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Will A German Shepherd Kill My Cat

Getting Your German Shepherds Attention In The Presence Of The Cat

German Shepherd destroys cats! Can he be stopped?

When a German Shepherd sees a cat, most of the time, chasing her is the first reaction the dog has.

You need to teach the German Shepherd to ignore the cat.

Distracting your dog is the best way to stop him from doing so.

If the German Shepherd is getting very aggressive, take him away and wait until he calms down.

When your cat is around in the same room, you need to get your dogs attention.

Have a reward or treat in your hand. Ask your Dog to look at you when he is looking at the cat.

If he listens to you, reward him.

You need to keep practicing this method with your Dog.

Some shepherds learn very quick, but some can take time to get comfortable with a cat.

Have patience and keep trying.

When your dog starts to ignore the cat, then he is ready to live with her.

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Hello, to start, I would remove Hadley’s food bowl after each meal. He only needs the bowl in place at meal time. Once he has moved away from it after the meal, take it up and store it away until it is the next time for a meal. That will ease a little bit of the problem. Make sure that your cat has easy access to a safe haven where Hadley cannot go. Is Hadley new to the household? If not, is this new behavior? A new aggressive behavior always means a vet check up is in order to rule out an injury or illness that could be causing the change. I would also brush up on Hadley’s obedience skills to show him that he does not rule the home and that he has to respect you – and the cat as that is your expectation. Start with having Hadley “sit” before every event. Before getting his food dish, before getting his leash on for a walk, before playtime, before a treat, etc. Work on these obedience skills: and When walking him, train him to heel: Knowing that he has rules to follow will rein Hadley in a little at home. Good luck!

Can A German Shepherd Kill A Fox

I often see a fox in the woods at the back of the house. Well, most of the time, my German Shepherd will pick up the foxs strong scent, and when I look over the fence, I will catch a glimpse of it scurrying away! But, although foxes are now common in urban areas, what would happen if a fox came face to face with a German Shepherd? Can German Shepherds kill a fox?

A German Shepherd can kill a fox due to its superior size and strong bite force. Foxes tend to be cautious of anything bigger than themselves. Although they hunt for meat, they scare easily and will not usually attack an adult German Shepherd unless they were protecting their young.

There may be an odd occasion where a starving fox might encroach onto premises and try to steal a dogs food, but in general, they will keep away. Foxes are smart, but German Shepherds are smarter and very protective of their territory and family!

They will not want to be insulted by a fox foraging for their food. It would only be natural animal instinct for a GSD to chase off a fox on his property or even kill it if the fox happened to attack first.

There have been a few reports in the media where a fox has entered a yard and attacked small puppies or dogs, but they are more likely to go for smaller animals, such as chickens or rabbits. Foxes out during the day are no cause for alarm, but you shouldnt leave small pets out at night unprotected.

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Can A Gsd And A Cat Live Together

Yes! Youll have a much easier time if you acquire the German Shepherd as a puppy. That way, he can get used to the cat, and learn that they are part of the family.

German Shepherds will only chase cats or animals that run. By helping your cat to calm down when near your dog, you can prevent the chase.

Your cat might not get along with all dogs, but you can train him to be comfortable around your German Shepherd.

According to experts, it can take several weeks for a cat and a dog to grow comfortable around each other.

The key to getting your canine and feline to get used to each other is introduction and socialization. With some patience, you can train your dog and cat to get along well without fighting each other. Dont expect overnight results, and be patient with both family pets.

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Exercise The German Shepherd Before Introducing Your Gsd To The Cat

Will German Shepherd Dogs Kill Cats?  German Shepherd 101

German Shepherd Dogs are packed with a lot of energy.

To avoid that the GSD starts to chase the cat when he sees her for the first time, you need to burn its energy.

Exercising is the best way to burn GSDs extra energy. You can play some games with your GSD before you introduce him to the cat.

Here are some exercises and games for your GSD:

1 Fetch

In this game, You have to throw a ball, and your Dog has to bring it back to you.

2 Run And Jump

It is a very Basic and Simple game to Play With You German Shepherd Dog.

Organize the Garden with some cones and pieces of wood where the Dog can Ramp.

You need To teach him how to run through the cones, and how to jump over the wood pieces.

Here is a full guide For games To play with Your German Shepherd.

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Could A German Shepherd Kill A Human

Deaths from dog attacks are pretty rare, but they can happen. In a 27 year period between 1979-2005, there was an average of 19 human fatalities by dogs in the US. Some breeds are known to kill a human more than others, but does this include the German Shepherd?

