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Biggest Breed Of German Shepherd

Whats A King German Shepherd

Dogs Trust Leeds: Gentle Giant German Shepherd Kiy looks for a home

As their name implies, King Shepherds are giant shepherd hybrids, resulting from the cross-breeding of German Shepherds and Shiloh Shepherds. Despite their large size and somewhat imposing appearance, King Shepherds can be considered the gentle giants of the canine world.

Types Of Shepherd Dogs

Shepherd or sheepdogs come in all shapes in sizes, with around 30 different types of shepherd dogs altogether. Some, like the Corgi, look unsuited for the role but perform surprisingly well. Others, like the Bouvier des Flandres, are more versatile farm dogs, undertaking a variety of roles, from guarding and herding livestock to pulling carts.

The following 16 types of shepherd dogs make great pets for energetic owners who are willing to put in the time necessary to keep them mentally stimulated and physically challenged.

Each type has its own physical traits and characteristics which can present problems in the wrong environment.

Find out what makes each of these shepherd dogs special and which would be the best dog for you and your family.

What Should You Feed A King Shepherd

The King Shepherd needs quality food designed for large breeds to meet their nutritional and energy needs.

The number one ingredient for large breed dogs is protein to maintain healthy bones and muscles.

Commercial dry food is popular among dog owners, but other choices exist, such as raw, fresh, organic, etc.

Your dogs diet plan and food are a personal choice and may take some trial and error before finding the best fit for your dog.

Learn more about diet, nutrition, and recommended dog food brands by clicking here.

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History And Origin: Why Breed Giant German Shepherds

As mentioned earlier in the article, both King Shepherd and Shiloh Shepherd are new hybrids of dogs that are still under development. The Shiloh was born in 1970 decades earlier than the birth of its son, the King Shepherd, 1990.

A few of the reasons why breeders produce large German Shepherd breeds include better health, better appearance, better behavior, and stronger body.

In the case of Shiloh Shepherd, it was originally bred to produce a German Shepherd that is gentler and bigger. Trainers of German Shepherds back then believed that they are too much for the average family to handle.

So, they decided and aimed to produce a dog breed that has the instinctive protective trait but is more calm and gentle the result, Shiloh Shepherd!

With the latest development of the Shiloh Shepherd breed, it is said that the Shiloh excels in all types of work, from animal assisted therapy to obedience to guardian assignments, while getting along very well with people.

The King Shepherd, on the other hand, was also aimed to be a larger guard dog that can be a family companion.

Since it has the foundation of the Shiloh Shepherd and the German Shepherd, King Shepherd inherited both the gentle and protective traits of its ancestor.

More than the temperament, the breeding of King Shepherd also aimed to refine the health of the breed by crossbreeding it with other breeds that have better health history especially hip dysplasia.

The German Shepherd Dog

Largest German Shepherds

Before we look at their size, here are a few facts about the German Shepherd as a breed.

The modern German Shepherd can be traced to a single dog named Horand, who was spotted by breed founder, Captain Max von Stephanitz, at a German dog show in 1889.

Horand was a working sheepdog with a somewhat wolf-like appearance.

Von Stephanitz bred Horand and his descendants to be smart and dedicated working dogs.

The German Shepherd quickly became a sought-after military and police dog.

Over the years, the GSD has also excelled at other service work, including being the first breed used as a guide dog for the blind.

The original German Shepherds were medium to large sized dogs.

How big are standard German Shepherds today?

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What Is The Difference Between Straight Backed German Shepherd

German Shepherd no slope backs and straight backs are from the working line. Most GSDs from the show line are sloped backs. According to some breeders and some GSD clubs, having sloped backs and angulated hind legs will give GSDs more force in their gait, allowing them to function better than straight backs.

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King Shepherd Food And Diet

King Shepherds are imposing dogs, so it should come as no surprise that they eat a lot. Unfortunately, theyre also prone to obesity and hypothyroidism. That means that you should work with a veterinarian to come up with a feeding plan if youre noticing that your pet is too thin or too overweight. King Shepherds dont have any particular dietary requirement, but you should make sure that youre providing them with food thats appropriate for their age and nutritionally valuable. Its recommended that you split feeding time between two to three meals. The average member of the breed will eat between three and four cups of food a day.

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Biggest German Shepherd On Record

The Biggest German Shepherd On Record According to Oborne, the worlds largest German shepherd, as of September 2014, is named Duke, standing at almost 32 inches tall and weighing 131 pounds. Duke has a male offspring that is almost as large as him.

The owners of This large german shepherd Dukes claim that the dog became so large through a diet consisting primarily of spinach. He was born in Pulaski, Tenn., at the Milky Way Farm and has lived with his family for over six years, as of 2014. Despite his size, Duke is very active. He enjoys playing outside, running around tables at home and chasing the ashes around his familys bonfires.

