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How Long Does A German Shepherd Heat Last

When Does A Female Gsd Have Her First Estrus Cycle

How Long Does German Shepherd Stay In Heat?

Sometimes, a female GSD in heat may not have their first seasonal estrus cycle until they are 12 months of age or older , depending on that particular dog. Remember, however, that this information is very general and not all female dogs will follow these exact patterns.

Some female German Shepherds can come into estrus as early as every 4 months, while others may do so only once a year. Some canine heat cycles, just like in human females, may be shorter than average while other dogs may have longer ones .

Female German Shepherds, also called bitches, generally have their first heat cycle at around 6 to 12 months of age.

The most noticeable thing of all when you have a female GSD in heat, even if youre not sure your female GSD is in heat, is when male dogs begin to hang around the house. Your female German Shepherd will still reject the male during this first stage. Fertilization can not happen at this time.

Sometimes, a female GSD in heat may not have their first seasonal estrus cycle until they are 12 months of age or older , depending on that particular dog. Remember, however, that this information is very general and not all female dogs will follow these exact patterns.

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When Can German Shepherds Get Pregnant

Your female GSD may start experiencing what is referred to as her Heat Cycle at as early as six months old. Although, this in no way implies that she is ready to be bred . For the safest results, one should begin to breed their female GSD at about two years of age and stop once she reaches eight years of age.

When Does A Female Dog First Come Into Heat

Puberty or sexual maturity in the female dog usually occurs around 9 to 10 months of age. The smaller breeds tend to go into estrus or ‘heat’ earlier and some females can have their first heat cycle as early as four months of age. On the other hand, the large and giant breeds can be up to two years old before they come into heat for the first time. For many dogs, the first heat is ‘silent’ or does not have clinical signs associated with estrus. Additionally, many dogs’ first estrus cycle is unlikely to allow successful breeding, therefore the standard practice is to wait until the second or third heat cycle before breeding.

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How Many Pups Will A German Shepherd Have

Purebreds usually have fewer pups than mixed breeds. The largest German shepherd litter recorded was 17 live pups, but the usual German Shepherd litter is between 6-9 pups. One or more stillborn pups are not uncommon.

No one will deny that puppies are adorable, and German Shepherd puppies are among the cutest of them all.

If you are fortunate enough to witness puppies being born, you will see they come out as tiny, dark, wet little figures reminiscent of embryos. German shepherd pups are born looking like little walnuts.

I Found My Dog Tied To A Female Dog During A Mismating Was There Anything I Could Do To Separate Them

How long does German Shepherd Stay in Heat?

There is little point in trying to separate animals that are locked together in this way. Buckets of cold water, water pistols, cap guns, and so forth do little to speed up the process of separation and merely upset or potentially injure the dogs. In fact, forced separation can result in serious injury to the female and should be avoided.

If a mismating has occurred, discuss it with your veterinarian as soon as possible so your options can be reviewed.

Contributors: Ryan Llera, BSc, DVM Ernest Ward, DVM

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What Do I Do When My Dog Is Bleeding In Heat

Be Prepared with Diapers and Pads: Heat can also be a messy time, as your female dog will bleed. This blood, which can range from light pink to dark red, can stain bedding, carpeting, and furniture. Fortunately, owners can prevent any leaking or messes by using a diaper until the bleeding has stopped.

How To Care For Your German Shepherd During The Heat

There are many ways you can care for your German shepherd during her heat cycle, both in terms of keeping her safe and also make her feel comfortable. It would be best if you keep in mind that this period makes the dog uncomfortable, and you, as a pet owner, owe the responsibility to look after her on this journey.

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How Old Does A German Shepherd Need To Be To Breed

When I bred my first female German Shepherd, I did not breed her before she had her third season. After talking to the Breeder that I purchased my dog from, he told me to wait until your dog has had her fourth season before you breed her, but she should be three years old or older before she is bred. He has experience breeding a female too young and its a risk because some female will not want to take care of her puppies because shes too immature and then he would have to bottle feed all the pups to save the letter, and thats a lot of work and time youll spend taking care of puppies.

Just in case youre wondering

Male German Shepherds can be bred at 18 months up throughout their lives, but its not being bred they can become sterile as they ages.

The Eostrus /estrus Stage

German Shepherd female’s first heat with GSM and Layla The Lovely

The second stage is the estrus stage, during which the German shepherd in heat is ready to mate.

Key features you can note during this phase are va*inal bleeding, of which the discharge is light with blood stains. Also, the vulva swells as the heat stage progresses.

