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What Is A Good German Shepherd Name

Strong German Shepherd Names


The German shepherd has enormous strength to do tough roles and to withstand long hours. So, a name that strongly reflects the German shepherds role as the mans best friend and a working partner will be an apt choice for it!

Keep in mind the dogs muscle strength, bold nature, and unbelievable work ethics, you can find scintillating names for this strong breed.

You can also consider the names of famous people such as Undertaker etc. Finding the names that mean Strong, strength is also a wise idea!

Brian Name of Irish origin, meaning noble in English Heidi Noble birth
Ethan Strong and firm in Hebrew Meaning vivacious
Harvey Name of Anglo-Saxon Origin with meaning blazing iron in English Gabriella God is my Strength in Hebrew
Lee Wood in English, Name of the famous American general Robert E. Lee Gloria Feminine form of glory
Polo Name of Tibetan Origin with meaning brave wanderer Matilda Strong in battle, Name of German origin
Takeshi Strong and healthy in German Neena Means gracious
Tyson Nickname of a person having fiery temperament Valerie Strong in Latin
Walter Ruler of Army in German Zola Means Earth in Latin

German Shepherd Names For Boy Pups: L

Luger: During both World Wars, the Germans used a specific gun. This gun was the Luger.

Max: This name pays homage to the man behind the GSD breed Captain Max von Stephanitz. Another Max is the first Bionic K-9 from the TV show, The Bionic Woman. Max is one of the go-to German Shepherd Names.

Miles: This name means, Merciful.

Negan: This is the name of the psycho villain in The Walking Dead.

Nero: This the Italian word for, Black. In Finland, this means, Genius.

Night: the word night symbolizes a lot of different stuff. It can be dark, mysterious, fun, restful and the list goes on and on. I like this name for a GSD that has a black coat.

Ninja: A Ninja was a Japanese assassin that dressed in all black. They were known for their stealth and quickness.

Noir: This is the French word for, Black.

Odin: Odin was the chief God in Norse myth. He is also Thors father.

Ozzy: Ozzy means, Gods spear.

Prost: This is a happy German word. It means, Cheers.

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Other German Shepherd Dog Names

If you havent found love with any of the names weve suggested thus far, theres still hope. Many people choose names for their pets based on the things they enjoy or based on their breed. For instance, since German Shepherds are common police dogs, many owners choose names based on weapons.

Other German Shepherd owners choose names based on their favorite beverages. Still, others choose sports teams or sports heroes for their dogs name. If your German Shepherd is big, consider naming it after its physical size, with a name perfect for a bigger dog. You can choose whatever suits you, but we have some additional names listed below to help you out.

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German Shepherd Dog Names Inspired By Famous Characters

The first alternative we have for you is Zorro. The name of the masked, sword-wielding vigilante from many famous productions, will be perfect for your German Shepherd since they both have amazing skills, and keep their beloved ones safe.

Elektra is the name of a Marvel superheroine. It will be perfect if your female dog is powerful, easy to train and athletic.

Next, we have Jackie, the dimnituve for one of the most beloved first ladies of the United States because of her intelligence, beauty, and grace. Therefore, since German Shepherds are also smart and charming , this is a good name to give it.

Another name idea for your female dog is Cleo, the diminutive for Cleopatra. This name can match perfectly the attractive qualities that German Shepherds have, along with their intelligence and strength.

Then, we have Thor, the name of the famous Marvel character. This one can fit very well the characteristics of your male German Shepherd because they are courageous and strong.

Then we have, Rocky. Who doesnt remember this iconic character? We all do, so it will be a good name to give it to your male dog since German Shepherds are being self-confident and fearless.

Are There Rules To Picking A Good German Shepherd Name

Good German Shepherd Names

When it comes to naming your German Shepherd, there really are no rules.

One of the things we love most about German Shepherds is that they are incredibly intelligent. This dog breed is a known working dog and is in fact still one of the most popular dog breeds around for military and police work.

And since they are so smart and popular, teaching them their name should be a breeze. Still, there are a few things you may want to consider before deciding on a name for your new popular furry family member.

While there are really no rules to naming your dog, , there are some guidelines experts recommend dog owners consider.

For starters, consider yourself. Keep in mind that you will be using your dogs name repeatedly over the span of his entire life. This means that while you may think that a funny name like Poopie Mc Pooper is hilarious in the moment, there is a very good chance you could outgrow this name or become tired of it or even embarrassed to use it in public.

I mean, think about it. Who wants to be at the local dog park or even just in your own backyard yelling, Hey Poopie Mc Pooper! Come, Poopie Mc Pooper!!

See what we mean? That could get old real quick.

Another thing to consider is your dog himself. The German Shepherd may be smart, but hes still a dog, and did you know that most dogs tend to latch onto names quicker when they are less than three syllables or longer than one syllable?

But what if your dream German Shepherd name is Alexander?


