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How Big Will My German Shepherd Husky Mix Get

Good Family Guard Dogs


A German Shepherd Husky mix is a good guard dog because they are courageous, intelligent, loyal, and protective, thanks to their German Shepherd DNA. However, they are more suitable for guarding family homes and low-effort positions due to their wanderlust potential and mischievousness.

Positions that Gerberian Shepskies can be good guards in

  • Guarding private family property A watch dog thats responsible for barking to deter intruders has an easy job compared to an inventory-protecting hound. This job can be done by a German Shepherd Husky mix.
  • Protecting people Being a good guard dog for people is easier than being one for animals. A Gerberian Shepsky can sufficiently protect teenagers when hiking or on a walk, given that the potential threat cannot overpower the dog.

Positions that Gerberian Shepskies shouldnt be put in

  • Guarding inventory Gerberian Shepskies arent suited for extended periods of uninterrupted guard work, which is why they shouldnt be raised to guard inventory, warehouses, and factory depots.
  • Protecting animals Even though German Shepherd Husky mixes are fairly social, they dont excel when put in charge of protecting sheep or other animals. This is due to their smaller size, and super strong prey drive, unlike their GSD counterparts.

Siberian Husky German Shepherd Mix Price

The price of a Siberian Husky German Shepherd puppy is one of the defining factors for many owners who need a large breed. Getting a dog with a Siberian Husky or a German Shepherd descent can break the bank for many first-time owners.

Lucky for them, the Siberian Husky German Shepherd is a relatively affordable dog. You can get one from a trustworthy breeder for $400 to $500. This is much cheaper than the $1000 or more price tag of Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds.

Be warned, though. Dont get a Siberian Husky German Shepherd puppy with price that is too good to be true. Proper breeding costs a lot of money when it comes to veterinary care, health screening, vaccinations, flea treatments, deworming, and many other procedures to ensure that the puppy is healthy.

Not Sure You Want A German Shepherd? You Need To Check Out Alpha Paw Veterinarians Tell-All Breed Guides:

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  • Reasons To Avoid The Shepsky

    • If you work long hours and your household is left empty all day every day
    • Can potentially be very stubborn, defiant, and difficult to train
    • Can potentially be aggressive if training and socialization are not taken seriously
    • High maintenance breed requiring a lot of exercise, grooming, training, and time in general

    If those 4 points sound like a big problem, then the Gerberian Shepsky likely isnt for you.

    The main thing I would point out about this breed is that its not for the casual dog owner. This is a highly active breed that needs a lot of its owners time and attention, every single day.

    Due to its size and power, its imperative that training is taken seriously, as too is socialization, not to mention daily exercise requirements as well.

    And when it comes to training, you *could* be in for a serious challenge. German shepherds are notoriously obedient and love to be trained. Huskies, on the other hand, love to be stubborn and defiant

    In essence, all of this comes down to having time a lot of time all the time!

    Although this breed can make a wonderful family pet, a lot of time must be put in to get out a well-behaved, friendly and happy dog.

    For those that are looking for a more chilled-out breed that demands less, then this certainly isnt the breed to go for.

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    Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toys:

    If you are looking for an interactive dog toy that will keep your German Shepherd Husky mix busy while youre out of the house, then the Nina Ottoson line of toys is a good choice. All of their toys require dogs to solve puzzles in order to release treats or kibble, which means it can be hours before they get tired of playing with one. They also come in six different difficulty levels so you can adjust them over time as your dog becomes more experienced.

    3. KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Toy:

    The Kong Wobbler is another highly durable treat-dispensing toy that is meant to keep your puppy entertained for long periods of time. It is best for large dogs but can be used with puppies that are at least 6 months old. It holds up to two cups of dry food and the ball will gradually collapse when your dog rolls it around, causing them to paw at it in order to access their food.

