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How To Draw A German Shepherd Dog

Creating Back Legs For Your German Shepherd

How To Draw A German Shepherd

This step follows similar processes to the last one, but the angles differ and the lines used are more curved. Starting with the back leg furthest from us, we will draw a line that slightly curves inward, i.e. towards the edge of your page or canvas. Now, draw a short line that extends outwards towards the left-hand side, and you will have created an ankle!

Now, draw another semicircle for the paw extending from the ankle. Add another line down from the body and connect it to the ankle and paw to finish the leg. For the last back leg, you can go through the same basic steps, but ensure that you make it more curved and thicker than the other one to create a sense of perspective.

The German Shepherd is starting to take shape nicely now, and we can move on to putting on the details to the construction lines!

How To Draw A Cartoon German Shepherd

There are two good videos to learn how to draw a cartoon German Shepherd.

The first is this one by Loblogue.

Its super easy, and they show you how to do all the outlines and shading for the top saddle at the end:

The other we unfortunately couldnt link to you because there was restrictions on embedding the video.

You can however type how to draw a german shepherd cartoon into YouTube and the video is the one with the title How to draw a dog | Draw Easy, Draw Cute! under the channel Fun2Draw by artist Mei You.

Creating Ears For Your German Shepherd Sketch

Their large, upright ears are what make these dogs distinctive from other species. To lay the foundation for the shape, create an M-shaped line on the top of the circle you drew for the head. This shape is easy to draw, but careful attention should be placed on the direction of the M, which will affect the perspective. The part of the M on the right will be the left ear and will therefore be closest to us. The right ear will be on the furthest side from us, meaning that it will be thinner and slightly obstructed from view by the larger one closest to us.

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German Shepherd Drawing Tutorial

The image below is the final german shepherd sketch that you will achieve by the end of this tutorial. German shepherds have quite a unique physiology, with their sloping back legs, large ears, and long muzzle. The coloring of a german shepherd is also unlike many other dogs. Nailing these physiological and color characteristics will guarantee you a realistic german shepherd drawing. Every artist has their own unique style, and this should always show through in your final product. As such, do not expect your german shepherd sketch to look exactly like ours.

You can use any medium of your choice to complete this tutorial. Whether you use a graphic tablet, or you prefer the allure of watercolor paint, you can simply adapt the instructions to suit your techniques.

Adding The Detailing And Fur

How to Draw a Dog

In this step, you are going to add fur detailing throughout the body of your german shepherd sketch. You are also going to add detailing to your german shepherds face.

Begin by adding some shading to the lower half of the german shepherds nostrils and below its jaw. Then, use some short strokes and dots to add some textural shading all around the german shepherds mouth and muzzle. You can also add some shading details to the teeth and the edge of the tongue. To create additional realism in the face of your german shepherd drawing, you can add some shading around the eyes and in the ear curves.

To draw the fur, it is important to consider the shape of your german shepherd. You want the hairlines to flow in the same direction as the body does. For example, the hair on the neck and back should flow downwards towards the back of the canvas. On the belly, tail, and back legs, you can direct the flow of the fur downwards.

For the most realistic german shepherd drawing, make sure that the hair lengths on the head are the shortest, and as you move down the body, they should get longer.

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Kawaii Puppy Dog Follow Along Art

How to draw a german shepherd. Draw an oval within an oval to form the nose and shade between them. Add a faint layer of shades on the on the edges of the outlines a tone like light bronze. German Shepherd Drawing and more about how to draw a German Shepherd.

Draw a W shaped line to indicate the mouth. When you draw this dogs eyes then you have to draw its nose. My Patreon videos contain a mixt.

How to draw German ShepherdThanks for watching. Creating the Head for Your German Shepherd Drawing The next step in our German Shepherd sketch is. To draw eyes you must first draw two small circles in place of the eyes.

German Shepherd drawing – step 5. Creating the Main Body for Your German Shepherd Drawing As with our other animal tutorials we always begin our. Unlock AD FREE.

