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Can You Shave German Shepherds

What Type Of Brush Do I Need For A German Shepherd

Can You Shave Your German Shepherd Dog and When Should You

While it is possible to use one type of brush for a German Shepherd dog, it is better to use a variety. Slicker brushes have little balls on the end of their bristles. These are ideal for the top coat and guard hair. It helps to keep the hair in condition and the dog will often enjoy being brushed with them as they feel therapeutic.

Undercoat brushes have finer teeth and are best at ensuring the undercoat is kept in best condition. These can be most useful during shedding season as they will be best at removing dead hair. Long hair dogs may need a different brush to medium dogs.

Dematting combs are special brushes which have metal teeth to help us work out tangles and knots. They will only need to be used when necessary. If we brush our German Shepherd regularly, the dog will not likely need a dematting comb.

How Bad Do German Shepherds Shed

The AKC somewhat optimistically rates German SheddersI mean Shepherdsas 4 out of 5 on the shedding scale. However, this may be a fair assessment when you remember that the fur-storm that is coat blowing only happens twice a year, and the rest of the year is less severe.

But, for a visual aid, check out the pile of fur this guy has brushed off his German Shepherd after just a few minutes:

So, you can imagine what it would be like to have this level of shedding going on for 2 weeks at a time.

Gopets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush

Rounded ends on the pin brush penetrate your dogs coat to groom the undercoat and protect your dogs sensitive skin.

Non-slip, silicone gel-filled handle conforms to your hand and is comfortable to hold.

Unlike plastic-tipped pin brushes, the rounded ends are integral to the metal bristles. So there’s no chance of the tips falling off and grating your dog’s skin.

There is also a ventilation hole in the brush head so that the metal bristles conform to the shape of your dog’s body.

Other dog owners are happy with the comfortable handle. To clean the bristle side is easy with an old comb.

I just use my de-shedding comb to clean out the soft-bristled side.

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Why Wolves Dont Have To Shave Their Coats

  • Panting & Foot pad sweating
  • Shade
  • Undercoat molting. This probably occurs more efficiently in the wild than with domesticated dogs with their temperature-controlled living environments. Wolves, unlike their air-conditioned cousins, will feel the full impact of hot weather, probably stimulating the body to more completely shed the excess fur. Though studies on this theory may be lacking, the reasoning does seem logical.
  • The outer coat provides a shield from direct sun and deflects away from the heat . The outer coat consists of guard hairs, which do not molt.
  • Activity moderation. For example, wolves are nocturnal, hunting at night and sleeping during the day. Simply put, they are active in the cooler hours and resting when it gets hot.

See the Hertzko Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush on Amazon.

Dual-sided brush, with densely pack soft bristles on one side to knock off loose hair and dirt from the topcoat, and a pin comb on the other side to detangle and loosen dead undercoat.

The pins have rounded ends to avoid scratching your dogs skin. And for your comfort, the brush has a comfort-grip anti-slip handle to prevent wrist strain.

Im not convinced by this brush. To me, it seems cheaply made. Id rather go for a different double-sided brush that falls in the same price range but has a better reputation.

Can You Shave A German Shepherd Dog

Can You Shave a German Shepherd?

German Shepherds should never be shaved because they are a double-coated dog breed. Although we may think that shaving them will help them cool down, this will actually only make things worse. Double coated breeds are dogs who have two layers of fur. Shaving your dog will permanently damage their skin.

Can You shave a German Shepard? No, you should not shave a German Shepherd unless it is for a health or medical reason, such as shaving a hot spot to treat it. Except for humid climates, their undercoat keeps them cool and shedding is best managed by brushing. Most people asking if they can shave their German Shepherd are worried about their dog

Is it bad to shave a German Shepherd? The truth is shaving a German Shepherd can be detrimental to their health and overall comfort. Double-coated breeds use their coat to regulate their body temperature as it keeps them warm in the winter, but also cool in the summer. It also protects your dogs skin from moisture, abrasions, and harmful UV rays.

How do you get dog hair out of German Shepherds? How To Get a TON of Dog Hair Out German Shepherds are a double-coated breed. Meaning there is two layers of coat: the surface coat , and a thicker under-layer called the undercoat and its the undercoat that is responsible for most of the hair around your home or car.

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Last Resort Hot Weather Solution

In exceptional situations, for heat-related reasons. Here, I feel it reasonable to give some credence to the anecdotal experience of others. We dont want to oppose proven success on the grounds that it doesnt align with theory! So, while doing everything possible to discourage owners from removing their dogs coats, for the reasons already given, weve had a number of reports of dogs whose only real relief from the heat, apparently came when they were shaved or trimmed short.

That said, its only fair to point out that its difficult to give a 100% valid assessment of most reported successes with shaving a double-coated dog, for the reason that details of the case are often lacking. Was the dog overweight? Was sufficient shade provided? Was cool water available for the dog to splash or immerse in? Was the dog getting sufficient brushing to remove the thick undercoat? A lack of such details means we still cannot be certain that the action taken shaving the dog was the best one.

