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Do Shock Collars Work On German Shepherds

Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather

Properly Fitting a Prong Pinch Collar on a German Shepherd

Soft Touch Collars is a luxurious German Shepherd leather collar with solid, treated brass hardware, padding made with soft and comfortable sheepskin, it has a separate ring for dog tags and a reliable lifetime guarantee if you would ever have trouble with it, but the brand is so sure of their product that they dont think it will ever get to that, and they offer a new collar free of charge if anything would ever happen to your product. It is made without any harsh chemicals and with real and natural leather, for your German Shepherd to get to experience the absolute best.


+ Only natural dyes+ Reinforced brass hardware

Why We Like It For those who have a weak spot for leather these handcrafted leather collars are some of the best German Shepherd dog collars, and they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Sportdog Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

Sportdog rechargeable dog collar supports training up to three dogs with the same remote. So, if you want to train your German Shepherd with two other dogs, you can use this remote. To train your other two dogs with the same remote, you just need to buy additional SDR-AF collars.

The e-collar comes with an amazing distance range of up to 1/2 mile.

SportDog e-collar has three different types of stimulation: vibration, tone, and static. You can train your German Shepherd with vibration or tone . Or, you can also use its 21 levels of static stimulation in either nick or continuous mode.

The shock collar comes with DryTek waterproof technology, which makes it ideal for all weather. It has a 2-hour quick charge feature. With a single charge, you can use it for around 50-70 hours.


  • 50 to 70 hours of battery life
  • Three stimulation types

How Does An E

E-collars provide one of three forms of stimulus to get your dogs attention:

  • Beeping or audible signal
  • Vibration
  • Static Correction

Static correction is a better name than shock. Its actually static electricity. Its the same shock you get when you rub your feet on carpet in the winter then touch metal.

Static correction Static shock

It doesnt provide a real electric shock that you would get from a high voltage electric fence.

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How Do Imeasure My German Shepherd Dog Neck Size

Measuring of a German shepherd dog neck size is simple andstress free. It involves the use of calibrated tape. When measuring, extremecare must be taken to avoid arriving at the wrong answer. This is becausetheres a stipulated neck range size between 18 24 inches for most GermanShepherd regardless of their weight. Due to this, any measurement below orabove this is irrelevant. Although, there may be some little exception.

However, make sure you begin by measuring the thickest partof the dog neck. For example, for a smaller dog, you are advised to slip onefinger between the neck and the tape while two fingers are required for mediumsize dog and consequently, three fingers for larger size dogs.

After this has been achieved, the next is to measure the doghead size to avoid slipping off of the collar. This should start by measuringthe widest part of the head to other head parts.

Why You May Need A Shock Collar

Buying Guides

As any German Shepherd owner will tell you GSDs are incredibly smart and highly trainable, but they can also be strong-willed.

Some owners find that even with proper training their dog needs a little extra correction. Other people use anti-bark collars for dogs that bark incessantly to help curb that behavior.

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Pet Union Pt0z1 Dog Training Shock Collar

Another best shock collar for German Shepherd dogs is Pet Union PT0Z1. This training collar can be used for various types of training including, barking, walking, leash training, aggression, sitting, etc.

As the collar is waterproof, you can use it in different weather conditions. The remote control of PT0Z1 has a big LCD screen with mode buttons. The blue backlit of LCD will make it visible during daylight and night time.

It features four training modes: Light, Beep, Vibration, and Static shock. Among these four modes, try to avoid using static shock mode. This mode is added only for using it in extreme situations.

For both, Static Stimulation and Vibration, it has a 1-100 level of customization. You can adjust it as per your dogs behavior.


  • Ideal for different types of training

Articles Declare The Truth About Shock Collars

We sought after the knowledge of a few experts on the matter for further reference. The majority of our research on shock collars claimed they were inhumane and ineffective. The first article referenced is published by the Humane Society.

The Humane Society describes shock collars as electric current passing through metal contact points on the collar to give your dog a signal. This electric signal can range from a mild tickling sensation to a painful shock. Most commonly, shock collars are used for training, which is the least humane and most controversial use of the collar. The handler can administer the electrical current from a remote at a distance. The chances of abuse or misuse is infinitely higher in a training scenario. Henceforth, the dog may begin to associate the painful shock with people or training and thus develop aggressive behaviors.

The Green Acres Kennel Shop published a comprehensive article discussing the unintended consequences of shock collars. Essentially, shock collars cause pain, stress, and aggression. There are humane alternatives that deem shock collars unnecessary.

We know from the science of operant conditioning that the aversive stimulus must be sufficiently aversive in order to cause a change in behavior, writes The Green Acres Kennel Shop. Therefore, proponents might call it a mere static charge but we know better than to believe that claim.

