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How To Clean A German Shepherds Ears

If My Dog Has Ear Mites How Would I Know

Cleaning My German Shepherd Dog’s Ears | How to

Ear mites are microscopic organisms they are infectious organisms that appear like tiny white dots, making it difficult for them to be seen with the naked eye. Dogs can have ear mites the same way they have nasal mites. Your dog can get ear mites through many ways. One of the most significant sources is contamination through an already infected dog or contamination through surfaces and particles carrying mites.

If your dog has an ear mite infection, the symptoms will be

  • Excessive itching of the ear
  • Vigorous shaking of the head
  • Wax production and irritation
  • Black ear discharge
  • Unusual odor.

If you ever think that your dog has ear mites, best advice is to take it to the vet for verification and adequate medication. This is because there is a high chance that you might take a yeast infection or any other type of condition for an ear mite infection. And you may be worsening the case by giving your dog the wrong medication therefore, always go to your vet to confirm any disease.

Types Of German Shepherd Ear Infections

  • Otitis external such an infection occurs on the outer visible part of the ear .
  • Otitis media: this is the inflammation of the middle part of the ear. Often, as a result of the spread of infection from the outer part of the ear.
  • Otitis interna occurs when there is an infection of the innermost part of the ear.

How Frequently Should I Clean German Shepherd Puppy Ears

When it comes to cleaning your puppys ears, you shouldnt wash them in excess. Some vets may recommend cleaning your puppys ears once a month or once in two months, and this is because constant cleaning can irritate the skin in your dogs ear canal. More so, It all depends on the wax production rate of your puppy, your puppys level of activity, or if it regularly gets its ear wet.

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Wipe Out Your Dogs Ear

Once youve determined that your dogs ears are merely dirty and not full of mites or infection, you can remove the dirt.Starting from the outside and working in, youll clean out all areas of the ear that you can reach.

Wet the cotton ball with the cleaner and wipe down the inside surface of the dogs ear flap .Once that is clean, get a new cotton ball wet with the cleanser and clean the inside part stopping when you feel resistance.

Pushing further than the ear wants you to go can cause damage.If the cotton balls are very dirty, it may be time to schedule a check up with your veterinarian.

What Are Some Good Ways To Prevent German Shepherd Ear Bleeding

Cleaning My German Shepherd Dog

Because German Shepherd ear bleeding is a multi-factored problem, there may not be a single good solution or prevention for this ailment. It certainly will help if you regularly check to see if your German Shepherd ears are red inside, have bulges, or your GSDs skin for any rashes or abnormalities. Above all, be mindful and take note of your GSD whether it scratches its ears often or not. Clean ears are healthy ears!

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Bodhi Dog All Natural Pet Ear Cleaner For Dogs & Cats

Ingredients eucalyptus extract, aloe vera, deionized water, glycerine , cosmetic grade SD alcohol 40-2, stearic acid , dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate , benzoic acid .

For itchy, smelly and dirty ears.

Made in the USA with locally sourced, sustainable ingredients and animal cruelty free. Has socially responsible packaging made with recycled materials and is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

German Shepherd Ears At Puppyhood

First-time German shepherd owners may go through an anxious period of stressing over their pups ears and looking for them to stand up on schedule. German shepherd puppies often have floppy ears through their 20th week of age, at which time the cartilage in their ears starts to become harder which keeps the dogs ears erect. The general wisdom is that if youve seen your puppies ears stand up on their own at some point, they will stay up later. If your puppys ears do not stand up around five months, then you may want to check into the process of taping their dogs ears.

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How Often Should I Clean German Shepherd Ears

German shepherd should have their ears cleaned once per every two weeks. Reason being, German shepherds, are not much prone to ear problems because of their erect ears and the L shaped ear canal, that allow free flow of air.

Additionally, always learn to start the ear cleaning process in your dogs, down from their puppyhood. Puppies will quickly adapt to this dog grooming process as compared to the adults.

Furthermore, if you are not sure of how to clean your German shepherd ears consult your vet.

What Supplies Can I Use To Clean My Dog’s Ears

Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears – Dog Training, Hygiene and Health

Properly cleaning your pup’s ears begins with gathering the right supplies. Here’s what you need:

  • Ear cleanser: Look for a veterinarian-recommended commercial cleaning solution. Avoid cleansers that contain alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, which can irritate your dog’s sensitive ears, cautions The Spruce Pets. If you’re not sure whether something is okay to use on your dog, simply ask your vet or dog groomer, “What can I clean my dog’s ears with?”
  • Cotton balls or pads: Cotton swabs may also be used to clean the ridges of the outer ear, but should never be inserted in the ear canal. By doing so you could cause permanent hearing damage.
  • Tweezers: These are good to have on hand if your dog has a lot of hair in his ears.
  • A towel: This is recommended for containing potential messes, especially if your dog is prone to shaking his head when something gets in his ears.
  • Treats You’ll want to reward your pup when it’s all done.

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What Are The Instructions For Use Of Eco Ears

The instructions for use are:

Fill affected ear canal with EcoEars Dog Ear Infection Formula

Massage gently but vigorously for 90 seconds.