Is The King Shepherd Healthier Than A German Shepherd

GIANT Puppy – NEW Dog Breed – Puukko’s 1st Off Leash Hike – Lycan Shepherd

The King Shepherd might be significantly larger than the German Shepherd, but its temperament means this gentle giant is often easier to handle. Plus, the King Shepherd possesses healthier joints than the average German Shepherd At the same time, German Shepherds are popular working and companion dogs for a reason.

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What Is The Largest German Shepherd On Record

According to Oborge, the worlds largest German shepherd, as of September 2014, is named Duke, standing at almost 32 inches tall and weighing 131 pounds. Duke has a male offspring that is almost as large as him. Dukes owners claim that the dog became so large through a diet consisting primarily of spinach.

German Shepherd Maintenance And Grooming

All German shepherds have a thick double coat consisting of a soft, dense undercoat and a coarse, water-resistant topcoat that is medium to long. Their coat is easy to maintain most of the year by brushing them every few days. Twice a year, they go through a major shedding spree called blowing, a month-long process in which they lose their seasonal undercoat. During the blowing season, you will need to brush your dog daily to avoid matting and hair build-up around the house.

Aside from brushing, the maintenance routine for a German shepherd is straightforward. All you need to do is brush their teeth regularly and trim their nails monthly. This breed is fairly clean with only a slight odor, so they only need bathing a few times a year.

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About The Largest German Shepherd Dogs

The biggest german shepherd that has a natural gait is a free-and-easy trot, but they can turn it up a notch or two and reach great speeds.

There are many reasons why German Shepherds stand in the front rank of canine royalty, but experts say their defining attribute is character: courage, confidence, the ability to learn commands for many tasks , and the willingness to put their life on the line in defence of loved ones, and the most important they are one of the most loyal dogs in the world. the largest German Shepherds will be gentle family pets and steadfast guardians, but, the breed standard says, theres a certain aloofness that does not lend itself to immediate and indiscriminate friendships.

Shiloh Shepherd: Are They Giant German Shepherds

Giant German Shepherd: Is This Oversized Shepherd a Great Companion?

Photo from @nalahsjourney

The other breed of Giant German Shepherds is called Shiloh Shepherds. This Giant German Shepherd breed came earlier than the King Shepherd. In fact, Shiloh Shepherds are the foundation of King Shepherds!

This GSD variety came into existence in 1970 as a way of improving the German Shepherd breed due to their numerous health issues, temperament problems, and trainability concerns.

German Shepherds back then were considered as too much for average families to handle.

This being said, Tina Barber, a German Shepherd trainer, had seen the need to breed a better version of the German Shepherd that can perfectly fit into a family as a working dog. This is how the birth of the gentle Shiloh Shepherd started.

Shiloh Shepherds are a mix of German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute, and few other dog breeds that are larger in size and have better genetics when it comes to health.

As hip dysplasia is a common crippling disease for German Shepherds, breeds with better hip conditions were crossbred to produce the Shiloh Shepherd.

It is said that Shilohs perfectly resemble the intelligence and loyalty of German Shepherds but are less aggressive and domineering. They are even called gentle giants because of their stable temperament.

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What Is The Largest German Shepherd

According to Oborge, the worlds largest German shepherd, as of September 2014, is named Duke, standing at almost 32 inches tall and weighing 131 pounds. Duke has a male offspring that is almost as large as him.

Dukes owners claim that the dog became so large through a diet consisting primarily of spinach. He was born in Pulaski, Tenn., at the Milky Way Farm and has lived with his family for over six years, as of 2014. Despite his size, Duke is very active. He enjoys playing outside, running around tables at home and chasing the ashes around his familys bonfires.

Keep Those Minds And Bodies Busy

King Shepherds are full of energy and incredibly smart, so we already know that they need lots of space for their giant size, but the buck doesnt stop there they will hugely benefit from mental stimulation too.

They will keep you on your toes, as they get bored quickly and thrive on a genuine challenge.

If you look forward to coming home after a busy workday and just chilling out, then forget owning a King Shepherd. These dogs love strenuous exercise and movement.

Get ready for long fast walks, jogs or bicycle rides where your King Shepherd can run alongside you. This dog possesses boundless energy.

They will run about, jump up, leave muddy paw prints and knock things off shelves and tables with their tails.

Fair warning

Shoes, chair legs, cupboard doors and furniture fall victim to a King Shepherds restlessness.

If they are not kept busy and exercised, their health and your well-ordered home will suffer the consequences. King Shepherds can even get depressed if they dont receive a lot of brisk exercises.

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Children And Other Pets

King Shepherds have an intimidating presence due to their size, but they get along great with children, especially those they’ve been raised with. A gentle giant, they are patient and sweet with kids.

As with every breed, you should always teach children how to approach and touch dogs, and always supervise any interactions between dogs and young children to prevent any biting or ear or tail pulling on the part of either party. Teach your child never to approach any dog while they’re eating or sleeping or to try to take the dog’s food away. No dog, no matter how friendly, should ever be left unsupervised with a child.

King Shepherds are nice to strangers and can get along well with dogs and other household pets, including cats. Early socialization is an important factor for developing a social dog.

