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Dog Food For German Shepherds With Sensitive Stomachs

Eliminate Extra Food Items

Best Dog Foods For German Shepherds

Not all dogs are walking garbage disposals. Some dogs, just like some people, suffer from sensitive stomachs that are easily irritated or upset. This can be challenging for owners struggling to find a way to make their dogs more comfortable at mealtimes. One possible cause of your dogs sensitive stomach is his diet. Sometimes, finding the best food for dogs with sensitive stomachs can reduce your dogs symptoms and get his GI tract back on track.

Finding out if your dogs food is the issue is easy, although it might require some willpower on your part. Start by eliminating any extra food items from his diet. This includes table scraps, treats, and anything else your dog might enjoy nibbling on throughout the day. You should also check to see if your dog is sneaking into the trash, litter box, or any other forbidden treasure trove of things that make dogs sick. Not only will this help his stomach, it could also save him from a trip to the veterinary emergency room. If your dogs stomach is still upset after a few days without treats and scraps, and you are positive that he is not breaking into the trash while you are away, then it is time to examine the food itself.

Food Intolerances In German Shepherds

The digestive sensitivity that your German Shepherd exhibits may be caused by food intolerance.

Non tolerance of Foods is common in dogs, and this is especially true of German Shepherds.

In fact, German Shepherds, in particular, are predisposed to both food allergies/intolerance and skin allergies.

Allergies cause hives, ear infections, itching, and hair loss. Intolerance is more likely to produce intestinal issues like vomiting, diarrhea, and a generally upset stomach. Basically, intolerance is similar to when you experience bloating, gas, and diarrhea after eating a spicy meal.

There are lots of ingredients that can cause intolerance issues. Wheat, chicken, lamb, eggs, soy, beef, fish, and diary are a few of the common culprits.

Since there are lots of reasons why your German Shepherd may be experiencing a gastrointestinal issue or sensitive stomach, its extremely, it is extremely important to work with your veterinarian to determine the cause of the issue.

Many times, it requires a combination of medicine and diet to ensure that your canine remains as happy, pain free, and healthy as possible.

Managing Their Feeding And Switching Their Food

First thing first, fast them for 12 to 24 hours to allow for their digestive system to rest and reset then:

  • Switch to a limited-ingredient diet that contains very few ingredients and a single protein or
  • Introduce bland food to minimize gastrointestinal distress. Bland foods are easy to digest and soothing to the stomach. They include boiled lean meat such as chicken breast, hamburger, or ground turkey and starch such as white rice or sweet potato.
  • Divide their meals into small portions that wont overwhelm their digestion

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What Causes A Sensitive Stomach And Diarrhea In German Shepherds

You might not always know what causes stomach sickness in your GSD.

There are multiple causes why German Shepherds can have diarrhea. This could range from eating something they should not to a sudden change of food.

If you are inclined to change your dogs food, remember to do it gradually over at least a seven to ten-day period. You can do the food switch by mixing a small amount of the new food with the original food. As each day passes continue to add more of the new food while including less of the original diet.

If at any point your German Shepherd gets upset to the stomach or has diarrhea, stop the new diet and let them have a few days of rest on their original normal diet before trying with the introduction of the new food again.

What To Look For In A High

Best Dog Food for German Shepherds: 8 Vet Recommended Brands

Before discussing the specific characteristics that are desirable in a German shepherd food, it is important to outline some of the ingredients and traits that characterize all high-quality dog foods and are desirable when selecting a food for any breed.

Select dog foods made in the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, as dog food made in these countries are usually subject to stricter dog food safety protocols than those made in other places. By purchasing foods from these western countries, youre less likely to see it show up on a recall list or make your dog ill.

Look for a high-quality protein as the first listed ingredient. A few high-quality dog foods list a carbohydrate as the first ingredient, but most of the best dog foods for German shepherds feature a whole-protein source first.

