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How Many German Shepherds Are In The Us

Make It Part Of A Routine

How much does a German Shepherd cost?

German Shepherds thrive on consistency, so theyre most likely to do their job well when its part of their daily routine. The best chores will be based on a schedule or certain triggers.

For example, one of the best household chores for your German Shepherd is to make sure your children get up for school on time.

This is something your dog can do every day as part of their morning routine. You can also set up an alarm as a trigger to let them know when its time to get to work.

What Is On The Horizon For Dogs And Dog Lovers

Though there had been years when their numbers dipped, based on the statistics it is highly likely that the number of dogs worldwide, not just in the US, will increase. While some regions are not yet open to dogs as pets, other places that do continue to embrace them.

Pet care is also going to continue improving. Pet parents are more particular now about what goes into their companions stomachs, hence the rising popularity of premium or gourmet pet food. Because of that, more businesses are popping up to address the consumers needs, and even big companies like Amazon are scrambling to produce their own stocks to cut off the middleman.

But it is not just dogs that are getting attentiontheir owners are, as well. In fact, there are services specifically for them, like the aforementioned services for dealing with grief at the loss of a pet. On the brighter side, there is even a dating app that helps dog lovers find like-minded canine-loving individuals.

Still, dog owners need careful education to avoid crises like pet shelters being filled to the brim. Though some people profess to love dogs, many of them need to be informed regarding general dog care and care for particular breeds. That is an information and education gap that entities can fill to ensure that new dog owners are fully prepared and to protect future pets, especially now that more people are staying at home and yearn for pet companionship to get their minds off the pandemic.


Types Of Shepherd Dogs

Shepherd or sheepdogs come in all shapes in sizes, with around 30 different types of shepherd dogs altogether. Some, like the Corgi, look unsuited for the role but perform surprisingly well. Others, like the Bouvier des Flandres, are more versatile farm dogs, undertaking a variety of roles, from guarding and herding livestock to pulling carts.

The following 16 types of shepherd dogs make great pets for energetic owners who are willing to put in the time necessary to keep them mentally stimulated and physically challenged.;

Each type has its own physical traits and characteristics which can present problems in the wrong environment.;

Find out what makes each of these shepherd dogs special and which would be the best dog for you and your family.

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Saddleback Coat German Shepherd

This is the most common variety of German Shepherds.

They come in two colors and it the distinct nature of the markings that give them their name. The saddle refers to the black patch of fur at their backs that is shaped like a saddle on a horse.

Some people may refer to this patch as a blanket pattern.

The colors that they most commonly have are either red or tan. When it comes to dog competitions, the more vibrant the colors are, the better you are going to score. You may be deducted points if your German Shepherd has a liver color which is not preferred.

These German Shepherds usually have a black muzzle that covers part of their face and their snout. Some tail areas may have black coloration.

Now that you learned the most important things about the different types of German Shepherds based on their lines and their colors it is time to ask yourself the most important question.;;

German Shepherd Police Dogs Or K

How Much is a German Shepherd? Cost Guide with Calculator ...

Physically, German shepherd police dogs sometimes called German shepherd K-9s are well-known for their large, agile, and muscular body. They also have high intelligence levels which make them highly trainable. They easily remember words of importance, range of commands, and many tasks taught by their trainer because they have a fast and retentive memory. Since they can assimilate and retain training easily, their caretakers should avoid teaching them bad habits. Aside from extraordinary physical and intellectual characteristics, they also have outstanding personality traits. They are loyal, courageous, confident, and most of all, they are willing to put their lives on the line.;

What Type of German Shepherds Do the Police Use

Among the types of the German shepherd breeds, the working lines especially the DDR/East German working lines and Czech working lines are typically bred for military and police purposes because they have exceptional endurance when faced with demanding training compared to the show lines.;

German Shepherd Police Dog Price

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Popular Dog Breeds In The Us

Whether they are from breeders, acquired privately, or from the streets, the Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd Dog, and Golden Retriever are the top three favorite breeds of dog owners in the United States.

For most states, the Labrador was the number 1 while the German Shepherd Dog and the Golden Retriever interchanged on the number 2 and 3 spots . The GSD occasionally unseated the Labrador for the top post in West Virginia, Indiana, and Florida. Other breeds would take the place too such as the French Bulldog , the Beagle , and the Catahoula Leopard Dog .

  • Dachshund
  • Global Top 8 Dog Breeds with AKC Ranking for Comparison;

    That is the voice of America, but how about the world? There are some drastic differences between the top dog breeds in the US and the most beloved breeds in the world. Currently, the Bulldog reigns globally but in the United States, it is in fourth place according to the AKC. The breed is popular among dog owners in the UK, Hungary, and USA. Meanwhile, beloved Labrador Retriever, which ranks first in the AKC list, is only third worldwide with the AKC second firm in its place even in global rankings. The Siberian Husky, Pug, and Chihuahua also get a huge bump, as these are not even in the top 10 of AKC.