Thanks for watching our Channel. Then we have to draw the shape of the eye on it. How to draw a german shepherd easy.

Draw the ears erasing as necessary. Use curved lines that meet at gentle points to form each ear. Please LIKE COMMENT and SHARE.

How To Draw A German Shepherd Time Lapse Video

This video shows another way how to draw a German Shepherd dog, known in Britain as an Alsatian dog. Its more realistic with shading as well. Pause the video to draw it at your own speed!

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Those great guys at PAINT BASKET have put together an amazing selection of Art Tutorials, I cannot recommend them highly enough

Patrick Livingstone

Patrick has been a professional artist for forty years, selling his work in galleries all over the world.

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How To Draw A German Shepherd Video & Step

In this free art lesson, you’ll learn how to draw the Head Detail of a German Shepherd Dog step-by-step.

Following us

All of the tutorials on are good drawing tutorials for beginners and experienced artists alike. The online tutorials are easy to follow they teach you the how to draw basics while showing you how to draw animals step by step. Each animal has a video drawing tutorial option, as well as step-by-step photos and written text to follow.

The Time-Lapse video:

To draw a German Shepherd Head step by step, follow along with the video tutorial below and pause the video after each step to draw at your own pace. You may find it easier to follow the step-by-step drawings below the video. The new lines in each step are shown in red, so you’ll know exactly what to draw next. You may want to open the video in a new tab and use both drawing methods. Take your time and draw at your own pace.

The step-by-step video tutorial:

For the first few steps, don’t press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.

Step 2: Draw a long, curved, horizontal line across the circle for a construction line. Draw this line slightly higher than the middle. Add a curved, vertical line on the top, left side. These lines will help you place the German shepherd dog’s facial features later.

Step 5: Draw another big triangle- like arc on the top, left side of the head as a guide for the dog’s other ear.

  • Start

Constructing The German Shepherds Back Legs

How to Draw a German Shepherd Puppy Easy

The process of this step is very similar to the previous one, except that the angles are more extreme and the lines can be slightly curved.

Start with the back leg that is further away from us, using a line that curves slightly towards the back of the canvas. Add the ankle joint using a short line that curves towards the front of the canvas, before finishing the leg with a longer foot oval, as this foot is side-on. Complete the back lines of this leg in the same way. For the very back leg, you can simply repeat these steps, making the leg thicker and more curved. The ankle joint can also be less curved towards the front of the canvas.

At the end of this step, you will see the german shepherd shape coming through quite clearly. In the next step, you are going to use this basic shape to create the final outline of your realistic german shepherd drawing.

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German Shepherd Dog drawing Dog Breeds List Dog sketch

German Shepherd Dog Step By Step

This lesson on drawing contains 8 steps and completing each of them you get closer to the ideal completion of your drawing. Just think: just 8 simple steps and you will get the perfect picture of the dog in the German Shepherd style! You can also draw and other animals, because our site prepared for you so many lessons in drawing. Draw a Cat, Wolf and other animals, and you will realize that drawing its great!


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Adding The Second Coat Of Color

The second coat color you are going to use to create your realistic german shepherd drawing is black. Using a medium brush, add a coat of black paint around the german shepherds muzzle including the lower jaw. Color the nostrils with a lighter shade of grey, and use this same grey to add shading to the inside and outside of the ears, and around the eye.

Continue adding black along the back of the german shepherds spine, including the beck and back, and on the underside of the legs and tail.

Easy Tutorials On How To Draw A German Shepherd Dog Or Puppy

German Shepherd Dog Drawing Coloring

Whether you are a kid or an adult, beginner or advanced artist, its always fun learning different ways on how to draw a German Shepherd dog or puppy.

Most of the people reading this , are probably beginners, and need a bit of help and a few tips in learning exactly how to put together a German Shepherd drawing that doesnt look like scribble.

Weve gone out and found 7 different ways you can draw a German Shepherd, so you can impress yourself or your friends with your new masterpiece.

