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Can You Shave A German Shepherd Dog

Why You Should Use De

Can You Shave Your German Shepherd Dog and When Should You

De-shedding tools are your best chance to remove the dead undercoat from your German Shepherd.

Without a de-shedding tool, you’ll be brushing until the cows come home. But you’ll be getting nowhere.

De-shedding tools are a must-have when grooming a German Shepherd for summer or you’ll have a collection of fur balls all over your home.

And a very hot and unhappy pooch.

There are a ton of de-shedding tools that both professional groomers and pet owners use.

And de-shedding tools are a must unless you want your house filled with tumbleweeds of hair.

How Often Do You Groom A German Shepherd

Whether medium or longhair, a German Shepherd will need a moderate amount of grooming. Some dogs are very prone to tangling and have fine hair which required daily brushing. A German Shepherd should be brushed about 3 times a week. There are different reasons we need to brush a German Shepherd’s coat:

  • One of the main reasons for brushing their coat is because they will drop dead hair. If this is not brushed, it will collect in their coat and threaten their hygiene. It will also lead to hair accumulation on furnishings and floors in the home. Dogs will molt much more hair during shedding seasons.
  • Brushing also helps us to distribute the natural oils of a dog’s coat to protect them from the elements and other threats to its condition.
  • When we brush a German Shepherd’s coat we can check for injury and parasites. We may not be able to spot a small wound, skin condition or parasites such as fleas from looking at them. Once we get in close by brushing we can monitor for issues which threaten their well-being.
  • Brushing a dog’s coat helps to remove tangles and knots. This is something which will affect long haired dogs more.
  • When we brush our German Shepherd’s hair we also encourage our bond. If they are sheepish about brushing, we need to get them used to the practice. In doing so, we foster a sense of security with them.

If you want more advice, you can take a look at our article on how to brush a dog’s hair properly.

How To Grow A Sheepdog

Sheepdog is a collective name for several dog breeds, which are united by the fact that in the past they were used as helpers of shepherds. They made sure that the herd did not scatter, no one fought off him. Large breeds not only controlled sheep or cows but could also protect them from wolves or other dangerous predators. The most common in Russia are German and Caucasian Shepherds. As a rule, when mentioning shepherds, a person imagines a German shepherd.

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Why Is Brushing Your Dog Important

  • Frequent grooming helps remove tough knots and excess hair common in long-haired German shepherds.
  • Regular brushing helps spread natural oils found on your dogs coat, ensuring your dog has healthy skin.
  • Frequent brushing helps build the bond between you and your dog the more you spend time together.

Other regular grooming tips you should not forget

  • Keep your dogs teeth clean use a vet-approved toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Keep the dogs nails short- use a nail clipper and when dog so avoid cutting the nerve endings
  • Clean the ears daily

How To Know Your German Shepherd Cannot Handle The Cold

Can You Shave a German Shepherd?

When a dog cools down too much, it is accompanied by a number of physical symptoms. Below are the 3 most obvious ones.

  • Shiver. Just like with humans, this is clearly visible, especially with short-haired German Shepherds.
  • Breathing is difficult. A normal frequency for breathing is 10-30 times per minute and should be emitted from the lungs without sound.

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What Not To Do

In addition to shaving, there are a number of things to avoid that can cause discomfort to your German Shepherd. These include:

  • Hot sidewalks when its warm outside and the sun is beating down, its worth avoiding sidewalks for the wellbeing of your pooch. To test whether theyre too hot, keep your hand placed on the ground for 20 seconds. If its too hot for you, itll be equally unpleasant for your German Shepherd to walk on.

In the most severe cases, your dog may end up scorching the pads on their paws, which can be incredibly painful for them.

  • Hot cars one of the most common, but important pieces of advice for all dog owners is to avoid leaving your pooch in a hot car. This is especially important for German Shepherds. Often, it only takes a few minutes for the damage to be done, and the consequences can be fatal.

Therefore, if you see a dog trapped inside a hot car, its important to contact the emergency services. They can then advise you on what to do next. Be mindful that if you cause unnecessary damage to a car, you may end up being convicted with criminal charges.

It only takes one traffic jam or one travel delay for a journey to become dangerous for your dog. Needless to say, make sure you pack plenty of water if youre embarking on a long trip.

Shaving Interrupts The Naturally

Shedding is simply losing hair 365 days a year.

Coat blow, on the other hand, involves shedding of clumps of hair. Lots of it.

Dont worry, though. Your German Shepherd wont go hairless.

But youll notice more hair than usual in your house and in your clothes.

When can you expect a coat blow to happen? It happens twice a year: at the end of winter and before winter begins. In other words, be ready for it come spring and late fall.

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Characteristics Of The Dog And Caring For The Shepherd

Sheepdog is not a specific breed of dog. There are about 50 types of it. They differ in size, body structure, coat length, and color. The rules for caring for them vary, but there are general recommendations.

