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Why Does My German Shepherd Smell So Bad

How To Stop Destructive Behavior And Separation Anxiety In Gsds

Things to know as a new German Shepherd owner | Mistakes made by new owners

You will eliminate the most destructive behaviors by solving separation anxiety if that is the cause of destructive behavior. Remember that destructive behavior can be caused by other factors like lack of exercise or a stressful home environment.

Three solutions can be highly effective in stopping separation anxiety in your German Shepherd.

Dont leave your dog alone for too long

You should never leave your German Shepherd alone for longer than 4 hours, even less for young puppies. More than that becomes too much for your furry friend to bear.

Therefore, youll need to consider other solutions to break and reduce the time that your GSD spends alone at home. Suggestions include finding someone to keep them busy and staying connected with them while you are away.

Find a way of keeping your dog occupied while you are away

Keeping your dog mentally and physically engaged can be achieved by employing a professional trainer or a dog walker. An hours walk and some playtime when you are not around will go a long way to reducing the amount of time that your dog has to stare at the door in expectation of your arrival. There are also doggy daycare facilities where you can take your GSD.

Find a way of staying connected with your dog while you are away

What Causes Compacted Anal Glands

In order to understand this, we cant avoid talking about your dogs poop. Firm, normal-size stools put pressure on the glands so they can secrete normally.

But if your dog has bathroom issues for a few days, such as a bout of diarrhea, the glands wont discharge and the result is a buildup in the glands. This causes pain and discomfort in your dog. You may find him seeking relief by scooting on his bottom.

If tummy issues and the eventual compacted glands are an ongoing thing with your dog, a change of diet is often the best remedy. There may be a filler ingredient, such as corn, that makes your dogs system overreact.

What Have They Touched Or Picked Up Recently

What have they rolled in?

What have they picked up in their mouth?

What have they eaten?

If your dog is rolling in poop or picking up dead animals regularly it makes sense they would smell bad.

The same goes for rolling in seaweed or dead/washed up sea animals down the beach.

Also, note that a dogs coat can absorb smells and trap them under the top coat much more effectively than what human skin does which is exposed.

This is why its so important to make sure the areas your dog is playing in are clean!

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Hormonal Effects And Gonadectomy

Testosterone is often associated with aggression in male dogs. This study discovered that other hormones could be the underlying causes of aggression in dogs. Oxytocin , a hormone associated with social bonding and sexual reproduction, and Vasopressin , which regulates the volume of extracellular fluid volume and renal handling of water, can negatively impact dog behavior.

Gonadectomy is the generic term for the surgical removal of the male testes or female ovaries. Many owners believe that neutered/spayed dogs are less aggressive. However, research results from a large sample of over 13,795 dogs show that this is not entirely the case.

This interesting study showed that there was no significant increase in aggression in gonadectomized dogs EXCEPT those neutered/spayed between 7 and 12 months of age. Scientists still do not know the reason for this.

The bottom line is that hormonal dynamics in German Shepherds can be an underlying reason for your dogs behavior problems.

Too Much Diet Variety

Why Do German Shepherds Smell Bad?

You may be surprised to learn that too much variety does not typically fare well for your German shepherd.

Many German shepherds have a sensitive stomach, and it can be a struggle to digest more than two types of food at one meal.

For this reason it is best to limit variety, and only expand their diet once they are settled and on a regular feeding schedule with safe foods. Then, once you introduce new foods you can soon spot an offender.

Its also important that you limit or be careful with any scraps that you may give. Dogs, including German shepherds, should not be consuming too many herbs, spices and condiments like salt.

For herbs and spices, which can be found in a lot of processed foods consumed by humans, will also make their way out of your dogs pores!

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Why Do German Shepherds Roll On Their Backs

Dogs may roll on their backs on different occasions. This German Shepherd behavior might occur when he is playing with you or other dogs. The dog in the below photo is clearly having a super time playing in the snow.

We will often interpret a roll on the back during dog play as being submissive. However, research has shown that rolling on the back is a winning rather than a losing position. Your German Shepherd will roll over when playing with other dogs for two key reasons:

  • To avoid a nape bite
  • To launch an attack

But German Shepherds will also roll over to scratch their back since they cannot reach it with their paws. This could just be normal scratching, but it could also result from a flea/tick infestation. Check your dog and take measures if you find out that they are rolling over because they have fleas! Also, ensure their flea prevention treatment is up to date.

When playing with you, dogs will roll on their back to get a scratch on their belly. Granting his desire reinforces your GSDs behavior. So, avoid it if you do not want him to always ask for it!

German Shepherds that rest or sleep on their backs for a short while feel very relaxed with their environment and are at ease exposing their belly. They feel safe and secure in this position.

