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How Good Is A German Shepherds Sense Of Smell

How Can They Track Deer

Never underestimate a German Shepherds sense of smell

German Shepherds are known for tracking down deer, but how exactly do they do it? The tracking process happens with no effort or thought on your part, so it can be easy to assume that dogs have an acute sense of smell.

German Shepherds, like all members of their canine family, actively use their sense of smell. As soon as your German Shepherd catches the first signs of fresh air, his moist and spongy nose helps to capture any scent in the air.

The ability to sniff separately from each nostril, smelling in stereo, helps to determine the direction of the source of the smell. The dog gets to know the kind of smell present and also where it is located.

Within the first few moments of sniffing, the dog not only begins to know what kind of smell there is, but rather where they are located.

Landmarks like bushes and trees are aromatic signals sending messages of a deers location.

There are many methods to train them.

Vacuum Every Surface In Your House Two Or Three Times A Week All Year Round

Make sure you vacuum at least three times a week. And after you vacuum your floors, mop.

The first step in getting rid of German Shepherd odors in your house is getting rid of hair, dander, and dirt.

Because you will tend to go nose-blind to your German Shepherds odor, you probably need to do this more often than you otherwise would think necessary.

Go for three times a week, not three times a year.

Your German Shepherd probably hates your vacuum cleaner.

But you still need to vacuum carpets, curtains, upholstery, floors, rugs, and every other surface in your home thoroughly and often.

You may need to do this every day those two times a year your German Shepherd is shedding her undercoat.

How Far Can A German Shepherd Pick Up A Scent

It is believed that dogs can pick-up scents that are diluted one to two parts per trillion! This allows them to detect things that are buried up to 40 feet underground.

Some dogs can even detect cancer cells in people!

The German Shepherd can follow trails that are a 1 week old or pick-up the scent of a person who has drowned in over80 feet of water! This sense of smell is so keen that they can identify a single grain of sugar among a thousand grains of salt!

Compared to human beings, a dogs sense of smell is far superior! A German Shepherds sense of smell, for example, is almost 100,000 times better than that of a humans! While we possess about 6 million scent receptors, a German Shepherd has approximately 225 million scent receptors! The part of the brain which processes scents is almost 40% larger in a German Shepherd than in a human.

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They Can Smell Human Emotions

We all know that dogs can smell a treator your chicken dinnerfrom what seems like a mile away, but research suggests that a dogs sense of smell can pick up a whole lot more than food .

A dogs nose can also detect fear or even sadness because our canine counterparts can pick up on the scent of adrenalinealso known as the fight-or-flight hormone. When it comes to smelling your fear, an increased heart rate and blood flow sends distinctive body chemicals to the surface of our skin, which a dog can sense almost immediately.

So that’s why mans best friend is often relied on as service or emotional support animals, as they can be trained to smell anxiety attacks or other adverse events in their human. Dogs have also been known to smell diseases, including cancer, as they leave specific odor signatures in a humans body and bodily secretions, like their sweat, breath, or urine.

Can I Give My German Shepherd Fish Oil Supplements Meant For Humans

They Can Smell Everything: Dog Breeds With The Most ...

No, you shouldnt give your German Shepherd fish oil supplements meant for humans. While some pet owners will give fish oil capsules meant for human consumption to their dogs as an alternative to a dog-specific supplement, it is not recommended. Capsules intended for humans are not dosed according to a dogs needs and dont contain the amount of fish oil your German Shepherd needs.

Further, many supplements made for humans include ingredients that are not necessary or recommended for dogs.

Always seek your vets advice before giving your German Shepherd anything that is not specifically meant for dogs.

Fish oil for a German Shepherd is specially formulated to meet their canine health requirements, without unnecessary human ingredients that could harm your dog.

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Bathe Seldom Brush Regularly

We have already mentioned that German Shepherds dont need baths very often. Bathing your German Shepherd may be something you only do when they get exceptionally dirty.

However, brushing your German Shepherd is something you need to do once or twice a week.

Brushing removes the dirt and dander that can make German Shepherd odors linger around your house.

It gives you a chance to check for fleas and mites so you can treat them before they become a serious problem. And it gives you a chance to bond with your dog.

Use a damp cloth instead of a comb to groom hair around your German Shepherds face.

Belgian Malinois Vs German Shepherd Who Will Be Your Next Housemate

Having to choose a canine companion is never harder when it comes to Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd. Read on, to see whats similar and whats different between these hardy dog breeds, and from which you may finally decide who shall be your future soul-buddy.

Most sheepdog lovers usually find it particularly challenging if they have to pick a dog between Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd. Since these breeds have so much alike, from the appearances to the temperaments in general.

Still, therere distinct differences. Otherwise, they werent classified as two separate dog breed. Lets check them out!

