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Ear Drops For German Shepherd

Will Benadryl Help My Dogs Ear Infection

Cleaning My German Shepherd Dog’s Ears | How to

There is no definitive answer to this question as the effectiveness of benadryl for dogs ear infection will vary depending on the individual dogs individual health and ear infection situation. However, some owners have reported that benadryl can help to relieve symptoms of canine ear infections, and can even be effective in treating other types of ear infections.

How Do I Cure German Shepherd Ear Problems

Unless your vet deems the problem severe enough to warrant surgery, German Shepherd itchy ears may require simple, non-invasive treatments that can be performed or even made at home. Take note of the following when figuring out what to do about your German Shepherd ear infection.

How To Treat A Dog Ear Infection Without Vet Help

First, a word about topical dog ear infection treatment. As youll see later, over-cleaning your dogs ears can lead to ear infections. So its best not to put anything in your dogs ears even if she has an ear infection. If that happens, you know its a sign of deeper issues so getting to the root of the problem is key.

But sometimes ear infections are just too uncomfortable for your dog and you need get her comfortable while you work on the root cause.

Topical ReliefThese are some soothing remedies you can use to provide relief. Theyll soothe the itching and discomfort. Then there are other steps to follow if you want to control your dogs ear infections long-term.

Green TeaBoil 8 oz of water and add two green tea bags. Let the tea steep for a few minutes and cool to lukewarm temperature. Sponge or syringe some of the solution into the ear canal.

Calendula TinctureCalendula can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. It also has antimicrobial properties to help prevent infection. To use calendula, buy herbal calendula in tincture form.Add 5 to 10 drops of calendula tincture to 1 cup of lukewarm filtered water. Then use a dropper or sponge to place some into the ears.

Grapefruit Seed ExtractGrapefruit seed extract is a powerful natural antioxidant. Its also antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. To use it topically, mix 10 drops of GSE with ½ oz of pure aloe vera juice. Use it to clean the ears.

To use it internally, add 3 to 5 drops of GSE to your dogs food.

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Tips For Cleaning Your German Shepherds Ears

Whether your dog sits still or moves a lot while you clean its ears, following these tips will ensure you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

  • Inspect your German Shepherds ears before proceeding to clean them. If they are clean , then you can hold off for a few days. Monitor your dogs ears to see when they need cleaning. If your dogs ears appear red or swollen/inflamed, you will want to hold off on cleaning their ears and take them to a vet.
  • If your dogs ears are just a bit dirty and in need of cleaning, find a comfortable place to do this outside. You might want to get the help of someone for this process, especially if you havent cleaned your pets ears before and dont know how they will react.
  • When youre ready to begin, gently lift your German Shepherds ear so it is upright and their ear canal is exposed. Release a few drops of your homemade ear cleaner into your dogs ear canal. Using your fingers, you can apply a bit more around the base of your pets ears. Try and keep your dog, still and as calm as possible during this process.
  • Using a cotton swab, clean the dirt and any remaining ear cleaning residue from your dogs ear. Your German Shepherds ears will dry quickly.
  • This process should be repeated for each ear. When youre done, you might want to reward your dog with a treat. This will help you in the future as your dog will become more used to having their ears cleaned especially when they know theres a treat waiting for them.

How Do I Clean My German Shepherds Ears

5 Grooming tips for a German Shepherd

There is no one definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific dogs ear problem and how it was caused. However, some general tips to help clean your German shepherds ears include:-Wash their ears regularly with soap and water, using a gentle, circular motion-Use a dry ear cleaner to remove any built-up wax or dirt-Swish a light, warm water rinse over their ears and nose before bed

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Why Are My German Shepherds Ears Floppy

Why your German Shepherds ears are floppy could depend on a few things have they always been floppy, or have they suddenly flopped? Are they both floppy or is only one of them drooping whilst the other stands up normally?

To start off, lets explore some of the most common reasons for floppy ears during puppyhood in German Shepherds.

Proper Diet & Nutrition:

Cheap, commercial food could be the culprit if your puppys ears refuse to stand. Make sure youre feeding high-quality dog food.

Its worth noting that some people recommend using supplements for your puppies to help with their ears. However, this isnt necessarily a good idea.

For example, many people think calcium will boost those ears but it can also have a negative effect on your pups joints and bones, causing permanent skeletal problems. Its just not worth the risk!

Stick to a high-quality, natural diet instead. Some ideas for foods that may help boost your pups ears include cottage cheese, yogurt, and chicken feet. Cottage cheese and yogurt both have plenty of calcium , and chicken feet are a natural source of glucosamine, which helps strengthen cartilage.

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Can A Dogs Ears Affect Their Temperament

No, the shape of a dogs ears does not affect their temperament. It is well-known that some genetic physical traits can marginally affect a dogs personality. For example, long-haired German Shepherds are generally known to be sweeter in temperament than short-haired ones and black German Shepherds are said to have an edge over other colors of the breed.

