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Panda German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

Why Should You Buy A German Shepherd Puppy From Us

Rare Panda German Shepherd

We are proud to be a hobby breeder and not a puppy-mill and neither a pet dealer. We care for the wellbeing of our German Shepherd puppies. South Florida German Shepherds is AKC inspected and approved. We passed the German Shepherd breeder inspection on July 24th, 2018 with flying colors.

All our German Shepherds dogs are EU-Imports, or their offsprings from our own breedings, and come from the worlds most famous bloodlines. Remo Vom Fichtenschlag, Yasko Vom Funkenspiel or Vegas Du Haut Mansard are just a few to name. Our German Shepherd puppies are literally one of the best qualities available world wide. They have parents or grandparents with working titles like IPO / SchH, top show ratings like VA or SG and certified hips and elbows.

Besides AKC , our German Shepherd dogs are also registered with SV, USCA, FCI, KKS or MET. We do so much to insure our German Shepherds are the top of the line.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

All our German Shepherd puppies are bred to the highest breed standard requirements.

Happy and very Healthy

All our German Shepherd dogs and puppies are happy, healthy, vaccinated, dewormed, vet checked and AKC registered!

We are a top notch breeder

We raise our German Shepherd puppies like our children. We love to show them love and affection.

Clean living area

All German Shepherd puppies for sale are raised in a very clean nursery inside our home!

Plenty of exercise

Raw meat and best dry food

Are Panda German Shepherds Purebred

Yes! We may have mentioned this already, but it is important to drive this point home. The AKC confirmed that the first Panda GSD was definitely a purebred German Shepherd.

Any subsequent Panda Shepherd dogs are from the same single bloodline. The white coat, though not accepted as part of the breed standard, is due to a genetic defect, not crossbreeding.

However, certain breeders may not be helping, as the next section shows.

The Real Deal Panda German Shepherd Ready For Her Fur

Beautiful Panda German Shepherd female available. The real deal. This baby girl’s pedigree includes the original Panda German Shepherd “Franka”. Her pedigree also includes Snowcould and the amazing blue known as Phantom. She is as sweet as she is pretty. She will mature to be a confident integral family member in a more rare coat color pattern. This baby girl is available with breeding rights and for those interested in that, need to know she carries liver. She could also carry white, blue and long coat. So bred to males accordingly can produce a variety of colors including the Panda pattern. *******************************Please take the time to visit our website for more information. Places to check out on the site are: the guest book on the first page- these are our references, the about us page, to get to know us a bit better, the GSD page itself, the adult male and female GSD we are working with as well as the available puppies page. If you need shipping or want to learn how to reserve a puppy from us, on the first page of the site is the link ‘purchase info’. -pines.comThank you, Melisa Smith

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What Is The Rarest Color Of A German Shepherd

Among the many colors of a German Shepherds coat, two are incredibly rare: the blue and the liver. The blue, characterized by a steel-gray coat and a gray nose, is considered a serious fault and cannot join conformity shows hence they are not often bred.

The liver is a rich brown color, the nose is often pink, and the eyes are light-colored.

Blue Steel Panda German Shepherd Price

Panda German Shepherd Puppies For Sale 2021  Puppies World

The rarity of the Blue Steel Panda German Shepherd increases their price. While you may be able to get a standard German Shepherd for $500-2,000, the Blue Steel Panda variety will set you back anywhere from $3,000-10,000. This is due to the combination of their rareness, their beauty, and demand. Because of this high price tag it is advisable to contact your local German Shepherd rescue in order to find a Blue Steel Panda pup that needs a good home if possible.

Blue steel panda shepherd breeders are not always reputable which means that you need to be cautious when buying your pup and do your research on them. Not all breeders are out for just the money and there are many that do in fact care about their dogs. Reputable German Shepherd breeders can often offer you advice on how to train, what food is best suited for, feeding schedules and much more.

A reputable German Shepherd breeder will be involved with the community and their breed, they will also be very active in the local German Shepherd club so keep an eye out for them at any events and activities. They should ask you questions about your life and not just demand to know what type of home you have and whether you have children or not.

The worst case scenario is that the puppy you buy has health problems which its original owner did not inform you about in this case, it can be difficult to legally do anything about it.