East German Ddr Working Lines

German Shepherd | 4 Ever Videos #shorts #germanshepherd #gsd ðððð?

This type of German Shepherd has continued to be developed and maintained after the end of WWII.

The establishment of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik meant strict government-controlled pedigree registration.

And 40 years of closed breeding.

From this developed a distinctive looking dog. With dark pigment, a big head, deep chest, athletic body, supreme intellect, and stamina to boot.

This type of German Shepherd has a sound temperament and a high work drive .

They must have plenty of mental and physical stimulation and an experienced handler.

Check out this infographic and learn some fun facts about the German Shepherd Breed!

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Appearance Similarities Of The King Shepherd And German Shepherd

  • Strong and muscular bodies with broad chests.
  • Heads are large with strong jaws and teeth
  • Nose and lips have black pigmentation
  • Oval-shaped eyes of dark brown color
  • Ears are high on the head and triangular in shape
  • Tails hang straight down with a slight curve

Hip angulation is a difference between a King Shepherd and a German Shepherd.

American breed German Shepherds have severe hip angulation, which causes their backs to look sloped.

King Shepherds have a balanced hip angulation which gives them a straight or flat back.

A King Shepherd puppy is easy to recognize because of its plush coat, teddy bear face, and thick ears.

S Of Biggest German Shepherd In The World

The German Shepherd dog is one of the medium-big size kinds of dogs, not the biggest, so some of the people can be considered this a big dog such as in southeast Asian, they dont have Great Dane to see often but there are a lot of people having German Shepherd.

The German Shepherd in Asian is one of the favorite dogs after the Golden Retriever and Husky come after. We know that Great Dane is the biggest dog in the world. So, saying that German Shepherd is the biggest might be wrong, some are just for jokes. But, a German Shepherd is considered to be the smartest and loyal guard dog ever. That is nondebatable!.

Some of the people who have experience with German Shepherd know that this dog breed is special, with his ear pointing up and body posture always in high alert.

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How Big Are Shiloh Shepherds

The Shiloh Shepherd is a relatively new breed of dog. While not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club , they do have a breed standard. Females should be 26 to 28 inches in height at the shoulder and weigh 80 to 100 pounds. Males should be 28 to 30 inches in height at the shoulder and weigh 100 to 130 pounds.

How Long Do Large German Shepherds Live

Big Black German Shepherd

Estimated lifespan for canines is about the same -10 to 13 years. Dogs generally live longer compared to cats the average lifespan of cats is four to five years. Remember that one dog year is about 14 years in a humans life. If a 10-year-old German Shepherd was a person, it would probably be around 66 human years.

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Are There Breed Of Miniature German Shepherds

  • There is no miniature German Shepherd breed. A smaller German Shepherd does exist but its actually a mixed-breed, usually by cross-breeding a female German Shepherd with another smaller breed, such as a Corgi, Border Collie, Miniature Poodle, Dachshund, or even Yorkshire Terrier.

So, do German Shepherds need large breed food? German Shepherds need large breed food as it is made with balanced nutrition specifically designed for larger breeds. These foods include a higher amount of protein, lower amounts of calcium, phosphorus, fat, and the correct amount of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

King Shepherd Nutrition And Health

We have learned that the King Shepherd also has an abundance of energy. Its also essential to feed a healthy, high-quality dog food formulated for large breeds. This ensures that the dog receives the correct nutrients in their correct proportions to meet all their energy needs.

This beautiful breed is also considered healthier than the German Shepherd due to careful, selective breeding. After all, it was one of the criteria that the founders wished to create.

Early screening by most breeders for conditions such as hip dysplasia has allowed this disease, and others, to be substantially reduced. Kings can live for 10-11 years.

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Major Bloodlines Of The German Shepherd Dog

How Big Can Your German Shepherd Get? Breed History, Types, & Standards

Posted December 31, 2019byDog Trainer College

There is probably more variety among the various bloodlines of the German Shepherd Dog than any other breed. There are obvious differences in body structure and aesthetics. But the largest difference is the temperament.

Some will disagree with the following statements and thats ok. The article is an attempt to give insight for those who are seriously interested in the German Shepherd. It is written by a 30-year student of the breed who has bred and trained GSDs for nearly that long as well. As with most any breed, breeding is everything. The dogs pedigree shapes the dog. So heres a frank look at some bloodlines within the breed. Yes, there are good breeders and good dogs within each bloodline.


Shepherds from Americanbreeding are typically taller and longer than those from Germany. Although there is a breed standard from theparent club, there is little-to-no oversight as what dogs can be bred. As long as they are fully registered, theycan breed. Few American GSDs meet theAmerican standard, especially the temperament section. As a result, the almighty dollar and the showring has created a German Shepherd that is different from those in the restof the world . Health problems plaque these bloodlines aswell, more so than quality European lines. The American shepherd is not required to pass a temperament test, anykind of endurance testing, and is not required to be free of dysplasia.

WestGerman Show Line

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