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German Shepherd Basic Obedience Training

The German Shepherd Training Commands List

How to Understand and Train your Crazy German Shepherd Dogs 101!

You dont have to use the German Shepherd training commands list in order.

But, its best to begin with the basics and work your way through to the advanced commands.

Remember that all GSDs learn at different rates, so dont get frustrated if your dog doesnt understand you right away.

Keep practicing and stay patient.

This list covers 3 types of German Shepherd training commands:

  • Basic Obedience
Dog bites an object that you want

Now that you have a list of training and obedience commands for your German Shepherd, you need to understand how to use them.

One Vital Skill You And Your German Shepherd Should Practice

The behavior I’m about to share with you is not the usual behavior people focus on.

And you might be surprised to learn that the behavior we’re going to dive into is

Hand targeting!

Or Boop that Snoot, as I like to call it.

And before we dive into the steps, here are some excellent reasons you should add this to your German Shepherd’s training repertoire

Hand targeting has many practical uses in dog training.

It’s a relationship-building tool.

And suppose you consider my dog coming into my hand and touching their nose to my palm. In that case, you can understand how powerful this behavior is for relationships.

It’s one of 4 foundation games I use to teach puppies how to use their mouth appropriately.

A puppy who can come into your palm with a closed mouth is well on their way to a perfectly soft mouth!

Hand targets are an excellent and easy game to teach a dog how easy it is to earn reinforcement from you.

It builds reinforcement history for working with you, having fun, and gaining reinforcement, all with one game!

Hand targets are a great way to move your dog into a position without touching them and without luring them with food.

This is especially useful when working on loose leash walking or heelwork.

Hand targeting is a valuable way to gauge where your dog is on their arousal scale.

A dog that won’t or can’t move in for a nose to palm touch is likely over threshold, and this is feedback for you to know that your dog needs your help.

Basic Commands For German Shepherd

Begin training with basic commands at 8 weeks, which probably will be the age you bring your German shepherd puppy home. Keep sessions short and no longer than four or five minutes, teaching three sessions a day, morning, afternoon, and evening.

When your pup is young they will have a short attention span, so be patient and cut the session short if they lose interest. Also, spend the time on one command to start.

Trying to teach too many in a session will just confuse them. When they have mastered one, move on to another, but you always need to go back and review and practice all. Training is an ongoing process. Listed below are some basic commands.

  • sit To teach sit

sit To teach sit, have a treat enclosed in your hand, which pup will smell. Put your hand in front of their nose and then raise your hand up so that pup looks up. When the pup looks up, its bottom will go down.

Say sit, in a firm tone, when you move your hand up and good, in an excited tone if they sit. Your pup only gets the treat if they sit.

If you are having trouble getting them to sit you can gently press their bottom down when you say sit. Once they get the hang of it, have them sit longer each time until they are rewarded.

stay Practice staying with your shepherd on the leash and have them sit beside you while holding the leash. Get up and step a short distance away.

This will be cause for great excitement! You just need to have patience and be consistent.

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How Do I Socialise A German Shepherd Puppy And Why Is It Important

All puppies have a socialisation window. This is a sensitive period where theyre the most eager to learn about the world and make connections that affect how they view things, often for the rest of their lives.

Within this period of time, theres another one called the Fear Period. This is where puppies learn to interpret hazards for example, children, loud noises, or unfamiliar surfaces. In German Shepherds, the time they have to interpret these hazards is shorter than other breeds so you must socialise them early so you dont run into any trouble later. Studies say that German Shepherd puppies are more afraid of new objects and sounds than other breeds. Ironic isnt it, that theyre often in charge of saving us from danger.

Here are easy ways to socialise your German Shepherd puppy:

  • Find out what your breeder is doing to socialise your puppy before they leave them good puppy socialisation programmes to send them are Puppy Culture and Avidog.
  • Follow the exercises in this training article .
  • Dont be afraid to take your puppy out before they are vaccinated, but do it safely! German Shepherd puppies get quite big and hefty, so why not be like Yogi Bear here and invest in a carriage for your puppy to keep them safe? Save your arms from working extra hard.

From 9 Months To 24 Months

Tumblr in 2020

Dogs of different breeds and sizes mature at different ages, and while one year of age is commonly considered the end of puppyhood in general, a German Shepherd Dog may not reach an adult level of maturity before the age of two or three . So continuing to work on impulse control, improve obedience skills, and advance to training in more focused activities like tracking, scent work, protection work, agility, and herdingall of which are capabilities of this breedmust continue throughout this period and then be reinforced as your GSD reaches adulthood. This is also a good time to transition from puppy foodto a large breed dog food.