Lets get drawing!

PRO TIP : the videos can be hard to follow in full speed sometimes.

So, go into Youtube, click the little Settings gear icon, click on Speed, and slow the video down to 0.25x speed.

You should find it much easier to follow along that way!

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Creating The Head For Your German Shepherd Drawing

The next step in our German Shepherd sketch is quite easy and will not take long to complete. Draw a slightly irregular circle and position it just above the left part of the oval you drew for the body. The irregular shape of the circle is to help with the construction of the head, so keep the left side tilted slightly downward. The top and bottom are slightly flattened, and the right side is tilted slightly upward.

You Can Refer To The Simple Step

Guys, if you read the steps of making this drawing it will be very good for you that mistakes will be made while drawing.

Step: 1 Draw a circle

So friends started making this drawing. To make this drawing, you must first draw a medium sized circle. If you want, you can use any device to draw a circle. So guys, weve just started working on this drawing, hope youll stay with us until the last minute.

Step: 2 Draw the shape of the ears and nose of the German shepherd dog

So guys, now we have to draw the nose and ears of the German Shepherd. You will be able to see in this step image how we drew the shape of its nose and ears. I hope you all understand everything here. If you have understood everything up to this step, then read all the steps below carefully.

Step: 3 Draw the eyes and nose of the German Shepherd Dog

So guys, now we have to draw the eyes and nose of the German Shepherd. First, you have to draw its eyes. To draw eyes, you must first draw two small circles in place of the eyes. Then we have to draw the shape of the eye on it. When you draw this dogs eyes, then you have to draw its nose.

Step: 4 Now you have to Clear the Rule

So friends, now you have to draw its tutorials that we drew circles, we did some help just to draw it, now we have to delete it.

Step: 5 Drawings of the German shepherd were made

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Creating Front Legs For Your German Shepherd

In our example sketch, the German Shepherd is not in motion, so the front legs should be together and straight. To create a realistic German Shepherd drawing, we will want to use six lines to create the leg nearest to the viewer and four lines to create the leg furthest from us. From the perspective of the viewer, the furthest leg will be smaller and mostly obstructed from view by the other leg.

Starting about a fifth of the way in from the left side of the body, draw a line straight down. This is the start of the leg closest to us in our German Shepherd drawing.

From that point, you can draw a much smaller line that extends slightly towards the left of the page. Now, draw another line from the body downwards to create the leg, and add a semicircle at the bottom to create a paw. You can separate the parts of the legs with a line.

You can now add the leg at the back, which is similar to the first one, except that the line will start further to the left. This line then must then extend down toward the dogs right paw by curving gently from the body and downward, following the lines of the other leg.

How To Draw A German Shepherd Puppy

How to Draw a German Shepherd Dog

How2DrawAnimals has done it again here showing you how to draw an ultra cute German Shepherd puppy.

They do the same things showing you how to start, outline, shape, detail and shade in the German Shepherd puppy drawing + give lots of good tips and advice along the way in the video.

Take a look:

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What Is The Hardest Part Of Learning How To Draw A German Shepherd

For the most part, this tutorial is quite easy and straightforward. The face and fur of a German Shepherd drawing are probably the most time-consuming due to the level of detail required to make them look realistic. However, by following this tutorial, you will find it simple enough to follow the steps needed to create a realistic German Shepherd sketch.

How To Draw A German Shepherd

Today, German shepherds serve as beloved pets, watchdogs, army and police dogs, and as guides for the blind. German shepherds also compete in dog shows and agility contests. As dogs, they have abundant energy they require plenty of recreation and exercise.

The German shepherd has been a favorite subject of both fine art and cartoons. Notable examples include Rin Tin Tin, Disneys Bolt, and Batmans Ace that the Bat-Hound. Supermans Krypto the Superdog also resembles a white German shepherd, even though he is official of a generic pedigree.

Would you like to draw a noble German shepherd dog? This simple, step-by-step cartoon dog drawing guide can show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

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