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Inhalant Allergy In German Shepherd

German Shepherds are very sensitive to pollen allergies. When pollen is absorbed, the immune system of German Shepherds perceives it as a disease-causing pathogen, and it responds violently.

Pollen allergies cant be treated because theyre hereditary. Therefore, they can be controlled. Pollen allergy often develops in the first three to six months of a dogs life.

Atopic Dermatitis is one of the most common side effects of pollen allergies in German Shepherds. Atopic Dermatitis is a skin condition caused by the skins sensitivity to pollen, grasses, molds, dust, and trees. This sort of allergy generally appears in puppies as early as three or six months old.

Atopic Dermatitis will grow until a dog is practically resilient to anything they inhale. Skin irritation around the lips, nose, armpits, stomach are common Atopic Dermatitis symptoms.

Top German Shepherd Names

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Naming your new German Shepherd is one of the hardest things to do. Although you may have a few ideas of some names floating around in your head, its still pretty tough to decide on a name for your new dog. So how do you name a German Shepherd?

When naming your German Shepherd, choose a name that you genuinely like and that your dog will easily understand. Short names are best so avoid those with too many syllables. Do not choose a name that sounds similar to a command, as this will confuse your dog.

I also recommend that you dont choose a dog name based on current trends or fads as you may later regret it, especially if it sounds embarrassing when you have to yell out to your dog at the dog park. German Shepherds live between 10-13 years, so youll be stuck with it for a while!

Do Choose:

  • A name that you like
  • A short name
  • A name your GSD can easily understand
  • A name to fit your GSDs personality

Dont Choose:

  • A name that sounds like a command
  • A name based on a current fad
  • A name with too many syllables
  • An embarrassing name

Nonetheless, you may prefer a unique, cool, cute, or funny name, whereas others may choose a common, traditional, strong, or even a badass, police, or military name. It really does come down to the type of person you are and what you prefer.

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German Shepherd Puppy Names After German Places

If you want to give your pet a name that transmits the essence of its country of origin, keep reading!

We are going to start with the name Hessia, a place that has a rich and varied cultural history. So, this name can match very well a female German Shepherd since all people know they are gentle and smart.

Bavaria is the largest German state, and one of the most popular destinations of this country, and since the German Shepherd is one of the most loved breeds, it matches perfectly.

Frank and Franky work well as short versions for Frankfurt which is also the name of a type of sausages , therefore fitting a male Dachshund name to perfection!

And, of course, we cannot forget about Berlin, the capital of the country. If you want to show how ideal your dog is and that everyone pays attention to it, then that name is the one for it.

German Shepherd Names: Over 200 Great Ideas For Boy And Girl Dogs

The Best 50 Biblical Names For A German Shepherd Female – Unique Puppy Names Are The Best Dog Names!

March 22, 2019 By Caitlin Riffee

There are hundreds of German Shepherd names here to inspire you, from the classic to the very unusual. Youll find plenty of names that reflect the awesome power and intelligence of this loyal breed. And we also share our system for creating truly original names for German Shepherds, names that reflect your own unique family and lifestyle.

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Male German Shepherd Names

Your male German Shepherd will need a name which reflects his strength of character and his loyalty.If youre looking for a strong and courageous name to suit your dog, any of these names would be perfect for your GSD.

Ace Someone who excelsAlbert As in Albert EinsteinAugustus Latin for majesticApollo Greek god of sunlight and prophecyAlex Greek meaning, protector of mankindBen Good solid dogs nameBeethoven Popular large dog breed nameBlade Unconventional yet machoBranson German word brand means swordBruiser Large and strongCaptain The one whos in chargeCaesar As in Julius CaesarCasanova A seducerCharlie From old English ceorl meaning manDizzy Stems from Latin word meaning desiredDuke A prince or noble manErnie Derived from Germanic eornost meaning seriousEric Old Norse name Eirikr deriving the words ever, always and rulerFletch Or fletcher meaning arrow makerFreddy Peaceful rulerGoliath The name of a giant from the BibleHoratio TimekeeperHugo German origin meaning mindHunter Rugged yet cute nameHercules Latin for glorious giftJack God is graciousMac Scottish origin meaning sonMajor Latin meaning, greaterMilo German origin, mild, peaceful and calm

Cool German Shepherd Names

Without a doubt, the coolest German Shepherd dog names are unique words that make people say wow! when they hear it.

Our list contains some of the coolest choices and words around, containing words not often associated with dogs, but they also have great meanings!

The best way to find a cool moniker for your dog is to think outside the box during the naming process.

Dont just to stick to classic dog names.

Take your time to think up some funky and quirky choices, as the best choices are generated after some trial and error.

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Whats The Best Name To Name A Puppy

Names like Joe sound like no when called. Pick a name that will fit your dog regardless of his age. For example, a puppy named Fuzzy may not be a good fit after he grows into adulthood. Dont name your dog after a friend or family member without getting their prior permission.

