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Why Are German Shepherds So Vocal

German Shepherds Can Be Territorial

Do German Shepherds Love To Cuddle? (And Why!?)

German Shepherds are also fairly protective dogs. This is likely because they were bred to do a job. Namely, they were bred to herd and protect livestock, which is why they are known as German Shepherds instead of German Waterhounds or Retrievers.

As a Shepherd breed, this dog will be protective of their family, their territory, or anything that they decide is their territory. This can be your yard, porch, home, or vehicle. When the dog notices a threat, they will start barking.

This article written by GSD expert Shannon Cutts discusses why German Shepherds bark more than other breeds and how their behavior may have to do with them feeling threatened or anxious.

The Best Training Program For Beagles

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And in most cases its still going to be:

  • Cheaper than hiring a professional.
  • Cheaper than replacing everything they might break.
  • And definitely cheaper than a lawsuit against you, if they decide to bite someone.

Just imagine how great it will feel to finally be able to trust your beagle completely and never worry whether theyll be naughty or not. Instead, youll have the peace of mind that you have a well-behaved pup, and the boundaries you set for them, will always be there, EVEN IF YOURE NOT.

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So Are German Shepherds The Ideal Protective Dog

On a scale of aloof to overprotective, German Shepherds will always fall into the overprotective category. In fact, without proper training, their protective instincts can be overwhelming for under prepared families.

German Shepherds are eager to please their owners and as such, want to protect their pack. They will bark at intruders, defend their territory, and ward off potential threats until they the threat is neutralized.

German Shepherds are incredibly brave and they wont back down from a challenge until they know their families are safe.

On the other hand, this can present issues in some circumstances. A German Shepherds protective attitude can make them somewhat aggressive if you dont train them properly.

Also, destructive and aggressive behaviors will develop if these dogs dont get the extensive exercise they need on a regular basis.

You need to be mindful of the German Shepherds protective mindset when you consider adopting one. If you arent willing to commit to training, you may see their protective traits manifest themselves in the following ways:

  • Food aggression
  • Aggression toward people or children
  • Aggression during play
  • Being territorial with other pets
  • Barking and responding to non-threats

These behavioral issues are also common when owners dont exercise their German Shepherds enough. They become frustrated when they dont get enough exercise, and as a result will act out in destructive ways as this pent up energy needs to be released.

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German Shepherds Are Comparatively Loud

According to recent scientific studies, German Shepherds are one of the loudest dog breeds around. In a test of 16 different breeds, they were rated as one of the loudest dog breeds out there.

This means that if your German Shepherd is barking, youre going to know it. These dogs are loud! Theyre louder than a running tractor, with a bark sound rating of around 86 decibels! So, if this dog decides to bark, everyone will know it.

Your German Shepherd Is Relaxed

Why Are German Shepherds So Vocal

German Shepherds as a breed are the hardest working dogs on the planet. They are bred to be that way. GSD are tireless workers with amazing energy levels and intense amounts of focus and concentration

But when a GSD goes off duty, they can be every bit as good at relaxing.

And when they want to let you know they are relaxed and enjoying just lounging about, you might well hear a loud groan coming from your dog.

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German Shepherd Dog Whining Videos

GSDs are definitely more vocal than other breeds and will tend to bark, whine, and whimper. Heres a good example of a typical German Shepherd, whining to get pampered with non-stop scratching:

The below video is an example of a German Shepherd whining out of excitement for a car ride. I know my girl does this whine every day when its time for her walk.

Bonus: Female Dogs Whine When Theyre In Heat

Its the time of the year again.

Male dogs, yet again, come up to your house.

Sniffing. Searching. Wondering where the prettiest female dog lives.

As the males look for their mate, the owner of a female German Shepherd gets sleepless nights.

Their dog whines non-stop. She pleads, hoping she can come outside to meet her Dog Charming.

They want to mate.

This goes on for about two weeks. 12 nights of constant barking and whining.

Good grief.

Twice a year, female dogs go through the heat cycle . When this occurs, female dogs can get pregnant if they are not spayed.

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Wrong Ways To Stop A German Shepherd From Barking

Calm, compassionate training and early socialization are the best ways to tone down your German Shepherds vocal nature. These methods work with a GSD rather than against it, and aim to increase its joy while decreasing anxiety.

Below are some methods to 100% AVOID when it comes to stopping a German Shepherd from their barking. These methods not only increase stress, but may even make the problem worse in the long run. It may seem easier, but dont do it!

Instead, the best approach will always be to use positive reinforcement and calm consistency. Treats and encouragement are far more effective in training than harsh words or punishment.

The same goes for training any animals, not just German Shepherds.

