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Why Are Most Police Dogs German Shepherds

Other Reasons German Shepherds Are Smart

Why Are German Shepherds Used As Police Dogs?

Stanley Corens smartest dog breeds list was based on just one dimension of canine intelligence, that is, obedience and work intelligence. And although its not the best way to gauge true dog IQ, it can be measured in an objective manner.

With that said, there are actually three components of dog intelligence, according to Stanley Coren. The other two, which may actually be more important, are instinctive and adaptive intelligence. Both of which, the German Shepherd excels in as well.

Why German Shepherds Are Used As K9 Police Dogs

GSDs are famous for being incredibly intelligent, agile, quick, and stealthy. They have high endurance levels and laser-like focus, which allows them to fulfill long shifts alongside their K9 officer. With their height and stature, these dogs are well suited to follow after suspects. Jumping, crawling, and running are some of their best skills, which are crucial for police work.

In addition to their physical abilities, German Shepherds are mentally strong as well. Police dogs are trained to follow dozens of commands. With the right K9 police dog training methods, GSDs are ready to serve police departments within two years of their birth. They can sense danger and react accordingly. Their protective nature and loyalty allows them to complete acts of courage that are vital for success during a K9 officers shift. GSDs can be trained to be general officers or use their sensitive noses to track the scent of drugs, bombs, and individuals.

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Video Answer: German Police Dogs

German Shepherds are famous for working with police German Shepherds are calm-under-pressure, they’re highly intelligent and trainable, and they love to work. This makes the breed well-suited for working in high-stress situations, and it’s no surprise they’ve been used in police work for more than 100 years.

It’s easier for the officer to learn a few German words than to retrain the dog with new commands. More often than not, Widdicombe said, a police dog serves as a deterrent to suspects who might otherwise go for a jog. “We always say the average speed of a German shepherd is 32 mph.

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Do The Police Use Female German Shepherds

In the USA and Canada, the majority of police dogs are male. Most male police dogs remain unneutered to preserve more aggressive behavior. In contrast, some female police dogs exhibit less aggression when chasing a suspect. Female police dogs have an even temperament in comparison to male police dogs, making them more suitable for tracking and scent detection work. Lastly, male police dogs do not go into heat, unlike female dogs. An intact female police dog could not work whilst in heat, and spay surgery can be expensive. Besides, even if a female dog is naturally good at her job, she may be held back for breeding programs.

With continued development in police training techniques, female police dogs are likely to become more common. Both male and female police dogs excel at their work, but with current training methods, their different talents and qualities are best applied to specific areas of work.

Did we answer the question of, why are German Shepherds used as police dogs? If not, lets recap. With their versatility, intelligence, and strength, the German Shepherd makes for a loyal partner in any field of work. Because of these qualities, German Shepherds are one of the most common breeds that work as police dogs in the USA today, alongside the Belgian Malinois. Check out our favorite GSD dog names and our guide on the Black German Shepherd!

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Why The German Shepherd Dog Excels As A K9 Police Dog

Why Are German Shepherds Used As Police Dogs ...

German Shepherds are the perfect breed for a K9 police dog. The character of GSDs is the single defining quality that allows them to excel. This breed has the utmost loyalty, courage, and confidence that cannot be found in other dog breeds. They are more than willing to put their life on the line in order to defend those around them. Any police dog trainer will agree that GSDs are most suited for the job.

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German Shepherd Police Dogs

Humans and dogs such as German shepherds share a special bond because of their dominant personality and good looks. Its no wonder German shepherds have been used by police and military forces for many years. In this post, we will look at some interesting facts on German shepherd police dogs, how they help the police and how to train them effectively.

How Well Do German Shepherds Respond To Service Dog Training

There is one thing that most experts can agree on, all dogs regardless of breed can be trained.

However, as established, service dogs need to learn specific and complex skills. And this isnt something that every pooch can do.

Thus, this begs the question, are German Shepherds a little better at learning these skills than many other breeds? Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM, who serves on the advisory board for Pup Life Today has some insight into this.

German Shepherds who come for working lines of dogs may have an advantage over dogs who have simply been bred for their looks. Working dogs of all sorts need to combine obedience with independent thought, a concept known as intelligent disobedience in the guide dog community.

For example, a service dog who is told to perform an action should refuse if that action would be too dangerous. Service dogs have to be clever to balance these competing demands.

Essentially, there is no guarantee that all German Shepherds are equally well-equipped to learn tasks specific to service dogs.

Simultaneously, as long as your pup is from the right bloodline, they may just be able to master complex tasks a little better than other breeds.