However, there is nothing to suggest that ear size, shape, or type affects a dogs personality in any way and nothing shapes a dogs temperament more than the way that they are treated by humans.

That said, different ear shapes in dogs does tend to reflect their original working purpose. For example, the Spaniel, a gun dog, has floppy ears that gather and hold scent particles. This helped them track down what they were looking for much faster back in the day.

German Shepherds, on the other hand, along with other wolf-like breeds, such as the Siberian Husky, have pricked, pointed ears. This is thought to aid their hearing during guard work, keep their body temperature under control during strenuous hunts, and give them an alert look to ward off predators.

How Can I Treat My German Shepherd Ear Bleeding

How to apply moleskin padding to a German shepherd’s ear

German Shepherd ear surgery is typically what will need to happen to properly cure and get rid of GSD ear hematomas. To drain out the fluid, your vet will need to make an incision in your GSDs ears, then tack them down afterward to ensure they heal properly. This type of German Shepherd ear surgery is typically done with your GSD under anesthesia.

If the underlying cause of the hematoma is German Shepherd ear allergies, your vet may need to prescribe a certain diet regimen and have your GSD undergo allergy tests to accurately pinpoint the cause of the hematoma.

On the other hand, your vet may need to start cleaning your German Shepherd ears if the ear hematoma is caused by ear mites. A German Shepherd ear cleaning solution will need to be used to fully rid your GSDs ears of the mites and will typically need a follow-up treatment of topical ointments for a short time afterward.

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German Shepherd Ears The Complete Guide 2022

Highly intelligent, easy to train, and obedient, German Shepherds are well-known for their erect ears and attentive expression. Since this breed is known for its pointy-eared appearance, many owners end up surprised when they bring a floppy-eared German Shepherd puppy home.

So, do German Shepherd ears stand up naturally? All German Shepherds are born with floppy ears. Their ears can stand up anywhere from eight weeks to eight months of age. Most German Shepherd get pointy ears when they finish teething. However, if a dogs ears dont stand up by nine months, they most likely never will.

But theres nothing to worry about if your dogs ears havent perked up just yet. Stay with us till the end of this article to find more about German Shepherd ears and what can you do to help them stand up.

Beauceron Vs German Shepherd: Size

German Shepherds are the smaller of the two, standing at 22-26 inches tall and weighing 50-90 pounds. Beaucerons are 24-27.5 inches tall and weigh 70-110 pounds. In both breeds, the females tend to be smaller than the males.

When deciding on the size of dog to adopt, there are a few factors to consider. These include expenses, handleability, and guarding abilities. These dogs dont vary too much in size, but you still might find that lighter dogs cost less at the veterinarian. This is because they need lower doses of medication than heavier dogs.

Heavier dogs also eat more, and you likely will see a difference in your food bill between these breeds. When it comes to handleability, 20 pounds can make a big difference for most people! Think about managing the dog on a leash and also what youll do if they get injured or ill and need to be transported to the veterinarian. Especially in old age, many dogs need help getting around.

Lastly, both of these are guarding breeds. When looking for a guard dog, those who are larger are more intimidating to potential intruders. Of course, they also have more strength to fight off a threat when necessary.

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Ear Training For German Shepherd Dog Puppies Some Approaches


Get some Dr. Scholls type shoe inserts designed to give comfort if you have bad shoes or bunions. Use a scissors to cut a roughly-triangular shape that will fit inside the ear. At the wider base of this flat triangle, cut a small inverted narrow V shape out so youll be able to bend the form into a curve. Fit it in the ear so that it is well down close to the canal and still is long enough to support most of the ear leather. Do not take the backing off the adhesive-coated form until you have cleaned the ear. Clean the wax & dirt from the ears well with alcohol , and cut the hair with the trimmer part of your electric shaver. Peel the release plastic off the cut piece, fit it well down into the ear shell, and press it with fingers to get a good full-surface adhesion. Distract the puppy with toys, food, etc. so he doesnt think of this funny thing in his ear. It will probably do its training job before it gets loose, but check every couple of days to make sure theres no excessive redness .



The accompanying picture shows two types of ear forms, one in each ear. To find more illustrations and answers for almost every other dog question you have, get my big book, The Total German Shepherd Dog , available direct from me: Fred Lanting Mr.GSD @netscape.com or Mr.GSD @juno.com or search the web for my name/articles.

German Shepherd Ear Health

Pfizer Otirel Ear Drop

Like all other purebred dogs, German Shepherds are prone to certain genetic health problems. This breed doesnt suffer from any inherited ear problems, however German Shepherds that have allergies can experience recurring ear infections.

If this is the case, the most important thing is to discover the allergen and limit your dogs exposure to it. By doing so, you will also minimize the chance of painful ear infections.

