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How To Give Training To German Shepherd

How To Train Your Human German Shepherd Style

How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy – A Detailed Video on GS Training Tips

If German shepherds ruled the world, things would be done differently. For one, dog training would be a thing of the past. Rather than training them, German shepherds would have their humans wrapped around their paws.

Heres the German shepherds guide to training their human:

Help your human get more exercise

Your human needs plenty of exercise or theyll get pudgy. To make sure your human gets enough, take some trash, or their favorite shoe, the television remote, dish rag, whatever stuff they ask you to leave and begin running around the house with it. For best results, be sure to stay just out of reach.

Take your human for a walk

You need more walks so your human needs more walks. To do this, bring your human your leash and allow them to attach it to your collar like a good dog. Once you reach the end of your driveway, drop the good dog act and begin walking as fast as you can, place to place, sniffing all the amazing smells. When your human gets frustrated, slow down enough to allow them to chill out before charging down the street some more. The key is to behave just enough to go again tomorrow.

Train your human how to feed you

Teach your human how to speak on command

To teach your human to speak, stand in front of them and loudly bark. This works best when they are relaxing on the couch at night or on the phone. Keep barking until they yell at you to hush or quiet and then wag your tail to show them they did it right.

Show your human someone is at the door

How Long Does It Take To Train A German Shepherd

It takes anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks to train a German Shepherd to learn basic obedience commands.

Usually, most 20 week old German Shepherd puppies are house trained, crate trained, and understand a few basic commands if youve trained them correctly.

Crate training will take about a week to introduce slowly and have your dog or puppy go into the crate on their own to relax. But if your dog has had a bad experience with the crate it could take months.

Keep in mind that if you have an adult Shepherd who has already lived with another owner then you may have to undo improper training or behavior problems. This means that you have many months ahead of you of training.

Some GSDs are aggressive or reactive and it may take years before they learn to relax around other dogs in a calm manner.

While other German Shepherds have excellent dog social experiences from the start and can mix in with other dogs on a whim and quickly pick up their training basics.

Hide The Decoy At The End Of The Trail

Using a deer decoy has two benefits: first, you can use the same bait for hunting deer, and the second is that your German Shepherd can develop a connection between what hes doing and why he is doing it. This visual association will help a lot when the target is far away, as is deer hunting. By seeing the deer at a distance, hes already primed to seek.

This step is pretty straightforward all you have to do is hide the decoy in a place where some of it is visible. Unlike finding toys and small household items, this training involves seeking the general region where the target is.

The only thing you should consider is whether you want to show the decoy first and then hide it or start by having your dog smell blood and follow the trail. If your German Shepherd has a strong foundation in finding objects based on their scent, you can start with the blood-on-rag method.

If he doesnt, you will have a better time taking a month or two to train him in just that, using the steps earlier. I believe that is a lot more practical than having your dog sniff a decoy and then running to find it. Good luck getting your German Shepherd to stay put as you excitedly run away from him!

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Social Distancing And Isolation Wont Hamper Your Dogs Socialization

I know it might be hard to believe, but social distancing and other kinds of isolation doesnt have to be the end of your dogs socialization training.

For sound exposure, you can play recordings of a variety of things: crowds, the ocean, forest noises, city noises, household noises that may not be common in your house.

You can go to Youtube and find just about anything and everything you could imagine. Simply play these sounds for your s and give lots of praise for calm behavior.

Check out this video of habituation sounds for puppies. Videos such as these can be extremely helpful as a training aid to acclimate your GSD to some of the many sounds that she will for sure encounter in the real world:

The same is true for sights and smells. This might be a bit trickier, but there are ways around social distancing and isolation practices. Plan trips to low-population areas during times when even fewer people might be around.

The smells of the people from earlier in the day will still be strong, so your dog will get the benefit of sensing these. You can also order things online, finances allowing, and let your German Shepherd spend time exploring the items.

Another option is taking your GSD for a ride in the car. Even though you wont be able to touch or physically interact with the world, youll still be showing your German Shepherd lots of new sights, sounds, and smells.

Tip : Listen And Observe

Zar at 11 weeks

Dogs have their own way of communicating and will be especially communicative when they need to go potty.

If you observe them carefully, youll notice certain signals they give you to signal their need to go out. Some dogs might whine while others paw at the door.

Listen to your dogs signals and youll have a better chance at potty training successfully.

