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How Old To Breed German Shepherd

Dog Foods For German Shepherds With Sensitive Stomachs

Breeding German Shepherd Dogs : What You Need to Know (2018)

Many German Shepherd Dogs have digestive issueseither a sensitive stomach or a digestive tract that easily reacts to a change in diet or even mental stress. They may even end up developing gastroenteritis or colitis.

These particular dogs often do better on diets that help in cultivating a healthy microbiome and overall digestive well-being all while keeping stools regular and healthy!

If your dog has a sensitivity or loose stools, then grains can help aid in firmer stools with better quality.

Provide your sensitive German Shepherd a dog food made specifically for stomach issues called Hills Science Diet Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, Brown Rice, & Whole Oats Recipe Dry Dog Food

This particular Hills blend includes gut-loving prebiotics, whole grain oats, and pumpkin that help support your dogs unique microbiome for smooth digestion and complete nutrition.

If youre worried because your dog has uncomfortable skin problems, then read about the best dog foods for German Shepherds with skin allergies to help them find relief.

Different Types Of German Shepherds

With such a wonderful breed and huge popularity worldwide, breeding German Shepherds has been very well-received and well-executed over the last decades. Being a people-pleaser, a lot of people wondering how to breed german shepherds have decided to put the emphasis on a particular aspect, or difference, that they do enjoy seeing in their specimens.

This is why, more than most other dog breeds, German Shepherd Dogs have given birth to so many variations. Some a purpose-based, but many others are appearance-focused

Which Type Of German Shepherd Is Right For You

Ask yourself this

  • What do I want from a German Shepherd dog?
  • What can I offer in terms of time, effort, training, and stimulation?
  • Your answer lies where the two needs meet

    Next, you need to find a breeder that understands their lines and breeding programs.

    You don’t want someone who breeds for the sake of breeding.

    All lines have some issues, and thats true for any other breed of dog too.

    But if you know exactly what you want, go to the right breeder and let them know, you will get the right German Shepherd breed type for your family.

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    Hello there I need some help with a lot of thing since this is going to be my first ever pup!!! and to show my mum I can show responsibility and commitment I would need i little helpI want a pup who can be my protector, my best mate, a shoulder to cry on and a workout buddy

    I hope Ive well written this. if you need anymore information I would be happy to answer.

    And I would 10/10 recommend to a friend/family/random people on the street.

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    Thanks for helping me learn more about German Shepherd breeds. Its interesting to learn that the DDR working lines will need a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Maybe it could be good to learn what other owners have done to really ensure that this breed of German Shepherd remains happy.

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    Oldest German Shepherd Dog

    Reading about people who have lived more than the average life span is intriguing, but have you ever thought about who the oldest german shepherd is? Or like the oldest elephant?

    For today, let us talk about the oldest german shepherd, the oldest german shepherd is around 15 years of age it does not sound like a lot but if we convert it to human years then the oldest german shepherd is 105 years of age. Now that is impressive. And the oldest ever german shepherd was 18 years . Although there is an account of a 20 year old GSD whose details are in this post but the claim is yet to be officially verified.

    The Importance Of Good Nutrition

    Free Images : old german shepherd dog, dog like mammal ...

    Dog food sales in the United States are a huge business.

    There is tremendous competition among manufacturers, with many of these companies goals including making a large profit.

    German Shepherd owners must not only stay alert as wise consumers but also monitor the health of their beautiful breed, which is an indicator of the quality of food you feed them.

    A healthy German Shepherd has:

    • bright, alert eyes
    • energy for their daily activities
    • and a glossy coat

    The old saying You are what you eat is also entirely true for dogs, as well as people. Many German Shepherds can carry on for a long time on a substandard diet, but inadequate nutrition can lead to more than health problems.

    In fact, poor nutrition could cause your German Shepherd to develop:

    • behavior problems
    • susceptibility to disease
    • and even shorten their lifespan!

    Keep in mind that everything your dog eats becomes part of their daily diet, whether its good for them or not.

    Nutrition for your German Shepherd is affected by not only what they eat, but also:

    • the foods digestibility
    • how their body uses the food
    • and what underlying health issues they might have

    Lets take a quick peek at the nutrients in your dogs food.

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    For Female German Shepherds

    Female German Shepherds are a bit more complicated than Males as it is with a majority of dogs.

    Your female GSD may start experiencing what is referred to as her Heat Cycle at as early as six months old. Although, this in no way implies that she is ready to be bred .

    For the safest results, one should begin to breed their female GSD at about two years of age and stop once she reaches eight years of age.

    Breeding as early as a dogs first or even second heat cycle may cause confusion for the mother, and cause serious mental drawbacks as she could neglect her pups.

    However, breeding her for too long or without ceasing for even one season can cause serious damage to your GSD and her pups.

