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German Shepherd Working Line Puppies

These Are Our Amazing German Shepherd Dogs:

THE GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG – Working line or Show?


OUR GIRL QUBAClick on Photo for PEDIGREEQuba is a beautiful mature female, devoted to her family. She has large bone, with perfect conformation and gorgeous deep black and red color pigment. Her temperament is as awesome as her great looks. She has proven herself to be a great mother! Her bloodlines are also special!OUR GIRL QUBA

Ballista Vom Duttenhof Cgc Cgca Tkn Ukc Spot Tc

Ballista Vom Duttenhof CGC CGCA TKN UKC SPOT TC, or Lucille as we call her, is a large sable female with an even temperament and intense focus in obedience. Earning many titles already, as well as having a G rating in the SV ring, this girl is a joy to be around and is a friend to everyone she meets. As a daughter of Vegas Von Der Burg Hinte, her pedigree is internationally known and filled with IPO3/World Champions.

Fully certified by OFA in hips, elbows, cardiac, patella, and DM she is a vision of health and beauty, with the brains to balance out and complete the package. Her sweet and tenacious personality traits, along with her rich sable pigment and broad frame, make Lucille a crowd favorite .

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Expert Training Services For Our Gsd Puppies

At Kraftwerk K9, we pride ourselves on raising champions. Each of our GSD puppies is the product of a bloodline that has been bred for excellence over the course of generations becoming one of the worlds most intelligent dog breeds. When you choose Kraftwerk, youll receive more than just a gorgeous, loyal companion whether its winning dog show championships or providing high-performance protection, each of our puppies is destined for greatness.

The team at Kraftwerk K9 is dedicated to guaranteeing our GSD puppies reach their full potential. Thats why we offer top-level obedience training courses available exclusively to customers who buy one of our German Shepherd puppies for sale. From Obedience 1 to Obedience 3, we teach your puppy more than just sit and go potty. By leveraging our years of experience and by working exclusively with one of the worlds most intelligent dog breeds we can transform your puppy into an obedient, loyal guard dog capable of responding to a range of commands.

To learn more, visit our training page for additional information!

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Working Line German Shepherd

Have you ever wondered about the differences between the working line German Shepherd and the show line GSD?

Here, we explore the differences between these breeds, their history, and the distinct types of working line German Shepherds.

Surprisingly, the temperaments of both breeds are similar, but their physical form is different. However, the working line German Shepherd is more suitable as a work animal than as a pet.

Despite these variations, the working line GSD still carves out a valuable niche for itself in society as among the best working dogs in multiple environments.


The Working Line German Shepherd: Origins History And Traits

Purebred Working line German Shepherd Puppies for sale FOR SALE ...

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The German shepherd is a versatile utility dog whose breed comes in several types, all with unique origins, histories, and traits.

It is one of the most sought after breeds of dogs globally, with its popularity stemming from the general traits of high intelligence, devotion, and dependability.

They also possess an unmatched work rate that cuts across all the types of German shepherds.

Loyalty, a strong guardian instinct, easy-going nature, and sound nerves also compose some of the other characteristics common across the breed that has endeared it to humans.

While the types of German shepherds may exhibit some dissimilarities, the differences in traits between the breed types make the individual types of German shepherds valuable in distinct ways that all contribute positively to the benefits of the German shepherd breed.

The most common German shepherd types include

  • American show line
  • And today we’ll be delving into all things related to the working line German shepherd types.

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    The German Shepherd Dog Working Line Vs Show Line

    The show line has a sloped/roached back, broader body, angled hindquarters, and possibly weaker hips.

    TemperamentThe working line is very high energy, high drive, fearless, has a strong work ethic, extremely intelligent, confident in all they do, and have nerves of steel so they do not back down to threats.

    The show line is lower energy, less intense, very smart, and friendlier.

    CoatsThe coat of the working line is often seen in sable and their coats are shorter and coarse, although there are long coat working line German shepherds.

    The show line is most often seen in the classic tan and black or red and black saddle or blanket.

    HealthThe working line German shepherd is more rugged and typically healthier and less prone to hip and elbow dysplasia.

    The show line is bred for appearance and more prone to hip and elbow problems due to their sloped backs and shorter hind legs.

    As Family PetsWorking line German shepherds are very loyal and make devoted family pets when their mental and physical needs can be met. They are loving and companionable but are very high energy and require lots of exercise, training, socialization, and must be able to expend their abundance of energy in positive outlets. They usually require experienced working dog handlers.

    The show line German shepherd is a much calmer and a more easy-going family pet. They are loving and loyal dogs that are very smart and highly trainable. They also require plenty of exercise and lots of mental stimulation to thrive.