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The Average Price Of A Panda German Shepherd Puppy Ranges From $1000

In comparison to a black and tan German Shepherd, this is rather expensive. It is no doubt that this steep purchase price is due to supply and demand. Because the Panda is so rare, when born, they are often spoken for before their eyes even open.

While the black and white markings of the Panda German Shepherd are undoubtedly beautiful, are they worth paying the extra price? German Shepherds are highly driven dogs that need specialized care and are not suitable for uneducated owners. The Panda should be reserved for those that have a love for the breed itself and want to own a beautiful dog that they know how to properly care for. Once an ethical breeder is found, the prospective owner should be sure the Panda is healthy, has a good temperament, and is trainable. It is only then that a Panda should be owned, trained, loved, and cared for, by a responsible owner.

Panda German Shepherd: Are Panda Shepherds Purebred

German Shepherds are handsome canines on their own, but a panda German Shepherd is even more striking with its curious color combination.

Combined with a majestic stance and a great size, the panda German Shepherd is an eye-catching dog that will be a memorable pet to have.

Get to know the panda German Shepherd with these fascinating facts about them.

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Food & Diet Requirements

German Shepherds are large, very active dogs. As a result, they require high-quality, high-protein food. When searching for the right dog food, make sure to look for foods that have between 18 and 22 percent protein. The exact amount of food your dog needs depends heavily on his weight , age, and activity level. Charts such as this one from PetMD are a good start when you are trying to decide how much food to give your dog each day, but talk to your veterinarian about your specific dogs needs.

Panda German Shepherd Breeders

Panda Shepherd – Facts and Information

photo from @westsidegsr

Leading on from the point made above, unscrupulous breeders will try to cash in on the Panda GSDs popularity.

They will try to pass off mixed breeds as purebred Panda German Shepherds, adding to the confusion and paranoia surrounding this beautiful dog.

If you are seeking one of these wonderful dogs, there are several ways in which you can check that the breeder is acting above board. First, you should visit the breeders premises, if possible. Take time to examine the puppy and look for telltale signs:

Muzzle if the muzzle is shortened or too pointed, or the face too narrow, then this may be a crossbreed of a GSD and a Border Collie.

Body German Shepherds have a distinctive body shape that slopes to narrow hindquarters.

Tail the GSD tail is like a brush and doesnt curl back over the body. It should not be too short.

Colors any indication of merle should be seen as a red flag. Look for colors or patchwork patterns that could be from another breed, such as the Australian Shepherd or Australian Cattle dog.

Other than this, you should ask to see the parents and proof of DNA tests. You can also ask for certification regarding the lineage and pedigree of both parent dogs.

Anyone who cant or wont provide this should be avoided as they are not concerned with the dogs welfare.

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Breeder Of Purebred Ckc Registered German Shepherds

We are a family-based kennel that breeds for the love and preservation of the German shepherd dog.. Located near Kingston, Ontario, we raise our dogs on 20 acres of land and with our 5 young children. The puppies are well accustomed to a family setting before they go home. Our German Shepherds are health screened, OFA or FCI certified hips and elbows, have strong bones, big heads and rich colors. All our German Shepherd puppies are raised with quality care from day one to insure a happy, confident, well balanced temperament. They are around children, cats and smaller dogs to make sure they will acclimate well with any kind of household. Our German Shepherd puppies are black and red in color. German Shepherd puppies for sale come current on their vaccinations, are dewormed and microchipped. We offer a health guarantee, life time support, a vet health certificate, CKC registration papers and a useful German Shepherd puppy starter package.

Is A German Shepherd Right For Me

Well, that depends! Do you desire a loyal, intelligent, hardworking dog who will stand by your side through thick and thin? The German Shepherd is a protective pooch, but its also extremely friendly towards its family. If thats the kind of dog youre looking for, join the clubtheres a reason Shepherds are so darn popular!

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Final Thoughts: Should You Get A Panda German Shepherd

A German Shepherd is always a great idea for a pet because of their intelligence and attitude towards work. They are the preferred dog breed for service dogs and police or military assistance for a reason.

Panda German Shepherds are no exception. You get all the best qualities of a German Shepherd but with a unique coloring that will make them really fascinating and distinctive to look at.