Wipe out with a facial tissue or cotton ball.

You may see improvements within a few days

Its recommended to use Eco Ears twice per day as directed, for a minimum of 10 or 15 days for best results.

For severe and persistent ear issues, EcoEars may be safely used for up to 8 weeks at a time.

Make sure you read the instructions on the bottle or packaging when you get it and follow them. Contact Vet Organics if you have any questions with their product. They may refer you to a vet.

Apply The Cleaner To The Ear

This can be done in two different ways. One option is to apply the ear wash directly into the ear canal. For this method, gently insert the tip of the bottle into the ear canal and squeeze the bottle. Be sure not to touch the tip of the bottle to the ear or push it in so far that you damage the ear drum.

The second method works well for the dogs who dont like the feeling of ear wash going into their ears. Instead of pouring the cleaner into the ear canal, apply a generous amount of the ear wash to a cotton ball. Then insert the cotton ball into the ear directly. Ensure the cotton ball is large enough that when you let go of it, it wont slide far enough down into your dogs ear canal that you cant reach it.

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How To Clean Dog Ears


Ear cleaning is an aspect of dog grooming that shouldn’t be neglected. Every dog is different when it comes to how often this is needed. Dogs that are prone to ear infections may benefit from more frequent ear cleaning, while others rarely require it. If your dog regularly visits a professional groomer, it’s likely that his ears are getting cleaned there, although it’s a good idea to check with your groomer to verify. With this in mind, it’s a good idea for any pet owner to know how to clean dog ears.

How Do You Clean German Shepherds Ears

How to Clean a German Shepherd

Use a cotton ball to carefully swab out the interior of your dog’s ear, wiping away debris as well as residual cleanser.

If you don’t have cotton balls, a soft, clean cloth will suffice.

Apply an ear-drying powder to your German shepherd’s ear if you are concerned about it staying dry.

Video answer: How to clean a dog’s ears

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Clean Their Ears Read the instructions on your ear cleaner to find out exactly how to use it. Get your german shepherd to sit down and sit still. Show them the bottle of ear cleaner and let them sniff it. Next, hold their head steady, or get your helper too if possible. The best way to keep their …

How To Clean German Shepherd Ears 1. Check for dirt or wax.. Youll see black spots and there may be a smell. 2. Get a towel ready.. Youll want it handy to quickly dry off the ear so your dog doesnt shake it all over you (or get… 3. Gently pull your GSDs ear to expose the ear canal. Add a few …

How to Clean German shepherd Ears Appropriate Ear Cleaning Solution. Never clean your dogs ears with running water. Water can disrupt the ear canal Ph,… Grooming Table. Dont clean your German shepherd in a confined space, as this grooming process can be messy. You can use… Cotton …

Today i am going to be cleaning my dogs ears and show you guys exactly how i do it step by step. Hope you enjoy!!! Thanks for watching!!ear cleaner i use: h…

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What You Need To Know About Ear Infections

Ear infections are one of the most common medical issues for dogs. There are two different types of ear infections that can affect German Shepherds. The first one is otitis media which affects the middle ear and otitis externa which affects the outer ear canal.

The problem with ear infections is that it usually too late by the time the pet owners find out. Its easy to overlook ears when it comes to grooming, but if you act quickly on it, its easy to resolve. Here are some symptoms of an ear infection that you need to look out for:

  • Scratching the ears
  • Rubbing the ears on the ground or furniture
  • Shaking the head
  • Tilting the head to one side constantly
  • Redness
  • Walking in circles
  • Hearing loss

There can be many causes of ear infections. Causes vary from one infection to another. In the case of otitis externa, the most common cause is bacteria or yeast that accumulates in the ear. Debris lodged in the ear canal such as matted hair, ear wax, or a foreign object can also worsen any infection.

Tumors or an infestation of ear mites can also cause an ear infection. Otitis externa can also start out as a problem in a different part of the body and travel to the ear as a secondary infection.

Best Ear Cleaning Solution For German Shepherd Dogs

Most German Shepherd Dog owners and Veterinarians recommend Zymox Ear Cleanser for cleaning the ears of German Shepherd Dogs. However, if your dog has infected ears they may need an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial or antibiotic treatment.

Most German Shepherd Dogs need regular ear cleanings to prevent infections, yeast and mites. Below are your best options for ear cleaning solutions.

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What Are The Most Common Causes Of Canine Ear Infections


German Shepherds are not typically allergic dogs, but they can have food and environmental sensitivities. White Shepherds seem more susceptible to immune problems, allergies, and similar ear problems.

Ear mites

These are tiny parasites most common in puppies and dogs living around infested cats. Your veterinarian can easily diagnose them with a microscopic examination of an ear debris smear.


According to Hemopet, Malassezia pachydermatitis and Candida are two common yeasts that naturally inhabit the skin and ears of dogs. Your Shepherd will exhibit symptoms of infection if these organisms become overgrown as in allergies or other immune-compromising disorders.