Most species have a well-developed guard coat and a coarse undercoat. Hair can be both soft fluffy and coarse. As a rule, they do not get lost in tangles, but if you do not follow the pet, then the dead hairs get tangled, causing discomfort in the animal. You need to comb it 3 times a week and bathe it no more than once every couple of months. Frequent washing removes the protective layer.

The German Shepherd Does Not Like To Stay Locked Up

How to Check Pure German Shepherd Dog Breed | Dogmal

Its not to say that this dog doesnt like going around in circles. The German Shepherd loves cold temperatures not only because he doesnt suffer from them, but also because nothing can get between him and his love for physical activities. And its not a little snow that will scare him!

To keep your pooch happy even when the mercury drops, adapt the duration of his activities to the temperatures. Hypothermia or frostbite quickly happens if he spends too much time in the snow. Also, be sure to optimize your German Shepherds living space by offering him a thicker bed or a warmer shelter.

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So Can You Shave A German Shepherd

In the vast majority of cases, you should avoid shaving your german shepherd. While you may think youre doing them a favor, in actuality, youre probably going to be doing more harm than good.

While there are certain circumstances when it may be okay to shave your german shepherd, they are few and far between.

Why Wolves Dont Have To Shave Their Coats

  • Panting & Foot pad sweating
  • Shade
  • Undercoat molting. This probably occurs more efficiently in the wild than with domesticated dogs with their temperature-controlled living environments. Wolves, unlike their air-conditioned cousins, will feel the full impact of hot weather, probably stimulating the body to more completely shed the excess fur. Though studies on this theory may be lacking, the reasoning does seem logical.
  • The outer coat provides a shield from direct sun and deflects away from the heat . The outer coat consists of guard hairs, which do not molt.
  • Activity moderation. For example, wolves are nocturnal, hunting at night and sleeping during the day. Simply put, they are active in the cooler hours and resting when it gets hot.

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Hertzko Double Sided Pin And Bristle Brush

See the Hertzko Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush on Amazon.

Dual-sided brush, with densely pack soft bristles on one side to knock off loose hair and dirt from the topcoat, and a pin comb on the other side to detangle and loosen dead undercoat.

The pins have rounded ends to avoid scratching your dogs skin. And for your comfort, the brush has a comfort-grip anti-slip handle to prevent wrist strain.

I’m not convinced by this brush. To me, it seems cheaply made. I’d rather go for a different double-sided brush that falls in the same price range but has a better reputation.

Is My German Shepherd Too Hot

Can You Shave A German Shepherd? Good Idea or Not

German Shepherd Dogs have two coats of hair. They have a thick undercoat, and they also have an outer coat. The undercoat help keeps them cool . Its basically like insulation, like you have in the attic and walls of your house. Indeed, their coat can become too hairy, but properly grooming your shepherd will keep them happy and cool.

  • Properly maintained, your dogs coat protects them from the sun and keeps them cool.
  • If their hair and undercoat is impacted, in doesnt vent properly and also traps the suns heat, making your dog extremely hot. Proper grooming will fix this.
  • Shaved, double coated dogs may be exposed to harmful sunlight and also not be able to cool properly.

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The Older A Dog Gets The More Difficult It Is To Grow Their Guard Hairs

Shaving your dog as they get older may produce different results in the length of their guard hairs when the fur finishes growing in.

As a dog ages, their hair production and growth slow, giving them thinner coats. If you shave your senior dog that is already showing slow hair growth, their guard hairs may not grow as freely as they did when younger.

It’ll Save You Green Backs

It’s a definite money-saver over the life span of your dog. German Shepherd’s can live to the ripe old age of 15.

And although there is an upfront investment for grooming equipment, it won’t be long before you win that money back.

Grooming costs are based on how much fur your dog has. You have a German Shepherd and that equals A LOT of fur.

Here’s an example for 2019:

For a German Shepherd with a double coat that needs regular grooming from an experienced, professional groomer who knows their stuff the prices go something like this

Bath: $40

Extra Brush Out: $16

That’s a whopping $164 per visit to the groomer per month!

And with a high maintenance coat like the German Shepherd’s, your GSD will need a minimum of 2 visits per month from the start of Spring to the end of Summer. That’s roughly 5 months.

If you have one dog, that adds up to $1620 per year!

So, you see, home-grooming makes a lot of financial sense!

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When Should You Shave Your German Shepherds Fur

While there are lots of reasons you shouldnt shave your german shepherds fur, there are times when you may have too.

For example, your vet may need to shave their fur if theyre going to have an operation, when this happens, vast amounts of fur will be shaven off, and hopefully, it should grow back.

Another time is when your german shepherd has a hot spot. When my old dog had a hot spot, she was in agony for a long time. Fortunately, once the area was shaved, it provided a lot of relief for my pup!

Grooming Your German Shepherd

Shaving off German Shepherd dog’s fur

If you decide to welcome a German Shepherd into your family, you must be prepared to devote time to the ritual of grooming him.

Youll need to groom your dog at least twice a week throughout the year, and every day during his two heavy shedding periods in spring and fall.

Your basic German Shepherd grooming kit should comprise a de-shedding tool or de-matting tool, a pin and bristle brush, and a slicker brush.

