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Can German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes

What Color Eyes Can German Shepherd Have

German Shepherd With Blue Eyes: How Rare Are?

colourGreen eyes & Blue eyes are always considered as a fault in German Shepherd. The most common colour of a German Shepherds eyes is brown.

Blue-eyed German Shepherds are becoming rarer and rarer because German breeders deliberately dont want to practice blue-eyed dogs for breeding.

If the breeder wants the dogs to have extraordinary features, it is possible to find a breeder who might use a blue-eyed dog for breeding purposes. However, this is rare to happen. Believe it or not, the blue-eyed German Shepherd can only be possible if both parents are the carrier of blue-eyed genes.

If any of the parents had different eye colours, it might hide the Blue eye due to being dominant. Some dogs may resemble Blue Eyes at first, but they will end up turning brown due to the dominant brown-eyed gene. If youre lucky enough, then you will be able to find a blue-eyed German Shepherd because breeders dont always want to breed healthy dogs.

Plus, breeders who breed show dogs primarily focus on breed standards rather than breeding specialized designer dogs. But, you can find a local breeder who focuses on breeding pet dogs rather than show dogs. The majority of the German Shepherd has brown eyes.

Are Blue Eyed Dogs More Prone To Health Issues

Many dogs with blue eyes have an increased sensitivity to light. The lower concentration of melanin in their retina permits more light to pass through, causing them discomfort and the need to squint.

The majority of actual health concerns for blue eyed dogs are with double merle dogs. A double merle dog is the result of when both parent dogs are merle.

For a double merle dog, eventual blindness and/or deafness is sometimes a result. In addition, skin cancer is also more likely to develop on the nose and and areas not protected by pigmentation in the skin.

Does A Blue Eye Mean A Dog Is Blind

No, a blue eye in your dog does not mean that your dog is blind, or that it is going to go blind at some point. It is common for there to be variation in the pigmentation of a dogs irises, and this can be caused by lots of different factors. Blindness is rarely the cause of this.

You might also think that blue eyes are a sign that your dog is deaf. This is probably because blue eyes in cats have been linked with deafness. 65-85% of cats that have white fur and blue eyes are deaf, but this correlation does not extend to dogs.

So, no blue eyes are not a sign that your dog is blind. In fact, there are no health concerns linked with blue eyes in dogs, it is simply a genetic mutation.

In this guide, we go over:

  • Preparing to adopt a dog
  • Dog supplies you will need
  • Choosing the right dog to adopt
  • & much more!

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Everything About German Shepherds With Blue Eyes

Usually, German Shepherds have brown eyes, but German Shepherds with blue eyes are Blue German Shepherds. This has to do with the eyes color and the recessive gene. This gene can also make spots on your hair appear silver or bluer.

Three variations can arise in German Shepherds called Blue. These include blue and dark brown , blue and tan, and blue and black. The latter usually appears a bluish-gray or dark gray.

In this article, we will talk about:

  • What blue German shepherds are
  • Health problems of German shepherds with blue eyes
  • Why GSD eyes turn blue

After reading, you will know everything about blue eye German shepherds.

Where Can I Find A Blue

Can German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes : (Explained ...

Finding a blue-eyed German Shepherd is extremely difficult. For the most part, these dogs are rare. The blue coloration isnt accepted by the AKC, which means they cant compete in shows.

Most breeders produce dogs to be shown in the show ring. If the dogs cant be shown, then it reduces their worth considerably. Other breeders wont want the dog, as they havent been proven in the show ring.

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Is It Normal For Your German Shepherd Dog To Change His/her Eye Color Over Time

Yes, it is completely normal for your German shepherd dog to change his/her eye color over time.

Melanin is the cause behind the eye color change, and it takes time to be produced. Other factors contributing to blue-eyed colored dogs consist of eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, or entropion.

Black German Shepherd With Yellow Eye

Black german shepherd is sweet and attractive. He is inviting with different pooches, and people dont have a decrease scale chip, nor was he wearing a neckline, nor was he tattooed. It would appear that he is merely changing the coat from pup to adult.

Some individuals terrify me a little since they said there might be wolf blend in. The Vet didnt he says he is a typical unadulterated bread German Shepherd.

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How Rare Is A Blue German Shepherd

Blue German Shepherds are very rare dogs because they are only born through a distinct few genetics. The rarity of these dogs means that youll need to spend a little more on them than you would for a beige and brown German Shepherd.

You might also have to be put on a waiting list before you can meet your new puppy.

The blue German Shepherd is rare because its color is determined by its genetics. Two genes of the German Shepherd determine their coat color and pattern. The blue German Shepherd needs to inherit the double blue recessive gene or two liver recessive genes.

There is no telling how likely a dog is going to inherit these genes, but it is definitely less common than the dominant genes of beige and brown colorings. When blue German Shepherds are bred, its not guaranteed that all of the offspring will be blue as well.

This means that you might be on a waiting list for a very long time.