    Welcome To Grothaus Working German Shepherds

    Grothaus K9 trains and breeds top quality, family working-dogs. Our dogs are part of our family Ira, Amy, Hex, Irre, Echo, Ruze and Ronin have all have been chosen for their balanced abilities to work, play, socialize and protect all while being obedient, engaged and under control. Grothaus German Shepherds are HOT , and are trained, shown, and titled in a variety of activities that allow us to properly assess their strengths and weaknesses. We train balanced and actively with an emphasis on the competitive dog sport of Schutzhund & Nosework.

    Here at Grothaus, we strive to breed and produce true working line German Shepherd puppies with excellent health, solid temperament, strong nerves, and balanced drives German Shepherds that WORK on the field, on the street, and in the home. All of our dogs are titled before breeding as well as having their a stamp and/or OFA certifications. While not breeding often, we put a great deal of time and effort into planning each litter. As any good breeder will tell you, quality females are the backbone to a good breeding program, and weve started with the best.

    Our dogs arent nervous or anxious, they arent fearful and they are naturally easy to train Beasts on the field or in the street Loyal, confident companions everywhere.

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    West German Working Line German Shepherds

    The West German working line has been referred to as the most balanced in terms of appearance, temperament, and working ability.

    Like its show line counterpart, it traces its origins back to West Germany, which existed when Germany was split into the East and West.

    It is considered the closest representation of the types of dogs bred initially by Stephanitz.

    In their breeding, greater focus is given to the correct working structure, a stable temperament, a strong working drive, and great ability.

    The West German working line can be considered in contrast to the West German Show line, bred purposefully to work real jobs in service positions, but it also excels in many different sports.

    Therefore, their bodies have been bred to take on a more defined working structure relative to the show line types.

    Unlike the West German show lines, which were bred to conform to specific show standards, the West German working line was bred to excel in jobs such as protection and law enforcement particularly.

    Nonetheless, the West German working line can also make for a great family pet with an active family.

    Nevertheless, they require great attention in terms of exercise and mental stimulation due to the breed’s high working drive characteristic.

    They have a lot of energy, and hence they need to be continuously occupied with high-intensity activities, lest they grow restless.

    Subsequently, this build allows them to have a relatively balanced body, bred for speed, agility, and bite power.

    Is A Ddr/czech Or West German Working Line Dog Right For You

    Working Line German Shepherd Puppies – Shield K9

    The joy of owning a working line bred German Shepherd is immeasurable but a companion and workmate that gives itself over to you so completely requires a significant reciprocal commitment. If youre considering a Vom Banach K9, a DDR/Czech or West German working dog, or any other working line breed, we ask that you consider these questions as part of your deliberation.

  • Do you have a fenced yard?
  • Are you able to devote at least 30 minutes per day to exercising your dog?
  • Will your puppy be raised inside of your home as a part of your family?
  • Do you have small children, infants or other animals in your home currently and if not do you plan to in the future?
  • Do you plan to crate train your puppy in addition to housebreaking?
  • Are you prepared to feed a high quality food to your dog such as a grain-free or holistic food as a regular diet throughout its lifetime?
  • Do you know the difference between the temperaments and character of a Working Line German Shepherd Dog over a show line or an American bred German Shepherd?
  • Have you already consulted with a private trainer or know of obedience classes that are offered in your area that may be more specific to working dogs over an average Pet Store style all breed pet training class?
  • Do you understand the commitment required to adequately socialize your puppy so that he/she will grow up to be a well mannered well trained dog?
  • Do you plan to spay or neuter your puppy when he or she is old enough?
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    West German Working Line Vs Ddr Working Line Vs Czech Shepherd

    As covered above, working line German Shepherds can vary in utility across different dimensions. When choosing one that suits your needs, you must look at two factors: the context in which the dog was bred and how well the line was preserved. Lets look at each of these factors after comparing the breeds at a glance:

    West German working line is more balanced in looks and working utility than DDR and Czech Shepherds. DDR GSDs are bred with a stricter emphasis on work, while the Czech line has recently become more appearance-focused. All working lines fare better in endurance compared to show line GSDs.

    German Shepherds Bred For The Best

    Here at Kraftwerk K9, our purebred German Shepherds function in the capacity that theyre originally bred for raising the standard in every way! Sound in mind and body, strong, functional, intelligent, trainable, courageous, and resilient. These are the natural qualities that can only be realized through the incredible genetics of purebred German Shepherds. We only import the best-of-the-best. Certified champions straight from Germany!

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    Working Line German Shepherd Puppies

    Working German Shepherd puppies are priced at $1500.00

    You are looking for working line German Shepherd puppies for sale ?This litter is a result of combining proven Working Bloodlines. This breeding is a combination that leads back to legendary Magic vom Elfenschloss. Magic was a German Shepherd import, that had the fearless power and loyalty. Most German Shepherds today seem to be missing those features! He is a strong influence in our breeding program today. The puppies are expected to have super deep dark black sable color and excellent workability. They will be easy to train even for a novice owner. This German Shepherd Litter here in Tucson promises to have all features that we desire for great protection dogs.