    Global Ranking Vs AKC Ranking


    American Vs European German Shepherds

    The American German Shepherd and the European German Shepherd are the same breed, but with different backgrounds. Is there really that much difference between these two? Let’s take a closer look.

    The European German Shepherd

    Not surprisingly, European German Shepherds are bred mainly in Europe. Although these dogs are usually brought over to the United States from Europe, there are some German Shepherd Breeders in America who breed European lines. A few things to know:

    • Regulation:;European German Shepherds are regulated under the SV , which gives each and every registered dog the seal of approval.
    • Physical Characteristics:;Physically, European German Shepherds have bigger heads, a straighter line on their hind legs, and a shorter and wider backline.
    • Traits:;European German Shepherds are believed to be better suited as working dogs than their American counterparts. Because of this, it’s also believed that they make better guard dogs. The majority of police dogs are from European lines. This may be due to the fact that the SV has worked hard at preserving the working temperament of German Shepherds for many years.

    The American German Shepherd

    American German Shepherd Dogs are bred and raised in the United States. Here are a few things that distinguish them from the German Shepherds that are breed across the Atlantic:

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    How Do German Shepherds Help The Police

    General Responsibilities

    You probably have watched movies showing German shepherds working with law enforcers. This situation also happens in real life. A trained police service dog can help law enforcers in a variety of ways. Their general responsibilities include protecting officers and finding, repressing or apprehending suspects or criminals. They can attack criminals who dont surrender willingly and becomes aggressive. Theyre widely used by the police because they can easily take down criminals.;

    Specialized Assignments

    In addition to general tasks, they are also involved in specialized assignments like tracking missing individuals, hidden explosives, illegal drugs or narcotics, and crime scene evidence. Thats why dont be surprised when you see them at the airports sniffing for concealed narcotics or bombs. Because of their strong sense of smell and agility, they can even detect cadavers on land and water. They can also search and rescue humans in dangerous places. They wont stop unless their handlers asked them to do so.;

    Some German shepherd police dogs searched survivors in the World Trade Center in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. One of the most notable German shepherds who participated in the rescue effort was Apollo. He worked 18 hours a day to search and rescue living victims and hes happy to work for long periods.

    Are Male Or Female German Shepherds Easier To Train

    How Much Does A GERMAN SHEPHERD Cost?

    One of the first considerations that most new dog owners think about when choosing a puppy is how easy it will be to train them. Potty training, crate training, and obedience training are all part of owning a dog. Although the German Shepherd breed is known for being smart when it comes down to the sexes, who has the advantage?

    Male German Shepherds are slightly harder to trainthan their female counterparts. Although both are pretty smart, female German Shepherds tend to be easier to train than males as they mature faster. It is this early maturity that gives them this advantage.

    Its no secret that German Shepherds are a top choice as police dogs, guide dogs, military dogs, search and rescue dogs, and service dogs. One of the reasons for this is their awesome intelligence. They have a fantastic ability to follow instructions, and they love to please, whether you want them to be a working dog or a loving, faithful companion.

    Check Out this Awesome Video of Extreme Trained and Disciplined German Shepherds

    Nonetheless, the GSD is a highly trainable breed, no matter what their sex.

    However, there are definitely a few things to consider before choosing either a male or a female GDS as a pet. As mentioned in the previous section, males like to dominate and can be more stubborn. This trait can also make them harder to train, especially if you havent started until theyre a few months old or youve adopted an older dog.

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    How Many Puppies Do German Shepherds Have In Their First Litter

    We all know that German shepherd is an intelligent dog and quite active in all his areas. But apart from his intelligence, he is the most fun-loving dog. yes, after owning a German shepherd dog I got to know that German shepherd is very loyal, truthful and has a lot of devotion towards his family and master. And I also found that this is the only breed of dog which is so versatile, he can be your family dog, a guard dog, a military dog, a police dog, a search and rescue dog and a herding dog as well. I can say that this is the most versatile dog.

    Estimate Your Puppys Adult Size

    From 2 to 3 years, your German Shepherd will finally turn into its peak physical maturity, although you dont have to wait that long to know how big it will get, right? If you plan to own this big fur baby, you better prepare ahead! Contemplate how you can manage to provide your German Shepherd a spacious place to play and sleep and provide the right portion of meals it needs in the future!;

    Knowing the average size of an adult German Shepherd may not be enough in giving you a heads-up, in fact, dimensions will totally depend on each and every dog. So if you want to make a more accurate assessment, here are some fantastic ways to help you estimate your GSD puppys adult size:

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    Amazing Facts About German Shepherds

    Lynn is a writer and long-time Learning & Development Manager at a large PNW retailer. She’s also mom to 3 dogs & 2 cats!

