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German Shepherd Husky Mix Training

How Do You Train Out A Stubborn Behavior

German Shepherd Husky Mix | Ice | Off Leash K9 Training London

Make the commands you train this dog easy and short remember, dogs dont have the same thinking capabilities as humans. So, the pieces of training you may think are easy for your dog could be the other way round.

So you also need to check your dogs body language. Does it look comfortable?

Also, dogs have short concentration spans. With that, spend little time on one command Dont let the training of a specific command take over 15 minutes, or else the dog becomes bored.

Remove a reward This a way of disciplining a dog, showing that you dislike what its displaying.

Traits Of The German Shepherd And Siberian Husky

Before hearing about some tips on training your Gerberian shepsky, its best to know about each of the two breeds that will comprise their traits and personality, the German shepherd and the Siberian husky.

As a puppy, there is no way of knowing if your puppy will have inherited more traits from one or the other.

They will inherit traits from each one but one breed will always be more dominant. Below are the temperaments and personalities of both breeds.

Tips On Grooming Care Why You Shouldnt Shave A German Shepherd Husky Mix

Your German Shepherd Husky dogs coat type could vary, but its important not to over-bathe or shave this type of dog.

Both German Shepherds and Huskies are known for their dense, double coats. They are also both shedding dogs that shed year-round, and shed heaviest during shedding season in spring and fall.

For this reason, its safe to bet your German Shepherd Husky Mix is going to be a heavy shedder and will not be an ideal dog for homes of those who suffer from allergies. That said, his double coat is weather resistant and is self cleaning, making grooming relatively simple.

Still, you should prepare for lots of loose hair around your home and on both you and your furniture. You can help combat this by ensuring you brush your German Shepherd Husky mix on a routine basis using the proper deshedding tools.

Brushing should be done a few times a week, however during shedding season you may find that you need to brush your German Shepherd Husky mix once a day.

The German Shepherd Husky mix does not need to be bathed very often, and does well with a bath once every six weeks unless he gets especially dirty in between those times.

Its also important to note that, while the German Shepherd Husky does have a dense double coat, its best not to try and shave his coat. Shaving a double-coated dog, even in an effort to help them stay cool during warmer months, can actually have an adverse effect on their health.

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Are German Shepherd Husky Mixes Good With Kids

Their friendly dispositions and unswerving loyalty are likely to make German Shepherd Husky mix dogs a happy fit with older children and teens.

But they will need lots of socialization when young to avoid the potential guarding issues German Shepherds can have.

Can you make the commitment to raising a Husky German Shepherd?

To put in the time and effort needed? If so, your reward will be a truly great friend.

German Shepherd Mixed With Husky Health Issues & Concerns


Generally, hybrids are healthier compared to purebred dogs. This is because new genes are introduced to the existing pool, strengthening and widening it. However, even a hybrid dog like a German Shepherd mixed with Husky can inherit health conditions from one of their parents. This hybrid lives between 10 to 13 years, and during this lifespan, they can develop different health issues.

Lets check out some of the health problems of a Husky German Shepherd Mix. These include:

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German Shepherd Husky Mix Exercise Requirements

German shepherd husky mixes love to exercise. They need at least one hour of exercise per day, but two or more hours is ideal.

A spacious and open backyard can help one get the exercise it needs.

However, having a yard isnt enough to fully meet the their exercise needs. They need interactive runs and games in order to properly use up all their pent-up energy.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Husky Mix

The husky life expectancy is a medium-sized, 12 to 15 year old breed. They have the shortest Small Dog Life Expectancy at 8 10 years due in part by their high energy levels and prone nature towards injury which causes them many health problems early on like hips dysplasia or elbow disorders but these can be tested for when buying a puppy from reputable breeder whose dogs may carry one gene mutation known as sound.

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What Is The History Of German Shepherd Husky Mix

Gerberian Husky hybrids are a popular designer breed thats been gaining momentum in recent years. The fact is unknown when the first accidental litter of this gentle, loyal dog/wolf mix was born and now theyre finding their way into homes across the world!

The Shepsky dog is a cross between two popular breeds, German Shepherd and Siberian Husky. The designer hybrid was created in the late 1990s by breeders who wanted to create something powerful but also intelligent enough to work outdoors with limited visibility during winter months when temperatures can reach below freezing levels! This unique mix has been growing increasingly rare as demand decreases due to its mixed origins there are currently no recognized organizations that provide resources on how you could get involved if you are interested in adopting one.

Herding dogs were being bred in Germany throughout the 19th century by people like Max von Stephanitz who wanted to create better working animals due out on their own countrys weather conditions there was not much formal recognition until 1899 when one pup became register as what we know today.

German Shepherds are often mischaracterized as aggressive and likely to harm humans, but this is largely due to their popularity as pets. The number one breed for canine attacks on people? Thats right: GSDs! However, it should be noted that these dogs were bred in Germany over centuries by farmers who needed hardworking companions with strong senses of loyalty.