A German Shepherd can kill a human and has been known to kill in some situations. They have a strong bite force of 238 PSI which can crush human bones and large sharp canines that can easily cut into human arteries. They also have quicker reflexes and superior fighting instincts to most humans.

More recent data from the 15-year period between 2005-2019 evidenced that dogs killed 521 Americans, an increased average of 34 a year. However, this could be due to the general increase in the canine population. Pit Bulls were responsible for 66% of these deaths. Combined, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers caused 76% of the total fatalities.

There is proof that owners of dangerous dogs are much more likely to be convicted of violent crimes, which could explain the Pit Bulls disproportionate rate of fatal attacks.

The latest statistics from reveal 48 US deaths were caused by dogs in 2019. Of these, 2 were caused by the German Shepherd breed.

Given the variety of circumstances surrounding various attacks, research into lethal encounters between canines and humans has proved extremely controversial.

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Getting A Safe Space For The Cat

Another user recommended keeping the cat in one room, at least until the two are comfortable with each other. As they socialize more, hell slowly let the cat out under supervision for longer durations.

He concluded by suggesting cats need to have a safe space where they can hide when they feel threatened.

Hunter3657 chimed in suggesting to crate or leash restrain the Australian Shepherd until the dog is used to seeing the cat without the urge to chase them. Just make sure the dog knows biting is never okay.

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Do German Shepherds Need Companion Dog

They are hyperactive, however, and as such, it is worth noting that a German Shepherd will have their own needs and wants when it comes to companions. Still, there is nary a better choice for a friend for your pets. Additionally, for companion dogs, German Shepherds generally get along with other worker dogs.

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Hello Wendy,I suggest teaching an e-collar avoidance of the cats. This will be done with you present at first, just to do the e-collar training and teach the rules , then you would use the e-collar remotely to enforce training from further away while you spy on her and she doesn’t know that you are watching – via a camera, window, tree, ect…I highly suggest hiring a professional trainer who has experience with high quality e-collar use, avoidance training, and also uses positive reinforcement. Look for someone who comes well recommended by their previous clients for behavior issues like hers, and who can help train. Check out the videos linked below of a trainer who specializes in livestock and animal chasing and killing dogs, working with a livestock killing dog – different animal but also prey drive and happening outside when pup is unsupervised.Day 1. 2. t=14sDay 3. 4. of luck training,Caitlin Crittenden

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Pack Of Coyotes Attack German Shepherd

UNION COUNTY, N.C. â Neighbors in the Weddington area of Union County say coyote sightings have recently spiked. They say the wild animals are coming within feet of their homes and are becoming aggressive.

UNION COUNTY, N.C. â Neighbors in the Weddington area of Union County say coyote sightings have recently spiked. They say the wild animals are coming within feet of their homes and are becoming aggressive.

People told me they would never go after something big like that and hes 92-pounds, so people were wrong, says Debbie Rucker, who says Gabriel, her 92 pound German Shepherd was attacked by a pack coyotes last month.

Rucker says it was around 7:30 in the evening when she let Gabriel out for a bathroom break and then heard an eerie crackling noise and her dog begin to yelp.

I heard it and started running because I saw that he wasnt right by me. They had ripped open both sides of his back and they had chewed up one of his legs, says Rucker.

Rucker says she and her husband rushed Gabriel to the animal hospital where at first, the veterinarian said there is no way coyotes would attack a dog so large, But within 30 seconds of looking at his wounds, he looked up and said there must have been a bunch of them, said Rucker.

Gabriels wounds have since healed, but on Monday, Rucker is taking him to see an orthopedist in hopes he will walk again.

Apparently, he was pounding the ground to try to get away and he hyperextend both of his front legs, says Rucker.

Your German Shepherd May Feel Unwell

Injury and illness are common reasons for a tame dog to show aggressiveness all of sudden.

Did the cat come too close to your dogs food? Did the cat stray across your dogs property?

If your GSD isnt feeling well or is in pain, she may not even want to be approached or touched by his cat pal.

You should be alert of any change of behavior in your furry friend, including lack of appetite, weight loss, or sudden aggression. If in doubt, consult a vet.

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Your German Shepherd Reacts To Its Natural Instinct

German Shepherds, if not properly trained, may chase every moving object, like cats, birds, rabbits, or squirrels. He is just being a dog.

Chasing doesnt apply to cats alone.

They chase other running animals as a natural instinct as well. It just happens to be a running cat across the living room or in the backyard. And your German Shepherd is acting out of his instinct to chase.