Other reasons that dogs may roll on their backs are when attention-seeking, as an expression of joy, or a show of confidence. They may also display this behavior to regulate their body temperature as it helps them to cool down.

Rolling In The Dirt Among German Shepherds

Bathing your German Shepherd is a tough task. You have to lure them to the bathtub and put up with their crazy shaking and splashing unless, of course, you have managed to train them out of it!

But bathing your dog becomes an extra hassle if he is covered with awful-smelling dirt! So, why do German Shepherds roll in the dirt?

There are many speculative theories used to explain why dogs roll in the dirt. Here are some of them:

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Did Your German Shepherd Roll In Something

Our German Shepherds come with a set of hardwired instincts that are passed down from their wild dog ancestors. One of these instincts include the need to roll in smelly things!

Whether its dead wildlife, animal stool, or smelly trash your dog may feel the need to jump right in.

Many dog experts believe that this relates back to dogs need to mask their smell in the wild.

In an effort to make them less noticeable to their prey, some wild dogs will roll around in any pungent smelling objects to mask their scent for their hunting endeavors.

Eliminate Poor Quality Food

Why Is My German Shepherd Scratching So Much: Skin Issues That Plague GSDs

Poorly made food offers no nutritional value- all they do is make your dog experience gastrointestinal problems that will bring on flatulence.

With that, dont bargain when it comes to your dogs diet. Go for the quality. Avoid food with fillers or other ingredients that will cause your German shepherd to smell.

Dont give your dog milk- avoid dairy products in your dogs routine diet. As earlier discussed, milk will cause stomach discomforts like flatulence and diarrhea.

Take Your Dog To The Vet.

If nothing seems to work on your end, then its time to take your dog to a vet- a vet will make a diagnosis of whats causing your German shepherd to smell.

Your vet may take a blood sample to test whether an underlying condition making your German shepherd to smell.

Your vet may also do a fecal test to see whether there is any bug thats causing your dog to have flatulence every time.

In case of a medical condition like diabetes, your vet will give you a detailed review of the next course of action. Your doctor may start anti-diabetics to control its sugars.

Also, the vet may recommend a specialized dog shampoo to remove any dermatitis or seborrhea that will cause a German shepherd to smell.

Also, the vet may give your dog some de-wormers to eliminate any stomach parasites. Additionally, your dog may get a course of probiotics to bring back the normal flora.

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Bathe Seldom Brush Regularly

We have already mentioned that German Shepherds dont need baths very often. Bathing your German Shepherd may be something you only do when they get exceptionally dirty.

However, brushing your German Shepherd is something you need to do once or twice a week.

Brushing removes the dirt and dander that can make German Shepherd odors linger around your house.

It gives you a chance to check for fleas and mites so you can treat them before they become a serious problem. And it gives you a chance to bond with your dog.

Use a damp cloth instead of a comb to groom hair around your German Shepherds face.

There Is A Reason Your Gsd Has Bad Breath

The first reason you shouldnt just try to cover up your German Shepherd dogs bad breath is that, as we mentioned in the introduction here, bad breath is a messenger.

Your dog cant talk to you in your language to let you know there is something wrong. Your GSD cant point to a tooth that is hurting or a paw that itches.

But bad breath can let you know it is time to look more closely and maybe schedule an appointment with your canine veterinarian.

Even if you do manage to cover up bad breath in some way, it is unlikely to resolve on its own. For this reason, it is much safer to accept the challenge and go to work to investigate the root cause so you can treat it and keep your dog healthy.

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Great Tips To Make Your German Shepherd Smell Better

The good news is that if your GSD smells, there are several things you can do to make him smell better. Knowing the different causes is just the first step. This time around, you need to fix the problem.

Below are the great tips to help you put an end to that stink coming from your German Shepherd.

  • Feed him with a good and high quality diet.
  • A diet especially tailored to your GSD can do wonders to stop him smelling. When your German Shepherd has bad breath or is gassy, this can be because they are feeding on a diet that doesnt suit him.

    The most ideal way to know for sure is to take your dog to the vet and check if there is an issue with his digestive system. Once your vet discovers an issue, he will suggest the right dog food that suits your pup.

  • Give him a bath.
  • Now, this one might seem too obvious but most of the time, this is all it takes for getting the job done and finally putting an end to that bad odor.

    If your pet has been rolling on something, has gone for a long run, or swam in dirty water, your best option is to give him a good bath.

    However, what if your GSD isnt a big fan of water? Well, the good news is that there are several ways for you to make your dog to love the water.

    You dont really need to bath your GSD all too often unless he got something on his coat that you need to remove right away.