How To Groom A German Shepherd For Summer

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You don’t have a German Shepherd!

You have a German Shedder!

But you already know that.

And you’re here today to learn how to groom a German Shepherd for summer. Right?

So, think about your GSD’s coat for a moment

They were bred to herd sheep and protect the shepherd in Europe.

Now think about Europe’s weather conditions for a second

Cold, icy, and wet in winter. With some sweltering hot summer months

It makes sense that your German Shepherd is bred with such a unique coat. That should be taken care of correctly.

If you’re in a rush, check out my top choices for grooming tools on Amazon

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How To Know Your German Shepherd Cannot Handle The Cold

When a dog cools down too much, it is accompanied by a number of physical symptoms. Below are the 3 most obvious ones.

  • Shiver. Just like with humans, this is clearly visible, especially with short-haired German Shepherds.
  • Breathing is difficult. A normal frequency for breathing is 10-30 times per minute and should be emitted from the lungs without sound.

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The German Shepherd Coat


Your German Shepherds has a double coat. The outer coat of guard hairs is straight, with dense coarse fur that lies close to their body.

The fur on your dog’s neck is longer and more dense than the fur on their body.

And they have an undercoat which is soft and thick kind of like the down on a goose.

So your German Shepherd has a beautiful coat designed to withstand the cold and heat of the elements.

German Shepherd coats come in four lengths:

  • Short with an undercoat
  • Medium with an undercoat
  • Long with an undercoat Fur feathers on the ears, back of the legs, and tail.
  • Long without an undercoat Fur feathers on the ears, back of the legs, and tail. The outer coat is softer and finer than the above three lengths.

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Flying One High Velocity 40 Hp Motor Dog Grooming Dryer

Since B-Air discontinued my favorite pick of the high-velocity dryer, I went on a mission to find another top-quality option. Thanks to Deborah for bringing this to my attention!


See the Flying One High Velocity 4.0 Hp Motor Dog Grooming Dryer on Amazon

The Flying One High-Velocity Dryer from Flying Pig Grooming!

This dryer is the flagship dryer on offer from this company and it’s definitely something to write home about!

  • 2 speed, 4 horsepower motor.
  • Robust steel frame.
  • Motor insulated for quieter operation.
  • Two nozzles Flat for drying sensitive areas. Round for dealing with heavy coats.
  • Air Volume: 240 CFM .
  • Heat settings: None, low or high.
  • Temperature: Variable between 85 and 165 Fahrenheit.
  • A removable, washable filter keeps the unit clean and running smoothly.
  • Easy to clean filter and casing.
  • 10-foot long hose for optimum flexibility.

Okay, I’ll say right off the bat that this dryer is in the higher price range.

But if you consider that your German Shepherd has a thick double coat that will need constant care, it makes sense to own a high-quality dryer like this one.

Other pooch parents are over the moon about the quality build, ease-of-use, and performance of this dryer.

And professional dog groomers are just as happy with this machine, which says a lot about its value.

If you’re in the market for a high-velocity dryer, this is the kind of decision you want to splurge on. I highly recommend this one from Flying Pig Grooming.

The German Shepherd Does Not Like To Stay Locked Up

Its not to say that this dog doesnt like going around in circles. The German Shepherd loves cold temperatures not only because he doesnt suffer from them, but also because nothing can get between him and his love for physical activities. And its not a little snow that will scare him!

To keep your pooch happy even when the mercury drops, adapt the duration of his activities to the temperatures. Hypothermia or frostbite quickly happens if he spends too much time in the snow. Also, be sure to optimize your German Shepherds living space by offering him a thicker bed or a warmer shelter.

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Itll Save You Green Backs

Its a definite money-saver over the life span of your dog. German Shepherds can live to the ripe old age of 15.

And although there is an upfront investment for grooming equipment, it wont be long before you win that money back.

Grooming costs are based on how much fur your dog has. You have a German Shepherd and that equals A LOT of fur.

Heres an example for 2019:

For a German Shepherd with a double coat that needs regular grooming from an experienced, professional groomer who knows their stuff the prices go something like this

Bath: $40

Extra Brush Out: $16

Thats a whopping $164 per visit to the groomer per month!

And with a high maintenance coat like the German Shepherds, your GSD will need a minimum of 2 visits per month from the start of Spring to the end of Summer. Thats roughly 5 months.

If you have one dog, that adds up to $1620 per year!

So, you see, home-grooming makes a lot of financial sense!

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Lose Protection From Harsh Elements

Can You Shave A German Shepherd? Good Idea or Not

The presence of a double coat is beneficial for dogs to keep them warm in winter and even cool in summer. So shaving means losing all types of protection that can affect health badly.

A shaved dog is less tolerant of the weather in such a way that it will feel cold and warm quickly. Therefore, no question to shave German Shepherd before the winter season.