Different types of disease-causing, or pathogenic, bacteria can cause ear infections. Often classified according to whether they take up Gram stain or not, diagnosis with an ear culture is necessary for resistant cases.

The ear is similar to the skin and gut in that it has a population of healthy bacteria. When these organisms become disrupted, it paves the way for pathogenic fungi, yeast, or bacteria to move in.

We did not mention hair because it does not affect most GSDs. Poodles and other breeds may have hair that grows far down in the outer ear canal.

Groomers pluck this hair during haircuts. If you have a long-haired German Shepherd, you may need to trim the hair around each ears opening.

How To Clean German Shepherd Puppy Ears

German Shepherd: Ear Cleaning

There is a lot of “know-how” when it comes to catering for German shepherds for instance, you should know how to stop a German shepherd from shedding and how to clean German shepherd puppy ears.

Generally, German shepherds possess ears that are large and erect. The structure of their ears gives them the advantage of hearing better. However, because their ears are standing, air circulation is easier for them, unlike dogs with floppy ears. Due to this, their ear canals will always be dry, reducing their risk of catching an infection.

However, you should essentially clean the German shepherd’s ears periodically to maintain healthiness. German Shepherd puppies are delicate compared to the grown ones. Therefore you should be very careful when cleaning their ears you should also clean them less often.

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What Ear Structures Are Beyond The Pinnae

Your dog has a long L-shaped external ear canal. The first portion goes straight down as you look at your dog from above. It then makes a sharp angle as it progresses to the inner ear structures.

The horizontal part of your dogs ear canal is what makes ear cleaning so important. You can help your dog expel debris and dislodge wax that builds up here.

The length and anatomy of your dogs ear canal make it unlikely you will hit the eardrum while cleaning. You need to exercise care in your choice of cleaning solutions, though.

A thin barrier, the eardrum or tympanic membrane, lives between the external ear canal and the middle ear. It amplifies incoming noise vibrations.

A middle ear infection often indicates a tear or hole in the eardrum.

Sound progresses from the middle ear inward via three tiny bones, the stapes, incus, and anvil. The inner ear is responsible for balance and hearing via the vestibular fluid and cochlea, respectively.

Middle ear infections can progress to the inner ear.

Ear infections that affect the external, middle, and inner ear are damaging, but other issues can also impair your pets auditory health.

Why Do Dogs Ears Get Dirty

In order to properly clean our dogs ears, we should understand how their ears are designed. Dog ears are fairly similar to human ears, but there are some differences. For example, a dogs ear canal is longer than ours. Also, it has somewhat of an L-shape to it. This means dogs may get debris, wax, water, and plants trapped in their ears. And even if dogs shake their heads or scratch their ears, they probably cant get all this material out by themselves.

Some dogs are more prone to dirty ears than others. Certain breeds such as Cocker Spaniels or Shih Tzus can be predisposed to getting build-up in their ears. Dogs with floppy ears instead of ears that stand up can also have more ear problems. This is because floppy ears tend to trap wax and debris and reduce airflow to the ear canals. And as Charlies mom noticed, hair in a dogs ear canal can act as a barrier to hold dirt and moisture in.

Dogs with seasonal or food allergies also are more likely to get ear infections. This is because allergy-associated itching can weaken the skin barrier and set up inflammation and infection in the ears . As a side note, if your dog suffers from allergies, be sure to check out my blog, Allergy Medicine for Dogs.

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How To Clean Dog Ears: A Summary

Now that you know how to clean dog ears, here are the basics one more time:

  • Know what a healthy, clean ear looks and smells like.
  • Check your dogs ears regularly after bathtime.
  • Cleaning ears too often can cause excessive irritation
  • Use a veterinarian-approved ear-cleaning solution for dogs.
  • Contact your veterinarian if you suspect your dog has an ear infection.

Taking care of your dogs ears helps prevent infections. Regular ear examinations will also catch any other problems, such as ear mites, before they get worse, and will desensitize your dog to ear handling.

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Check For Problems And Infections

Cleaning puppy

Before getting started,take a moment to check the ears for any infections or other concerns. If younotice either of these, take them right to your vet. Your vet can discuss whattreatment options are necessary and can handle the cleaning until the ears arebetter. Some of the common concerns that may show up with your dogs earsinclude:

  • Redness: If the ear is red, this is a sign your dog hasbeen scratching or that the ears are inflamed. This is a common sign of aninfection.
  • Inflammation: As you look over the ear, you may notice thatthe skin around the ear is red and raised. This is a sign of inflammation, andit is time to get the ears checked right away.
  • Discharge: if you notice some discharge from the ear, thisis a big red flag. Even a lot of ear wax is sometimes a symptom of an infectionand should get checked out by the vet.
  • A badsmell: You should expect acertain doggy odor to the ears of your German Shepherd. But any other smell isa sign to visit the vet.
  • Scratching: Even before you check the ears, if you noticeyour dog is constantly scratching at the ear, this shows some irritation ispresent.

Most of the time, theear will be fine. It is important to check ahead of time, so none of thecleaners or the work you do will cause irritation or make the infection work.This should only take a few seconds, and then you can move on to cleaning theear.

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