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Where To Buy German Shepherd Puppy

Don’t Do This To Find Free German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd PUPPIES 8 weeks and DAD Play 2020

Don’t look for free animals on places like Craigslist – they are often nothing more than a scam.

Don’t buy a puppy from a puppy mill – you will not get a healthy puppy and will encourage the puppy mill to stay in business with your purchase!

Don’t look for free dogs on the internet – again, these type ads are often nothing more than a scam to get your money by working on your sympathies.

So, if you follow the tips above, do your research and get all the referrals you can your chances of finding the best, healthiest free german shepherd puppies will increase dramatically. Good luck!

“Our dog chases people on a bike. We’ve had to take it off him.” — Winston Churchill

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German Shepherd Puppy Health Issues You Can Check Yourself

This is one of the most critical sections of what to look for and know before you buy a German Shepherd puppy. Health problems are common, but there are some things you can check, often in the company of the breeder whilst seeing the litter.

Whilst not all health issues will be obvious, there are some which have visible signs. Heres what you can check for easily:

  • Eye health: Eyes are very easy to check. Things to look for include cataracts which can be hereditary look for cloudiness. Red eyes and visible gunk or discharge is also a sign of ill health. Also look at the health of the mothers eyes.
  • Ear and nose health: Similarly, the ears and nose should be free of gunk, be free of nasty odors, and not have any discoloring such as redness or sores.
  • Coat health: German Shepherd puppies should have shiny and clean coats.
  • German Shepherd Puppies For Adoption California

    Some people dont want to purchase their dog. Instead, theyd like to adopt them, as they consider this to be the more ethical option.

    One of the first places you might want to look at is the aforementioned Adopt a Pet website. There are dozens of dogs listed on it every single day, and many of them are GSDs. Its a great place to start.

    You might also want to check with your local dog shelters and humane societies. Unfortunately, many dogs end up abandoned, and this is especially the case with large dogs such as GSDs. Chances are, youll find one at a local shelter.

    Keep in mind that when you adopt, there is no way of knowing the full extent of the dogs history, both medical and temperamental. You wont know whether he is at risk of developing certain health problems or if some specific situations trigger bad behaviors.

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    Who Is Your Ideal Buyer For The Puppy

    The answer to this question will help you determine if the pup is the right fit for you, your lifestyle, and your family.

    The breeder should be able to speak to the puppys temperament and give you an idea of its ideal situation.

    But dont try to fit yourself to the puppy better to prolong your search until youve found the best match than bring home a pup who wont thrive.

    How To Find An Ethical Breeder

    German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

    Now you know the signs and what to avoid, but where do you begin to look for the right seller?

    • Start with whom you know: Reaching out to trusted members of your own network is one of the best places to begin. Talk to dog-owning members of your circle to learn how they found their pups and ask if they have any advice. Even if they themselves are not German Shepherd owners, they might have helpful tips or know someone who does.
    • Ask a vet: If youre already a pet-owner, pick your vets brain. If you dont yet have a veterinarian, reach out to family and friends for recommendations. Cold-calling a veterinarian who has not been recommended is not a good idea, but a vet trusted by someone close to you is more likely to be reputable and may know ethical breeders.
    • Visit a dog show: Many conscientious breeders raise German Shepherds who become show dogs. If a dog is a show dog, odds are, its owner takes good care of it. After all, these dogs are being judged as the best-of-the-best.

    Attending a dog show as an audience member will give you the opportunity to see for yourself how the breeder interacts with their dog. You can get a feel for how they treat their animals before making contact.

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    Adopting A Black German Shepherd

    German Shepherds are pretty common throughout the United States. It is usually not too difficult to find a normal German Shepherd breeder somewhere near you. However, not all breeders produce black dogs. Often, youll need to find someone who specializes in black German Shepherds to adopt a puppy.

    Because these dogs are much rarer than the usual coloration, you can expect that they wont be regularly available. Most will also be significantly more expensive than a black-and-tan German Shepherd due to their rarity. Many people want a black German Shepherd, which means that you often have to be prepared to pay a bit extra. The supply just cant meet the demand easily.

    You can expect to pay anywhere from $800 to $2,000 for a high-quality, completely black puppy. This is significantly more expensive than the $500 to $1,500 you can expect to pay for a usual German Shepherd. However, this is still much cheaper than you might expect for a large dog. As a common breed, they are usually cheaper than most.

    For comparison, a French Bulldog costs anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000.

    It may be tempting to cut corners and purchase a cheaper puppy. However, this is not recommended, especially when it comes to German Shepherds. These puppies need socialized from the moment they are born. Often, breeders put in this time and effort.