Just like any other dog, you should take the time to train and socialize your new panda German Shepherd diligently, though the process will be much easier because of how quick they are to learn.

Given sufficient love and attention, and a panda German Shepherd will look after you for years to come.

How Do I Know I Can Trust You

Newborn Panda German Shepherd Puppies

In the digital age, there are a lot of scams out there, so it is good to question the companies you find online. Luckily Cali Puppies is all about long term relationships, and you only have to take a look at our stellar reviews to see we offer the best! We take pride in linking the best, most ethical breeders with loving homes across California!

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Are Panda German Shepherds Good For Families

They can be. German Shepherds are known for being very devoted to their families. They can be good with children as long as they are socialized with them at a young age. Otherwise, they may be a bit unsure of smaller childrens erratic behavior.

When they are raised around small children, they are pretty friendly and pleasant.

Panda German Shepherds are extremely intelligent, so it is often easy to teach them how to behave around children.

Their high intelligence and activity level makes them great for families with active children. They can learn to play hide-and-seek and a variety of other games that most children will love.

If youre looking for a dog to protect the whole family, the German Shepherd will be a great option. These canines attach themselves equally to everyone in the family, unlike some other breeds that seem to be oriented around one person.

Due to their larger size, most German Shepherds will not be fearful of younger children. Smaller children dont easily injure them, so they usually wont fear them if they are adequately trained.

Is The Panda German Shepherd The Dog For You

After reading this far, its a question only you can answer.

Despite the myths and misunderstandings, these are beautiful dogs. They have all the intelligence and courage of the classic GSD, but with a unique look.

They are curious and alert, ready to protect you at all times, and they are affectionate. They adore kids and love being part of the family.

But you need to play your part. Get them trained as soon as you can, and introduce them to other animals and people at a young age, and youll stamp out any future problems.

They may be wary of strangers at first, but thats because they want to keep you safe.

They need a good run and play every day. Keep them groomed well and feed them the best quality food.

Above all, give them love and care, and dont leave them alone for too long.

Their unique looks will turn heads and are sure to be a conversation starter. Some might consider them to be the result of a genetic mistake, but perhaps a better way to describe them is extra special.

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Temperament & Intelligence Of The Panda German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a working dog first and foremost. This applies to the Panda German Shepherd as well. The panda gene only affects the dogs coloration, so they will act exactly like a usual German Shepherd.

These dogs are very active. They were made to work for much of the day, so their exercise needs are pretty high. We only recommend them for active families. You can expect them to need at least two hours of moderate to intense physical activity every day. This equates to about 10 miles of walking if the only exercise you do is walk.

German Shepherds are also extremely smart. They arent the most intelligent breed out there, but they are brighter than most. For this reason, youll likely need to provide plenty of mental stimulation as well.

This can be accomplished through the use of training and puzzle toys. Some games, like hide-and-seek, can also challenge your dogs mind.

Without the proper mental stimulation, your German Shepherd will attempt to find their own fun. Usually, this seeking results in destructive behaviors. When your dog is bored, your wall may suddenly look like a rather lovely chew toy.

The German Shepherd is exceptionally eager to learn and easy to train. They are very devoted to their owners and bond closely with them, though they arent the friendliest around strangers.

Things To Consider Before Getting A Panda German Shepard

Panda German Shepherd

There are several things to consider if looking to adopt a Panda German Shepherd. The first, know what you are getting into! Have you ever had a German Shepherd before? While they are known to be loyal, confident, and make great guard dogs, they require a lot of exercise, training, and socialization. The owner of a Panda German Shepherd should not just be worried about the looks of the dog, although that is the main reason most people are attracted to the Panda.

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When Looking For A Reputable Panda German Shepherd Breeder It Is Essential That You Do Your Research

Find a breeder that is in it for the good of the breed. A good breeder will do health testing on all of their breed stock. A GSD breeder will focus on common health issues and temperament of their dogs. The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals recommends German Shepherds be tested for both hip and elbow dysplasia. The German Shepherd Dog Club of America also states that conscientious breeders are to breed for temperament, confirmation, and trainability. These are the major attributes of the GSD, whether Panda or Black and Tan in coat.

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