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How Cold Is Too Cold For A German Shepherd

Comfortable Temperature For German Shepherd

German Shepherd Cold Tolerance: How Cold Is Too Cold?

Moderate temperatures are fine for your dogs but they can also tolerate a bit higher temperatures on either end of the spectrum. There are some things that you can do to ensure that your pup stays comfortable during all kinds of weather. Making slightly cold or hot temperatures, comfortable temperatures for your German Shepherd is not very hard.

Keeping Your German Shepherd Warm In Cold Weather

Like I said in my above statement if you own a German Shepherd dog and they live inside with you then the house itself will keep them warm. If they live outside then you should make due to keeping them warm in their dog house outside.

Make sure that inside that dog house isnt wet because that will defeat the entire purpose of trying to keep your GSD warm. Them living outside the household in the freezing cold can get wind chills as well and its gonna be extremely bad when they are wet.

Not all dogs like to wear clothes but if you wish you can get dog sweaters and coats for them as well just be keep them ina an extremely comfortable environmental zone. In winter my wife likes to put sweaters on the little GSP that we have you guys can do the same as well, you can also get shoes, socks, and other dog clothes on the Amazon marketplace to keep your dog feeling very warm.

How To Keep A German Shepherd Warm In Cold Weather

Your german shepherd is going to do pretty well at keeping themselves warm. However, if its particularly cold, or youve got an elderly, sick or very young german shepherd, you may need to help them out a little bit.

Here are some of the best ways to keep them warm!

Get Them Some Dog Boots

Okay, not all dogs like these, but if yours does, theyre going to be great for the winter months! While your pups pads can keep the cold away for some time, eventually their little paws are going to become cold.

And remember, give your german shepherd time to adjust to their dog boots. My dog didnt like her boots at first, however, after about a week shed leave them on without a problem.

If youre not sure what boots to get, Id recommend these ones!

Keep Their Paws Trimmed

You may think that letting your germans shepherd grow the fur out on their paws is a good idea. However, its actually a lot better to make sure they stay trimmed.

When the fur between their paws is too long, ice and snow can get caught. This ice and snow will bring a lot of discomfort until it melts. Its going to be freezing cold and your pup isnt going to be able to get it out.

A Nice Doggy Coat

Not every german shepherd will need a coat. However, if you have a puppy or an older german shepherd, then a coat is definitely recommended.

They are going to help your pup hold in more heat, and theyre also less likely to be hated like dog boots are.

Something like this coat will work great.

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The German Shepherd Dog Has An Excellent Quality Coat

Free-falling mercury is not a problem for this dog: the German Shepherds cold tolerance is pretty high. By cold, do understand correctly: it is not freezing temperatures either. This doggie is far from having the cold resistance of the Malamute since the ideal climate for a German Shepherd remains to be temperate regions.

When temperatures drop below freezing, it is best to cut down on physical activity. You can also prepare your dog for winter by taking care of his paws: you can cut the coat a little so that it does not freeze. For dogs who live in cities, there are balms to combat the damaging effects of salt spread on sidewalks. Also remember to brush their coat regularly and adjust their diet, if necessary.

What Temperatures Can German Shepherds Tolerate

How Cold Is Too Cold For German Shepherds

One of my German Shepherds grew up primarily in the Midwest. Summers here are extremely hot and humid, and our winters are frigid with the occasional blizzard.

The extremes in weather in this region forced me to consider if a GSD would thrive in these conditions, or if it would be miserable. So before I decided to buy a GSD in the Midwest, I spoke with a number of breeders and other GSD owners who I knew in the area.

So, what temperatures can German Shepherds tolerate? The German Shepherd is an adaptable breed. Once acclimated, they can tolerate and do well in both hot and cold climates. It is important, however, in any climate, to provide a German Shepherd with the appropriate amount of shade, shelter, and water.

My dog seems to do well whether he is playing frisbee in the hot sun, or whether he is running through 3 feet of snow in below-freezing temperatures.

But keep in mind that GSDs are very focused dogs, and they will not always come to you and let you whether they are too hot or too cold. So its up to you to pay very close attention to your dog and to understand when its time to either warm your GSD up or cool it down.

  • Final thoughts
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    How Cold Is Too Cold For German Shepherd

    Being a double-coated breed, we all come across the situation where we think German shepherds get cold or not. If yes, then how cold is too cold for a German shepherd? Known as one of the most popular breeds globally, due to its diverse qualities, we all want to pet a German shepherd. But with other requirements, we must keep in mind the temperature tolerance.

    It is of utmost importance that you take note of weather conditions before you bring a German shepherd to your home. After all, their survival and growth depend on the weather conditions. If they are left at a temperature beyond their acceptance, you are putting their life at risk. Typically, temperature below 40°F is considered too cold however, for German shepherds, this also depends on factors such as age, physical health conditions, etc.