Female German Shepherd Names: J

Pin on The German Shepherd

Joli: This is a French name. Joli stands for, Pretty.

Lady Jule was the GSD that was the mate of Strongheart. You can also use this name as Jewel or Joule. Jewel is a gemstone. Joule is a unit of energy measurement. All three meanings would be awesome for a GSD.

Juno is the Roman Queen of the Gods. Juno is the Marriage and Love God.

Justice: This word means just and right.

Karma: This is a belief that what happens to a person is not random. But is a result of their previous deeds.

Katja: Katja is a version of Katherine. Both names stand for, Pure.

Katniss: This name comes for the hero of the Hunger Games books and movies. Plus, it would be cool to nickname a GSD, Kat.

Koda: Koda means, Little Bear.

Kona: This is a type of coffee from Kona, Hawaii.

Lady: Lady is a rank of nobility.

Layla: This is an Arabic name. It means, Night, or Dark beauty. Either meaning would be cool for a GSD.

Lily: Lily is a flower. The flower has a meaning of, Pure.

Lind: This German name means, Snake.

Lumi: In Finland, Lumi is the word for snow.

Mags: Mags is a nickname for Maggie. However, it is a nickname for ammo magazines.

Matti: Mighty and powerful, is the meaning of this name. Both of these traits are GSD, all the way!

Maya: The name Maya means, Water. It was also the name of Hermes mother in Greek Myth.

Mena: Mena is a German name that means, Strength.

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German Shepherd Dog Names A List Of 200 Names For Gsd Puppies

Our amazing list of the best German Shepherd dog names inspired by the breed, Germany, and its history! These names are perfect for new GSD puppies!

The German Shepherd breed is extremely loved, and perhaps the most popular in the World. Their strength and smart brain have allowed them to be part of important organizations around the world search and rescue crew, military K9 groups, police dogs, and more.

If you have a German Shepherd, then we have good news for you. In this article, you will find amazing German Shepherd dog names to take ideas from.

Also, we have made some categories, so you can easily find the one that likes you the most.

Why Do You Name Your Dog German Shepherd

As we mentioned earlier, German Shepherds are working dogs that know their jobs. They have an incredible work ethic. As a working dog, the Shepherd is built to withstand long hours and tough conditions. So, his name should highlight your dogs role as mans best friend and work partner.

German Dog Names Female. Here are some German names and their meanings that may suit a female German Shepherd. Ada Bathilda Erma Ethel Felisberta

Hansel: Popular nursery rhyme character from German fable the brother of Gretel. Gretel: Popular nursery rhyme character from German fable the sister of Hansel. Heinz: Translates to ruler of the home and is similar to the English name Henry.

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German Dog Names For Gsd

German Shepherds are guard dogs since they have a protective instinct, and always take care of their families. If you agree, then give it the name Mena because it means strength in German.

We also have the name Petra it means strong or rock. It will be perfect for female dogs that have a muscular physique, just like the German Shepherd. Its also a great name for Pit Bulls and Rottweilers .

The next alternative is Katja. German Shepherds can be trained to help people with disabilities and are actually considered as therapy dogs, as well. Certainly, they have a kind heart, and this name will match perfectly these characteristics since it means pure in Greek.

If you have an affectionate female German Shepherd, then you can give it the name Asta that means love.

And the last one of this category is Zenzi. This name can perfectly describe how much healthy and athletic this breed is.

Worry not, we have a long list of German dog names you can browse freely, too.

German Shepherd Good Names: Be

Are German Shepherds Good With Kids?

Bear: The name Bear can be on almost every name list. This one is no exception. This name is from the beast that climbs trees and eats honey.

Berlin: This German city is the countrys capital.

Bismarck: Otto von Bismarck was the man that unified Germany in 1871.

Blitz: The blitz was one of Germanys preferred military methods. They would suddenly attack an area. They would overwhelm them with destruction. This is also a well know defensive strategy in Football.

Blizzard: A blizzard is a massive snowstorm.

Blur: A blur is something that you cannot focus on because it is moving too fast.

Blut: This is a pretty wicked word. It means, Blood, in Germany.

Bolt: A bolt is a piece of metal that holds two objects together. It also means to run quickly.

Boots: This is the strong footwear that covers the foot and the ankle. Boots are usually worn to protect your feet from abnormal conditions.

Bones: Bones are the hard white substances that make up the body. They provide support, structure, and protection.

Boss: This is the person that makes your life so enjoyable. It is the person that directs your activities.

Bruiser: A bruiser is a person that loves to fight. They usually leave bruises on their targets.

Bruno: This name is derived from the German name, Brun. It means armor or shield.

Buddy: The first seeing eye dog in the US, was a GSD named Buddy.

Bullet: A bullet is something that moves very fast. It is taken from the object that a gun shoots.

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