    Theres no wonder the noble German Shepherd is the AKCs second most popular dog. This breeds intelligence, bravery, and loyalty have made them excel as police and military dogs, service dogs, and protective family pets. Its clear we love them and for so many reasons.

    Here are some amazing facts about the German Shepherd breed you may not know.

    1. German Shepherds are natural herders

    Originally, German Shepherds were tasked with watching over flocks of sheep and herding them from field to field. That job required lightning-fast reflexes and an ability to run at top speed when needed. This breed proved perfect for the job.;

    German Shepherds can reach speeds of up to 32 miles per hour at full sprint. However, when herding, they trot rather than run, clocking in at around 20 miles per hour. They became the go-to-dog for herding sheep but there was so much more this breed would come to excel at.

    At some point, a German Cavalry officer noticed this impressive work dog and its wolflike appearance. He purchased a dog for himself and the official history of this breed began.

    2. The father of the German Shepherd breed

    In 1895, Max Von Shlephanitz purchased the first Shepherd Dog at a dog show, naming him Horand Von Grafath. Horand was the genetic basis for the German Shepherd breed.;

    Do Female German Shepherds Live Longer Than Males

    How Much Do You Feed a German Shepherd?

    Female German Shepherds tend to live longer than males. This recent large study of over 12,000 dogs evidenced that females lived on average 1.4 years longer than males. During this study, the German Shepherds average longevity was 10.3 years, with females living for 11.1 years and males 9.7 years.

    It is well known that large breed dogs dont live as long as smaller breeds.;This study;by the National Center for Biotechnology Information concluded that large dogs die young mainly because they age quickly.

    Both genders have a few health problems that theyre prone to developing. The most common causes of death in the above study were musculoskeletal disorders and the inability to stand.

    Some of the health conditions include:

    • Hip and elbow dysplasia

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    Types Of German Shepherds

    There are only two officially recognized GSD types but under these 2 types, there are several types and varieties of the same breed.

    The 2 main German Shepherd varieties are

    • Short-haired GDS
    • Long-haired GSDS.

    It is also worth noting that not all German Shepherd types can be allowed in shows and competitions.

    These Shepherd lines are an indication of their heritage, how the dog was bred, and what the purpose of breeding them was.

    Technically, there are 5 lines of GSDs but 2 general lines;

    • The show lines
    • The working lines

    Show lines were mainly bred for their body type, coloration pattern, and color over their health.

    However, the working lines were bred to be work dogs just as their names suggest. Their breeding is mainly focussed on their health, personality, and stamina instead of their looks.

    So, let us look at German Shepherd types based on their lines.

    German Shepherd Police Dogs

    Humans and dogs such as German shepherds share a special bond because of their dominant personality and good looks. Its no wonder German shepherds have been used by police and military forces for many years. In this post, we will look at some interesting facts on German shepherd police dogs, how they help the police and how to train them effectively.

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    Factors That Influence German Shepherds Growth

    If youve reached this part of the article, then youve most certainly learned a lot about the ending phase of a GSDs growth as well as how you can discover the potential adult size of your own pup. Indeed, there are some factors that could affect the development of your German Shepherd; so without further ado, below is a quick list of some of the most common influences of your GSDs growth:;

    My Experience With German Shepherd Temperament

    Large German Shepherd attacks Pitbull at Dog Park (Dog Park attack Injury!) Who’s fault?

    Temperament and behavior stem from what the breed was designed for

    To understand a breed’s temperament and behavior, ask, “What was he developed to do?” Whichever traits help him accomplish his intended work have likely been “hard-wired” into his genes not perfectly, but generally.

    The German Shepherd was developed from various sheepherding dogs. So you would expect sheepherding traits such as athleticism, a compulsion to chase things that move, and swift responsiveness to their human shepherd/master.

    German Shepherds were also developed as military messenger and sentry dogs, and as personal protection and police dogs. So expect traits such as aloofness toward strangers and protective/territorial instincts.

    The breed also excels at search and rescue, bomb and drug detection, and guiding the blind. Certainly you would expect high intelligence, high self-confidence, trainability, and an ability to focus.

    All of those traits are what you get in an ideal German Shepherd. One of the most capable and trainable breeds in all of dogdom, an ideal German Shepherd, when properly raised by a confident owner, can be a magnificent companion. There’s a good reason my first dogs were German Shepherds!

    Unfortunately, it can be difficult today to find a German Shepherd with an ideal temperament. Or at least an ideal temperament to be a good family companion.

    Different lines have different temperaments

    My recommendation for a good family dog

    I hope you can see….

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