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How Is Otitis Interna Treated

Otitis interna is a very serious condition. If your dog is unable to eat or drink normally due to nausea or disorientation, then hospitalization for intravenous fluid therapy is generally warranted. Nausea must be controlled and dehydration avoided. It may also be necessary to sedate or anesthetize your dog in order to adequately see the ear tissues, take samples for bacterial culture, and appropriately clean the ear.

Treatment of the underlying infection is very important, and your veterinarian will prescribe the appropriate medications. Medications will be administered directly in the ear and orally. Antibiotics will be used for a bacterial infection for 6-8 weeks minimum. If the infection is fungal in nature, an anti-fungal medication will be prescribed. Whatever medications are chosen, it is critical that they be given precisely as prescribed.

“If your dog has an altered balance, restrict his activity during treatment to prevent falling injuries.”

If your dog has an altered balance, restrict his activity during treatment to prevent falling injuries. These dogs should not have access to stairs as they may take a tumble. You may also need to hand feed your dog temporarily – reaching down into a dish may stimulate nausea.

Natural Remedies For Dog Ear Infection Treatment

Does your dog have itchy, gunky, smelly or even painful ears that dont seem to get better? Youre not alone. Dog ear infections are one of the main reasons people take their dogs to the vet.

But there are safe and effective natural remedies for dog ear infection treatment. Heres how to manage dog ear infections.

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How To Properly Clean Your Gsds Ears

German Shepherds are known for their large and erect ears. This trait is advantageous for them as their hearing is keener as well as their ears get more air circulation. This means that their ear canals stay relatively dryer, and are less prone to infection.

However, it is still important that you regularly and properly clean your GSDs ears to remove any wax or buildup. Choose quality ear cleaning solution. You can avail such solutions at pet stores. You may ask for you vets advice about which product is best. Then, mask sure you wash your hands thoroughly to prevent any bacteria from being transferred into your dogs ears.

Hold your buddys head still by gently. Wrap your arm around his neck. Put a few drops of the ear cleaner into the ear canal. After cleaning both ears, gently message the ear of your pal for a few seconds. Your GSD will likely to shake his head to remove any excess solution from his ear.

Remember, never insert the swab down into his ear canal. The buildup will be visible as the cleaning solution and the dog shaking his head will bring it up to the surface. Lastly, wipe your GSDs ears with mineral oil. Dampen a cotton ball with oil and gently remove exposed wax or buildup using the cotton ball.

Ear Mites In Dogs Faqs

Pretending to Bite My German Shepherd by the Ear
  • My dog has been scratching his ears. Does he have ear mites?

Ear mites are common, especially in young dogs, but there are many other causes of itchy ears in dogs. You should consult with your vet to confirm the diagnosis.

  • What should I do if I think my dog has ear mites?

You should consult with your vet to confirm the diagnosis and discuss treatment options.

  • Can dogs get ear mites from other dogs?

Yes. Ear mites can be transmitted from one puppy or dog to another while playing.

  • Can a dog get ear mites from a cat?

Yes. Cats can get ear mites that can be transmitted to dogs and vice versa.

  • How long to get rid of ear mites?

A single dose of NexGard® or NexGard SPECTRA® is highly effective at treating ear mites in puppies and dogs. If the ear irritation persists, its best to consult with your vet.

  • Are ear mites painful for dogs?

Ear mites can result in irritation of the ears and secondary ear infections. Dogs will often scratch at their ears which can leave them red and painful.

  • Can a dog have ear mites in only one ear?

Ear mites will generally infest both ears, although one ear may be more severely affected that the other.

  • Can puppies get ear mites?

Ear mites are common in puppies. Consult with your vet if you are concerned.

  • Do ear mites smell?

Ear mites themselves dont smell, but they can cause a smelly discharge to form within your dogs ears.

  • How do I prevent ear mites in dogs?

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Prepare Everything You Need

The next step is to prepare everything you need to clean their ears properly. Here are the main things youre going to need when cleaning your dogs ears.

Ear Cleaner

Getting a good ear cleaner is essential to keeping your dogs ears clean and free from infection. If you just try to clean them with regular water, then youll end up creating a warm moist atmosphere for bacteria to grow in.

When picking an ear cleaner you should aim to use a vet-approved one.

Cotton Balls

Cotton balls and swabs are great for cleaning around your dogs ears. However, remember, you should NEVER insert anything into your dogs ears. If you do, it could end up getting lodged. This can cause permanent damage, and will definitely cost you an expensive trip to the vets.


These may not be necessary, but if your german shepherd has a lot of hair in his ears, then you may need to pluck some out. And dont worry, german shepherds barely seem to notice when you pluck hairs out of their ears.

But if they do seem uncomfortable, then stop plucking straight away.

Lots Of Treats

If your german shepherd hates any form of medication then youll probably need to have some treats handy. Without treats, youre going to have a much harder time getting them to sit still.


A Towel

The moment youre done with the treatment your german shepherd will probably want to shake his head everywhere to get the medication out. This often means that the formula will end up flying out.

A Helper


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