American Pit Bull Terrier

German shepherd with a blue eye (rare)

Train them young and youll have yourself one good-natured pal. While blue eyes are uncommon for the American Pit Bull Terrier, they do occur from time to time. The American Pit Bulls most likely to be born with blue eyes are those with either a blue coat and nose or that of a merle pattern.

American Pit Bull Terriers carry an intelligent brain matched with a gentle heart. While they are not recognized by AKC, they are a member of the United Kennel Club .

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How Have German Shepherd Eye Colors Changed Through History

Max von Stephanitz is the man behind the original German Shepherd.

Von Stephanitz was so impressed with the herding dogs in Germany during the late 1800s that he decided to breed these animals to improve their line.

Von Stephanitz purchased his first shepherding dog in the late 1890s and changed his name from Hektor Linksrhein to Horand. So began the long, illustrious breeding program of the German Shepherd.

There appears to be little evidence of the eye color of the first German Shepherds. But considering that most dogs eye color is brown, it is safe to assume that the same applies to the original breed.

Having said this, it seems the original shepherd dogs originated from a mix between wolves and domestic dogs, whose eye colors range from yellow to shades of brown and blue.

The German Shepherd eye colors of today also exhibit a range of colors. These colors vary from light to dark brown, yellow, pale gray, and shades of blue.

Despite these color variations, allGerman Shepherd eyes are blue at birth. It is only as the animal matures that the actual adult eye color of the dog reveals itself.

Come with us on a journey to learn more about the German Shepherds eyes, their colors, and the meaning of these eye colors.

What Is A White German Shepherd

German Shepherd Dogs with blue eyes and white coat color, caused by a recessive and extremely rare gene, is called White German Shepherds.

Some Interesting Facts-

  • White GSDs first made their appearance in an 1882 show in Germany.
  • Nazis, considering that the breeding of White German Shepherds might have hereditary defects, controlled and stopped all the GSDs breeding at once!
  • Because of this action, White German Shepherds with blue eyes became rare, but this unique color got popular, nevertheless.
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    How Can I Tell If My German Shepherd Has The Genetics For These Different Eye Colors

    Its known that coat colorations and patterns can have some influence on the eye colorings that will show up in a dog. Dogs with certain coat colorations like merle patterns or speckled patterns often have speckled or varied coloring on their noses or paws, as well.

    We can use this knowledge to make a rough prediction of whether a German Shepherd puppy might have specific eye colorations as an adult.

    Are White German Shepherds Albino

    German Shepherd With Blue Eyes

    In most cases, no. Shannon Cutts, a writer for The Happy Pup explains that different genes are involved.

    The genetics behind white German Shepherds arent fully understood. The current thinking is that theres a specific gene determining whether a dog will have a white coat or not.

    That gene has two alleles or versions: white and non-white. White is recessive, so a puppy would have to inherit the trait from both parents.

    One big difference between white German Shepherds and albinos is that the gene for albinism affects the skin and eyes as well as the coat.

    The white/non-white gene only affects coat color.

    It doesnt affect eye color, so most white German Shepherds will have the usual dark brown eyes. Those that do have blue eyes are the result of another recessive gene.

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    Isabella German Shepherd Price

    Isabella German Shepherds are very rare. In fact, this is the rarest of all German Shepherd colors! Normally, this would make the price skyrocket, but this can be tricky.

    As mentioned before, Isabella German Shepherds arent very popular, and they are commonly bred by an accidental combination of genes. There are very few Isabella German Shepherd breeders out there.

    Some breeders will try to sell their Isabella GSD puppies at a very high price, hoping that theyll find a German Shepherd fan who adores this coat color. Others will lower the price, knowing that theyre selling something many experts consider faulty.

    Because of this, its difficult to determine the exact price of an Isabella German Shepherd. Still, as regular GSD puppies cost above $900, you should expect more or less the same price for your Isabella puppy.

    Solid Black German Shepherds

    Black German Shepherds are solid-colored. Some can have a few stray white hairs on their chest or minimal brown on their paws, but they should look completely black.

    Any noticeable markings or coloring will put them under the bi-color category.

    They can come from two black GSD parents, or one of them is black and tan.

    Black isnt a dominant gene and is easily suppressed by other colors, which is why theyre often marketed as rare.

    But before you buy a black German Shepherd puppy, we recommend that you adopt one from German Shepherd rescue organizations.

    Due to the black dog syndrome, any dog of this color has a lower chance of being adopted.

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    Eye Color Varies Between Dogs

    If your German Shepherds eyes are naturally brown or a variation of this shade and later change to blue, this is a sign of a problem.

    A German Shepherd whose eyes turn blue is a sign of a disease known as interstitial keratitis.

    Interstitial keratitis causes inflammation in your pets eyes, causing a film to form over the eyes.

    This film usually appears as a blue and white color over the eyes, caused by a virus that also causes infectious hepatitis.