Its always a good idea to avoid dog food with unnecessary and potentially harmful additives, such as artificial colors and flavors, but it is especially important to avoid feeding such foods to breeds prone to food allergies and intolerances, such as German shepherds.

Meat-meals are not necessarily poor ingredients, despite the claims of some. Many of the products used to make meat-meals provide great nutrition for your dog even if some of them seem gross to humans. However, it is important to avoid dog foods that do not indicate the species from which the meal was obtained.

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What Food Causes Sensitive Stomach In Dogs

The most common foods that cause stomach sensitivity in dogs include:

Certain ingredients often put in dog food may also cause a sensitive stomach. According to 45-year veterinarian Dr. Marty Goldstein, these are ingredients such as preservatives, fillers like wheat, barley, corn, and white rice, as well as meat meal and meat by-products like undeveloped eggs.

Royal Canin German Shepherd Puppy Dry Dog Food 16kg

Digestive performanceBone & joint healthSuitable for German Shepherd Puppies up to 15 months old, ROYAL CANIN® German Shepherd Puppy is specially formulated with all the nutritional needs of your young German Shepherd in mind.Growth is an essential stage in your dogs life: it is the time of big changes, discoveries and new encounters. During this key period, your puppys immune system develops gradually.ROYAL CANIN® German Shepherd Puppy helps support your puppys natural defences, thanks particularly to a patented complex of antioxidants including vitamin E.ROYAL CANIN® German Shepherd Puppy contains an adapted combination of nutrients that help to support optimal digestive health. This includes protein specifically selected for its very high digestibility.The shape and size of the kibble in ROYAL CANIN® German Shepherd Puppy is specifically designed to be highly palatable whilst also being specially adapted for the German Shepherd puppys jaw.Thanks to an adapted calcium and phosphorus content, ROYAL CANIN® German Shepherd Puppy contributes to supporting healthy and strong bones and joints. Furthermore, this exclusive formula also helps to maintain an ideal weight.

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Nutrition For Adult German Shepherd Dogs

Your adult German shepherd should be fed a well-balanced diet with a label stating the food meets or exceeds AAFCO nutrient profiles. Ideally, your shepherds food should be backed by research and manufacturer feeding trials. Whole food ingredients you can recognize are also an assurance of quality food.

Grain-free and exotic meat diets have surged in popularity, but are now under fire for contributing to dilated cardiomyopathy in a variety of breeds. Talk to your veterinarian before beginning a grain-free diet, to determine the risks versus benefits.

Transitioning Your Dog To A Different Food

5 Best Dog Food for German Shepherds in 2022

In general, the best way to transition your dog to a new food is to start small. The first meal should contain approximately 80-90 percent old food and 10-20 percent new food. Change this ratio slowly over the course of 10 days. You can always call your vet to get her recommendations about the best way to transition your dog to a new food.

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What To Do If My German Shepherd Has A Sensitive Stomach

German shepherds are known for their sensitive stomach and gastrointestinal issues. A sensitive stomach can be caused by a range of issues such as parasites, warm weather, the food they are eating, or genetics.

Symptoms of the sensitive stomach include hyper-salivation, vomiting, excessive gas, diarrhea, and blood in the stool.

The following ways will help soothe your puppys sensitive stomach:

  • Feeding him real food Commercial food like kibble can upset your puppys stomach and most people choose to move away from kibble to natural foods like fresh meat.
  • Buy high-quality food Cheap food may contain poor ingredients, therefore, consider premium brands but first check the ingredients before your purchase.
  • Consider grain-free food because food with grains can agitate sensitive stomachs.
  • Speak with your vet to diagnose the problem causing a sensitive stomach in your puppy.

Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain Grain

Most Popular German Shepherd Dog Food: Choosing a dog food can be tough with so many options, but you can always go with a popular brand like Taste of the Wild. This Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Grain-Free Dry Food is a great choice for your German Shepherd because it is made with a single source of animal protein and digestible grain-free carbohydrates to reduce the risk of triggering an allergy. It features fresh lamb and lamb meal as the top two ingredients, supplemented with roasted lamb. It is rich in omega fatty acids from salmon oil and canola oil, providing the support needed for healthy skin and coat. This recipe contains fresh fruits and vegetables to provide natural sources for key nutrients and is supplemented with vitamins and chelated minerals to ensure optimal nutrition. Plus, it contains dried fermentation products for probiotic support to ensure healthy and regular digestion.