    Keeping your German shepherd healthy, strong, and fit requires that you provide a suitable temperature, and if you are taking outside, you must consider putting on a jacket if required.Naturally, having a fur coat does not mean that you ignore the temperature tolerance level and put their lives in danger. So, lets discuss in detail how we can prepare German shepherds for winters and how cool they can put up without any risk.

    How Cold Is Too Cold For German Shepherds

    Are you wondering if German shepherds feel the cold? Keep reading to find out their thoughts on this. Youll also learn how to keep them warm, what constitutes as too cold for a German shepherd and other tips for making sure they stay safe in the winter! If you own a German Shepherd we also recommend you read our guide on the Best Dog Food For German Shepherds to help provide your dog with the optimal nutrition.

  • If It Is Too Cold For Humans It Might Be Too Cold For Your Dog
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    Video Answer: German Shepherd Puppy Plays On Ice And Snow

    The German Shepherd is a calm yet sturdy dog that makes a great partner for long hiking adventures. Experienced hikers will find these beautiful dogs to be a perfect match for treks on rugged mountain trails Hiking also gives German Shepherds a healthy amount of mental and physical exercise they need to be happy dogs!

    Know When To Bring Your Pet Inside

    How cold is too cold for my #germanshepherddog wait for story at 4 minutes into video!

    Team Fetch

    minute read

    As the temperature drops, itâs important to think about how cold weather affects our pups. Is it always safe for them to be outside? How long can they withstand low temperatures? Fetch by The Dodoâs on-staff vet Dr. Aliya McCullough shares how to monitor your pupâs safety in colder weather.



    Your petâs size helps determine when itâs safe for them to play outside in the cold. To make your decision about outdoor fun easier, we created a Cold Weather Safety Chart.

    Use caution when the temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit . Itâs potentially unsafe for little-or-medium-sized dogs with thin coats to be outside, but big dogs with heavier coats are probably OK. When the temperature drops to 20 degrees Fahrenheit and below, all dogs are at a higher risk of hypothermia and frostbite.

    Coat weightâ

    When deciding if the weather is safe for your best friend, consider their coat thickness, too. Dog breeds like Siberian Huskies, Samoyed and Newfoundlands have denser coats and are usually more comfortable in colder temperatures. But, if your dog has a thin coat, like greyhounds or Xoloitzcuintles, and the temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, itâs time to bundle up. ââ


    Always consider the weather elements when taking your dog outside. Walking your dog in rainy, windy, foggy and overcast conditions when itâs below 32 degrees Fahrenheit isnât the best idea.â


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    Of Special Concern For Outside

    While we believe that your German Shepherd should always sleep inside with the family, if he does sleep outdoors for one reason or another, it is necessary that he has an elevated dog house with either a curved entrance or a flap over the door, so that he can stay warm when the wind picks up.

    Were fans of the Outback Log Exterior Dog House, by Precision Pet, who also manufacture insulation kits and door flaps to keep your dog extra toasty when the temperature dips. Their products fit together by design, making set-up and cleaning a breeze.

    Tips For The Cold Weather

    While a German Shepherd may be able to tolerate the cold reasonably well, probably more than we humans are, there are still some things to consider and to keep in mind.

    Listed are some tips for when you let your dog outside in the cold for any period of time.

    • Make sure there is protection from the wind- Windchill can make tolerable cold temperatures something bitter and miserable. If your dog is staying outside in the cold for any period of time, make sure they have a house or structure out there with a wall and windbreak so that they can get some relief. Some people buy heated dog houses for their pets stay outside.
    • Watch for chemicals and salt- In the winter, chemicals like antifreeze can malt and get loose, which is dangerous for dogs. The salt that can be used on roads and sidewalks can potentially hurt your dogs paws as well, so its good to make sure your dog is somewhere where it wont risk getting hurt by these things.
    • Keep them on a leash if not in an enclosed space- If there is a fence, then your dog will probably be okay without a tether. If youre going on a walk or run, keep them on a leash. The snow and ice can make your dog lose your scent and it can end up getting lost, especially if there is a snowstorm. Its better to be safe than sorry, so keep your dog close in the cold!

    More dogs are lost during the winter than during any other season, so make sure yours always wears ID tags.

    -German Shepherd Rescue of New England

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    How Cold Is Too Cold For My German Shepherd

    Winter is right aroundthe corner, and cold temperatures will soon be knocking at your door. It isimportant to stay warm and cozy. While you may already be set for winter andall it will bring, it is important to also take care of your German Shepherd. Knowingyour German Shepherds cold tolerance, andpreparing when the temperature gets too low, can help you take care of yourdog.