Do you have a German Shepherd?

Tell us all about your grooming routine, and share your tips with other readers in the comments box below.

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Reasons Not To Shave Your German Shepherd

The German Shepherd has a heavy, thick double coat that keeps them warm in the winter. Unfortunately there is a common misconception that their coat makes them hotter when summer rolls around. While some people think that shaving your German Shepherd will solve all their problems, it wont. You should really never shave your German Shepherd. There are many reasons to this so lets get into the article. The only time its really acceptable is for any sort of injury or surgery.

We will also have alternatives to keep your shepherd cool during summer towards the end of the article.

Do German Shepherds Need To Be Groomed

German Shepherds have such beautifully thick coats that they without a doubt need to be well groomed regularly. Not only this, the German Shepherd is a double coated breed which means thats double the layers to take care of. The undercoat, plush layer of their fur is a thick layer, whilst the outer layer is harsher to keep them protected from all of the elements.

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Dealing With Tough Mats

Some mats can be tough, and using other ordinary tools to curb them will not bring the intended results. Such tough mats can happen to stray dogs or those dogs who have been neglected.

Such dogs will need a haircut to break out any tough mats. At such a point, cutting this GSDs hair will be the only advantageous option.

As you can see from the above points, a haircut will be much more important and the best alternative for such German shepherds.

German Shepherd Summer Grooming Routine

Can You Shave Your German Shepherd Dog? Read First ...

If youre worried about how hot your dog will get during the summer, then consider other alternatives that can help keep your dog more comfortable.

A complete home grooming routine helps them shed their fur more easily and can make them more comfortable.

Summer German Shepherd grooming means:

  • Bathe them with a moisturizing or anti-itching shampoo.
  • Use special brushes to remove the dead hair.
  • Spray them with a conditioning and de-shedding spray.
  • Increase your brushing routine to keep their skin healthy in the heat.
  • Offer them options to help cool themselves, such as shade, wading pools, icy treats, and fans.

Ive written an article to help decrease German Shepherd shedding and maintain coat health which helps your dog feel cooler and stay healthy during the hot, summer months.

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Shaving Wont Help Coat Blow

If you dont know what coat blow is, its when your shepherd changes from their winter coat into their summer coat. The dogs undercoat is very comfortable and thick, keeping them warm in the winter. When summer comes around this is not very comfortable anymore, so they shed their undercoats.

This is a period where they shed way more than usual. You will not enjoy it, but theres no way to fully stop it. Shaving doesnt really help at all. There are other ways that can reduce shedding other than shaving all their fur off. We will talk about better alternatives to the situation later on.

Shaving Wont Protect Them Against The Sun

The German Shepherds undercoat is short and crimped. This makes it perfect for trapping air and in insulating them.

On the other hand

The longer topcoat helps by protecting them from the heat. So even if theyre blowing their coat, the topcoat is there to shield the skin from the sun.

But you mess this up when you shave your German Shepherd.

The shaved guard hairs are useless. And the shaved undercoat is short enough to allow the suns rays to get through.

Caution: Many double-coated dogs have pale pink skin. That and sun exposure make them vulnerable to sunburn and overheating.

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Shaving Damages Both Coats

If youre still considering getting your German Shepherd shaved, take it from this dog owner.

Larry, a friend I met years ago, had his dog, Waffles, shaved in time for the summer. He thought it was the best thing to do.

Waffles was 3 when shaved. Ten years later, the dogs coats still did not recover.

The once beautiful topcoat became a coarse mess that took longer to manage. It also made it difficult for Waffles to tolerate the heat.

Caution: Surprisingly, guard hairs re-grow slower than the undercoat. Sometimes they dont re-grow, especially the older the dog gets.

Why Should I Not Shave My German Shepherd

Top 6 German Shepherd Things That Their Owners Can Relate

There are many reasons why you shouldnt shave your German Shepherd. Typically, German Shepherds are a double coat breed. This double coat is made up of an undercoat and a coat guard. The coat guard helps to protect the undercoat from sun, mud and water. Whilst the undercoat acts as a great insulator. If you shave your German Shepherds coat it may grow back uneven and blended which will make its natural defences less effective.

German Shepherds dual coat enables them to reflect sunlight in the summer and trap warmth close to the skin in the winter. If you shave your German Shepherds fur you will be removing the guard coat and some of the undercoat which could lead to more harm than good:

Sunburn: If you remove the outer guard coat you will be removing your German Shepherds natural sunscreen. This can put your German Shepherd at higher risk of sunburn which can be very unpleasant and painful for them.

Heatstroke: By shaving the double protection your German Shepherds coat gives them you can make them more susceptible to heatstroke. Heatstroke can rapidly become an emergency situation for your pet and possibly a threat to life. So, any suspected heatstroke will require immediate action and attention. Even if mild heat stroke is suspected your beloved pooch will have to be closely monitored by a vet.

Although less painful bites can also be very frustrating for your German Shepherd. The most common insects which like to feast on dogs are mosquitos, spiders, fleas and ticks.

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