    A Husky German Shepherd Mix Sheds Quite Heavily


    All dogs shed, but the amount of fur theyll leave around your house varies from one breed and individual to the next. And unfortunately, with their double coat, both German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies are notoriously heavy shedders.

    So, when you combine both of these breeds into a single dog, youll need to be prepared to deal with the shed hair they create.

    There isnt a lot you can do about this, except to brush your dog regularly , and to use fish oil supplements to keep your dogs coat as healthy as possible.

    Weve discussed these types of supplements before, so check out our definitive guide to the best fish oil supplements for dogs on the market.

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    Of A German Shepherd Dog

    German shepherd: is BIGGER the better?The full adult size of your GSD will depend in large part on the genetic background of its parents. Adult males should range between 24-26 at the shoulder blade, females from 22-24. Males within the standard may weigh anywhere from 75-90 lbs. depending on their bloodlines. Females may weigh anywhere from 55-75 lbs. Although your pup will reach close to adult height by 10-18 months, he will continue to fill out until up to 3 years old.

    Beware of breeders who emphasize oversize, huge, big-boned breeding stock or puppies.

    Bigger is not better in German Shepherds.

    The German Shepherd is not built to have a skeletal and muscular structure of an oversize breed. An inch or so out of standard may be acceptable providing the general line is not consistently out of standard. A responsible breeder will offset an oversize dog by breeding with a line that is a bit smaller in order to maintain the standards as closely as possible.

    32 kg/70 lbs

    Finally, we want to once again address the size of a German Shepherd Dog as an adult as it is listed in a breed standard.Per official SV Breed Standard:

    Vom Geliebten Haus, Image and Text Veronika, 1/18/2020Use without permission is prohibited. Shares are welcome.

    For this article we have used the following sources:*The Breed Standard for the German Shepherd Dog,

    *German Shepherd Growth Chart, The Total German Shepherd,

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    Husky German Shepherd Mix Temperament

    Husky German Shepherd Mix dogs possess traits of both German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies. They are the ultimate dogs!

    They are known for their energy. They get bored and sometimes mischievous when they lack physical and mental stimulation. As mentioned before, this hybrid is also intelligent, loyal, playful, and very trainable. A Husky German Shepherd Mix is an alpha dog and may get somewhat aggressive or do naughty things if its owner is not firm.

    This hybrids pack-leader and bossy behavior will surface given the chance. So, handling this powerful dog can be a real challenge if you dont train and socialize them properly. On the other hand, your dog may inherit the calm and gentle behavior of the Siberian Husky. A Husky German Shepherd Mix with this demeanor can be clingy with their owner.

    This hybrid loves to take part in various activities with you. Some owners let their friends engage in fieldwork, herding, and the likes, but these dogs will also have fun playing outdoors, jogging, walking, and hiking. While the Husky German Shepherd mix is friendly, warming up to other dogs and strangers may take time.

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    How Much Should A Husky Eat A Day

    Male Huskies tend to be larger, so they will need slightly more food than females. We recommend around 2 cups per day for males, split into two meals, and around half a cup less for females. If you have a particularly active and energetic Husky, you may need to increase that amount a bit and then adjust accordingly. 7

    Grooming Requirement Of German Shepherd Husky Mix

    Gerberian Shepsky – German Shepherd Siberian Husky Mix Hybrid Puppy Cubs

    Both German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies have very thick double coats consisting of a coarse top layer and a soft, dense undercoat. While the Gerberian Shepskys coat may be shorter than that of her parent breeds, she still requires regular grooming to keep it in good condition. You should brush your dog at least once per week with a wire slicker brush. In addition, you should bathe your dog as needed usually once or twice a month using a shampoo formulated for dogs. Use a firm bristled brush to remove any tangles from your dogs fur after bathing. Before each brushing session, check your dogs ears carefully for signs of infection such as redness an unpleasant odor coming from them. If you see either, immediately take your dog to the veterinarian.

