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Crate For German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherd Crates Buyers Guide

How to Crate Train German Shepherd Puppy.

There are several types of crates available. While its a bit daunting to figure out the size and style to pick for your German Shepherd, these tips will set your mind at ease.

The most common crate varieties are wire crates, plastic crates, and metal reinforced crates for escape artists. Wire crates are great for dogs to travel in or for camping. With a wire crate that folds flat for easy storage and travel, youll find that taking your German Shepherd with you on outings is more convenient. Keep in mind that wire crates are larger, so they tend to need more space for set-up.

How Long Can You Leave Your German Shepherd Puppy In A Crate

According to, puppies 8 to 10 weeks should only stay in their crates an hour or less. By four months, puppies can tolerate up to five hours at a time in a crate.

When your puppy is in for the night and sleeping, you can leave her in her crate longer.

You should anticipate your pups needs as best you can before she becomes anxious or distressed.

Aim to get your Shepherd pup to go outside before she wakes and starts crying.

Frisco Indoor & Outdoor Soft Dog Crate

Sizes Available: 21 inch, 26 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch and 40 inch

Best Soft Sided German Shepherd Crate Another Frisco model on the list with their Indoor & Outdoor Soft Dog Crate. If your dog loved the enclosed type of crates with a softer material, then this is definitely the model for you. Every size model of this crate is lightweight and easy to transport so its safe to take on family days out!


  • Easy to set up and fold down
  • Super comfortable for your dog


  • Has to be hand washed and this can take time
  • Especially destructive dogs may be able to tear the material

From soft-sided, lets move on to Plastic Crates.

Plastic crates can be the perfect way to crate dogs who are rowdy and need something a little more enclosed than wires. Our top pick for the best plastic crate on the market for German Shepherds is:

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Carlson Pet Products Metal Crate

  • Made from durable steel.

The Carlson Pet Products Secure and Foldable Single Door Metal Dog Crate is another strong contender. The crate is strong, sturdy, and affordable. The washable pan makes cleaning easy, and you can fold the crate when you need to store or transport it.

Unfortunately, this crate doesnt come with a divider, which means youll only want to buy this one for an adult German Shep. If you want, you could buy a divider separately, though. The lock on this crate leaves something to be desired as well. Dogs that dont get fussy will be just fine, but restless dogs might be able to break free.

We love that this crate has a removable and washable pan for easy cleaning. The 48-inch size ensures theres plenty of room, although we wouldnt recommend you go bigger than that. Anything too big may allow your GSD to use the corner to relieve himself. Its also foldable for easy storage and travel.

How Long Can German Shepherds Stay Crated

Best Crate for a German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherds left in their cage for too long can develop heart conditions or other health issues. Perhaps this is the most crucial reason that you shouldnt leave your dog in a crate for longer than 3-4 hours. Without enough exercise throughout the day, German Shepherds can become ill very quickly.

When should I stop crate training my German Shepherd?

Knowing how to crate train your German Shepherd puppy means understanding their potty times and habits. You can leave a German Shepherd puppy in a crate for only 2 to 3 hours or fewer when they are 8 to 12 weeks old. They can sleep in a crate overnight if they are let out every few hours to potty.

How long do Czech German Shepherds live?

What is this? A healthy Czech has a lifespan of 12 15 years, the same as any German Shepherd from other lines. They dont come with a whole lot of health issues, and the only concerns are eye problems, ear infections, bloating, and hip dysplasia.

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Choosing The Right Crate For Your Gsd

There are three things that I find important when looking for dog crates.

Firstly, not all crates are the same! Some are meant for traveling and others are better for in-home use.

Some are easy to clean and others not so much.

Here are the three main factors that owners need to consider when looking for dog kennels for their GSD.

  • Your dogs activity and energy levels

Amazonbasics Folding Metal Dog Crate With Paw Protector

At $65.99, this is the cheapest dog crate you are going to find for your German Shepherd and is sold by Amazon with Prime Shipping. I have one of these and really like it a lot. My girls crate is 42 and I have used 48 crates on larger male Shepherds. The 42 is only $66 delivered. You just cant beat the price.


  • Many sizes available. The 42 model is 42x28x30. The 48 model is 48x30x32.
  • Paw protector. This is basically a plastic pan which sits in the bottom of the crate.
  • Choose single or double door version.
  • Folds down flat for easy storage or transportation.
  • Available in 30 puppy size for only $33!

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Which Crate Is Best For German Shepherd

The Best Dog Crates for German Shepherds Comparison Chart


Are Czech German Shepherds smaller?

Whats the difference between Czech sheepdogs and German shepherds? The Czech sheepdog and German shepherd look very similar, largely thanks to their typically black-and-tan coats and upright ears. However, Czech sheepdogs tend to be slightly smaller than German shepherds, with a more compact build.