Flagging is also present in this heat stage as the female dog exhibits her readiness to mate and breed.

This estrus stage lasts for an average of 4- 24 days, and fertilization is more likely to happen in between these days.

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Maturity And Breeding Ages

Dog breeds dont vary that much in maturity times, but there is a bit of difference depending on size and breed specifications. A German shepherd reaches sexual maturity around 2 years of age. There are a few other more general factors to consider as well, such as ages for testing viability and even emotional maturity in females.

Do Female Dogs Cry When They Are In Heat

As our female dogs hit the estrus phase of their period, vocalizing increases even more, especially if you have an active male dog in the household.

Male dogs in the neighborhood respond to moaning, whining, weeping, and even screams as a sort of call to come and mate.

We may struggle at times watching them in pain but be reminded that it is a normal process. If you cant bear it, find ways to keep them active and distracted, which has been proven to help and recommended by all pet experts.

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Frequent Visit By Male Dogs

Neighboring or strange dogs may visit your home when your dog is on heat

Male dogs crowd your house as the distinctive smell of your German shepherd in heat is irresistible.

Its during this period you should keep your dog inside to avoid unwanted breeding. Also, be keen to close any holes in your fence to keep away unwanted dogs.

I have heard of a case where a lab was impregnated through the fence, Shocking, Right?

What About German Shepherds In Heat

How long does a German Shepherd bleed during the heat?

Like every other female unspayed dog, German Shepherds will all go through their heat cycle. The only difference is that due to their size, this large breed is likely to have to wait a bit longer for their first heat cycle to arrive.

It is always recommended to keep an eye on your female German Shepherd for signs of the estrus cycle from when she reaches 4 months old. However, it is likely that your dog wont enter her first cycle until shes around 1, maybe even 2, years old. This is purely due to the size of the dog and is nothing to worry about.

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Caring For Male German Shepherds During The Heat Cycle

While male German Shepherds wont go through a heat cycle, they will still act very differently when they are around a female in heat. If you have a male dog, you might want to read this section to get an idea of how to deal with him as his mating instincts are on high alert.

Remember that it doesnt matter whether your male dog has been neutered or not odds are that theyve forgotten their bits dont work anymore.

How Long Has A German Shepherd Been In The Heat

When you know that your German Shepherd is in heat now, you must know the duration of this entire cycle in the pet. On average, your female GSD will last four weeks in heat, ready to reproduce and have the babies. If you have no plans to give your pet to breed, you have to take care of it in all this feverish time.

It is very good that you keep track of the days when your female GSD is in heat and when not to protect him. You can be guided by some changes in attitude that the dog has throughout the hot cycle. The rutting time in the GSD is the same for all breeds, although it can be shortened on some occasions.

As your female GSD grows, her time in heat may decrease to approximately three weeks. In some irregular cases, the GSD may lose heat much earlier, long before it is up, but this is common. If you see other irregularities in your pet in its heat cycle, you can go to a veterinarian in your city.

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Its Their Special Way To Make You Feel Better

Another reason why German Shepherds whine is because they are empathizing with you.

Have you ever noticed that whenever youre sad, your beloved pet comes to you for a cuddle?

They whine as if they are telling you that you are not alone.

Dogs are very intuitive animals. They sense our emotions so they try to make us feel better with their presence.

How Do You Tell If A Female Gsd In Heat

A few FAQs on a German shepherd heat cycle.

There are four stages in the heat cycle, and the signs that a female German shepherd is in heat depends on which stage shes currently in.

  • Proestrus: This is the stage where males are attracted to female GSDs, while the female isnt. This lasts for an average of 9 days.The most obvious sign of this stage is when male dogs start to crowd outside of your house. This is because its how male dogs react to a female in heat. They become attracted.However, your pet is likely to reject them since she still isnt susceptive to mating. Plus, fertilization isnt possible at this point.Regardless, your female dog will start to show vaginal bleeding at this stage, although the blood becomes lighter as the period progresses.
  • Estrus: The female GSD will be susceptive to mating at this stage and it can last anywhere from 4 to 21 days. This can be called the flagging stage.During the flagging stage, the dark red vaginal discharge will turn lighter. You may also notice your pet rubbing their rear end against furniture or other objects. These are indications that your female German shepherd is ready to mate. This is also the stage where mature eggs are released from the ovary.
  • Anestrus: Anestrus is the period between each heat cycle and as previously said, it lasts for about 6 months. While we mentioned this as the fourth stage, its not exactly a part of the heat cycle.Regardless, at this stage, there will be no growth and development in the female German shepherds reproductive organs.