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    Is The German Shepherd Husky Mix A Good Family Dog

    A German shepherd husky mix can be an excellent choice as a family pet thanks to his friendly and protective personality. They love children and enjoy playing with them which makes them great companions even for younger members of the family.

    With proper training and socialization, your German Shepherd Siberian Husky Mix will behave well with kids! This dog is very adaptable and can live in an apartment or a house. But they do need plenty of exercises, so make sure you have a large yard or take them for walks often.

    The German Shepherd Husky mix is a great dog for people who are looking for a loyal and friendly family pet. They are very versatile and can be good with children and other pets if they are properly trained. However, they do require a lot of exercises, so make sure you are able to provide that before bringing one home.

    Ask To Meet The Parents

    Meeting the parents might be a step that comes down the line when youre dating as a teenager, but it should be among the initial stages when youre adopting a puppy. While asking for the studs blessing is entirely optional, you should meet the puppys parents to assess their health.

    If the breeder doesnt want you to meet the parents of the puppy youre about to buy, the following possibilities might be driving his hesitation.

    • One or more of the parents has health complications at an advanced age, and the breeder doesnt want to disclose the possibility of medical problems down the line.
    • The breeder is charging a premium for non-premium stock. Just by viewing the parents and monitoring their behavior for a while can be a good indicator of this.

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    Training Guide For Rottweiler Shepherd

    The Rottweiler Shepherd is a popular crossbreed that is known for being both loyal and protective. As with any crossbreed, its important to train them properly so they can become well-adjusted members of your family. This guide will help you get started.

    Training your Rottweiler and German Shepherd Mix can be a bit tricky, as each breed has its unique personality and set of behaviors. Its important to start training early and to be consistent with your commands.

    One of the most important things to remember is that you must always be the pack leader. This means being in control of everything your dog does, from when they eat to when they go outside. If you allow your dog to be in control, it will become dominant and difficult to train.

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    Grooming The German Shepherd Husky Mix

    Stud Dog

    The German Shepherd Husky mix has a thick double coat, which it inherits from both the Siberian Husky and German Shepherd.

    This crossbreeds beautiful coat needs regular maintenance especially since he is a heavy shedder.

    Brushing two to three times weekly will keep your puppys coat shiny, soft, and free from tangles. Regular brushing also helps keep shedding under control and removes dead hair from the coat.

    Summertime is when Husky Shepherds shed the most. Daily brushing should do the trick, although be ready to do your fair share of vacuuming once the grooming is done.

    These crossbreeds enjoy the water very much so bathing shouldnt be a problem. Bathe your dog only when it is necessary so he wont be stripped of the natural oils in his coat.

    Ear inspection and cleaning should be done once a week. Use a damp cloth to remove heavy wax build-up on your canines ears. His eyes should also be examined. If there is any gunk in the corners of your dogs eyes, consult your vet at once.

    Nails should be clipped once a month to avoid serious paw pain with your puppy. Have your poochs nails trimmed by a professional groomer if youre not comfortable doing it yourself.

    Brush your dogs teeth once daily. Watch out for signs of plaque build-up. Bones, dry kibble, and chew toys will also help in keeping your pups teeth clean.

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    German Shepherd Husky Mix Temperament

    Is the German Shepherd Husky good for families?

    The German Shepherd is known to be a formidable family dog while the Husky can be quite reserved.

    Huskies are used to living and working in a pack and can be very sociable animals while Shepherds develops a deep bond with their owner.

    Although pairing these two breeds can produce great family dogs, there are other large dog breeds that are even suitable for apartment living out there that are very patient with children and also perfect for guarding them or your property.

    The Athlete Within: Energy Levels Of The Gerberian Shepsky

    The Gerberian Shepsky is an energetic dog full of excitement and a need to play and move their athletic bodies!

    Consider the high-energy levels of the GSD mixed with the athleticism of the Siberian Husky and you have a dog willing and ready for a full days of work with an equally strong drive to complete a variety of jobs and tasks.

