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How Fast Do German Shepherd Puppies Grow

What Does A 4


Usually, 4-month-old German Shepherds weigh about 33-40 pounds if they are males and 31-35 pounds if they are females. The size differences between males and females will likely be obvious at this point if it already wasnt at birth. By four months, itll be easier to tell how big your particular dog might get.

At birth, a puppys size is largely dependent on where they were in the mothers uterus, which plays a significant role in their nutrition. Once they are born, genetics tend to take over. At 4-months-old, the puppies have been growing according to genetics for long enough for you to guess what their adult size might be. A dog that is small at this age is likely to remain small.

German Shepherd Not Gaining Weight

As a German Shepherd parent, it can be quiet alarming if your dog doesnt seem to gain weight. Herere several symptoms that show signs that your puppy has an underweight issue:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Gastrointestinal problems

The easiest way to determine if your German Shepherd puppy is underweight or not is by running your hands along their sides and over the rib cage.

In a healthy puppy, you should be able to feel their ribs below a thin layer of fat. But if you feel like youre just touching skin and bone, then this is the sign that your dog is underweight and should be brought to the vet.

What To Look For In Puppy Growth Charts

You should avoid charts available on the Internet that give no specific source for their data. Consider whether any chart you are offered is based on a published study or survey with a large sample of puppies.

Also, check if the puppies used to create the chart are comparable to your puppys breeding stock. If your dog is from an unusually large or small stock or is a mixed breed, you should use a growth chart based on their expected adult size rather than their breed.

Whenever possible, you should select a growth chart that gives a percentile range showing the area where most dogs of the breed should fall. This allows you to appreciate the normal range of sizes rather than focusing too much on the average.

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How Fast Will A German Shepherd Puppy Grow

At four weeks of age, a German Shepherd puppy will stand four to six inches between their shoulder blades or withers.

When a German Sheperd puppy goes home with their new owners at eight to ten weeks of age, they will be seven to ten inches tall at the withers.

A German Shepherd puppy will enter their largest growth spurt between six and ten months and end up around 70 pounds and 20 inches tall.

Breed Standards Of Various German Shepherds Registries Agree About Gsd Size

Luna in 1 week. My gosh puppies grow fast!!! German Shepherd

The original GSD breed size standard, formulated by the SV or German Shepherd Association , says females must range between 55 and 60 cm and males between 60 and 65 cm tall.

There is no specific weight standard, but Germans Shepherds are slightly rectangular, 10 to 17% longer than they are tall, according to From the shoulders to where the tail starts, a 24-inch tall Shepherd would be 26.4 to 28 inches long. The FIC and United Kennel Club follow SV standards.

According to the AKC, males should weigh between 65 and 90 pounds and stand 24 to 26 inches at the shoulders. Females are a little smaller at 22 to 24 inches tall and weighing 50 to 70 pounds. The Canadian Kennel Club has the same size standards. The length ratio to height is 10 to 8.

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Too Much Exercise Can Exhaust Your Gsd Puppy

Since your puppy is growing at such a fast rate, its important to not over exhaust it. I know it can be tempting to play fetch with your new puppy, but it needs its fair share of rest to stay happy and healthy.

Most sources recommend 5 minutes of exercise for every month of age. So a 20 minute exercise session should be good for your 4 month old puppy.

German Shepherd Dog Weight And Growth Chart

Below is the typical growth chart and weight chart of German Shepherd Dogs at different stages in their lives.

Note that your German Shepherd Dog may be slightly heavier or lighter than what the chart says. The growth chart is an average weight chart.

Also, this growth chart is the combined growth chart of the male and female German Shepherd Dog.

Note that the growth pattern of a female German Shepherd Dog can be slightly different from the growth pattern of a male German Shepherd Dog. Therefore, later on in this article, we will provide you with the gender-specific growth chart for the male and for the female German Shepherd Dog.


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Worrisome Reasons Why Your German Shepherd Is So Small

Are you worried about why your German Shepherd is so small?

Especially considering this breed is known to grow large and powerful.

You might even wonder how you can help your German Shepherd puppy get bigger and grow faster.

Give me less than 10 minutes of your time, and Ill tell you not only why your German Shepherd might be so small

but how you can help your growing dog develop good muscle and fitness for lifelong health.

Final And Additional Thoughts

German Shepherd Puppy Growing Up! (6 weeks to 1 year)

You can expect that German Shepherds will stop growing for a maximum of 3 years of age a full-grown GSDs size would depend on its line and gender. While we already know that male German Shepherds are more likely to have bigger structures than females, a different GSD line would also dictate this to be untrue.