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Tip #: Dont Be Afraid To Use Food Treats For Training

I am sure you have heard all sorts of things against the use of food for training. Let me say it loud and clearTHEY ARE ALL WRONG! :)One of the key features of a good trainer is that he is able to motivate the dog. To do this, you need to find the things that your dog likes most and use them as rewards. Food will be one of them, so use it. But also use anything else, like walks, petting, play time, toys, etc. So, of all the German shepherd puppy training tips here, I don’t want to hear any excuses for this one!Using food for training doesnt mean that your pup will only obey when you have treats in your hand. Done the right way, your pooch will respond to your command even when empty handed. Here is the link that tells you the secret to train your dog with treat so that he responds even when you dont have them.

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At What Age Should You Start Training German Shepherds

You should begin training your German Shepherd puppy the moment they arrive in your home. Despite popular misconceptions, its never too early to start training.

In fact, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to train your pup. If German Shepherd puppies are given the opportunity to form bad habits it will be harder to break them as they get older.

You need to be consistent when training your GSD. Establish the fact that you call the shots when they are still very young. They dont react well to harsh training methods, nor do they need them. Instead, these beautiful animals should be instructed with a firm but loving hand.

While its important to begin training right away, its crucial to keep your German Shepherd puppys mental and physical development in mind. Set your expectations to match them. For example, its unreasonable to expect a 10-week-old puppy to be fully house-trained and responsive to all commands.

If youre worried that your GSD puppy isnt reaching various training milestones, check out this general guideline:

of age your German Shepherd puppy should be able to:

  • Come when called
  • Walk nicely on a leash
  • Hold their bladder for 2 3 hours

of age your German Shepherd puppy should be able to:

  • Give paw on command
  • Stay or wait before taking food on command
  • Hold their bladder for 4 4.5 hours

of age, your German Shepherd puppy should be able to:

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End On A Positive Note

Always end every training session on a positive note, even if your German Shepherd puppy did not succeed in learning the command for the day. That might mean a few minutes of play or a quick walk in the neighborhood.

These five steps can be applied to all the basic and advanced commands listed earlier. Lets concretize the five steps using the examples of the come! and let go! commands.

Teaching your German Shepherd puppy the command come!

Youll use the command come! to call your dog to you when you want to feed him, go for a walk, redirect him towards you in a park, among other situations. Follow these steps to teach your German Shepherd puppy the come! command:

  • Find a quiet place in your home for the training session. It is better to start in a location without distraction for the basic commands, like the living room or the yard. Bring your dog and squat so both can look at each other in the eyes.
  • Hide some tasty treats in your hand and make your puppy smell them.
  • Put out your hand to show the treats without letting your puppy eat them yet.
  • Say the command come! and repeat it a second time.
  • Move a little away from your German Shepherd puppy so that you have some distance between you.
  • Say the command come! again, this time with your arms put out towards your puppy.
  • When your GSD puppy comes to you, reward him with the treat or praise him with a good boy!
  • Repeat 5 to 6 times and reward every time the command is obeyed.
  • How To Start German Shepherd Obedience Training

    How to Train German Shepherd to sit and stay

    Sam Shephard is an experienced German Shepherd owner and has learned throughout the years how to optimize the breed’s health and wellness.

    German Shepherds are very active and bright dogs. They need a handler that likes to train and play with them.

    German Shepherds are among the most incredible dog breeds on the planet. They are playful, intelligent, have a good temperament, and they are very beautiful.

    One of the things that people will likely want to learn shortly after getting a shepherd is when to start training it and how to do so. These dogs are known for being quite smart, and most owners would like to make the best of that by raising a companion that they can interact with in a positive way.

    Today, were going to outline the basics of training a German Shepherd. This way youll be able to ensure that you and your dog develop a happy, healthy relationship.

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    Socialization: The First Training For German Shepherds

    Socialization is, paws down, the most important piece of training youll ever give your dog. There is a narrow window of time when a GSD puppy is totally open to socialization.

    While all dogs can eventually be socializedwith enough hard work and dedicationits the time between 12 weeks and 16 weeks that will result in the easiest and best social behaviors.

    Socialization is important for all dogs, but GSDs are particularly in need of this type of training. They will eventually be big, powerful dogs.

    Without proper socialization, they may turn aggressive or fearful, both behaviors that can quickly turn tragic.

    Thankfully, GSDs are naturally social, intelligent, and loving dogs. They will be willing and able to learn all their socialization from you, no matter their age.

    Speedy Ways To Train A German Shepherd

    Are you excited to begin training your German Shepherd and wondering how to train a German Shepherd because youre eager to get started?

    Ive trained German Shepherds and will show you the quickest ways to get the behaviors that you want

    While having fun and bonding with your dog!

