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Xl Dog Crate For German Shepherd

Otaid Inch Heavy Duty Dog Crate

140lb Merle XL bully meets German Shepherd puppy

If youre looking for a dog crate that can withstand the escape artist tendencies of a high anxiety German shepherd, then the iOtaid Inch Heavy Duty Dog Crate is a great option.

This crate is made with 20-gauge steel and reinforced 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes, making it much stronger than any wire crate on the market.

Despite its heavy-duty construction, the crate is actually quite easy to move. Thanks to its 360 degrees rolling casters, you can easily roll the crate from one room to another. Two of the wheels even have brakes to keep the crate in place.

It also comes with a multi-layer, protective hammer-tone green coating that is weather and rust-resistant, so you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

And if youre worried about your dogs health, youll be happy to know that the coating is also non-toxic and safe for your dog to chew on.

Some dog parents complained that the bottom was not solid. They had to switch it out with the metal pan so that the claws of their dog would not get caught or hurt.


Frisco Ultimate Dog Crate

The Frisco Heavy Duty Dog Cage is our pick for durable, heavy-duty dog crates. Some dogs just dont like going into their crate, and owners need to be sure they wont have an escape whenever they leave the house for a few minutes.

This crate is large, durable, and easy to assemble. Your dog will be comfortable inside and wont be able to find a way to break free. The crate also sits on wheels, so its relatively easy to move around the house.

Of course, there are some downsides to picking a heavy-duty dog crate. Theyre bulky, heavy, and they dont collapse, so bringing them with you is going to be a chore. Youre also going to have to spend a bit more money for this crate, but you get what you pay for in terms of durability.

We love that this crate has extreme durability, and is practically impossible to break out of. It has a removable plastic tray for easy cleaning. Its easy to assemble and break down, despite the fact that its thick, heavy, and tough for any dog to penetrate or break out of.

Benefits Of A Dog Crate For A German Shepherd

The ideal crate size for a German Shepherd has now been determined, and it is time to consider the various purposes for which crates are used.

Not all pet parents use German Shepherd crates to train their dogs, but there are a lot of them who do. It can be a good step toward your dogs initial training and minimizing his behavioral issues.

When you keep your dog in a crate that fits the dogs size, your pup will learn to stop his anxious behaviors and bad habits of scratching and barking.

Using the crate is even more helpful for a puppy as you can use the crate for their potty training. And if you want to leave for some time, its best to put them in the crate where they will be safe and relaxed.

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Different Types Of German Shepherd Crates

Much like any pet product, there exists a wide range of options on the market for you to choose from. The material and the build of the crate is one of the options you have to consider when you decide to buy one.

Here are the most common types of German Shepherd crates available on the market:

  • Wire: Probably the most common crates available on the market and with good reason. These crates are strong, reliable, durable, and provide great airflow. They also allow your pet to look around while theyre resting inside, which is great. The benefits of wire crates greatly outweigh the negatives .
  • Soft-sided: These plush, comfortable, adorable crates are perfect for smaller dogs who love to lounge around and feel safe and relaxed. There are larger versions for dogs such as German Shepherds, of course. The only real downside to these is how hard they are to clean!
  • Hard-sided: Youll see lots of hard-sided crates available on the market nowadays. Theyre strong, hard to break out of, and very secure when it comes to larger breeds like the German Shepherd. You will have a bit of trouble moving these things around, though. Theyre not very portable at all.
  • Portable: Speaking of portable, there are lots of options out there for those of you who love to travel with your dog. While many of these are small and lightweight , you can find portable crates big enough for your dog that folds down or comes apart. You cant carry your pet in them, but they can still be moved easily.
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    Overall Best German Shepherd Crate

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    Many lists make you wait until the very end before they tell you what they think is the wisest choice not us, though. Were going to give you our favorite crate right off the bat. In our opinion, this is the overall best German Shepherd Crate on the market:

    Our 2022 Picks: Best German Shepherd Dog Crate

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    Things To Consider Before Buying A German Shepherds Crate:

    Crates for german shepherd dogs are designed with different materials and for different sizes of dogs. So, before buying the right size crate for your pup, make sure to consider these major factors. The best training rate for a german shepherd must have incorporated all the below-mentioned features.

    About The German Shepherd

    Have you got a new German Shepherd puppy coming into your life? It makes sense that youre searching for what size crate is best for a German Shepherd puppy!

    This breed is increasingly popular. In fact, it ranks second out of 195 breeds according to the AKC!

    German Shepherd dogs are known for their obedience, intelligence, and loyalty. These lovable personalities make training much easier, so its natural to think about crate training.

    We will look a bit closer at crate training later. But first lets get back to the best size crate for a German Shepherd.

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    Midwest Ultima Pro Metal Dog Crate

    For the first pick, weve chosen the MidWest Ultima Pro Metal Dog Crate.