Keep in mind that this is a breed that thrives on constant and consistent work and training, and loves to have a jobor many jobs!to do. If you can provide your GSD with outlets for their intelligence and versatility, both you and your dog will reap the rewards.

Yasmine S. Ali, MD, is a cardiologist and writer based in Tennessee, where she lives with three Canine Good Citizens, including an AKC-registered German Shepherd Dog.

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Training German Shepherd Dogs: The Ultimate Guide

Training German Shepherd dogs can be a pleasure and it is most rewarding because these are very smart and loyal dogs. As part of the herding dog group, these canines require a lot of exercise as well as mental stimulation.

German Shepherd training is key in the development of your dogs full potential. German Shepherd dogs are often trained for protection, police or military work, service dogs and search and rescue.

They have so many jobs because they are on the top 3 list of most intelligent dogs . Keep in mind that even though they are great guardians and courageous fighters, you should always use positive training methods as well as become a good and confident leader to them. This will strengthen your relationship and make your GSD your true and most loyal best friend. This article will guide you through the first steps of German Shepherd training, take you through some advance work and help you find solutions to common behavior problems.

When Should You Start Training A German Shepherd Puppy

Training your dog becomes more difficult as he gets older, so you might think its ideal to start training a German Shepherd while hes just a few weeks old. However, there is such a thing as starting your puppys training too soon!

German Shepherd puppies should start training when they are 8 weeks old. This is when they usually leave their mother and littermates and are mature enough to understand cues. They will have already picked up on good canine behaviors but will now learn more through association and positive reinforcement.

When it comes to puppy training, its preferable to err on the side of being later than eight weeks than the other way around. You have up to two weeks after the eight-week mark to start your pets training.

Even if youre two weeks early, you risk confusing or frightening him by bombarding him with stimuli before hes ready to make the proper connections. During this time, a traumatic experience might have a detrimental and counterproductive effect.

Read further if you:

  • Plan to get a German Shepherd puppy or already have one older than seven weeks
  • Want an approximate schedule for training your puppy
  • Wish to train your dog using ethical training methods such as positive reinforcement
  • Intend to commit to 1.5 years of casual dog training

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Are German Shepherd Puppies Easy To Train

German Shepherds are usually adopted around eight weeks, but they are not yet completely grown, socialized, or trained. If youve recently adopted a puppy, you may be intimidated by the idea of dog training, and more significantly, you may be curious about how easy or challenging German Shepherds are to train.

German Shepherd puppies are easy to train because of their intelligence. They yearn to show their owner loyalty and have an overwhelming desire to please. They can understand simple commands in the first few weeks. However, more complex training is usually delayed until 6 months of age.

Im assuming you adopted the puppy when it was young enough to begin training at the appropriate age. But dont worry if youre a little late to the party or bring home an older puppy or a rescue dog just keep in mind that obedience training your German Shepherd may take a little longer.

For more info and helpful advice on this subject, check out this article, Is It Ever Too Late To Train a German Shepherd?

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Teaching Your Dog The Command Down

German Shepherd Puppy 9 Weeks Old Basic Obedience training | Most Intelligent Dog Breed ð?ð»

This command is handy in helping your dog calm down especially when it is agitated by a new site or sound.

Step 1: Wait until your GSD is seated, and then place a treat between your thumb and index finger. Move your hand close enough to his face so that he can see and sniff his favorite snack. Step 2: Next, move the treat towards the floor while preventing him from getting up from his sitting position. Use the word down as you prevent him from getting up. Step 3 : Also use the command down when he tries to get a hold of the treat while lying down. Step 4 : As soon as he stops trying to reach for the treat and is completely rested, pat him affectionately and praise him so that he can know that you are pleased. Give him the treat. Step 5 : Repeat this exercise until he can respond to the command even without a treat.

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Below Are Some Tips To Consider When Selecting Your Puppy:

  • Get your puppy from a good breeder.

    One of the best resources in finding a quality German Shepherd puppy is to contact the GSDCA Regional Clubin your area. There are many sources that offer purebred German Shepherd puppies, but finding the best source takes time and study. Puppies in pet stores are mostly from puppy mills or the occasional backyard breeder whose main objective is producing puppies for profit. Please be careful here as health problems may be common as the “for-profit” breeder does not select the best possible bloodlines that will be compatible for good health, longevity and good temperament. When potential German Shepherd owners select a badly bred puppy, they will be faced with a lifetime of problems which can include temperament issues and health issues . When a potential German Shepherd owner selects a reputable, responsible breeder they drastically reduce the chances of having a dog with such issues.

  • This one is equally as important as number 1

    Always, Always, ALWAYS meet both of the puppys parents, all of the littermates and see the kennel/home. You want to make sure both the dam and sire have desirable temperaments, are in good health and are in a clean environment. This can tell you so much about what you can expect from your pup in the future and a clean environment means house training will be easier.