    When she begins to age, the quality of your female German Shepherds eggs will begin to deteriorate, making it harder for her to carry out her pregnancies to full term or even causing stillborn puppies.

    Failure to follow these rules could bring serious harm to her and her pups if one is not careful.

    Coat Color And Grooming

    The German Shepherd was originally bred to herd flocks in harsh climates, and their medium-length double coat fits the job perfectly, acting as protection the dog from rain and snow and resistant to picking up burrs and dirt.

    The coat types of the German Shepherd are as varied as their color. Some German Shepherds are longhaired. However, the “ideal” German Shepherd has a double coat of medium length. The outer coat is dense with straight hair that lies close to the body, and is sometimes wavy and wiry.

    The coat comes in variety of colors and patterns including black black and cream black and red black and silver black and tan blue gray liver sable and white. The American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize white as a color for this breed, however, and won’t let white German Shepherds compete in conformation shows, although they’re allowed in other competitions.

    Sometimes jokingly called “German shedders,” the breed sheds year-round, and generally “blows”sheds a lot of hair at once, like a snowstormtwice a year. If you want a German Shepherd, be prepared for hair on your black pants, on your white couch, and pretty much all over the house.

    There’s no magic solution to shedding, and we just have to accept it. However, brushing two to three times a week will help more of the hair come out in a brush, rather than on your furnishings. And a sturdy vacuum cleaner doesn’t hurt either.

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    Why Does My Female Dog Refuse To Mate

    A common mating problem is when a dog refuses to mate with another dog. For example, a female dog might refuse a male dog because he is her housemate. Submissive males, on the other hand, might refuse to mate with dominant females. If your dog refuses to mate with a particular dog, try using another mate.

    Adult German Shepherd Calories Per Day

    German Shepherd Dog Breed Guide
    • Inactive German Shepherds: 1,272 to 1,540
    • Active German Shepherds: 1,740 to 2,100

    These calorie amounts are based on The National Research Council of the National Academies for dog nutritional feeding.

    There are also guidelines on how much to feed your German Shepherd written on the food packet. These are guidelines only, so you may need to adjust accordingly for your dogs individual needs. This is affected by their activity levels and unique metabolism.

    Then, theres also the number of cups of food your GSD eats that you might want to know.

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    What Are The Factors That Affect The Lifespan Of German Shepherds

    Similar to other animals or humans, a few reasons can affect the lifespan of your german shepherd. We have listed a few of them below.

    What They Eat

    Even though the diet of your dog is crucial to their longevity, some pet owners do not pay close attention to it. If your dog is eating an inadequate diet that lacks minerals and nutrients, it can make them weak and reduce their immunity.

    This can lead to several health problems which will reduce their lifespan and the quality of their life. To avoid this, you should do proper research and consult a vet for a diet plan for your dog. It will ensure the health of your dog, which will lead to a longer lifespan.

    Living Conditions

    Sadly, many dogs are often forced to be on the streets. This can lead to many health issues both mental and physical. On top of this, the dogs will not get enough food to satisfy their hunger which will make them weaker and immunocompromised.

    On the other hand, some dog owners are also not considerate about the living conditions of their dogs. It can be a factor that both increases and reduces the lifespan of a german shepherd.

    If you are a dog owner, make sure that they are living in a suitable environment will all the basic necessities.


    To counter this, you should make sure you take your dog for a walk every other day and plan out activities for them so they can get some exercise while having fun.


    Senior German Shepherd Diet

    Senior German Shepherds need a minimum of 18% protein and 5% fat in their diet.

    These are only the minimums and research indicates these figures are far too low to provide the optimum nutrition for an elderly dog with unique needs.

    German Shepherds over 7 years of age benefit from a diet formulated for their needs. Senior dog diets often have lower calories, higher protein, lower sodium, and fewer carbohydrates. Many also contain ingredients such as prebiotics to maintain healthy intestinal microbial populations, increased omega-3 fatty acids, and other antioxidants to combat inflammation.

    As an added supplement senior formulas usually contain glucosamine to promote joint health.

    Focus on giving your senior German Shepherd the best dog foodfor their life stage if you have an older dog.

    Look for a senior dog food diet that is not only easily digestible but contains antioxidants, prebiotics and has at least 25% protein. For example, Iams ProActive Health Healthy Aging Large Breed Senior Dry Dog Food meets all these standards.

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    Buying A German Shepherd Puppy

    We believe that every dog should be judged according to deed, not breed, and that German shepherd dogs, when raised correctly, can make loyal and loving pets.

    If you’re looking to buy a German shepherd puppy or any other type of puppy, you need to know what you’re getting into – so before buying a German shepherd puppy, make sure you do your homework. Pedigree and purebred German shepherd puppies can suffer from inherited diseases, and breeders aren’t always as concerned about a puppy’s health and welfare as they should be.