    Most German Shepherds are comfortable spending timeoutside at temperatures as low as 24.8°F or -4°C thanks to their thick,two-layer fur coat. Dogs with thick coats may do well with lower temperatures,but exposure to severe cold should be limited.

    Several factorsdetermine how much cold your specific German Shepherd can handle. This articlewill look at these factors so you can provide your dog with the best carepossible.

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    Your Gsds Fur And Hot Weather

    How Cold Is Too Cold for My German Shepherd? (+ Keep ...

    It may seem like common sense to you to brush your dog a lot during the summer because excess fur = a hot dog. However, this aspect of grooming a GSD is often misunderstood.

    Your GSDs fur grows in layers. Similar to an insulated home, it actually traps cool air and keeps it in. So, do not be overly eager when brushing your GSD.

    Take care to lightly brush your GSD and remove only the hair that is already shedding on its own. Removing more hair than that will disrupt its natural layering and may cause your GSD to become too hot.

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    Brrrr How Cold Is Too Cold For My Pet To Be Outside

    The days of domestic animals living their lives outdoors are becoming largely a part of history. It was not uncommon years ago for dogs to live their lives in suburban backyards often with the family cat. These days however, the trend is for pets to live indoors, and there are a number of factors influencing it. Some are to do with lifestyle changes, and others are to do with a changed perception of the safety of a completely outdoors lifestyle. Even for those who still believe an outdoor lifestyle is the most appropriate option, Adelaides winters often prompt the question, is it okay for pets to be outside in winter?

    More people in cities live in townhouses and apartments these days, and dont have backyards. Many choose not to have kids and have pets instead, and as we are living longer and often by ourselves, companion pets have taken on a new importance. The definition of family has changed and so too has how, and where our pets live with us. Of those whose pets live indoors because their homes have no outdoor areas, many wouldnt let their pets live outside even if it was possible.

    Cold weather isnt the only outdoor risk to animals

    Temperature isnt the only consideration of course, when it comes to the safety of animals being outdoors. There are numerous potential dangers including poisonous plants, toxic pesticides, and cruel passers-by. And even when theyre confined to fenced yards, other animals can get to them such as poisonous snakes.


    Ways To Keep Your Dog Warm In Colder Weather

    As winter approaches, a good rule of thumb is to keep your dog indoors unless supervised for potty and play. Generally, these are what you need to keep them safe and comfortable in cold weather:

    • Keep them indoors. The most important thing to keep your dog safe in frigid temperatures is to let them stay indoors. Always make sure they have proper shelter than protects them from snow, wind, and rain.
    • Ensure access to fresh water. Proper hydration will help your dog tolerate the chilly weather. Always check that their water bowl is filled with clean water that hasnt frozen over.
    • Provide proper beddings. Give your dog thicker blankets so they can bundle up when they want to. You can even roll the blankets up and shape them in a circle so your dog can nest. Also, try to keep your dogs bed away from the ground. An elevated bed keeps their body further away from the cold as they sleep.
    • Increase their food servings. Just being in frosty weather makes your dog use up more energy. So, feed them more food to keep their bodies from using their fat and muscle stores for energy.
    • Get some clothes. Dog clothes are generally unnecessary for GSDs unless temperatures reach critically low levels or your dog is particularly sensitive to the cold. In those cases, additional insulation through dog sweaters or vests will be helpful.

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    German Shepherds And The Cold Weather

    German Shepherds can do well in cold weather once they arent left alone outside for a long period of time. This breed line of dogs carries double coating, which means that there are two layers of underneath furs on the skin to protect the skin and keep them regulated thus making them adequate for the cold but still not perfect for the cold as well.

    What I am simply saying is that you can let your German Shepherd outside the house in the cold for a while however they should not be left for a long period of time. If your dog isnt a house dog that lives in the household with you then you should just make sure you have a dog house outside for them as well.

    Once you take all the precautions of securing their shelters then your German Shepherd dog will do just about fine in the cold weather and you need not be worried about anything.

    Their double coat works as a double edge knife it protects them in winter and summer at the same time. These dogs are heavy shedders so they will shed away the coat and adjust for their winter coats likewise in the summertime when its hot.

    A German Shepherd Has A Low Surface Area

    Myth: Too cold for shepherds to tend flocks in December:

    Bergmanns Rule, according to Britannica, is the phenomenon whereby a large animal has a low surface-area-to-volume ratio relative to a small one.

    Animals living in colder climates often have a larger body mass than those who do not.

    Have you ever wondered why a Chihuahua struggles to stay warm at 45 degrees Fahrenheit while a Labrador seems in Paradise? It is not solely because of their coat. Large-breed dogs have less surface area over which heat can escape.

    Per the AKC, the breed standard for the German Shepherd calls for a height of 22 to 26 inches at the top of the shoulders and a weight of 50 to 90 pounds.

    As you probably know, many Shepherds are much larger than the breed standard.

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