  • Whats Next For Your German Shepherd Puppy

    Involving yourself in a Dog Sports Club and teaching your German Shepherd all the good stuff like agility, treibball flyball, hoopers or anything similar with positive reinforcement will be the way to go to keep your German Shepherds brain ticking.

    While your German Shepherd is young, its also worth working through other life skills and obedience training like the ones we offer in the Zigzag app. Not only will it keep their brain nice and fresh, but it will also make you look extra snazzy at the parkhaving them do all these crazy tricks will surely make people think youre some sort of magician. Looking for more great puppy training tips? Check out our overview of when to start teaching your puppy anything, next.

    By Petrina Firth, Zigzag Puppy Expert

    Fully Qualified COAPE Behaviourist and Registered Training Instructor with The Animal Behaviour and Training Council

    In this article:

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    Teach Basic Commands: Sit Stay And Heel

    The most important obedience commands for a German Shepherd are “sit,””stay,” and “heel,” Choose whichever words work best for you . Sit, stay, and heel will be useful for protecting your dog during a dangerous situation. They are also great for keeping him well-behaved in a high-energy moment . âStopâ is another excellent command for your dog to learn. This will enable you to immediately get him to stop chewing on or eating something that you do not want him to chew on or eat.

    Most German Shepherds are old enough to start obedience training at around eight weeks. You can start the imprinting and socialization process earlier, but eight weeks is a good place to start for training that requires focus. Never force training these young dogs, be gentle and patient.

    This article is accurate and true to the best of the authorâs knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

    © 2016 Sam Shepards

    How To Crate Train Your German Shepherd

    Acquire wonderful ideas on German Shepherd. They are actually on call ...

    Some owners will start their dog off in the crate from day one. If this is your plan, you need to have everyone in your family on board. Your puppy will probably cry and cry while he is in the crate and you will start to believe that you are torturing the poor thing. If you want your dog to come to understand the purpose of his crate and to love it, you will have to be strong for the first couple of nights while he is crying in his crate. Eventually, he will learn to soothe himself and to recognize his crate for what it is, his den.

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    Not Building Drive And Learning To Control It

    The German Shepherd Dog typically has an incalculably high prey drive.

    Remember that description of the K9 chasing the bad guy? German Shepherd Dogs easily learn this game because they have a high prey drive. Chasing the man, is like chasing a bunny or a cat. It is a genetic instinct in many of these K9 chosen breeds.

    Most people think that in order to control their dogs prey drive, they should teach their dog to ignore it all together, which is practically inconceivable! The best way to teach your German Shepherd Dog to control his instincts is to BUILD them and then add control! The Border Collie, a herding dog in Scotland, doesnt chase sheep at its own whim, he also doesnt kill them.

    Its prey drive is built and then he is taught if he wants to play with the sheep that he must learn to control it! I use a ball on a string to build my dogs prey drive. Then I can use that ball as a reward for good behavior.

    Learn how to build your dogs drive and then teach him that obedience will bring about the chase game that he desires.

    Building Your Dog’s Drive in Preparation for Obedience

    Check out how easily this little boy controls his Belgian Malinois with a toy. His obedience is simply amazing!

    How German Shepherd Training At Home Helps You

    German Shepherd training at home is important not only for your dog but also for you and your family. Obedience teaches your dog how to experience success both inside the home and out.

    Training your German Shepherd at home gives you the opportunity to practice as much as you want when convenient for you. It saves you time and money.

    But there are many more amazing benefits!

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    Enjoy The Best Traits Of The Breed

    German Shepherds have plenty to offer in terms of entertainment, love, and companionship. But you wont even notice those traits if youre busy trying to deal with bad behaviors.

    Training your GSD to be well-behaved is the only way you can enjoy the wonderful traits that have made them the 3rd most popular breed.

    How To Train Your Dog To Sit

    GermanShepherd Dog basic obedience / positive reinforcement / marker training

    The sit command is very easy to train. Heres how.

    • Hold a small training treat in your handyou may even wish to show the dog what youre doing. Most GSDs will quickly learn the sound of the treat bag.
    • Hold the hand with the treat close to your dogs nose, but dont let her have it yet. Shell be able to smell it in your fist, so its often easiest to hold onto it loosely.
    • Once you have her attention, slowly move your hand toward her forehead. If this works, your dog will follow your hand with her nose. This movement makes her lower her backend to the floor.
    • As soon as her bum touches the floor, say Sit and give her the treat. This is the time to flood her with praise.

    Eventually, shell anticipate the sit command and simply sit before you have to move the treat. Ideally, shell hear the word sit and just do it. But this can take time and patience.

    Continue to use this lure technique until you see her anticipating the command.

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