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Who Is Smarter Rottweiler Or German Shepherd

The German Shepherd has a higher brain capacity and is more domesticated than the Rottweiler.The Rottweiler was bred to guard livestock in rural settings, while the German Shepherd came from a much more herding background. Theyre both supposed to be intelligent breeds just in different ways. Its hard to know whos smarter when it comes down to two breeds that were bred for specific tasks, but it just might give you some dilemma when choosing one to bring home!.

What Type Of German Shepherds Do The Police Use

Why Are German Shepherds Good Police Dogs?

Among the types of the German shepherd breeds, the working lines especially the DDR/East German working lines and Czech working lines are typically bred for military and police purposes because they have exceptional endurance when faced with demanding training compared to the show lines.

German Shepherd Police Dog Price

Since the cost of breeding and raising German shepherd puppies is not cheap, the price is expensive. The price of a puppy or adult dog varies widely depending on the breeder, location, and bloodlines.

The German shepherd police dogs price is less than $1000 for an average German shepherd police puppy while German shepherd puppies with health and performance clearances and a clear breeding record are more expensive.

If you want to purchase a fully trained adult German shepherd police dog, prepare to spend at least $10,000 to $15,000. However, you could pay more for a quality-bred adult German shepherd police dog.

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Is German Shepherd A Guard Dog

German Shepherds will usually take to being a guard dog naturally. Such dogs may not respond appropriately in non-threatening situations. A German shepherd dog should not be selected to receive training as a guard dog unless the dog is basically friendly, stable and clear-headed, and has been well-socialized.

Training Your German Shepherd As A Guard Dog

Every dog breed possesses natural tendencies and skills. These tendencies come with their genetics. German Shepherds are guard dogs by nature, regardless of if theyve been trained or not. If they see something out of line, or peculiar, they will usually bark, altering someone of the situation. For this reason, German Shepherds are often chosen as police dogs since its easier to train them in this way.

Some breeds are overly aggressive and hard to control, while others are meek and mild-tempered. German Shepherds are the perfect mix to train to be a guard dogs.

Still, your German Shepherd will need the correct training to ensure they listen to commands and arent a danger to themselves or others.

There are a few critical pieces of equipment you will want on hand when beginning any training such as a German Shepherd harness, a German Shepherd leash, and some dog treats for rewarding.

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How Do German Shepherds Help The Police

General Responsibilities

You probably have watched movies showing German shepherds working with law enforcers. This situation also happens in real life.

A trained police service dog can help law enforcers in a variety of ways. Their general responsibilities include protecting officers and finding, repressing or apprehending suspects or criminals.

They can attack criminals who dont surrender willingly and becomes aggressive. Theyre widely used by the police because they can easily take down criminals.

Specialized Assignments

In addition to general tasks, they are also involved in specialized assignments like tracking missing individuals, hidden explosives, illegal drugs or narcotics, and crime scene evidence.

Thats why dont be surprised when you see them at the airports sniffing for concealed narcotics or bombs. Because of their strong sense of smell and agility, they can even detect cadavers on land and water.

They can also search and rescue humans in dangerous places. They wont stop unless their handlers asked them to do so.

Some German shepherd police dogs searched survivors in the World Trade Center in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

One of the most notable German shepherds who participated in the rescue effort was Apollo. He worked 18 hours a day to search and rescue living victims and hes happy to work for long periods.

Why A German Shepherd

Why Are German Shepherds Used As Police Dogs ...

People do often wonder why a German Shepherd is used as a police dog? What are the characteristics that make a German Shepherd eligible, appropriate, and most suitable to be trained as a police dog?

First and the foremost thing is the large and giant size of a German Shepherd that is enough to horrify a criminal. The strong and muscular body of a German Shepherd is an indicator of its internal strength and power.

Secondly, German Shepherds are famous for their excellent work and stay calm under pressure. They are the most intelligent, sharp, and trainable dogs. They love to work and can do extremely good work in high-stress situations.

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Why German Shepherds Are Not Good Pets

There are a few different reasons, in my experience.1) Group dynamics is extremely important in dog ownership, and GSDs are not pack animals- theyre more solitary animals who prefer to be the only pet.2) GSDs have a higher prey drive, so they will stalk small animals or children if given the opportunity. Any small animal killed by an out of control breed is swiftly labeled aggressive when in reality it was just being what its genetics told it to do kill tiny creatures for fun! 3) Taxes on owning German Shepherds cost more than canine your average pet- there are additional breeds of dogs that come cheaper to own .4) And.

Why Are German Shepherds Police Dogs

German Shepherds are famous for working with police. German Shepherds are calm-under-pressure, theyre highly intelligent and trainable, and they love to work. This makes the breed well-suited for working in high-stress situations, and its no surprise theyve been used in police work for more than 100 years.