    Its best to find a job for the Gerberian Shepsky to give them a purpose and keep their behaviors in check. If youre more of a lazy homebody, this isnt the dog for you.

    However, if you prefer long hikes, swimming outdoors, and fun adventures then youll have a happy and fit companion to keep you company. Your Gerberian Shepsky is an athlete and needs plenty of time and space to keep them healthy and give them a chance to burn their energy.

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    Breed Profile: Shepherd Husky Mix

    The Shepherd Husky is a mix of two breeds: The German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. Most Shepherd Husky owners consider this breed to be the best of both worlds.Physical Traits

    Size & Weight: Large. Shepherd Huskies range from 20 to 26 inches tall at the shoulder. Their weight also varies, but usually falls within the 35-75 pound range.

    Coat & Color: Very thick coated dogs! Their outer coat is coarse and their undercoat is thick, plush-like, and like their Husky-half, have the ability to thrive in cooler weather. They also come in a variety of colors. Black, black and white, or black and tan. Their coats tend to shed constantly and will need to be groomed on a regular basis.

    Other: While most Shepherd Huskies have brown eyes or blue eyes, some have one of each!

    Also, the most decorated war dog of World War II, Chips, was a Shepherd Husky!

    Life Expectancy: 10-13 years


    Shepherd Huskies are diligent working dogs who are eager to please. Shepherd Huskies are highly intelligent and they adapt quickly to just about any situation. Equally good as a service dog or a family pet.


    • Highly intelligent and fairly easy to train if the Shepard side is dominant, if Husky is prevailing dig in, youll have your work cut-out for you.
    • Highly courageous. Makes for a great watch/guard dog.
    • People person. These dogs, unless trained otherwise, get along with most peopleincluding childrenthat they meet!


    Husky And German Shepherd Mix Personalities

    German Shepherd x Husky Mix (Gerberian Shepsky): The Complete Breed Info

    You wont be disappointed if you bring home a new Husky and German Shepherd Mix puppy. These dogs are:

    • Good guard dogs. They inherited this characteristic from their parents. But they can be excessive barkers.
    • Intelligent. Compared to some other breeds, they learn things quickly because of their higher cognitive abilities.
    • Loyal. They will always put you first before themselves.
    • Affectionate. They are well-loved because they are affectionate. Be prepared to pet them all day long.
    • Friendly. These dogs mix well with other pets and with people. They are trusting.
    • Dignified. These dogs may be naughty at times, but they are very dignified.
    • Active and powerful. They are energetic and need regular training and exercise. They need at least one walk every day.

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    Things To Know Before Getting A German Shepherd Husky Mix

    This post may contain affiliate links. Read more here.

    Does the German Shepherd Husky Mix or Shepsky have the potential to be your next dog?

    The thought behind crossing these breeds may spring from good intentions, but Ill dive deeper into the pros and cons of such a mix.

    As the name suggests, the German Shepherd originates from Germany and is a breed that is deeply interwoven with the German culture.

    Its popularity has spread worldwide which is not a surprise considering their desirable traits and talents.

    The Siberian Husky is a favorite all around the world, whether as a sled dog or as a fluffy companion.

    Their thick double coat developed over the course of hundreds of years while facing the sub-zero temperatures in Siberia.

    There definitely are a couple of things you have to think about before bringing a German Shepherd Husky mix puppy into your home.

    The differences between these breeds range from temperament to how they behave with your family as well as trainability.

    Furthermore, theres absolutely no advantage to getting a crossbreed from a breeder.

    Combining two breeds is genetic gambling and youre better off with buying either one of these breeds which also limits possible health issues.

    This post is for those wanting to inform themselves about the poor souls that are currently sitting in shelters because somebody thought itd be awesome to have one of these designer dogs.

    Well look into the following points:

  • Trainability
  • Cost of German Shepherd Husky pup
  • Diet

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