    Parents of this outstanding German Shepherd Breeding:Sire : Joker vom Zauberberg

    • Unlimited support raising your German Shepherd Puppy
    • Training on request

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    Ready For A Czech German Shepherd Pup And Training

    Deluca: Trained, Working Line, German Shepherd Puppy  Man

    If you want to add a Czech German Shepherd working line pup to your life, get in touch with us at Delta K9 Academy in Los Angeles, California. We specialize in breeding working line dogs that meet the breed standards and exceed your every expectation.

    Were not in this business to make money. We simply strive to produce the highest quality dogs and offer all the support you need to welcome them into your life. We even offer training classes customized that teach the fundamentals, specialized tasks, and everything in between.

    If you want to learn more about our Czech German Shepherd working line dogs and training classes, just give us a call today at 457-7070. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Should You Adopt A German Shepherd

    When considering the right dog for you, its important to be honest with yourself about what your needs are as a prospective pet owner, and whether you can provide for the unique needs of a given breed of dog. Getting a dog is, after all, a huge commitment. Youre not just adopting youre making a friend. Generally speaking, all German Shepherds will require a significant amount of exercise, attention, and training to ensure a healthy, balanced life. Because of their fierce loyalty, you will likely need to board your German Shepherd rather than leaving them with friends or family when traveling. Show dogs will require more maintenance and care, which means more trips to the dog groomer. Big dogs are more expensive to feed than small ones. These are just some of items you should consider before making your decision. For more information, dont hesitate to contact a member of our expert staff at K9U Chicago. Were always here to help you find the best fit for the role of your new furry friend.

    East German Working Line

    The DDR or Deutsches Demokratische Republik are known as the East German working line German Shepherd. The Federal Republic of Germany typically used these dogs for policing before and after the Second World War.

    Although most German Shepherds originate from Horand, these dogs were bred in Eastern Germany by the Communist Party for use in the military in the cold war.

    A strict program ensured that breeding was only undertaken with the best specimens, resulting in working line animals with an avid interest in working at high-performance levels.

    This high-performance work ethic caught the attention of the police, military, and other areas where additional protection and skills were necessary.

    As such, the East German working line German Shepherd grew in popularity in line with the increasing security needs of the country.

    Complementary skills such as the capacity to withstand icy weather and the agility to clear six-foot walls ensured that this animal was ideal for tracking down defectors.

    The speed, strength, and endurance of the East German working line German Shepherd captured the attention of authorities across the region, ensuring that this breed earned a permanent place in these industries.

    The East German work line dog has a bulkier head in terms of appearance than its West German counterpart. Its chest is broader. It has larger paws, a sturdy bone structure, and little fat.

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    The Worlds Most Elite German Shepherd Puppies

    Are you looking for a German Shepherd Dog puppy with an elite pedigree? Youve come to the right place. At Kraftwerk K9, weve positioned ourselves as the No. 1 German Shepherd breeder in the United States by working exclusively with quality dams & sires the result? Beautiful, intelligent puppies with obedient temperaments and zero genetic defects. Browse our inventory today to find your perfect companion.

    Ethical Care For German Shepherds

    Best Working Line German Shepherd Puppies in the World

    Wayne Curry has such a great passion for German Shepherds. He was raised along side German Shepherds which had a huge impact toward his love and respect for the breed. At Kraftwerk K9, we honor the history of the German Shepherd. Because we are Americas #1 authority on purebred German Shepherd breeding, we believe that their natural qualities are worth preserving. We here at Kraftwerk K9 care for and teach these world-class dogs to live up to their full potential. Our ethical breeding facility sits on 25 gorgeous acres of Washington soil and is available for touring before purchase. Take a look at our facility

    Learn more about our certified German Shepherds by calling today at 360-273-6125 or visiting our for sale page at the top of the site!

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    German Shepherds: Family Protection Dogs Available

    German Shepherds are extremely intelligent, loyal, and physically gifted animals, making them an ideal candidate for your next family protection dog. Kraftwerk K9 offers world-class obedience training programs that teaches everything from basic fundamentals every puppy should know to custom tailored commands for home protection.

    Browse our trained family protection dogs available:

    Difference Between Show Line And Working Line German Shepherds

    The working line German shepherd has a thicker and straight body structure relative to the show lines.

    The German shepherd working lines have distinct characteristics that differentiate them from their counterparts, the show lines.

    First, working line German shepherds are bred and trained specifically for work, which involves having the mindset to perform under pressure and the desire to work at all.

    The working line German shepherd also has a thicker and straight body structure relative to the show lines, who have thinner and have slanted backs due to their hind legs being shorter than their front legs.

    The hind legs of working line German shepherds are longer than those of show lines, and they also have a medium-length double coat for higher tolerance in adverse climatic conditions.

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