Lastly, Green Acres notes a statement by veterinary behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall:

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Best Shock Collars For German Shepherds

Shock collars can have a negative connotation, however, when used properly they can be an effective training tool for German Shepherds. This article will list the best shock collars for German Shepherds and large breeds, things to consider before purchasing one, as well as information on how they should be properly used.

*This article may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links I get a small commission at no additional cost to you ? .

How To Properly Train A Dog With A Shock Collar

Reactive German Shepherd: Before and After Use of Prong Collar

They prevent aggression and excessive barking. Additionally, they help pups train them to stay safe in a given property line. When using shock collars, do not regard them as a punishment for your dog.

Use the shock collar to help in the deterrent of unsafe or harmful behavior. The dog is likely to associate unwanted behavior with the uncomfortable jolt. You need to stop using the collar when the dog has learned what you want to instill in it.

The shock, which is administered by approved shock collar, is highly safe. Therefore, you have a guarantee of getting your dogs attention and in the detriment of certain behaviors. Therefore, there is no form of physical harm that will occur.

Cat Shock Collar : 5 Ways To Choose One

Many of shock collars are having different enforcement levels. You are free to set the level you want to help in reprimanding of unwanted behavior. Most of the shock collars will be administering a vibration or beep to act as a warning before any form of shock is given to the dog. The beep will allow the giving of the verbal command using a warning vibration or beep to help disrupt any unwanted behavior.

What Is Use of Boundary Training ?

With use of boundary training, the shock collar will get triggered by use of wires present underground the property line. Your dog will end up learning the way they ought to go before reaching their boundaries.

What Are the intensity levels ?

What If I Use A Shock Collar ?

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What Isthe Consequence Of Using A Tight Or Loose Collar

The consequence of using a tighter collar on dog neck isrisking the death of the German Shepherd and or harming the owner. This isbecause a tighter collar will prevent the dog from breathing and if mistakenlythe owner near the dog at this stage, it may bite him due to its currentpredicament.

However, for a loose collar, the consequence is, the dog canpull off the collar and run away. And even start harming people especiallythose that she is not familiar with, which may however put the owner on serioustrouble.

You should be able to fit 2 fingers under the collar whenits on your dog. Any tighter will make your dog feel uncomfortable,restricted, or have trouble breathing. Also, loosely bind collar could slip offthe dogs head also.

Why Dogs Bark And What Different Dog Barks Mean

May 07, 2020

Similar to humans, dogs vocalize, or bark, to communicate. They will bark for many reasons. When listening to their bark, its possible to learn a lot about their non-verbal communication as well as how they feel about a situation.

For example, studies show that low pitched barks with short inter-bark intervals are considered aggressive. Meanwhile, high pitched barks with long intervals between barks are considered playful and happy.

The same study indicated that like humans, a dogs bark also carried emotional valances, meaning the tone of their bark will change when they perceive a situation as pleasant or unpleasant. For instance, shorter call lengths were rated as more positive, whereas those with a higher pitch were rated as more intense.

The sound of the bark, repetition of the sounds, and pitch of the bark all play a role in communicating. Low pitched sounds may mean a thread or aggression while an excited yappy bark may be saying, pet me. Reading a dogs body language is also important to understanding their bark.

Since dogs cant talk, they must rely on their vocalization skills to get attention. Their language skills include whining, moaning, howling, whimpering, and barking. Each one of these vocalizations contains a variety of sounds and messages. Dogs will bark for many reasons including:


Play with Me




To Call the Pack

For Attention

Reward / Learned Behavior

Boredom Barking Barking Innate Reasons

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Stop Dog Barks Or Not

Most people wonder whether the dog barks need to be stopped entirely or just be left to continue at certain periods. However much this may be the real desire, barking is a natural desire and stopping it may not be the most humane of methods ever, especially where German shepherd is concerned.

Stopping barking cannot happen successfully if the reason for the dog barks is not ascertained beforehand. This is the mistake of most of the people in the market who try to stop a bark without having gone into the cause. To know that cause, you have a duty to study carefully your canine friend and get to see where his habit could have changed.

German shepherds are known Tom bark because of some of the following reasons sickness, physical and emotional pain, happiness, anger against strangers in the home, hunger, confinement and loneliness and attention. The German shepherd who is barking for attention or loneliness may be the most stubborn in the house. The owner still needs to know why the dog is barking in the first place.

However, a nuisance is not acceptable incivility, and it must be guarded at all times. The method of making your dog barks controlled is what we have been searching for identifying the ideal bark collar for German Shepherd may just help many people to be able to solve the problem.