    TropiClean Waterless Shampoos for Pets

  • Pay attention to his dental hygiene.
  • Clean your dogs paws.
  • Make sure to clean and dry your dogs ears.
  • Keep him dry.
  • Reasons Why A German Shepherd Might Smell Bad Or Have A Bad Odor

    Why Do German Shepherds Smell Bad?  Embora Pets

    Doggy smells can range from mildly noticeable but tolerable, to unpleasant, to overpowering.

    If the smell fits in the latter categories, you may want to identify the reasons or causes for the smell or odor, so that you can look into solutions for minimizing it or getting rid of it.

    Weve put together this guide where we identify potential reasons for dog smells and odors.

    Lets take a look at the guide below!

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    Hyperactivity In German Shepherds

    Scientists have likened the features of hyperactivity, or scientifically Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in dogs to those manifesting in human children.

    German Shepherds with ADHD will portray behavior problems such as hyperactivity, inability to pay attention, being easily distracted, impulsiveness, poor social skills, aggressive responses, fear, and sensitivity to noise.

    The consensus seems to reign about the interaction between genetic and environmental factors in ADHD. Concerning genes, the German Shepherd has been named among breeds most prone to ADHD. Research has also listed some of the environmental factors impacting the condition in dogs:

    • Level of affection received from the owner
    • Number of social contacts
    • Frequency of walks and playtime
    • Neuter/spay

    The German Shepherd Dog is naturally a high-energy dog, and the presence of ADHD can make life difficult for both the owner and the dog. Hyperactive German Shepherds may be uncontrollable during walks, manifest excessive leash-pulling, become overly excited when you remove the leash or return home, and be difficult to engage in obedience training.

    Why Does My German Shepherd Smell Like Stool

    The anal glands hide in the muscles on a dogs behind just under the tail. When working properly, they are excreted in small amounts with each bowel movement. These glands are the reason why other dogs greet each other with a smell of their back end, as well as how dogs make their presence known when leaving stool behind in the wild.

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    Signs Of Anal Sac Disease In Dogs

    Your dog smelling like fish is an early indicator of an anal sac problem, so its worth making an appointment with your veterinarian if you notice the smell. That way, we can address the problem right away and make suggestions for preventing anal glands in the future.

    Yet, the fishy smell isnt always super obvious, so its best to be away of these other signs, too:

    • Scooting their butt along the floor
    • Bite or lick beneath their tail
    • Difficulty defecating
    • A hard lump near the rectum
    • Signs of blood or puss with their stool

    If you notice any of these signs, its best to call your veterinarian in Oak Park for an evaluation!

    When Is Dog Odor A Medical Condition


    Your veterinarian can help you investigate if the smells youre noticing are normal or pathological. First, theyll do a history and physical examination to see if theres a source of the odor.

    If theres no history or signs of illness or skin disease then your vet can tell you what the natural smells are for your dog. If youve noticed that your dogs smell has changed, then this could be an indication of skin disease or systemic illness.

    Obvious causes of a bad odor can be from urine or fecal soiling, skunk sprays, odor from infection, physical injury, or something your pet may have rolled or stepped in.

    Skin diseases that are smelly include:

    • bacterial skin diseases,
    • dandruff or seborrhea,
    • and ear infections.

    These all have mild odors depending on the severity and you may only notice them when you get close to your pet.

    Severe body odors that also need veterinary attention include septic ear infections, combinations of ear and skin infections with parasites, and odors from autoimmune skin disease secretions.

    No matter what the cause, your veterinarian will help you find out whats causing those smells and let you know whether theyre harmful or just something to be ignored.

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    Stinky Breath And Mouth Odors

    A dog, like a human, will have a natural mouth and breath scent.

    However, if the smell is overpowering and it goes on for days and weeks, your dog might have either a tooth infection, or an organ or body disease.

    If you think this might be the case, take your dog to the vet for a health check because teeth infections and diseases like kidney diseases or diabetes can lead to serious problems that you need a medical professional to help you with.

    Do German Shepherds Smell

    All german shepherds CAN smell, but not all german shepherds DO smell. Whether your german shepherd smells or not depends on a lot of different factors.

    However, thankfully, in a lot of cases, you can stop a nasty odor and replace it with a positive one! So if your german shepherd does smell, or youre worried about getting one then dont!

    Here are all the different reasons they might smell and what you can do to stop it.

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    Regular Bath Sessions Are Vital

    A bathe will be essential to clear up any debris, excess oils or clear away any bad smell on your German shepherd. However, dont do it every day. Dogs like the German shepherds dont need regular bathe sessions. The reason being, regular sessions will predispose your dog to flakiness and dryness.

    Whats more, use a veterinary dog-approved shampoo that will make your dog feel and smell good.

    Also, remember to introduce your dogs to bathe sessions when they are still young. Familiarizing dogs with this grooming session is crucial.

    If not able to clean your dog, seek the services of a professional groomer who is more versed on how to do this grooming practice.


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