Many German Shepherds are bred either to be show dogs or to be working dogs that would clearly make a difference with their measurements. Show dogs would appear thinner and with an awkwardly angled back since their hindquarters are much shorter than those at the front, while working dogs have thicker and straighter body structures. GSD show dogs can either be American/Canadian or West German they are bred to fit as a family dog while West/East German or Czech GSD working dogs are bred to fit for police/military or heavy work ethic.

Either way, these German Shepherds are hyperactive and would need constant exercise and an engaging environment to live their best lives. If you wish for a miniature GSD, mixed breeds with a toy poodle are the most common German Shepherd Corgis has also become a real thing for medium-sized pooch lovers. Nonetheless, all pure German Shepherd dogs fall under the large-sized dog group, so if you think you can take care and meet the basic needs of a big dogs basic needs, you can rightfully own a German Shepherd.

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At What Age Is A German Shepherd Fully Grown

German Shepherds require more time to fill out their adult size in their abdomen and chest as well as reach their full height. Female German Shepherds are fully grown when they reach the age of around two years.

On the other hand, male German Shepherds grow to be bigger than female German Shepherds and are fully grown when they are about two and half years old.

Some German Shepherds may continue to grow until they reach the age of three years, but most of the growth happens by 2 to 2½ years old.

How Fast Do German Shepherds Grow

German Shepherds are medium-large dogs and therefore grow at a fast rate over the first six to seven months leading up to adolescence. Adult German Shepherds are 22 to 26 inches tall and weigh 50 to 95 pounds.

Reputable weight charts suggest your German Shepherd puppy will have attained three-quarters of their final weight over these first six to seven months.

This is A LOT of growing to do in a short amount of time when you brought your puppy home, it was probably only eight inches tall and weighed around 15 pounds.

By 12 to 15 months old, a German Shepherd is within an inch or less of their adult height. By the 18 month mark, it will have reached 98% of its adult weight.

Therefore, your male German Shepherd will be 23 to 25 inches tall and weigh 59 to 93 pounds by his first birthday.

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Size And Weight Of German Shepherds

When do German Shepherds stop growing? Before we actually give you an answer to this question, we must explain and determine how big they can get. In general, male dogs will reach 5-5.4 feet in height while females are smaller and will reach 4.5-5 feet. So yes, in some rare cases a female can be as big as a male dog but this rarely happens with purebred dogs. The weight varies as well. Males will reach between 66 and 88 pounds of weight while females will reach 48-70 pounds. Most of these live between 9 and 12 years.

An interesting fact is that there are more differences between genders. Male German Shepherds are stronger, bigger and they are also emotionally more stable. Female dogs are easier to train and they are more affectionate.

Development stages

There is one important thing we would like to discuss here. German Shepherds have development stages. Each one is mandatory and each one has a huge role in the life of your dog. Below we will reveal all of them and see the differences, main characteristics of each one, and more.

Newborn stage

This stage will last only 14 days and consider it as a baby. Your dog will learn how to crawl and he will also make the first steps. His front teeth will start developing and after 7 weeks you can see his eyes and ears starting to open fully. During this time frame, his body temperature will be lower than an adult dog. This is probably the scariest stage for some owners and also the most rewarding.

How Do You De Stress A German Shepherd

19 Adorable Photos of German Shepherd Puppies Growing Up

#1 Find The Trigger. First and foremost, you must figure out what is causing your German Shepherd to be anxious, afraid or stressed. #2 Remove The Trigger. At the beginning, you need to just remove the trigger for the well-being of your dog. #3 Dont Force Your German Shepherd To Confront Her Fears. #4 Train Him.

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When Will My German Shepherd Stop Growing

Exactly when your own German Shepherd puppy reaches their adult weight and height will depend on the following factors:

  • Their final adult weight and height larger dogs typically finish growing later than smaller dogs.
  • Diet puppies on a high-calorie diet will grow quicker. But bear in mind this can put a strain on their immature skeleton, which we discuss in more detail here.
  • Their own unique genetics.

What Can Affect Your German Shepherds Growth

There are a number of things that are going to affect your german shepherds growth. Some of them are going to be in your control, and some of them arent.

Not only are they going to affect your german shepherds height, but some will also affect their weight. So its a good idea to keep them in mind, to make sure nothings wrong with your pup.


As previously mentioned, nutrition is going to have a massive affect on whether your german shepherd will grow properly or not. When your german shepherd isnt getting enough food, you may notice the following problems.

