs sleeping pattern can be affected by stress, anxiety and disturbances in their routine. Some dogs have a lot of pent-up energy and need regular exercise to be able to rest well. Health issues such as frequent urination due to kidney diseases, itching due to fleas and recent injuries can also make them restless.

    Do remember that dogs are social sleepers. Which means that they adapt to the situation or their parents sleep cycle. You will notice that your pet will generally come and lay down next to you if you are resting or sleeping. However, dogs are crepuscular, which means that they are most active during twilight and dusk.

    Assess Their Laying Spot

    It seems that your German Shepherd doesnt trust the safety of his bed or lying spot. It will also circle the spot to ensure there are no vermin or harmful objects that will make your pets rest uncomfortable.

    There is little scientific data to prove the above 3 examples except for the idea that dogs circle before lying down to make a nest. This small study of 62 dogs implied that dogs are more likely to circle before lying down when given a soft, uneven surface to make a temporary nest to sleep in.

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    Is Having An Outside Dog Cruel

    If you are really interested in doing what your dog prefers, do not force all dogs to live inside all of the time, and do not force a dog with a thin coat to spend his life at the end of a chain or rope. Both things are just as cruel as locking them in a crate at your convenience. It is okay to leave dogs outside.

    It Is In Their Wolf Ancestry

    Why does your German Shepherd sleep Next to you? | German Shepherd Sleeping Position |

    In the wolf world where dogs have their ancestry, staring is rude and threatening. So, when your dog stares at you continuously, he might be manifesting an evolutionary holdover from his ancestral roots and communicating some displeasure. And if the uninterrupted hard stare is directed to a stranger, they should back away and not stare back!

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    Hire Someone To Walk Your Dog

    The ideal solution is to hire someone to come in to get your dog and take him for a long walk. They will tire him out at the midpoint of your absence. Your dog will be distracted it will enjoy the walk and get some needed exercise.


    1. Your dogs health will benefit, and you add years to their life

    2. When your dog uses his energy on a walk, he is less likely to be destructive at home

    3. You will relax, knowing that your dog is being taken care of.

    Potential problems

    1. You have to find the right dog walker who fits your needs.

    2. You have to trust them with the key to your home

    3. It is an extra expense.

    The AKC suggests you talk to friends and local people to see if they can recommend someone, or you may ask your vet if they know of a good one.

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    German Shepherd Sleeping Habits: Facts You Should Know

    There are a lot of things I dont mind about my dog, a German Shepherd. Theres the way they play around, move at home, and even the way they sleep! But as the weeks went by, I got curious about the German Shepherd sleeping habits and if it were any more different than the typical dog.

    Thats why I wanted to do my research and see what the healthy sleeping habits of a dog are. If you want to make sure that your dog is sleeping well, then read on! Ill be showing you all about your German Shepherd and their rest.

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    Is A Crate Or Pen Better For A Puppy

    The playpen is best at controlling the puppys environment while at the same time giving him space. The crate is much better for sleep and potty training. The playpen is better if you have to leave your dog for long hours. The size of the playpen is not very important as long as its enough to walk around and play.

    How Much Sleep Is Too Much

    How Much Sleep Should a German Shepherd Have?  Embora Pets

    As weve discussed, German Shepherds take short naps during the day and usually sleep through the night with their owners. If your German Shepherd is sleeping more than 14 hours as an adult, should you be worried?

    In some cases, longer sleep or more frequent sleep could indicate that your dog is experiencing a minor illness. Sleep is an important part of recovery and allows the immune system to fight illness, so its best to let your dog rest.

    If your German Shepherd is sleeping excessively for several weeks, however, you may want to take it to the vet for a checkup. Conditions like diabetes, hypothyroidism, Lyme disease, and arthritis can lead to increased sleep and may require treatment.

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