Are Czech shepherds easy to train?

But not all GSDs are built alike. With a more sloped back and shorter hind legs, show dog German Shepherds do not have the same work ethic as working line GSDs like the Czech German Shepherds.Czech German Shepherd

Czech German Shepherd

How Do I Choose A Crate

Why should you crate train your dog | Crate Train your German Shepherd

So now lets choose a crate for your German Shepherd puppy. Dog crates come in different materials and sizes and can be purchased online or at your local pet store. There are a lot of options available! This section will help you make the best buying decision for you and your four-legged family member.

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Icrate Dog Crate Starter Kit

Every new dog owner needs a few supplies to get started on the right paw. The iCrate Dog Crate Starter Kit has everything you need to get your furry friend off to a good start, including a dog crate, a dog bed, a crate cover, and two pet bowls.

The dog crate provides a safe and comfortable place for your dog to sleep and relax, while the bed and cover help to create a cozy den-like atmosphere. The bowls are great for feeding time, and they attach to the crate so you never have to worry about them tipping over.

If you are bored with those boring old silver crates, then you will be happy to know that the iCrate comes in three different colors: black, blue, and pink. And its available in six different sizes to accommodate dogs of all shapes and sizes.

While the kennel was a good option for first-time dog owners, some dog parents were disappointed with the quality of the accessories that came with it. The bed had barely any padding, the cover was thin and cheaply made and the bowls were flimsy.

But again, it is meant to be a starter kit, so its understandable that some corners has to be cut.


Sliverylake Xxl Dog Cage Crate Kennel Heavy Duty

This $200-ish crate is significantly stronger than other wire crates on the market but it is by no means bullet proof. While this would be fine for most people and dogs, if you have a dog who really wants to get free they may not escape but they could bend wires. This crate has wheels, a tray, double doors and features a fairly thick, steel frame. Be aware that this crate is 90lbs. A good friend of mine has this and it works out well for him, but according to some Amazon reviews people had to do a little extra work to their unit to ensure paws didnt get stuck.


  • Available as 48x33x37 or 42x29x33
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant floor grate
  • Top opens for easy access

Zinger Winger DX5000 Deluxe 5000 escape artist Aluminum Crate

After shipping this crate is generally around $925.

This is the last crate you will ever buy and even comes with an escape guarantee. If youre trying to keep a dog locked up who likes to escape, look no further.

Assembly is required for this crate, but once built you have one of the sturdiest crates available which could keep Houdini hostage.


  • Stainless steel lock and key

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Helps With Potty Training

Using a crate to potty train your puppy is a quicker way than other methods. Puppies naturally do not like to pee or poop where they sleep and will tend to hold it. Its also another reason to use a crate divider. If the crate is too big, the puppy may feel there is enough space to potty at the far end. You dont want him to treat the crate like the yard where he poops at one end and rests at the other.

Are All German Shepherds The Same

The 7 Best German Shepherd Dog Crates of 2020

Generally, there are two types of GSD show dogs and working dogs with seven distinct lines overall. Although each line was bred to exhibit a different body type, color, personality, and vigor, on average, you can expect your GSD to stand 22 to 26 inches tall and weigh anywhere between 45 and 88 pounds.

  • American and Canadian show lines have German heritage however, they have been bred with American dogs to maintain a consistent body style and color pattern in line with AKC and CKC standards.
  • American-bred pet lines have the same body type and personality as show dogs but were bred primarily for companionship from registered purebreds.
  • West German show lines are typically red with a black saddle. In addition to having a specific appearance and gait, they are expected to exhibit agility and obedience skills.
  • West German working lines are direct descendants of the Max von Stephanitz GSDs, who were bred primarily for temperament and personality.
  • East German working lines were bred for workability and are usually darkly colored with features more resembling wolves.
  • Czech working lines were bred specifically to patrol the Czech border and have larger heads and thicker paws. These extremely agile and protective dogs are mostly black with some shades of red and tan.

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Popular Types Of Crates For German Shepherds

There are a few different types of crates that are commonly used for German Shepherds. Lets take a look at each one of these now.

There are some other options out there like fashion crates that are made of wood and double as side tables but the above four options are the most popular types of German Shepherd crates.

What Kind Of Crate Is Best For A German Shepherd

There are several kinds of dog crates available but not all styles of dog crates suit every breed of dog.

Generally, German Shepherds need a heavy-duty metal crate to keep them safe and secure. For that reason, we recommend that you go with a metal wire type of crate. These crates are the strongest, most robust crates and are able to withstand the damage that a large dog can inflict.

Also, wire crates provide your dog with excellent ventilation and a panoramic view of his surroundings. Although German Shepherds are not generally known as being sufferers of , they are very loyal dogs, and your canine companion will be more settled if he can his human family around him.