  • A visible rib cage
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Always scavenging for food

The best and easiest way to check if your german shepherd is overweight is to run your hands along their ribs. If you notice that theres a thin later of fat over their rib cage then theyre a healthy weight. However, if it just feels like skin and bone then take the to the vet. The chances are theyre underweight.


Another determiner that you have no control of is their genetics. If your german shepherd has small parents, then the chances are theyre going to be small as well.

So if you know the size of the parents youll get a pretty good idea about the size your pup should grow too.

Getting Spayed/Neutered

While its best to talk to your vet, its often recommended to spay or neuter your german shepherd when theyre around 1 year old.

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What If My German Shepherd Is Not The Correct Weight

While your dogs height doesnt necessarily reflect his health, his weight surely does. Some German Shepherds have a more active metabolism than others, but thats no excuse not to try and get your dog closer to the correct weight.

If your German Shepherd is not the correct weight, you should adjust his diet and exercise to bring him close to his ages GSD growth chart weight. You should lean more heavily on the diet adjustment for a dog younger than six months and exercise adjustment for an older one.

If your dog is younger than 18 months and is overweight compared to the growth chart, two factors could contribute to this mismatch. These factors are mutually exclusive, and usually, only one is true. The first is that your GSDs genes or heritage make him likely to grow bigger and weigh more.

The second is that he needs better consumption to energy-use ratio to come to the ideal weight. But how do you tell if your GSD is overweight because of health or due to his genetic predisposition?

How Do I Make Sure My German Shepherd Is Healthy


Preventive care is key in helping your German Shepherd live a healthy and long life. Taking your German Shepherd to regular veterinary appointments is one of the best things you can do to ensure that they are healthy and feeling their best. An experienced veterinarian can assess your pets health, make general health and wellness recommendations, and look out for common, breed-specific conditions.

German Shepherds are particularly prone to a condition called gastric dilatation-volvulus or bloat due to their large size, deep chests, and high energy level. They are also more susceptible to gastrointestinal tract and hip issues. A veterinarian should regularly assess your pet for these health problems and run tests for anything they may be more prone to due to their breed. Preventive care is truly a must for your dogs overall welfare to ensure they are able to live long healthy lives with you and your family.

Regular vet visits are crucial to your pets ongoing health and longevity. Its also essential to plan for the cost of accidents or illnesses. Treatment for many conditions, including bloat and GI issues, can cost thousands of dollars.

Only 19.44% of pet owners say theyd be able to cover a $5,000 expense out of pocket. Dog health costs are also more expensive than other pet healthcare costs due to dogs being larger in size. Since larger pets have higher healthcare costs, the German Shepherd breed is one of the most popular dog breeds to have pet insurance.

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What Happens After Your German Shepherd Puppy Turns One Year Old

As you likely have already noticed from reviewing the generic growth charts for a male and a female GSD puppy, puppies do a healthy chunk of their growth during the first six months of life.

But this doesnt mean theyre done maturing not by a long shot!

In fact, the average German Shepherd puppy will complete most of their height and length growth by the age of one.

But they may continue to pack on the pounds for as long as another 24 months.

German Shepherd Growth Chart: How Big Will My Gsd Get

The German Shepherd Dog is one of Americas most popular dog breeds. They are intelligent, hard-working, and make great companions too. These dogs are devoted to their owners and are very courageous. German shepherds can be trained to carry out a variety of roles such as police and military work, guiding and assisting the disabled, herding, drug detection, and many more. These dogs are not small dogs by any means, but just how big to they get?

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Juvenile Period Weights And Heights

At the start of the or juvenile. or ranking, period male and female German Shepherd puppies weigh 40% of their adult weight and are at 40% of their adult height.

The juvenile period is also called the ranking period, because this is when puppies begin to understand submission and dominance.

37 42

German Shepherd Height Charts


You can use this chart to check to see if your German Shepherds growth is on track. As with weight, there will be some dogs that fall outside of the ranges listed here, but thats normal as long as your dog is otherwise healthy.

Male German Shepherd Growth/Height Chart

22 24 / 55 60 cm 100%

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Look Out For Warning Signs

There are a number ofwarning signs that your dog might display while running that indicate thatsomething might be wrong and that your dog needs a rest.

The main signs to lookout for include overexertion and dehydration. Make sure your dog is gettingenough to drink. Avoid going out for long runs on extremely hot days, becauseGerman Shepherds have thick coats that can cause them to heat up if theyoverexert themselves.


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