    If you notice this eye color change in your German Shepherd, you should immediately take your pet to the vet for expert intervention.

    Should you fail to get medical treatment, your pet may lose its eyesight. Typical symptoms to watch for include your pets eyes watering, avoiding bright light, and squinting.

    Medical intervention can quickly resolve this issue, although some dogs eyes are known to remain cloudy looking.

    Are German Shepherds With Blue Eyes Purebred

    German Shepherd breed with Husky – Blue eyes

    German Shepherds with blue eyes can be purebred or mixed. This trait is much more common if mixed with a husky since these dogs can naturally have blue eyes. However, a purebred German Shepherd can have light brown, dark brown, golden, hazel, or blue eyes without another breed in the mix.

    If youre worried about whether or not your GSD is purebred, the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit from Amazon is the best way to find out. Send a quick sample and find out if your pup is mixed or if his blue eyes are a purebred genetic rarity.

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    Which German Shepherd Color Will You Choose

    Personal preferences aside, think about why you want a German Shepherd. If you want your dog to enter the show ring, its much better to choose those shades or combinations instead.

    Working lines are different from show lines, so if youre not up to join dog shows or use your dog in a particular canine job, this versatile breed can also be a family pet.

    And besides, your German Shepherds color or looks wouldnt matter because that companion will never judge based on appearances, either.

    As long as your GSD puppy came from a reputable breeder and had parents with excellent temperaments and health, physical qualities shouldnt be a priority.

    Now that youve learned all there is to know about the stunning German Shepherd colors, which one made your jaw drop? Share with us your thoughts by commenting on the box below.

    Solid White German Shepherds

    Not to be confused with the White Swiss Shepherd, White German Shepherds are caused by a masking gene that suppresses any dark pigment.

    As a result of recessive genes, they can still be produced from breeding two normal-colored GSDs. This also means you can get a litter of puppies from White Shepherds without any white.

    White GSDs can be AKC-registered and compete in agility or obedience trials, but they cant participate as show dogs. You may want to try with the UKC as they accept these beauties in show lines.

    This solid color is completely banned in Germany that it got to the point where they cull white German Shepherd puppies. They believe that white causes hereditary issues and washes out the breeds rich colors.

    Despite being disproved with modern science, this rule stayed.

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    Is Your German Shepherd With Blue Eyes A Purebred Dog

    The typical German Shepherd wears a black and tan coat with brown eyes. So, anything deviating from these standards invites many questions.

    Many dog owners think that a blue-eyed GS dog is not purebred.

    Well, he may be a purebred dog but it is likely that he could be a German Shepherd Mix breed. When you mix a GS with another dog like a husky that commonly has blue eyes, the chances of blue eyes increases.

    Regardless of the truth, the AKC will penalize a German Shepherd dog with blue eyes from a dog show or competition. No, two ways about this since their breed standards are clear.

    Before you get a german shepherd mix, read all about How Big do German Shepherd Mixes Get?

    Standard German Shepherd Eye Colors

    Can German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes?

    As the German Shepherd puppy grows, its eye color continues to change. Eye color changes typically occur in the first ten weeks of the pups life, often confusing its owners.

    Everyone expects a puppy to have blue eyes at birth and expect these to change to a brownish shade later, but few people are prepared for the German Shepherds eyes changing color repeatedly.

    During the first ten weeks of the German Shepherds life, their eyes seem to have a life of their own. Their eye color changes from blue soon after birth to various shades.

    These are the more common German Shepherd eye colors:

    • Dark brown
    • Deep amber
    • Light hazel

    German Shepherd eyes are commonly brown. This brown color is due to melanin, an amino acid that is responsible for this dogs coat and eye color.

    How intense the German Shepherds eyes become depends on how much melanin is in the animals genetic makeup.

    Brown is a broad description of the German Shepherds eyes, though, as this color consists of multiple shades.

    Brown eyes can be light-colored, medium, or a dark shade that can even look almost black in some dogs. Between the brown hues of the German Shepherds eyes, you get another beautiful shade.

    This other shade can be anything from a pale yellow to amber and darker or lighter shades of this color.

    Darker yellow eyes are frequently described as hazel. Hazel is a shade that sits somewhere between yellow and brown and can take on the appearance of yellow, leonine eyes.

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    Can Full Blooded German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes

    Full-blooded German Shepherds can have blue eyes, however, this is very rare. Blue eyes in German Shepherds are caused by a genetic mutation in the breed line, as the majority of German Shepherds will have brown eyes.

    However, this genetic mutation does not mean that your German Shepherd has something wrong with them.

    In some dog breeds, blue eyes can be a sign that something is wrong with your pet. But, German Shepherds are one of the few dog breeds where blue eyes are relatively common.

    So much so that a sub-breed is recognized for these German Shepherds with blue eyes. They are known as blue Shepherds.

    So yes, full-blooded German Shepherds can have blue eyes, and these dogs are just as healthy as any other kind of German Shepherd.


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