    If youre tired of flimsy, poorly-made crates that easily fall apart after your German shepherd chews on them, then this is the crate for you. This top-of-the-line crate is made from the strongest, thickest wire gauge making it one of the most durable crates on the market.

    The front and the side door allow you to access your dog from any angle, and the three slide-bolt latches prevent your pup from escaping. The removable, washable pan makes it easy to clean, and the easy-to-assemble design means you wont have to waste any time putting it or taking it apart.

    This crate is available in five different sizes to accommodate German shepherds of any size, but we recommend the 48-inch crate. Dont worry if your dog is still growing the divider panel means you can adjust the size of the crate as your dog grows.

    The downside to this crate was that a few dog parents found the divider difficult to put in place. However, dont worry theres a one-year warranty. So if you have any issues, you can always contact customer service.


    Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

    German Shepherd Attacks Pitbull [OFF LEASH PARK] Part 1 NBF KENNEL

    If you do not want a wire crate, this is the crate for you.

    This is the kennel my German Shepherd Aura uses and she flew here from Germany in it via United Airlines. This is a giant dog crate and ideal for travel as it has tie down holes. If you plan on using this crate for airplane travel, you will just need the water bowl for it which is sold as an option.

    Its almost $300 but is practically indestructible.


    • 2 Year warranty

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    Frisco Soft Sided Crate

    The Frisco Soft Sided dog crate is another Frisco product that makes our list. The crate is double-doored with a mesh window, so your dog wont feel trapped inside.

    Although this is one of the more comfortable dog crates on our list, it wont be ideal for all GSDs. Dogs that arent properly crate trained will probably want to break out and can do so by chewing through the mesh.

    If you follow our tips on crate training your dog, you shouldnt have a problem with the Frisco Folding Soft Dog Crate. Those who have dogs that fall into the escape artist category will likely want a product with a bit more durability.

    We love that this GSD crate is budget-friendly, and is both soft and comfortable. This is a crate that youll primarily use for transport, or while you are home. Its not recommended that you use this crate while you are away from your home. The fact that its lightweight makes it easy to transport, and it also comes with a one-year warranty.

    Important Aspects To Remember When Buying Dog Crates For German Shepherds


    Determining the correct crate size for German Shepherd is very critical when buying a dog crate. GSDs come in different sizes, especially if they are still in their development stage. On average, GSDs can weigh between 66 to 88 lbs and their average height is 22-26 inches. Keep in mind that a dog crate thats too crampy will be uncomfortable for them and will make them feel anxious. While a dog crate thats too big will just be too overwhelming for them that the purpose of crate-training will go to waste.


    Just as important as determining the correct size is choosing a dog crate with materials that will suit a GSDs behavior. For GSDs who are beginners in crate-training and are known to be destroyers and great escape artists, a dog crate thats made of thick metal is the best choice.


    Dog crates are created according to their unique purposes and the lifestyle of the owner. There are specific dog crates for specific purposes like traveling, camping or even house-breaking.

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    Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate

    The is a soft dog crate best suited for travel and camping purposes. It is also great for indoor use. It is affordable and quite popular on amazon. It has a door on the front for access and a top door for ventilation. It also includes meshing windows to ensure that your German Shepherd is ventilated. The fastening straps keep the rolled doors neatly held.

    In case you are traveling in a rush, the crate folds quickly. It is lightweight and easy to pack for travel. The 42-inch crate can be used for both large and small dogs. The fabric used on this crate is soft but strong enough to deliver durability.


    • It is a crate for travel purpose
    • The fabric is of great quality
    • It is easy to pack and assemble
    • Has two doors and mesh windows for ventilation


    • You cannot see through the mesh clearly from the outside

    How To Determine The Proper German Shepherd Crate Size

    German Shepherd XL Timber Wood Puppy Dog Kennel Bulldog Free Post

    One of the most important parts about purchasing a suitable crate for your German Shepherd is making sure you get one thats the right size for your pet. This breed of dog can be super active and excitable, so they need a little room to move around within the crate.

    To ensure you get the right size crate for your dog , dont just estimate your dogs size and guess which will be best. Heres how to measure up your pet:

  • Measure from the nose to the tail to get the length .
  • Measure from the tip of erect ears to the floor for the height of the crate.
  • Lastly, measure the widest part of your dog and add a few inches to get the width.
  • Once youve got these numbers, itll be easy to see which crates are suitable for your dog and which will allow them a little freedom of movement while also still being secure and enclosed enough to keep your dog safe.

    Now that you know how to measure your dog, lets take a look at the very best options out there on the market.

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    What Is The Best Size Crate For A German Shepherd Puppy

    Are you looking for the best crate for your german shepherd puppy?