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When Did Police Start Using German Shepherds

The first police dogs that were used to detect smuggled items came from Germany. In 1902, a man named Max Von Stephanitz was seeking a dog for German customs officers that he could train as a tracking dog. One of the dogs from his kennel responded very well and its quick response led it to be designated as an official curschhund . The Germans eventually kept acquiring more dogs with this crazed aptitude for tracking work and renamed them the Alsatian Wolf Dog. It is now known worldwide as the German Shepherd Dog, whose dogged commitment has made them one of the most popular work details for law enforcement agencies around the globe..

How To Train A German Shepherd To Be A Guard Dog

Stop hating on German Shepherds | What police uses dogs for and why they choose German Shepherds

In order to have a well rounded and trained guard dog, your German Shepherd will need to be properly socialized, well mannered, manageable, and happy. You will have to expose your German Shepherd to a range of people, situations and other animals in order to train them properly.

This means having your dog properly adjusted to people of different sizes, stature, race, gender, along with dogs, cats, and other stimuli. This will ensure that you are able to control and command your dog under a range of conditions and circumstances without fail.

You also have to keep up with regular training, along with a lot of exercise and quality time with your dog. German Shepherds need a lot of attention and mental stimulation, so will need to be well exercised, and have lots of toys and things to play with. Due to their active and intelligent nature, without a lot of stimulation, they can be prone to destructive or naughty behavior.

As the owner, you also have to be trained and prepared to care for your guard dog. You will need to be assertive, strong and confident in handling your dog, able to command them and communicate with them with ease. You will have to be the Alpha in your home if you want to keep a guard or protection dog.

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High Strenght And Stamina

GSDs are also ideal canines for police work due to their robust bodies and good stamina. Theyre full of energy, agile, and can enjoy working for long periods without a problem.

When they built up endurance and are trained correctly, they can run for relatively long distances. A German Shepherd can run for around 5-20 miles. Theyre also good sprinters. They can cover short miles faster, running for a speed of up to 30 miles in an hour at highly explosive speeds.

Dealing With Smart German Shepherds

German Shepherds are crazy smart, no doubt. But raising a smart dog breed isnt always ideal for every person. With higher intelligence, comes more responsibilities. Smarter dogs, like the GSD, will need extra care and attention.

Because German Shepherds are so intelligent, they require a ton of mental stimulation. It makes a lot of sense, as dogs with higher mental capacities need more mental activities. Without daily mental activities, GSDs may exhibit destructive behavior.

Mental stimulation can come in many forms, such as brain games, obedience training and dog puzzles. And while obedience training may seem to be the most obvious, not all owners have the time to provide hours of training a day. The solution: puzzles and toys.

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German Shepherd Police Training Tips

German Shepherds are strong dogs that are born with hunting skills. These dogs need a lot of activity to keep them mentally and physically fit. Police work is an ideal job for these dogs. However, one must understand that police training is far different from any other type of dog training. Such type of training needs to be provided by professional trainers only. Schutzhund club is one such club which specializes in police training to German Shepherds. However, not every dog gets approved by this club, as they look for particular qualities in a dog which might give them an edge over others. Hence, before you approach any club, it is imperative that you impart basic training to your dog.

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German Shepherd Police Dogs Or K

10 Reasons Why German Shepherds Are The Best Dogs

Physically, German shepherd police dogs sometimes called German shepherd K-9s are well-known for their large, agile, and muscular body. They also have high intelligence levels which make them highly trainable. They easily remember words of importance, range of commands, and many tasks taught by their trainer because they have a fast and retentive memory. Since they can assimilate and retain training easily, their caretakers should avoid teaching them bad habits. Aside from extraordinary physical and intellectual characteristics, they also have outstanding personality traits. They are loyal, courageous, confident, and most of all, they are willing to put their lives on the line.

What Type of German Shepherds Do the Police Use

Among the types of the German shepherd breeds, the working lines especially the DDR/East German working lines and Czech working lines are typically bred for military and police purposes because they have exceptional endurance when faced with demanding training compared to the show lines.

German Shepherd Police Dog Price

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What Is The Smartest Breed Of Dog

Most would agree that the smartest breed is the Border Collie. The Border Collie was bred to work alongside humans on their sheep farms, and as such is known for its ability to learn various skills with incredible speed. It also has an aptitude for picking up new words which helps it perform tasks more quickly than other breeds of dog something that becomes very obvious when youre trying to teach a puppy specific commands! Heinz Poehler, a noted professor of animal husbandry, remarked that Border collies have been trained at least three generations ago before going into his assessment that they were not just smarter academically but also morally ? they have a good sense of right and wrong..


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