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What Does The Number Of Scent Receptors Mean

German Shepherds can sniff out all sorts of things that humans would never be able to. This means that they can use their sense of smell to detect items buried 40 feet underground or under 80 feet of water and can detect scents that are more than a mile away on land.

Some German Shepherds can even sniff out cancer in a person and have been trained to do this. There is also some evidence that they can figure out what time of day it is via their ability to track ups and downs in temperature.

A German Shepherd will rely on his sense of smell to figure out whether an area is safe or not. Once this dog has learned a particular scent, it will permanently be stored in his brain and remembered as long as the dog lives.

What Have They Touched Or Picked Up Recently

GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPY POWERFULL SENSE !!German Shepherd has a very strong sense of smell.

What have they rolled in?

What have they picked up in their mouth?

What have they eaten?

If your dog is rolling in poop or picking up dead animals regularly it makes sense they would smell bad.

The same goes for rolling in seaweed or dead/washed up sea animals down the beach.

Also, note that a dogs coat can absorb smells and trap them under the top coat much more effectively than what human skin does which is exposed.

This is why its so important to make sure the areas your dog is playing in are clean!

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German Shepherd Dogs And Their Keen Sense Of Smell

German Shepherd Dogs are valued for their sharp sense of smell. Their expertise to identify trace chemicals that are entirely beyond human and complex mechanical detection is well established.

How good is their sense of smell?

Well, a German Shepherds sense of smell is so powerful that with just six months of training, a pair of German Shepherds became 100% accurate in identifying breast cancer . If thats not amazing enough, in 2015, two German shepherds were trained to detect prostate cancer, and they were correct more than 95% of the time 04573-X/abstract” rel=”nofollow”> source).

These accuracy rates are better than modern scientific testing thats currently on the market!

And, while many of us are privileged enough to have access to state-of-the-art hospitals, others are in dire need. So, having a German Shepherd journey to remote villages to warn of medical issues is easier and less expensive than building new hospitals or expensive tests that many cant afford.

Training A German Shepherd

Maybe one of the reasons German shepherds are so easy to train, is because they are eager to please their human owners.

German shepherds go bonkers over human praise and belly rubs and will do just about anything to be recognized.

Lets go over what it may be like the first day you bring home a brand new German shepherd puppy and how intelligent you can expect it to be.

The First Day

You have been wanting a dog for a while now and have finally decided on purchasing a German shepherd. You did your research and found out that German shepherds are loyal and loving. A great family dog. Active and energetic. Perfect for your crazy kids who are always bouncing off the walls.

What attracted you most to this breed was how everyone seemed to rave about how smart and easy to handle it was. You hope all that praise was warranted as you step through your front door, set the kennel down, and open the door.

The first day you bring your German shepherd puppy home will be both exciting and painful. Exciting because of your new furry addition to the family, and painful once you realize how much of a handful a new pup can be.

German shepherd puppies can be as rambunctious and loud as any human child. It is important that on the first day you dont expect perfect obedience.

You can start by introducing your GSD puppy to his space.

Watch for signs that your dog needs to eliminate and quickly usher him to the bathroom area.

Continuing Training

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Fish Oil Helps Lessen Inflammation And Allergies

Many health issues in the German Shepherd Dog are caused by an excess amount of inflammation. Omega-3 supplements, found in fish oils, can help balance out this overactive inflammatory response and provide your dog with some relief and comfort.

The good omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil supplements can reduce and alleviate inflammation in the body, in particular joints including the knees and hips.

Inflammation is seen in many German Shepherd diseases, such as:

  • canine arthritis
  • heart disease
  • brain disease

German Shepherds are known to develop stiffening arthritis, especially in the back legs. Giving your German Shepherd fish oil helps reduce inflammation and autoimmune responses while simultaneously promoting blood circulation in aching arthritic joints.

Omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce amounts of atherosclerotic plaque, which aids in the prevention of heart disease. Fish oils are also a very effective treatment for preventing heart disease, as the omega-3s reduce the level of triglyceride in the blood.

Taking Your Gsd In The Woods For The First Time

Are German Shepherds Good With Kids? (Your Worries Solved ...

Before the first outing in the forest, the puppy must undergo an initial training course at home. He must be able to carry out elementary commands and be able to respond to his nickname. Disobedience in the forest can create many problems for both the owner and the pet. Often this becomes the reason for the disappearance of the dog.

Before stepping into the forest area, you must foresee the dangers such as ticks and mites, or snakes.

Ticks and mites

Ticks are a significant hazard during forest walks. They are carriers of serious diseases tick-borne encephalitis and borreliosis. Therefore, 2-3 days before walking or hunting, it is useful to use drops or aerosol against forest parasites. You can put a special anti-mite collar on your pet.

However, such products do not always protect against bites. Therefore, after each exit into the forest, you need to carefully examine the wool. If you find a tick, you do not need to try to remove it yourself. It is better to seek help from a veterinary clinic.