BUT, but it never means that shaving in summer will make them extraordinary.

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Spay Or Neuter Your German Shepherd

Both female and male German Shepherds will shed less after their spay or neuter surgery. The surgery helps eliminate some of the hormonal fluctuations that can contribute to intense shedding.

Obviously, this isnt a feasible option if you plan to breed your dog, but if not and especially if your female German Shepherds shed excessively after going into heat, it can help significantly.

Self Clean Slicker Pin And Bristle Brush Comb

See the Self Clean Slicker Pin & Bristle Brush on Amazon.

This brush is designed to work like any other double-sided brush. It’s got soft yet firm nylon bristles. And the rounded pins are designed to penetrate deep into your dogs coat.

It’s got a soft silicone handle which makes it pretty comfortable. Even if you’re working with it for an extended period of time.

And the entire brush is made from eco-friendly materials which are great if your eco-conscious.

Like the other brushes it works well for all coat types and it’s safe to use every day. The rounded pins protect your dogs skin from scratches.

And because the bristles and pins are one you won’t run the risk of grating your dog’s skin.

From my research, there has not been one complaint about poor performance from other dog owners. But take into consideration that it’s a fairly new product on the market.

There are only 2 features that set double-sided brushes apart. Firstly, how well is the brush made?

Is it going to last or is it going to snap at the handle? And how strong is the pin pad? Is it going to start cracking after a few uses?

And secondly, how comfortable is it for you to hold and work with? A comfortable handle is super important.

I mean, what’s the point of home-grooming your pooch if you’re not enjoying it?

In my opinion, all the brushes I’ve reviewed are on par when it comes to how well they are made. I haven’t come across complaints about these brushes breaking or falling apart.

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Tips For Keeping Your German Shepherd Cool

As the worry of your German Shepherd getting too hot during summer, which might lead you to wrongly get the clippers out. As weve established, the double coat breeds naturally regulate the heat around their body, as air circulates in the space between the undercoat and topcoat.

However, you could also:

  • Make sure your dog is kept in a cooler place, whether it is inside where theres lots of shade or under cover outside. Supply them with enough water to drink throughout the day
  • Restrict how much time they spend in direct exposure to the sunlight, particularly on very hot days. Try and take them out for walks earlier in the morning and later at night when the sun is not as bright or intense
  • Encourage your dog to go for a swim, if you are near a safe body of water. Always make sure you rinse off their coat using non-salty water to prevent it from drying out.

Make Sure You Use The Right Grooming Scissors

How to Groom a German Shepherd and Trim Tail end Hair /Shepherd Rake

There is no one-size-fits-all dog haircutter that works well for German Shepherds. However, you can get a pair of good dog grooming scissors. You may need to practice using curved scissors if youre a beginner. You can use this for your legs, feet, rib cages, and head.

Straight scissors are also available for grooming dogs. It would help if you avoided the longer scissors, such as the 7 and 8, as they can cause injury to your German Shepherd. Even though it takes longer, many prefer the shorter pair.

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Tips For Cutting Your German Shepherds Coat

  • No to ShavingBefore anything else, it is not advisable to shave your German Shepherds coat. Shaving will take away your German Shepherds protection from the cold and heat. Brushing and proper cutting will be sufficient. Shaving will affect your dogs natural protection from insect bites. Shaving will also affect the growth of both the topcoat and undercoat. You will see that it wont grow back in the same way, with the topcoat growing together with the undercoat. In effect, the dust and other particles get stuck in both layers now.
  • Use the Right Grooming ScissorsAlthough there really is no special dog hair cutter for German Shepherds, you can use a good pair of dog grooming scissors. If you are a novice, you may want to practice with curved scissors, especially as you notice, your GSD has a lot of curves. This can be used for the legs and feet, rib cages and the head area. There are straight scissors available too, for grooming dogs. But dont get the long one, such as the 7 or 8, as you might hurt your German Shepherd if youre not used to these scissors. Many prefer the shorter pair even if it is more time-consuming. As a quick summary, bathe, dry and brush your German Shepherd prior to trimming. Keep a steady hand and make sure too, that your dog is calm and ready for a trim. Simply trim parts to protect the double coat to finish off your German Shepherds grooming routine.
  • Underlying Health Conditions Or Skin Irritants

    There are also a whole host of health conditions, pests, and irritants that can cause abnormal shedding. These might include external factors like allergies, mites, fleas, lice, ticks, sunburn, or other topical irritants.

    Internal conditions that may cause hair loss include kidney disease, liver conditions, side effects from medication, immune conditions, hypothyroidism, adrenal issues, and follicular dysplasia. Bacterial and fungal skin infections can cause localized hair loss, especially if the infection is itchy and your dog relentlessly scratches the area.

    German Shepherds generally have pretty sensitive skin, and it can get irritated from being bathed too frequently or with harsh soaps, which strip the natural oils. This makes their skin dry out, which can cause extra shedding.

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