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    How To Socialize An Older German Shepherd

    The best time to socialize a dog is when he is in the early development stages as a puppy. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Sometimes, you may end up with an older German Shepherd who has not been properly socialized and has trouble accepting anything new, whether experiences, people, or other dogs or pets. The good news is that you can still socialize an older German Shepherd, but how?

    To socialize an older German Shepherd, start by taking the dog out on walks and expose him to new places, smells, sounds, people, other dogs, and different animals. Invite family and friends around one at a time, monitor your dogs progress, and slowly work up to a dog park.

    When socializing an older German Shepherd, take things slowly to avoid fear, anxiety, or aggression in the dog. Introduce one experience at a time, dont overwhelm him, and use lots of praise. Consider the GSDs prior experience, temperament, and adaptability before any new situation.

    Simply exposing adult animals who lacked early exposure to social situations will not likely meet their needs. These animals can benefit from individually paced interventional programs.

    American Veterinary Medical Association

    If your GSD barks or performs negative behaviors while meeting other dogs, dont yell or harshly tug him away. This will excite him even more and create a negative experience that he will learn to relate to meeting others. You can also consider the use of a muzzle at this stage.

    Introducing A New Dog To Your Household

    Top 10 Best German Shepherd Training Books For All Skill ...

    Whether you choose to get a puppy from a responsible breeder or adopt a German Shepherd dog from a rescue group, the first two weeks for you and your new dog are a critical period of adjustment.

    If your dog had a previous owner, this time could be particularly stressful for him or her. Here are some tips for a smoother transition for new dog owners.

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    Whats The Difference Between A Mixed Breed And A Crossbreed Dog

    A lot of people tend to get confused with the meaning of these two words but am sure that you will understand the terms fully after reading what we have to share.

    Let me try and simplify things as easy as possible, when you hear someone refer to a dog as cross breed dog that means both parents of the puppies are formulated from a purebred background. This article is the pure example of what a crossbreed is, the purebred German Shepherd dog and the purebred Siberian Husky these two will give you a crossbred dog popularly known as designer puppies/dogs.

    Any breeds that pureblooded as long as its two different dog types will give the result of a crossbreed dog or puppies.

    Mixed breeds now would be two different crossbreeds coming together creating offsprings it is as simple as that, Both parents have to be crossbreeds to give the result of mixed breed pups. The next thing with mixed breeds is due to the fact that genetics will sometimes show that the breed is of an unknown origin some will refer to them as mutts.

    Basic Socialization For German Shepherds

    Begin socializing your GSD by letting her get to know you and your family. This is easy to doit involved just allowing your GSD to be a part of your everyday life.

    Even if she appears to be snoozing by the couch, she is very much aware of whats happening around her. She isnt just sleeping. In fact, she is observing everything and everyone.

    She is learning whats normal household activities, how you and your family behave in a normal situation, and what she can expect in everyday life.

    She will quickly come to be soothed by normal household sounds like the vacuum or dishwasher, and she wont be bothered by neighborhood sounds.

    She will also learn whats unusual in your world. Shell take her cues from you and your family to either ignore the knock on the doorsay, from the main carrieror become very alert to a stranger knocking unexpectedly.

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    Basic Commands Every German Shepherd Dog Needs To Learn

    Originally, German Shepherds were bred to protect herds and dwell in packs. These traits make them naturally dominant. They love being in charge. Still, they are one of the smartest dog breeds around and are quick to learn new tricks. Regardless, you should not wait too long to start your training. The older your GSD gets, the harder it is for you to teach him new tricks. Start your training as early as when they are two-months old.

    Sprints Build Muscle And Cardio Fitness

    German Shepherd Puppy Potty Training Tips – Tips from 24 Dog Trainers

    If you want to save your shoulder, try a dog ball launcher with your German Shepherd.

    Sprints increase your dogs speed and overall performance.

    Theyre also fun!

    And your German Shepherd naturally excels at speed because of its herding history. While excessive and sharp turns on the ground can injure your dog due to the stress of stopping, you can still play a game of catch in moderation.

    Instead of seeing how far you can throw the ball and having your GSD slide into the ground, aim for shooting the ball in the air a short distance in front to allow your dog to catch the ball and avoid harsh slides.

    If you find that you dont want to tire your arm trying to keep up with your dogs boundless energy, then look for a tennis ball launcher to save your shoulder while exercising your German Shepherd. You can launch tennis balls up to 50 feet in the air without exhausting your arms!

    Short sprints are great for burning away energy that would otherwise become pent-up anxiety in your dog.

    Sprints also increase lung and heart health, challenge muscles and balance, improve coordination, and make your German Shepherd happy!

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