Your German Shepherd Is Happy

Why Does My German Shepherd Stretch So Much? 5 Different Types of GSD Stretches and Their Meanings

Because the German Shepherd is such a vocal dog breed, you can expect your dog to vocalize in all kinds of situations.

Where another dog might simply relax while being petted, your GSD is as likely to groan or moan as a sign of pleasure.

Unfortunately, you may not have any way of knowing this is why your dog is groaning when you first bring your puppy home.

It can take time before you start to notice that every time you rub your dogs belly, they groan, and then you make that connection.

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Examine Your Reprimand Techniques

Dogs are pretty predictable. They have a set of canine rules, standards of behavior, and instincts. People, on the other hand, are much more difficult to understand. If you have been reprimanding your dog for barking in the wrong way, its easy to tell.

If you reprimand your dog for barking, and then the dog still barks soon after, your reprimand techniques may be off. Reprimands can be seen as a form of attention. Even negative attention still counts as attention in dog land.

For example, if you yell at your dog when he barks, he may think you are joining him in barking. In dog language, this can translate to, my owner is barking with me, hooray! Youve got to learn to reprimand your dog in the right way.

A better option is to wait until your dog stops barking. Then, when hes quiet and calm, offer a treat, affection, or a toy. He will start to make the connection that quiet calm behavior gets him more attention than barking.

A German Shepherd Barking: A Perfect Guide To Train Your Gsd

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The sound of a German Shepherd barking is a sound youll never forget. This is one of the kindest dogs in every possible meaning. These dogs have a unique character that glows up from even the early stages of their lives.

Theyre quite vocal, and they love to speak, even when theyre not asked to. So, how do you stop this kind of annoying trait?

Surely, there are situations where barking isnt appropriate, but we cant keep a dog from barking. Or, can we?

Controlling barking is very possible, but it requires plenty of time, patience, and treats! YOURE now in for a treat because, in a few steps, youll learn how to tell the cause of the barking and learn how to control it.

Ready? Steady! SPEAK!

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German Shepherds Are Friendly To Other Pets And Children

With their family, theyre easy-going and approachable. It is not uncommon for an owner to have 2 or more GSD under one roof. If socialized properly, they can be good with other animals, such as cats, birds, or chickens as well.

The best thing is, German Shepherds have a reputation to be good with children. If you would like to involve your kids in the training and outing session with a dog, youve found the right breed.

Do German Shepherds Groan A Lot

Why is my German Shepherd so vocal?

Yes, German Shepherds are known for their deep throaty groan. The frequency is most famously heard in movies where the dogs are portrayed before or during a guard duty. Some people might interpret this to be an uncomfortable sound, but in reality it is just the dogs way of communicating with their human partners. You would have noticed if you have ever watched huskies on tv or when passing your local zoo that they too make noises when they encounter one another. However this noise differs from the expressive gargle of the shepherd . It has more of a long howl which sounds quite at home out in an open-air environment whereas the Shepherd communicates in denser environments which have less ambient noise and need.

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Why Dogs Whine And How To Address It

Dogs whine for a variety of reasons and, like barking, is simply a form of canine communication. Commonly, dogs whine when they feel anxious or excited. They will also whine when theyre feeling empathetic towards their family or even other animals.

Dogs tend to be communicative and its often easy to understand them if you take the time and make an effort to listen. This becomes especially true over time after you and your pup have been able to form a bond.

Here are some of the most common reasons why dogs whine and how to address each one:

Seeing You Is The Best Part Of Their Day

Whenever you come home from work, you see your German Shepherd looking at you from your houses window.

15 steps away they slowly start wagging their tail.

10 steps away their tail already looks like car wipers on a rainy day.

5 steps away they disappear from the window and come to the door.

And as you open it, they greet you by jumping on you. They whine like theres no tomorrow.

You ask yourself,

If they are so happy to see me, why do they whine?

It could be because of too much excitement. Whining is the only way they can express how they feel.

Every dog is different. And not all whines are bad.

Some German Shepherds show their love by following you. While others adore you so much they just cant help but whine.

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S I Used To Alter Charley’s Excessive Barking

  • Get your dog excited. Throw his toy, jump up and down or make barking noises. The point here is to get him over-the-top excited!
  • Once your dog is barking open and close your hand as shown in the pictures this is your hand signal. Do this while saying the word speak’.

Teach speak’ with hand signals and curb German Shepherd barking

German Shepherd Barking: Use Hand Signals to teach your dog to speak

Note: This is one of the few times giving a hand signal and a voice command from the start is a good idea.

Your German Shepherd will soon make the connection. You can learn more about .

Note: If it takes a while just be patient and persistent. Some dogs are shy when it comes to barking at their owners.