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Cons On Use Of Electric Best Shock Collar For German Shepherd

Do Bark Collars Actually Work?

The electric shock collars will be worn around the dogs neck to help in the delivery of electric shock through an automatic trigger or remote control, for instance, the dogs bark.The electric shock collars will be training dogs with fear of any more punishment. The dog will have received a shock if it is not performing anything it has been asked.

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Best Training Collar For German Shepherd

UPC List UPC List Element: 778601230569

To start your dog off on a proper training course, you need to use the Peteme Dog Training Collar.

Key Features

  • Has three different training modes
  • Has a 330-yard range
  • Comes with a one-year warranty

Petemes dog training collar offers owners three different training modes. When you are training your dog, you can choose to use the beep, vibration, or shock modes, whichever you feel comfortable using or works best to train your German Shepherd. Do not worry about this collar harming your pet as none of the styles will hurt your dogs neck.

You can use this collar to teach your dog to walk off the leash since it has a 330-yard range. This collar is meant to last long and be a vital training tool, but it does come with a one-year warranty where the company will work with you until you are satisfied with the product.


  • Transmitter and receiver can be charged at the same time


  • The collar cannot be left on the dog for more than 12 hours a day

When used properly, the Peteme Dog Training Collar will become a vital tool when you want to train your dog to be a proper leash walker.

as of October 6, 2021 9:58 am


The Hyhung Martingale Collar is a fabric alternative when you want to train your German Shepherd with more traditional methods.

Key Features

  • Helps teach dogs proper leash habits
  • Comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee



  • Can be used on all sizes of dogs


as of October 6, 2021 9:58 am


Key Features

Onetigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar Most Pocket Friendly

This is a dual holes/ buckles collar thatcan be adjusted to fit the neck size of your dog. This is possible thanks tothe thick nylon strap plus a thick soft cushion used to padded the inner liningof this collar. With this, your dog is capable of experiencing a comfortableand irritation-free neck.

Similar to the previous collar, oneTigris collar has a hookand loop panel where you can add a unique military name or morale. The fiveadjustable points present in this collar makes it easy to attach dog leash and collar.Irrespective of your dog age or size this collar will definitely fit themperfectly because they come in three sizes .

As if those above features are not sufficient for thispocket-friendly collar, this item has a roller that envelope the full metallicbuckle.

Note: if extreme care is not taken when losing this collar,the buckle round bar may get removed or worn-out which is among the limitationsof this unit.

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Shock Collar

Before making a buying decision you must know the type of training you want to conduct and whether it matches the dogs breed. Not every dog is alike. Each breed has its distinctive characteristics. They also vary in size and weight. So, make sure your collar is compatible with your dog. Next, you should focus on the operational modes, range, battery life, build quality, waterproofing, durability and ease of use. The size of the collar, the material used in it and the shocking knobs must be inspected before the purchase.

Patpet Dog Training Collar With Remote

How to Train a Leash Pulling Aggressive Anxious German Shepherd Dog with a Prong Collar

This is again a humane dog training E collar which has two sets of silicon prongs and metal prongs. The silicon prongs need to be worn in a way so that the top of the silicon prongs contact with the top of the metal prongs. The silicon prongs protect the skin and the coat of the dog.

It also has a super safe protection mode where the training collar will deactivate when the vibration shock is in action for more than ten seconds. It is an IPX7 waterproof dog collar and has a range of about 1000 feet, which makes it ideal for indoor training or short outdoor trekking.

It is the smallest E collar with lithium rechargeable batteries. This dog collar has 8 vibration levels and 16 shock levels and can train up to 3 dogs. Its buttons are designed to provide easy accessibility and training flow and have a three-button compact design. It is also cheaper than most of the other E collars, in case you are working on a steep budget.

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Dog Care Shock Collar

The Dog Care shock collar is the best budget shock collar option. It is suitable for dogs up to 100 pounds which will work for many GSDs.

This collar comes with three correction modes: beep, vibration, and shock. In addition, the shock feature has 99 levels so you can be sure to find the right level or correction setting for your dog.

Where this collar really shines is that the remote has 3 channels which allows for use with up to three dogs . This feature allows you the ability to correct three dogs without carrying around three separate remotes.

The long battery life ensures your training wont get interrupted, and the Dog Care shock collar has a range of 330 yards.

What I Love:

  • Beep and vibration only modes

Possible downsides:

  • The 100-pound weight limit may exclude some larger German Shepherds.
  • 330-yard range may not be suitable for all uses.

And the verdict is

  • If you have a GSD under 100 pounds, or a household with multiple dogs, this could very well be the perfect option for you.


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