Wire crates are easy to keep clean, usually containing a removable plastic tray, and most of them are collapsible, making storage and portability straightforward.

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How Quickly Do German Shepherds Grow

Your German Shepherd puppy will reach full size within 18 to 24 months. Some GSD lines in Eastern Europe take longer, even as long as 36 months.

Regardless, time passes quickly. The puppy you bring home today will be an adult dog before you know it. And the adult dog you adopt into your family will need lots of activity and exercise to suit his innate characteristics. Above all, know that your GSD is an intelligent, confident dog with a loving temperament and will bond with your family to become an excellent watchdog and loving companion.

Editors’ Recommendations

How To Crate Train A German Shepherd With Any Schedule

How to Crate Train your German Shepherd puppy? *Get Results in 7 Days*

Even if you dont stay home during the day, there are other ways to have a workable German Shepherd puppy crate training schedule.

If the time schedule doesnt work for you, there is another option.

You can make your own schedule based on the typical times a GSD puppy needs to go out. Be sure to watch for these times and set an alarm if you need a reminder.

Pay attention to these timesand let your dog out:

  • When they first wake up.
  • After their first meal of the day.
  • Before you go to work.
  • Before your pups lunchtime.
  • After your pups lunchtime.
  • Mid-afternoon break.

Scheduling is important because it lets you and your dog know what to expect each day.

Dogs and puppies love routines.

Keeping to a schedule and routine will help create a stable home with expectations and make house training easier on you and your dog.

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Have A Good Puppy Crate Training Schedule

Like with anything else in life, a good routine is key when crate training your German Shepherd pup. A routine will help him understand what to expect and make the process smoother overall. Heres a basic schedule to follow as youre crate training:

  • Day 1: Introduce your pup to the crate and begin Step 1.
  • Day 2: Continue with Step 1 and move on to Step 2.
  • Day 3: Finish Step 2 and move on to Step 3.
  • Day 4: Finish Step 3 and begin Step 4.
  • Day 5: Finish Step 4 and move on to the final step.

Of course, you dont have to follow this schedule to a tee. Different pups will learn at different speeds, so feel free to adjust the schedule as needed. Just make sure you are progressing slowly and steadily so your pup doesnt get overwhelmed or frustrated.

The key to crate training your German Shepherd pup is patience and consistency. Take it one training session at a time, and make it a mutually rewarding experience for both you and your pup. Whatever you do, always keep your pups comfort in mind by never leaving him in the crate for too long or making it an overly stressful experience.

Different Types Of German Shepherd Crates

Much like any pet product, there exists a wide range of options on the market for you to choose from. The material and the build of the crate is one of the options you have to consider when you decide to buy one.

Here are the most common types of German Shepherd crates available on the market:

  • Wire: Probably the most common crates available on the market and with good reason. These crates are strong, reliable, durable, and provide great airflow. They also allow your pet to look around while theyre resting inside, which is great. The benefits of wire crates greatly outweigh the negatives .
  • Soft-sided: These plush, comfortable, adorable crates are perfect for smaller dogs who love to lounge around and feel safe and relaxed. There are larger versions for dogs such as German Shepherds, of course. The only real downside to these is how hard they are to clean!
  • Hard-sided: Youll see lots of hard-sided crates available on the market nowadays. Theyre strong, hard to break out of, and very secure when it comes to larger breeds like the German Shepherd. You will have a bit of trouble moving these things around, though. Theyre not very portable at all.
  • Portable: Speaking of portable, there are lots of options out there for those of you who love to travel with your dog. While many of these are small and lightweight , you can find portable crates big enough for your dog that folds down or comes apart. You cant carry your pet in them, but they can still be moved easily.
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    Tips To Introduce Your German Shepherd To Their New Crate

    Introducing your German Shepherd to their new crate can be a laborious task, especially if your pet is a mischievous animal or doesnt like to be told what to do. To ease the whole process, weve decided to compile a few tips to help you out. Lets jump right in and see what you can do to make this a simple and fun task:

  • Dont worry if your German Shepherd doesnt hop right into the crate straight away. Its common for dogs to be a little nervous around things they dont know. Try and tempt them in by laying down a soft blanket or a towel. This will make it look and feel much more inviting and comfortable.
  • Food is the solution to many problems when it comes to your German Shepherd as were sure you already know. One way to get your dog used to their new crate is by placing their food bowl at the entrance you feed them. Move it deeper and deeper into the crate each time, so that they get used to being inside there.
  • One of the best ways to make your dog comfortable inside their crate is to place is somewhere where theyre already used to relaxing. Set it up somewhere in your house where you and your family spend a lot of time. By doing this, theyll be less nervous around it and come to be relaxed whenever its time to get in.
  • Hopefully, all of our tips will help your dog quickly get used to their new home without any major incidents. Now that you know all about crates, lets move on to our conclusion.


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