    Don’t risk ituse the RSPCA/AWF Puppy Contract if you’re buying a German shepherd puppy or any other breed.

    At What Age Do Dogs Start Breeding

    Old German Shepherd Dog

    While female dogs can conceive their first litter while as young as six months of age, male dogs should be kept from the female dogs until they have fully grown. There are several reasons for doing this.

    The strain of breeding may retard the dogs own growth, and older dogs have already proven their physical traits and temperament.

    Breeding your male dog is a personal choice for many dog owners and breeders. While you may want more litter or want to continue the bloodline, you should consider the dogs health both physically and mentally.

    Your male dog will be able to sire puppies well into their senior years, but by the age of 10, you should consider whether its time to stop breeding them for their own health.

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    Are German Shepherds Prone To Hip Dysplasia

    Unfortunately, yes. This beautiful breed is prone to hip dysplasia with around 20% of evaluated dogs showing signs of it.

    If you are looking into buying a German Shepherd puppy, the first thing you need to do is check to see if the breeders certified the hips of the parents. This is because hip dysplasia is genetic. If the breeders dont certify their dogs hips, stay far away from them.

    Hip certification involves having specialized x-rays taken of your dogs hips after the age of 2 to look for early signs of hip dysplasia. Although a clean x-ray doesnt guarantee that a dog wont develop this condition, it does mean that they probably dont have the hip dysplasia genes.

    With nearly 1 in every 5 German Shepherds developing hip dysplasia, it seems like there would be more people working to end it. However, there is one huge reason that this condition continues to be so prevalent in this breed: money.

    People that see the popularity of this breed recognize it as an opportunity to cash in. They have no desire to improve the breed and so they dont practice good breeding habits.

    Here are some of the things these breeders do that perpetuate hip dysplasia in German Shepherds:

    • Dont check hips of breeding stock at all
    • Breed dogs that are younger than 2 years so their condition is unknown
    • Knowingly breed dogs with bad hips because theyre beautiful

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    How To Breed German Shepherds

    If you are wondering how to breed German Shepherds of high quality, and especially if you are new to breeding GSDs, there are plenty questions you must have in mind. Were giving you GSD-specific knowledge below so you can be prepared for your next German Shepherd litter of puppies.

    Remember that all dog breeds from Chihuahuas to Great Danes are all part of the same species and for 99% of things related to dog breeding, they are the same. This is why we recommend you to grab a copy of our bestselling ebook, The Dog Breeders Handbook.

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    Can Dogs Be Too Old To Mate

    A female dog is too old to breed when she reaches 5 to 6 years of age. A male dog is too old to breed when he reaches 10 to 12 years of age. Keep in mind that this answer also depends on multiple factors including the dogs age, breed, general health, mental health, and if they had any previous injuries.

    Longest Living German Shepherd

    Pure breed German shepherd puppies 4 (four) weeks old

    Of course, median German Shepherd Dogs lifespan isnt the only important figure when determining how long German Shepherds live. You may also be curious how long it is possible for a German Shepherd Dog to live under ideal circumstances.

    The oldest living German Shepherd in ONeills studies was 18, which also seems to be a pretty firm maximum among unconfirmed owner reporting.

    I did come across one owner who claimed their German Shepherd was 20, but I have no way of corroborating this.

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    Knowing When It Is Time To Stop Breeding

    As has been mentioned above, your German Shepherds health should be valued above anything else during the breeding process.

    You should consider stopping the breeding of your German Shepherd when they reach about eight years of age. When breeding after this age, health becomes a huge hazard for both parent and puppy.

    When we breed a dog too often or for too long to the point it is causing major health problems we refer to this process as overbreeding and inbreeding.

    This can be done to both male and female German Shepherds, and it can be seen all the time all over the world by anyone.

    Perhaps you have heard of a Puppy Mill puppy. These puppies generally come from a litter where the mother or father have been bred too many times and for too long.

    As such, when we purchase Puppy Mill puppies, we often see these puppies as having health problems down the road that may be the case of malnourishment from a mothers trouble with lactation.

    These puppies could also have health problems due to infection, or even inherited diseases if a parents genetics have not been considered before bleeding.

    No matter what, before we start to recognize conditions in the puppies, we generally start to recognize conditions in the parents.

    German Shepherds are especially susceptible to certain conditions caused by too much breeding especially when age plays in as a major factor.

    So, what kinds of conditions can occur as a result of inbreeding and overbreeding?

    Effects Of Breeding Older Than Recommended Gsd

    Male GSD should not be bred after 10 years as the quality of sperms starts deteriorating. After 8 years, you might want to check with the vet and test the same.

    Female GSDs should not be bred after 8 years. As with aging, the quality of eggs would deteriorate. It would be harder for her to keep up with the full term of pregnancy.

    She should also not be bred continuously without breaking for a season. This may have negative effects on both her and the litters.

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