    We highly recommend only purchasing puppies form very experienced breeders. Otherwise, you may end up with an unsocialized puppy and a troublesome temperament.

    Austerlitz German Shepherd Dogs Oklahoma

    Austerlitz German Shepherd Dogs was founded in 1993 by Susanne Shelton and Larry Pinkston. They started with only four young German Shepherd pups which over time have grown into more than 50 litters.

    One of the edges that Austerlitz has been upholding to is the dedication of each member in studying and improving their breeding process.

    All of the breeders and trainers in their facility have at least 20 years of breeding experience with some even granted with AKC Breeder of Merit.

    They see puppy raising as a delicate task that must involve rigorous planning to accomplish. They even have their own puppy raising protocol which they call puppy culture!

    A vast amount of effort and attention is given to puppy training, health examination, emotional stability exercises, and behavioral training.

    From an early age, the trainers in the facility are already teaching the German Shepherd puppies basic polite communication and early toilet training.

    Producing excellent companion dogs with the ability to become outstanding working companions is the specialization of Austerlitz. They only breed shepherds with exclusive German bloodlines to hone their intelligence and obedience further.

    Some of the GSDs in their facility have proven their value by winning regional and national competitions.

    Austerlitz German Shepherd Dogs Breeder Information and Details:

    • Email:

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    Best German Shepherd Breeders : Our Top 10 Picks

    With so many self-claimed German Shepherd breeders out there, finding a reputable breeder might be difficult. Over the years, Ive found out that the chance of finding a quality breeder is as high as running into puppy mills .

    You dont need to worry much, though! I am here to help you find a good breeder where you can purchase your German Shepherd puppy.

    If you really are interested in owning one, you can scan through my top 10 list of the best German Shepherd breeders in America!

    Vital information including the breeders facilities, achievement, and history are also listed to help you out in deciding where to purchase your German Shepherd puppy.

    RECOMMENDED READING:It has become a norm to see dog breeders marketing their available litter thru websites, social media pages, and ads. If you are looking for German Shepherd puppies for sale online and are not sure how to identify a puppy scam from a legitimate breeder, read our ultimate puppy buying guide. It offers useful tips on how to safely transact via the internet and to identify scam red flags.

    Von Der Otto German Shepherds Texas

    How To Choose The Right German Shepherd Puppy From A Litter

    Von Der Otto German Shepherds specializes in producing pedigree dogs by breeding only world sieger German bloodline German Shepherds.

    The parent Shepherds are AKC registered, microchipped, elbow and hips certified, and DNA tested.

    This gives assurance that the puppies which will be born are of high quality and champion lineage. A guarantee is also given to customers upon purchase.

    The German Shepherds in Van Der Otto are bred to be excellent protectors for kids and families and as working dogs.

    This is a result of the dog experience of the founders. Since they are ex-law enforcers, they have seen the exceptional traits of a German Shepherd first-hand.

    During pregnancy, the females are kept in the home of Otto and are given the attention needed. Puppies are also exposed to socialization at an early age as they believe it helps in the growth and development of the dogs.

    Von Der Otto has two properties where puppies and dogs are brought to run freely and train.

    Von Der Otto German Shepherds Breeder Information and Details:

    • Email:

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    Your #1 Place For German Shepherd Puppies For Sale And Dog Breeders In Georgia

    About Georgia German Shepherds

    Looking for German Shepherd puppies for sale in Georgia?

    Who doesnt love a German Shepherd? They are intelligent and make for great working dogs. You may have even seen a few being utilized by your local police department. This is because they are highly trainable and athletic. German Shepherds seem to be fearless because they will go into any situation they have been trained for. They make great helpmates and are commonly used as guide dogs. The military even uses this highly intelligent and trainable breed. From family pet to guide dog to watchdog this breed has an amazing skill set. We can help you find your German Shepherd breeder in Georgia.

    Purebred German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

    We’re to help make your puppy experience comfortable

    Hayes Haus is a nationally-recognized breeder of family-first working line German Shepherd puppies.Because we strictly favor temperament rather than appearance, the Hayes Haus breeding standard guarantees consistently excellent German Shepherd family dogs for Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and beyond! Have you heard about our “Quickstart” trained puppy program?

    See available puppies list & enter for updates

    Use this interactive form to get alerts when we have puppies available that match your preferences. Or if you want to see our currently available list, just select that option.

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    How Much Do Your German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Chicago Il Cost

    Depending on exactly what youre looking for, you may see a range of prices for German Shepherd for sale Chicago puppies. Dogs can vary in cost based on several factors such as pedigree, coat type, coat color , breeder experience, and more.

    Will I be connected with local Chicago German Shepherd breeders only?