  • Pros: Single-source protein recipe, digestible grain-free carbohydrates, rich in omega fatty acids, fresh fruits and vegetables, chelated minerals, probiotics, moderate calorie content
  • Cons: Main source of fat is plant-based

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Looseness Of The Bowels

German Shephard looseness of the bowels and vomiting can be brought about by a scope of variables, however its most ordinarily brought about by a food intolerance or a parasite.

In the event that your pooch encounters looseness of the bowels much of the time, your initial step ought to be to check for parasites, which your vet would then be able to aid you in its treatment.

On the off chance that there are no parasites, its makes sense that your canine is reacting negatively to something in its meal. Meals, like, substantial fiber, fats, milk, and grains would all be able to add to loose bowels. You may need to complete a touch of experimentation to discover what helps your pooch.

Other behavioral factors, for example, uneasiness and overeating can likewise cause looseness of the bowels. You ought to consistently ensure that you are not over-feeding your pooch.

German Shepherds have a delicate stomach and can generally rapidly get the runs. So make sure you dont overload your canine and that you give continuous moderate exercise to mitigate pressure. Try not to do high exercise right after eating.

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Grain

9 Best Dog Foods for German Shepherd

When looking for a limited ingredient and grain-free food for your German Shepherds delicate stomach, you dont have to choose between flavorful taste and your dogs sensitivities. Thats because Blue Buffalos Basics Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Formula is a scrumptious, limited-ingredient diet made with fewer ingredients for food sensitivities in dogs.

This tasty formula contains a single animal protein source, real salmon, and incorporates pumpkin and easily digested carbohydrates for a simple, yet mouthwatering, meal.

And, dont forget, it also has BLUEs exclusive LifeSource Bitsa combination of handpicked antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. These select pieces reinforce your dogs overall health and wellness.

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Eukanuba Breed Specific German Shepherd Dog Food

Eukanuba German Shepherd Dog Food has high quality animal based protein, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate, which helps to build lean muscles and keep the joints agile. Eukanuba is best for German Shepherds to gain weight and develop strong and lean muscles. It has optimum protein to fat ratio that wouldnt allow an active German Shepherd to become overweight and bloat. The high quality Protein, Fats, and Carbohydrates in this dog food would promote healthy weight gain and provide enough energy to support German Shepherds active lifestyle.

EUKANUBA also includes a specialized fiber system to promote healthy digestion. It is excellent for German Shepherds with sensitive stomach, gas and diarrhea issues.

Eukanuba dog food would clear up gastrointestinal issues after a few weeks of usage. Your German Shepherds diarrhea would be eliminated and the stool quality will be consistent. Their skin and fur would also be radiant and shiny.

Nutrition For German Shepherd Puppies

German shepherd puppies grow like weeds, and their nutrition must be carefully selected to ensure those long bones develop at the proper rate. Follow these recommendations:

  • Always purchase puppy food labeled specifically for large-breed puppies. Regular puppy food contains an excessive amount of calcium, which can impact proper bone growth.
  • Ensure that the label states including large-breed puppies. Stating only all life stages is not sufficient.
  • Never supplement additional calcium to your growing puppy.
  • Dont jump to the latest trendy food, or a high protein, high fat diet, because a puppys developing digestive system needs gentle food. Maintain consistent nutrition with a well-balanced large-breed puppy food until your veterinarian recommends a switch.
  • Maintain your German shepherd puppy on puppy food until their growth plates close, which may be as late as 12 to 18 months of age.