When encountering a snake, the dog usually tries to grab it. In this case, pets often get bites. Therefore, you need to have antihistamines with you. This is the first aid for the defeat of snake venom. Then the dog needs to be urgently taken to the veterinary clinic. The specialist will inject the animal with a special serum.

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Best For Joints: Fera Pet Organics Fish Oil + Vitamin E Dog Supplement

A German Shepherd with stiff joints may have inflammation, and fish oil can help loosen up those achy and stiff joints, keeping your dog more comfortable.

Fera Pet Organics Fish Oil + Vitamin E Dog Supplement uses a blend of non-GMO fish oil, including wild-caught sardines, anchovies, herring, and mackerel, along with sunflower oil to give the formula vitamin E.


  • Great ingredients and no fishy smell.
  • A liquid formulation easily mixes with food for quick dosing.
  • Improves joint mobility by reducing inflammation.

Adding fish oil to your German Shepherds diet is a great way to support joint health in older and senior dogs, especially for owners of large breed dogs who may be more prone to hip and joint issues.

Why Your German Shepherd Sniffs Everything

While it is true that your German Shepherd will sniff things a lot because it has a very strong sense of smell, it will also use this ability for a number of different reasons.

Below, I will mention a number of reasons why your German Shepherd might sniff things and the signs to look for with them.

It smells to get information

The main reason why dogs will sniff things a lot is that sniffing things will give them a lot of information. For example, the urine of other dogs will tell it where it has been, its health status and what it has been eating. This is the case for humans too. They can even pick up on the ovulation of humans which is why they will sniff females more during certain parts of the month .

They want to know what other animals have been around

German Shepherds are very protective and territorial dogs which is why they are often used as guard dogs. The reason why it tends to sniff things such as trees and bushes is so that it will be able to tell what other animals have been around.

Its curious

The reason why it sniffs things could be that it is curious about things. In addition to getting information, sniffing things it will help it figure out what it is and whether or not it is a threat or something to be excited about.

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It is hungry

Their eyesight is not as good as ours

It can store the scent

How to stop your dog sniffing everything when it is on a walk

You can watch the video below to see more:

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The 7 Best Fish Oils For German Shepherds You Need Right Now

The best fish oil for German Shepherds helps support your dogs heart, joints, coat, skin, and immune system.

Its a natural supplement that can become part of your dogs long-term dietary lifestyle or used temporarily for a boost in nutrition.

Either way, adding fish oil to your dogs diet can improve their overall health when added to a nutritious diet.

Lets find out the best fish oils for German Shepherds, their benefits, and the right way to give your companion this nutritious powerhouse.

Start By Keeping Your Dogs Bed Clean But Not Too Clean

German Shepherd Drug Dog (Part 1)

Dog beds are ground zero for German Shepherd odor.

They accumulate saliva, droplets of urine, tiny particles of feces, and anal gland secretions that visitors can smell throughout your house or apartment.

Clean your dogs bedding before it gets stinky. Spray bedding with stain repellent to prevent future odors.

But dont wash everything in your dogs sleeping area.

Dogs need odors to feel secure. Leave some toys or a blanket unwashed so your dog will have a sense of comfort.

It is especially important to keep objects that carry the scent of missing companion dogs or human family members.

Go full Scooby-Doo and break out your blacklight.

Use a blacklight to identify old urine stains. They will glow yellow or green. Neutralize German Shepherd odors with baking soda or vinegar.

You may even need to paint over badly stained baseboards.

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Can A German Shepherd Attack A Small Child

When these dogs slip their leashes or escape their compounds, they can attack. Although German shepherds should only be trained as guard dogs by experts, home obedience training for your puppy is vital for both the dog and the owners safety. As a safety precaution, never leave small children alone with even well-trained German shepherds.

Why Is A Dogs Sense Of Smell So Strong

If you have a dog, you know that his sense of smell is way more sensitive than yours. Typically, a dog will have more than 220 million olfactory receptors in his nose. Some dogs have even more, depending on the breed.

Additionally, the area of a dogs brains that analyzes smells is about 40 times bigger than that in a human being.

Just like humans, dogs have pairs of nostrils that are used to inhale air, including odors. They also have a nasal cavity, which includes Ethmoturbinate bones that are covered with a layer of specialized olfactory epithelium.

The dog has a sub-ethmoidal shelf, a bony structure that is located under the ethmoturbinate bones within the nasal cavity. This will force the air that the dog inhales into the olfactory epithelium. The odor molecules within this air will be absorbed into a mucous layer. Then, these molecules will diffuse towards the receptor neurons, specifically their cilia.

From here, nerve impulses will be generated and then transmitted to the brain of the dog via the olfactory nerves.

This epithelium has many olfactory nerves connected with a very developed region of the dogs brain, the olfactory lobe. There are also olfactory receptors in the vomeronasal organ , which includes elongated, fluid-filled sacs that will open into the dogs nose or mouth.

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