    Youll be connected with great breeders and businesses all around the country, depending on your preferences. Our partners are highly experienced in making travel arrangements for puppies all over the nation, and will happily arrange for you to meet your new friend at your nearest major airport.

    How can I be sure a German Shepherd puppy for sale in Chicago is ethically raised?

    We totally get that finding a trustworthy breeder is one of your top priorities, which is why we take vetting and screening so seriously. In fact, less than 10% of our breeder applicants make it through our screening process, and we pledge to never work with or support puppy mills.

    Does Uptown Puppies have their own German Shepherd breeders in Chicago?

    We do not breed our own dogs. Instead, we act as a matchmaker between dog-lovers like you and awesome Chicago German Shepherd breeders and German Shepherd companies around the nation. Because our network spans the whole country, were able to put you in touch with tons of options and give you the best chance at meeting the dog of your dreams.

    Can I meet any Chicago German Shepherd puppies that may be a fit for me?

    How does your service work?

    German Shepherd Breeders In Georgia

    German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

    Are you living in Georgia and youre looking for a German Shepherd puppy for sale? Do you want to visit any German Shepherd breeders near you? If so, then youre in the right place!

    Below, youll see a list of German Shepherd breeders in Georgia. This way, you wont have to go far when looking for breeders that have German Shepherd puppies for sale!

    Moreover, we also added online breeders so you can look for your dream pup online in case you cant find a suitable option near you.

    Good luck in finding your German Shepherd!


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    What You Can Expect When Meeting A Reputable Breeder

    When meeting a reputable breeder there are a few things you should expect.

    The first thing is that they may require you to visit more than once. There are a few reasons for this.

    Firstly, they will want to get a feel’ for you and watch you interact with the pups.

    Secondly, if you pick a puppy, they will want the pup to interact with you more than once before joining you in their new home.

    And lastly, they will want to make sure that you are the right fit for their pups. So they’ll have their own set of questions for you.

    Here’s a list of some of the questions you can expect to be asked

    A breeder that asks questions is a very good sign, so share as much information with them as you can.

    Have You Tested The Puppy

    As noted above, many reputable breeders will have screened their puppies for elbow and hip dysplasia and should be able to provide you with a report from the OFA, SV, or PennHIP.

    Be wary of any breeder who tells you they didnt feel the need to screen their litter because neither of the parents has hip or elbow dysplasia.

    Although the offspring of healthy parents are less likely to suffer from dysplasia, theyre not immune. The only way to know for certain that a puppy is healthy is to have it tested.

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    What Experience Do You Have With The Breed

    Some smaller breeders who’ve just started out will be working under the umbrella of a club, or under a more experienced breeder.

    So if it’s their first litter, that’s okay. If that’s the case, find out which club they work under and who the breeder is that’s mentoring them.

    Then get in touch with them to find out more about the breeder.

    Do they show their dogs? What kind of breed-specific work do they do? You’ll be much better off with someone who’s been actively involved in shows and sport for many years even if this is their first litter.

    The Best Things To Do With Your German Shepherd Dog

    German Shepherd Puppy Meets Golden Retriever Puppy for the First Time!

    After all this time, you finally got a German Shepherd dog, or you are just bored and dont know which activities and exercise you can do with your dog?

    You probably already know that German Shepherds are highly energetic dogs, and they need at least 30-60 minutes of exercise every single day. Maybe this sounds to you like too much work every day, but trust us, this can be fun and good for you!

    Lack of exercise for your dog can only cause negative consequences, like weight gain, destructive behavior, becoming withdrawn, hyperactivity, stiffness or lack of endurance, barking and whining, and much more.

    Have one thing in mind, a tired dog is a happy dog. Their bodies are not meant to rest all day, every day. As well as ours. They need to work, to have a job, to exercise. We gonna agree with you that working, training, and exercising with your German Shepherd maybe sound boring and hard and that we cant do that.

    Every beginning its hard. So if you are ready to start and you are looking for perfect and fun activities to do with your German Shepherd, then this place is for you!

    Lets see which activities are the most interesting to do with your German Shepherd!

    Our list of the most interesting activities with German Shepherd dog:

  • Walking
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    Key Characteristics Of German Shepherds

    Are German Shepherds Family-Friendly?
    Being a large breed dog, they need ample space to play and exercise. They are best suited for an environment that has plenty of room and a garden.
    Grooming Brush your German shepherd several times during the week to reduce the amount of hair. These dogs shed a lot so daily brushing is recommended.

    Are The Parents Registred

    The lineage of a puppy is crucial. But it’s worth noting that registered parents don’t equal a well-bred puppy.

    But a breeder worth their salt will be able to discuss the genealogy of their puppies. And they’ll be proud to explain exactly why they paired the dam/sire combination to breed their pups.

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