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Are Stairs Bad For German Shepherds

Stairs are not bad for German Shepherds as long as they are healthy. Puppies should avoid using stairs until they are at least 3 months old. If your German Shepherd suffers from hip dysplasia, its best to limit their use of stairs. Stairs can be an ideal form of indoor exercise for healthy German Shepherds.

At What Age Do German Shepherds Stop Going Into Heat

Generally speaking, a female dog can enter estrusthe heat cyclearound six months of age to nine months, though some wait until a year or longer to begin. The only exception to heat is any female thats been spayed. Since her reproductive organs have been removed, she no longer goes through the cycle.

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Take Care Of The Dogs Feeding

Due to a lot of hormonal changes, the appetite in dogs can change a lot.

German Shepherds can refuse to eat because they do not have an appetite. Usually, there is nothing to worry.

If they do not feel hungry, they will not eat. What we suggest is try to feed her something that she will like.

MostGerman Shepherds will eat the chicken while in heat.

My dog usually refused everything while in the heat, but when I gave her some chicken, she always accepted it.

All dogs are different. You will need to find out what your dog likes to eat.

So pay extra attention to her feeding, always give her high-quality food for her excellent health.

Can Male German Shepherds Go Into Heat

How Long Does a German Shepherd Stay in Heat?

Male German Shepherds do not have a uterus, therefore they cannot physically go into heat. Instead, they are sexually active and ready to go all year round. Alright for some.

Its no surprise that some people might ask this question, because male dogs can act really odd when a female is in heat. This is purely because they can smell her cycle in a way that we cannot, and it causes them to want to mate and breed.

It doesnt matter whether your male dog has been neutered or not, as they will still have the natural urges to mate. They will go through some behavioral changes especially if they live with a female unspayed dog such as cheekiness, agitation, or even aggression.

They can become very protective of the female dog, even more so if theyre confused as to why shes not producing a litter.

For small dogs, its somewhat easier to keep a male and female dog away from each other when she is in heat. This doesnt mean they wont try to get frisky, however. For German Shepherds, itll be slightly trickier to keep them apart. These are big and strong dogs, after all.

This is why a lot of German Shepherd owners will opt to spay their female if they own both a male and female dog.

Even if you have a male German Shepherd who begins to act strangely in the dog park or at the groomers, theres a chance he is simply indicating the scent of a dog in heat. This scent can linger, and German Shepherds are notorious for their heightened and impeccable senses.

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Stages To A German Shepherds Heat Cycle

What is the heat cycle in GSD? It means when a female dog is sexually mature and ready to breed. You must know that during this heat cycle your dogs body releases more hormones with quick level drops. It is a signal to the ovaries to discharge the eggs.

Typically, a GSD will be on heat twice a year, which means it may be once in 4-6 months every year. You may observe the variation from dog to dog.

How Long Do Female German Shepherds Bleed

Heat usually lasts between 2-4 weeks. Early in the cycle, a female dog may not be receptive to male dogs, although some are receptive through the entire cycle. It can be shorter or longer and youll know the cycle is over when all her vulva returns to its normal size and theres no more bleeding or discharge.

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How Long Is A German Shepherd Pregnancy

Pregnancy in our canine friends is much shorter than a human pregnancy. The average pregnancy in dogs ranges from 58-68 days, coming in at just over 2 months.

Due to how short the canine pregnancy is, its important to find out if your dog is pregnant as soon as possible. This will help you ensure your German Shepherds health throughout their pregnancy, as well as best prepare your home.

How Often Will My Dog Go Into Heat

German Shapeherd Dog Natural Breeding – Female Flagging but Not Quite Ready

Dogs have an average of two heat cycles per year, roughly six months apart. Some females will have irregular cycles, especially if they are very young or very old. Small breeds may cycle three times per year, while giant breeds may only cycle once every 12 months. Unlike some other species, canine estrous cycles are not dependent on the seasons, sunlight, or temperature.

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What Does Heat In Dogs Mean


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  • The heat stage in dogs is nothing more than that period of estrus or heat that you may notice in your pet. Your dog will increase her estrogen levels at this stage, which indicates that she is ready to mate. The heat stage occurs in all bitches and usually varies in time, intensity, and levels of estrogen released.

    Something that identifies the German shepherds heat stage, unlike other breeds, occurs very early. Your female GSD can get pregnant in her first heat stage, which also differentiates her from other breeds.


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