Meeting For The First Time

Will A German Shepherd Kill A Cat?  Puppy Herd

When its time for your kitten and dog to meet for the first time, keep your cat in their box and put your dog on a leash. This way they can see each other without any physical contact taking place. Make your dog sit, and be prepared to take him or her out of the room if they get too excited. This activity should be repeated until both animals can relax when together. Dont forget to reward both of them for their good behaviour by giving them lots of praise and cuddles.

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Necropsy Reveals Coyotes Didnt Kill German Shepherd

  • thefurbearers

A community is exhaling after a frightening few weeks, spurred by incorrect news that a German Shepherd dog had been killed by a pack of coyotes.

According to, Framingham Police used their 9-1-1 system to contact residents and warn them that a dog had been killed by a pack of coyotes. But a necropsy performed by the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife revealed coyotes were not the culprit.

A spokesperson for the state said the dog died from a blunt force trauma, which could include being struck by a vehicle, has reported.

It is presumed that coyotes along with other scavengers then inspected the corpse to see if it was edible. But it is quite rare for a necropsy either formal or informal to be performed to determine cause of death.

This is in line with much of what former USDA trapper Cater Niemeyer wrote in his disturbing, yet revealing book, Wolfer.

Most trappers I knew did their investigations with the tips of their boots, rolling the animal to one side, never taking their hands from their pockets. Yep, theyd say, looks like a wolf did it, or at least was possibly or probably responsible. It quickly became the fashion to blame wolves for all things dead.

Blaming coyotes or any other predator is a knee-jerk reaction to tragedy. And, unfortunately, it frequently leads to the wholesale murder of a great number of innocent animals.

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Dont Force It And Remember To Take Things Slowly

Introducing new pets to each other will always take longer than you think, so dont try and force the issue. The key to successfully introducing a new kitten to your dog is to take it very slowly. If your dog is struggling to relax around your cat, its advisable to keep them separated by a physical barrier when youre not there to monitor the situation. Better to be safe than sorry!

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Were There Any Previous Indications Of Violence

When a dog kills a cat, it’s often due to predatory instinct.

However, as a pet owner, you can encourage this behavior. Although it is genetically normal for a dog to try to catch a cat, it’s not acceptable in the society that we live in today.

Every owner loves their pets, and if anything happens to them, it can be seriously traumatizing. Likewise, a cat owner will love their cat as much as a dog owner will love their dog.

And there’s nothing more tragic than seeing your beloved household pets injured and even worse killed. So it’s quite a traumatizing situation for pet owners, and having your dog avoid trying to catch a cat should be of paramount importance

Some dogs may develop an exaggerated dislike of felines. It could often be because when they were pups, they were given chase to cats, which then turned on them.

Cats can also be pretty ferocious when they get defensive or fear for their lives. If their claws connect, they often spit and lash out and can give a dog quite a nasty scratch.

So if your dog has experienced something like this, it’s best to keep him as far away from cats as possible.

How To Train A German Shepherd To Like Cats

German Shepherd frightened by 2 week old kitten

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Are German Shepherds good with Cats?

I get that question a lot!

And to be honest, almost any animal species can live in complete harmony with another. Just check out this cute video of an Orangutan and her Tiger cub babies!


I know you’re not here to watch cute videos of Orangutans and Tiger cubs!

You’re here because you want to know how to train a German Shepherd to like cats.

And you’re not alone!

A couple of days ago Jo, a reader at GSC left a comment asking for help with her kitty-doggy duo

And a while back I got this email from Tracey, another reader here are German Shepherd Corner

As you can see, both pooch parents have a firm grip on the understanding of how their German Shepherd’s are wired. And how their triggers and thresholds affect their behavior.

If you’re new to these concepts, I suggest you check out my article on triggers and thresholds before you start this training.

So, if your heart belongs to a kitty cat and a German Shepherd this guide will help to teach your furry friends to get on like a house on fire!

Although, you should be aware of the fact that some kitty-doggy duo’s will never become bosom buddies. But even if they end up mutually disliking each other without fireworks it’ll be a win for your household.

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What To Do If You Encounter A Coyote

If you encounter a coyote while out walking your dog you can do the following:

  • Start by maintaining control of your dog, either by using a leash or picking them up if your dog is small enough.
  • Act assertively in the presence of the coyote by maintaining eye contact. Make sure to not turn your back on the coyote.
  • Any time you encounter a coyote, you should attempt to scare the animal away. The only exception to this is between February and July. During these months, back away from the coyote while maintaining eye contact.
  • If you come across overly brazen coyotes, report the coyotes to your city authorities. City officials are equipped to deal with wild animals and can take the appropriate steps to either correct the coyotes behavior or remove them from the area if necessary.


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