Once your dog gets it’, the next step is not to reward for more than one bark at a time. Mark and reward are important to show him you only want one bark.

Once your dog fully understands the speak command’ it’s time to teach the opposite cue, quiet’.

  • Follow the same steps by getting your dog excited and revved up. This will make him bark.
  • Once your dog is barking put your open hand just in front of his nose. Now say the word quiet’ in a firm but kind voice.
  • The second your dog stops barking mark and reward his behavior.

Your German Shepherd will soon have the a-ha moment’. He’ll quickly make the connection that quiet’ and your hand signal means stop barking’.

What Is Excessive Vocalization A Sign Of

Why German Shepherds Are The Best #4

Excessive vocalization can just mean that your dog likes to talk too much and needs a little extra training. On the other hand, if its accompanied by other behaviors or only happens in certain situations, it could be a sign of a behavioral problem, such as anxiety or aggression.

Other signs of anxiety include pacing, panting, drooling, shaking, stomach upsets, and destructive behaviors. Common causes of anxiety include , under-stimulation, a big life change, illness, trauma, phobias, and illness or death in the family. Its more likely to occur in young pups, older dogs, ill dogs, rescue dogs, and breeds with high intelligence like German Shepherds!

Aggression is also seen more often in German Shepherds than in some other popular breeds. Its thought to relate to their working DNA, but rescue Sheps may also display aggression towards other dogs as a result of past trauma. Aggression can result in excessive vocalization towards other dogs on walks and in the home when they pass by, as well as aggressive body language and fighting.

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How German Shepherds Become Overprotective And How To Prevent It

German shepherds are natural guardians of their home and family. Bred to herd and guard their flock, these working dogs intelligent, brave, and confident. They are very active, high energy, and hyper aware of whats going on in their surroundings.

German shepherds are very loyal and form close bonds with their humans. They are happiest when hanging out with their people and love being a companion and the center of attention. They are also playful, affectionate, and loving.

Due to their strength, size, and personalities, German shepherds require training and socialization to thrive in their homes and be good citizens in their communities. Untrained shepherds that lack guidance can develop many behavior problems.

German shepherds are also highly adept of reading body language, being in tune with their owners emotions, and are intuitive. These traits make them amazing pets that are easy to train, a joy to be around, and awesome pet partners in life.

These same traits, coupled with lack of training, guidance, and leadership, have the potential to create dogs that are overly bold, insecure, fearful, or even aggressive. This is not normal behavior for a German shepherd and early intervention is the key to reversing it so the dog can develop into the happy companion it was born to be.

To prevent a dog from becoming over protective:

Please share this helpful info with your family and friends.

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Always Use Only Positive Reinforcement Training Methods

Here, positive reinforcement basically means praise, pats, play and treats rather than punishment.

Not only does positive reinforcement always work much better than negative reinforcement but positive training is essential for an intelligent, large, strong breed like the GSD.

It is the only safe way to train your dog.

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How Many Hours A Day Should A German Shepherd Be Active

German Shepherds are herding dogs that require plenty of physical and mental exercises every day. For adult German Shepherds, the American Kennel Club recommends at least two hours of exercise daily.

Exercise requirements may also vary from dog to dog. Some do need 1-3 hours of intensive exercise while others are fine with 2x 30 minutes casual walks around the block and a little fetch.

Since GSD are intelligent dogs, chances are that they might get bored easily with repeated activities. It will be a good idea to keep introducing new tricks, different parks or routes to cater to your GSDs need.

Most Common German Shepherd Behavioral Problems

Why is my German Shepherd so vocal?

Before we dive into the most common behavioral problems associated with German shepherds, I think its important to look at where the breed has actually come from.

Over the last century, German shepherds have been used for tracking, search and rescueespecially for the police and protection and guarding. So, its no surprise that a lot of the issues are in this exact area.

They have been intentionally bred for traits such as fierce loyalty, intelligence, and strength.

This leads to one of the first common problems for German shepherds, which revolves around aggression and the need to protect. Its very possible that an untrained German shepherd would be likely to bark or lunge at other dogs or people, especially on his own property.

Its not at all that this type of dog is being mean or nasty. In fact, from the dogs point of view, he believes hes just doing his job of protecting his family or territory.

Its a very, very common problem, and, at the end of the day, it is what the German shepherd has been bred to do a lot of the time.

The good newsthis behavior can be untrained. Or even better yet, if youre working with a German shepherd puppy or a young German shepherd, you can easily avoid this behavioral problem. And in case you are wondering, this does not automatically mean, that if you ever really do need help, that they wont rise to the occasion!

Once again, with some basic training and a good sturdy harness, this behavior can be easily prevented.

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