German Shepherd Husky Looks & Aesthetics

Best Dog Training Toledo, Ohio! 1 Year Old German Shepherd/Husky Mix, Apollo!

As mentioned, a German Shepherd Husky can have any combination of the physical characteristics of their parents. This striking creature has a medium to long head and a strong, somewhat pointy muzzle. A German Shepherd Husky has pointy triangular ears and a set of alert almond-shaped eyes. Its not unusual for this mixed breed dog to have two different colored eyes. The puppies of these parent breeds are well-built, energetic, and athletic.

German Shepherd Husky mixes are super fluffy and their beautiful coat contributes to their attractive appearance. Like German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies, this designer dog has a double coat. It has a tough top coat and an insulating layer of undercoat that is made up of short hair. The undercoat protects and keeps the dogs warm in cold regions. Some of their undercoat will shed during the months of summer, keeping them nice and cool during the hotter weather. All in all, the coat of German Shepherd Husky mixes is not only beautiful, but functional as well.

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German Shepherd And Husky Mix Color

Like its height and weight, the color of the German Shepherd and Husky Mix will be a combination of the color of its parents. The most common color combinations are brown-black and white-black. Youll see many other different colors, including the following: red, white, cream, blue, gray, golden brown, and light brown. The color of you German Shepherd and Husky Mix is simply a product of genetics.

How Big Does A German Shepherd Husky Mix Get

You can expect your male German Shepherd Husky mix to be 22-25 in with a weight of 50-80 lbs .

Female German Shepherd Husky mixes range from 20-24 in , weighing in at 40-70 lbs .

The breed standard for the German Shepherd mentions the following:

Male Height: 24-26 inches | Weight: 66-88 lbs

Female Height: 22-24 in | Weight: 49-71 lbs

And here are the regular sizes and weights for Huskies:

Male Height: 2123 1/2 in | Weight: 45-60 lbs

Female Height: 2022 in | Weight: 35-50 lbs

The difference between these two dog breeds is not huge.

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Reward Your Puppys Good Behavior

If you, like me, are an advocate of positive reward-based training, you know that it is the best way to train a Husky German Shepherd mix.

A recent study confirmed that training your puppy with positive reinforcement is more effective in targeting specific dog behavior and general obedience training. Besides, positive reinforcement promotes overall dog welfare and increases the quality of the owner-dog relationship.

Using positive reward-based training with your puppy recognizes that dogs are capable of experiencing emotions, such as pleasure and suffering. This is known as animal sentience.

Your friendly Gerberian Shepsky will appreciate a reward for good behavior. So, capitalize on positive reinforcement by praising your puppy when they obey commands, go to the bathroom at prescribed spots, or stop a behavior when you command it.

Its crucial to reward behavior as soon as it is accomplished so your Shepsky pup can associate reward and behavior, creating a greater probability that your puppy will repeat and consequently learn the behavior.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Health And Life Expectancy

The German Shepherd Husky Mix: An In

Because hes a hybrid, the German Shepherd Husky can be susceptible to any of the same health issues as his purebred parents.

Because the German Shepherd Husky mix is a crossbreed, there is a chance that he will be healthier than his purebred parents. This is due to his widened gene pool. However, and as we mentioned above, its still possible for your German Shepherd Husky mix to develop any of the same genetic health issues as his purebred parent breeds, especially if you obtain him through an irresponsible source.

Lifestyle will also play a role in your German Shepherd Huskys health, so its important to have a good idea of what he can be susceptible to so you can work on preventative care.

The average lifespan of a German Shepherd Husky Mix is around 10 to 13 years. During this time, he can be susceptible to the following health issues:

  • And Atopic Dermatitis

You can work to prevent certain health issues by ensuring your German Shepherd Husky mix is on a quality dog food specified for his age, weight and activity level. Its also important to keep up with proper grooming and exercise routines.

We further recommend you keep up with routine vet visits. Most veterinarians suggest that you bring your German Shepherd Husky mix in at least once a year until he reaches seven years old, at which point he should be seen twice a year.

For now, lets take a look at whether or not the German Shepherd Husky Mix really is the best dog for you and your family.

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German Shepherd Husky Mix Personality And Temperament

They are affectionate, loving dogs that are always alert and fiercely loyal to their owners and family.

They will try to protect their owner and family from anything, making this breed a perfect guard dog.

They are also highly intelligent and learn quickly and willingly, making them easy to train as puppies.

However, these dogs need a lot of attention and exercise, or they become bored and develop negative habits such as howling or excessive chewing.

German Shepherd Husky Mixes And Families

German Shepherd Husky Mixes can be good with children and with other pets if theyre well-socialized and well-trained from an early age. However, it has a predatory nature, and without proper socialization or training, it might get inro trouble with rodent-type pets or even cats.

They can also be extremely overprotective of children and other members of the family. If they feel that the humans they love are in danger, they may attack strangers, so watch them for this kind of behavior. We all know that every dog is unique, so you must socialize them correctly to prevent any untoward incidents.