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Best Dog Food For German Shepherd Puppies With Sensitive Stomach

Some German Shepherd puppies experience frequent soft stools and diarrhea when coming to a new home. The stress of leaving their littermates and learning a new routine can trigger stomach upset and digestion problems.

Leave it to Purina Pro Plan to develop a specialty formula for German Shepherd puppies in need of a bit of extra TLC for those stressful life events.

Using real salmon complemented by rice this easy-to-digest meal provides your growing puppy with all the nutrition they need to fuel their bodies all while easing their sensitive stomachs. Furthermore, the added sunflower oil and vitamin A promote a shiny coat and supple skin to give your puppy even more reason to cuddle.

Cancers Of The Digestive System

The Best Dog Foods For German Shepherds

Cancer of the digestive system is rare in dogs, with stomach tumors representing less than 1% and intestinal tumors less than 10% of all cancers.

Having said that, bowel cancer is more prevalent in some breeds, including the German Shepherd. This could be the cause of your dogs sensitive stomach.

The average age of dogs with digestive system cancer is 69 years old, and the cause is unknown.

Signs of a possible tumor depend on the location and extent to which cancer has developed. The most common symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea , lack of appetite, weight loss, and lethargy.

Constipation and straining to poop are more likely with colon or rectal cancers. Dogs may also have signs of anemia, such as pale gums.

The prognosis depends on many variables, such as possible surgical removal of the tumor and/or chemotherapy treatment. The outlook can range from excellent to poor.

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How The Farmers Dog Can Help

Our smarter, healthier recipes make it easy to feed your puppy the right food, in the right amount.

Vet-designed Recipes

Board-certified veterinary nutritionists formulate our recipes so theyre complete and balanced to meet the needs of growing puppies.

Fresh, Healthy Ingredients

Our recipes are made with human-grade meat and vegetables, cooked gently to retain the foods powerful nutrients. No mystery meat or meal”just big nutritional benefits for little bodies.

Personalized Plans & Portions

Imprecise scoops can cause weight gain over time. We calculate the precise number of calories your puppy needs based on their breed, size, weight, age and other factorsthen deliver pre-portioned food to your door.

Easy Adjustments for A Growing Puppy

Its essential that puppies grow at the right pace. Its easy to update your puppys plan as they growour team is here to help at every step, or you can make one-click edits to your account any time.

Best Costco Dog Food For German Shepherd

The best dog food for German Shepherds we found at Costco is KIRKLAND Natures Domain Grain-Free.

Made with salmon meal and ocean fish meal for quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids, this formula offers great nutrition for the overall health of your German Shepherd.

It offers a digestive support system for your GSD thanks to dried chicory root, a natural prebiotic and probiotic that helps support a healthy digestive system. The fiber from dried chicory root helps maintain the proper balance of beneficial bacteria in your German Shepherds intestines.

Active9probiotics are canine-specific probiotics developed just for Kirkland Signature dog food formulas. You will find these probiotics in this formula. Each pound of food provides 100 million live, active cultures that help support healthy digestion and help your dog maintain an active lifestyle.

If you regularly shop at Costco and like the Kirkland brand, this is your best choice at the store. You can also find it on Amazon.

Calories, transition & other GSD food tips.

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Best Dog Food For German Shepherd With Sensitive Stomach

May 2, 2019

  • What Is The Best Dog Food For German Shepherds With Sensitive Stomach?
  • So, Your GSD diarrhea and vomiting is getting worse? Not to worry! We Have Discovered The Best Dog Food for German Shepherd With Sensitive Stomach.

    With many excellent options to choose from, Your pup, Adult or Senior GSD is bound to Find something That keeps his digestive System Happy.

    German shepherd dogs commonly experience sensitive stomachs. Plus, a wide range of gastrointestinal issues.

    In this article we are going to learn a bit about what causes these problems, the top foods to pick, and how to rid them of this stomach issues.

    Helping you to find the best food choice for German Shepherd sensitive stomach problems.

    Cant wait no more? Here our some of our top picks!

    We will take a look at these great options and lots more in detail below.


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