    If you have recently adopted a new german shepherd puppy, you must be thinking of buying a small size crate for him. Is it better to buy a small crate until your pup becomes an adult? Or should you buy a large one that will fit even the large size when he grows?

    The answer to this question can be difficult because all the puppies have different requirements. However, every dog owner needs to buy a crate in which the puppy will feel more secure. And there wont be as much space for your dog to relieve himself out of the crate.

    A large enough crate will allow your German Shepherd puppy to stand up and turn around comfortably for him to mature into an adult. But there can be control problems if you try to potty train a puppy in a crate that is too large.

    A good rule of thumb is that the crate should be no larger than the backside of your German Shepherd puppy. If your puppys weight is less than 70 pounds, a 36 inch crate will be best for him.

    When buying the crate for your puppy, its good to measure your pet from tip to tail and allow 2 to 4 inches of extra breathing room on all four sides.

    Buying The Best Crate For Your German Shepherd What To Really Know

    Dog crates are widely available and provide an open den area that many German Shepherds like to use as a safe place. Crates are also useful training aids to help puppies learn to be left alone or to encourage house training but crates should never be used as a punishment.

    Because a crate will become your dogs very own private bedroom, dont skimp on quality with the safety and comfort of your dog.

    My top 3 picks for crates for a German Shepherd include the following:

    Determine the strength of the crate you need for your German Shepherds disposition and energy level. Most importantly, train your German Shepherd to not just like their crate

    But to love it!

    Crates provide your dog with a strong, secure, escape-proof enclosure while giving them their own private den. Buy the most suitable crate that you can afford, keeping your dogs personality in mind.

    Remember, the best crate for a German Shepherd is one that you and your dog are both happy and comfortable to use with safety at the forefront.

    Follow these useful crate buying tips and you and your German Shepherd will be a happy team!

    Found this helpful?

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    Important Features And Criteria Of A Suitable Crate For A German Shepherd

    If youre buying from a brick-and-mortar store, check the crate for loose bolts and screws. Ensure all parts are sturdy and secure. Check for wires that may be sticking out and could catch on your dogs skin or collar. If the crate is rickety and loose, it is not strong enough for your German Shepherd.

    If youre buying online, read reviews before purchasing. People are very honest and will tell you exactly what they think of their crate. You may even get to see some pictures of what the crate looks life and what size dog looks comfortable in it.

    As for the structure of the crate, a plastic crate that is almost completely enclosed could make your German Shepherd feel like he is in a den. As ancestors of wolves, German Shepherds love sleeping in enclosed areas that feel like a wolf den that covers their back and sides. It allows them to watch for predators while they sleep. Like we said earlier, your German Shepherd wont have to watch for predators in your home, but the instinct is still in their brain.

    If you find a wire crate that fits your home and your budget, you can purchase a cloth cover that encloses the sides and back to resemble a den.

    Cloth crates are great choices for dogs who travel often. If your German Shepherd uses the cloth crate in the home, he will feel more comfortable in the car because he is in his familiar den space. Using the cloth crate for both home and car could reduce any car anxiety.

    How To Measure The Exact Size Of A German Shepherd

    Impact Dog Crate vs Petmate crate for German Shepherd.

    We recommend measuring your German Shepherds size in case of mixed-breed because he can be a large one or a small in size compared to the pure breed. Buying the right crate size without knowing the exact size of your dog is not possible. Just follow these three simple steps to find the exact size of your dog. Measuring the size of your dog also becomes necessary when you are buying a crate for traveling purposes.

    For Length, Measure from nose to tail . For Height, Measure from the floor to the maximum height of ears of your dog we recommend measuring till the height of ears .For Width, Measure the bodys widest area .

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    Frisco Fold & Carry Double Door Dog Crate

    Sizes Available: 22 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch, 42 inch and 48 inch.

    In our humble opinion, the Fold & Carry model dog crate from Frisco has all of the exceptional qualities needed to house a German Shepherd safely and securely. One of the best features in this model is the divider , which allows you to section off the crate so you can use it as your dog grows from pup to adult.This wired crate is perfect for German Shepherds. Its just the right size, its strong, its durable, its super easy to clean up, and is perfect for those that love to travel as it folds right down.Heres a quick list of the pros and cons, so you can easily see all you need to know about this Frisco model crate:


    • Comes with an easy-to-clean, durable plastic pan
    • Adjustable handles / folds down for travel


    • Wired crates can be loud if your dog moves around a lot
    • Latches can be fiddly to open at first
    • Can bend if folded down wrong

    Now that weve told you our overall favorite crate for German Shepherds, lets see what else is available on the market. Were going to take a look at a few more of the top rated crates out there and see what all their pros and cons are.

    Soft-sided crates can be tricky to come across for larger breeds like the German Shepherd. We managed to find the perfect model, though, so dont worry. This is our top pick:


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