Known to be intelligent and extremely loyal, the German Shepherd Husky Mix is a fun loving, sweet, and pleasant dog. It is great service or companion dog for the family. However, this dog isnt suitable for families who dont live in spacious home, dont have active lifestyle, or cant take the dog out for a walk at least once daily.

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German Shepherd Husky Mix The Aggression Of Gerberian Shepsky:

Siberian Huskies are very friendly, they will even greet strangers as a family member, there might be some breeds that are not very friendly, but these dogs are naturally very loving. However, German Shepherds are more reserved when it comes to strangers. Your hybrid dog needs to socialize more to shed the aggression of the Shepherd and the quiet behavior of the Husky. Like all dogs, Gerberian Shepsky also needs the right training.

What About Dog Food

German Shepherd x Husky Mix (Gerberian Shepsky): The Complete Breed Info

The first 5 ingredients listed on a dog food label are required to be listed in order of their pre-cooked weight. So the first 5 ingredients in dog food are the most important and should never include: Corn, Wheat, Gluten, Artificial Colors or Byproducts

“When evaluating any dog food youre always looking for a high quality, digestible meat-based protein as close to the top of the list as possible. So, if you havent found quality protein in those first few ingredients whatever the number its game over for that dog food.” Dog Food Advisor

The best way to choose a food for your new puppy is to read the ingredients on the dog food label and discuss the food with your breeder.

  • Protein should be the top ingredient in any dog food.Good protein comes from meat ingredients, but not just any meat ingredients. Good dog foods have specific meat sources, like beef, chicken or turkey, eggs & cheese. Bad protein ingredients include byproducts, like “chicken byproduct meal,” or mystery meats, like “meat meal,” which can include road kill, diseased animals from slaughterhouses and even euthanized dogs and cats.

  • AVOID foods that rely on corn products as the main protein source.

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Summary: Facts & Figures

We hope youve enjoyed this comprehensive guide to the increasingly popular German Shepherd Husky Mix. We’ve included some summary facts and stats below to help you make your decision. Do you think this gorgeous, regal looking dog is right for your family? Hes incredibly intelligent, fiercely loyal and protective. Yet, cuddly, friendly, and adorable! Hes adventurous and the perfect partner in exercise. So what do you think?


Appearance Of Gsd Husky Rottie Mix

Your mix can have various appearances, but most of the time you will notice the strong characteristics of the husky first.

A GSD Husky Rottie has a hint of a wedge shape to the head that is smaller and more refined than the Rottie. Its face will appear broad around the eyes and have prominent cheekbones.

The jaw will look heavier than you would expect for a purebred Husky. The muzzle is slightly shorter than the Shepherd and broader and stronger than the Husky.

The ears are usually medium-sized and upright, although they can sometimes be semi-prick. It is common for them to veer to the sides in a relaxed dog, just like a husky.

This mixs eyes are almond-shaped and set at a slightly oblique angle. They are often blue or a mixture of blue and brown.

All parent breeds have thick strong necks, well-built shoulders at a 90-degree angle from the humerus, and sturdy limbs. The mix will have all these qualities but appear more muscular and heavier than a Siberian husky.

Huskies are the most compact of the group, but all of the contributing breeds are slightly longer than they are tall. You will notice this rectangular silhouette in your hybrid.

Most likely, her topline will be level, and she will have powerful hindquarters with moderate angulation through the hocks and stifles.

Your dogs feet will be compact with arched toes.


Your pet will have a thick double coat. The outer coat can be short, medium, or medium-long and will be straight or wavy and hard to the touch.


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German Shepherd Husky Mix History

No one really knows exactly when the first German Shepherd Husky Mix litter was born.

And, in all reality, the pairing probably wasnt intentional. But, at any rate, it has become extremely popular in the 21st century.

The parent breeds, on the other hand, both have well-documented origin stories. The German Shepherd was first bred in Germany in1899. The Siberian Husky goes back at least 3000 years, only coming to America in 1900.

How To Get The Best Temperament

How To Train A German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy

So, whilst the physical appearance of a Husky German Shepherd is relatively predictable, their temperament can be far more variable.

Since the grown up temperament is hard to judge in a German Shepherd Husky mix puppy, its especially important to meet both of your puppys parents before you commit.

Remind yourself that your puppy could inherit any of the personality traits of either parent. Then ask yourself if youd be happy having either of the parents at home.

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Be Your Gerberian Shepsky Pack Leader

Being a dogs pack leader is often given a negative connotation, especially when the term alpha is used. Here, however, we intend it in the positive sense of being your dogs point of reference.

Depending on how much of the pack gene your Shepsky puppy inherits from the Siberian Husky, youll need to be the reliable reference to which your puppy can turn.

For example, making your Shepsky puppy understand that theres a schedule for meal times and that you control the schedule is a way of being a pack leader without making your pup feel repressed.


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