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Can A German Shepherd Live In An Apartment

German Shepherd In An Apartment

Can German Shepherd Dogs live in an Apartment?

Originally Posted By: dogsaverThe only GSD I can imagine being left alone in the house for 6-8 hrs at a time would be an older one who doesn t require much exercise but then again, will he be able to hold his bladder? Generally, I don t think GSDs should be in apartments or left alone for 6-8 hours.

Originally Posted By: dogsaverThe only GSD I can imagine being left alone in the house for 6-8 hrs at a time would be an older one who doesn t require much exercise but then again, will he be able to hold his bladder? Generally, I don t think GSDs should be in apartments or left alone for 6-8 hours.

Originally Posted By: DakariShedding may be an issue, but from what I understand if they are brushed daily they won’t leave as much hair around the house.

Originally Posted By: dogsaverThe only GSD I can imagine being left alone in the house for 6-8 hrs at a time would be an older one who doesn t require much exercise but then again, will he be able to hold his bladder? Generally, I don t think GSDs should be in apartments or left alone for 6-8 hours.

Originally Posted By: dogsaverThe only GSD I can imagine being left alone in the house for 6-8 hrs at a time would be an older one who doesn t require much exercise but then again, will he be able to hold his bladder? Generally, I don t think GSDs should be in apartments or left alone for 6-8 hours.

What A German Shepherd Will Need To Live Happily In An Apartment

The key to living happily and peacefully with a German Shepherd in any small space is to be able to meet your dogs daily mental and physical stimulation and activity needs in creative ways.

Because GSDs are so mentally intelligent as well as physically athletic, they have needs on multiple levels.

If you want a tired German Shepherd that sleeps soundly at night and is quietly self-contained when you are all inside your apartment together, then you need to be the one who is tiring your dog out!

When your vet clears your dog for more physical exertion , you will need to find room in your schedule for plenty of exercises.

An adult GSD with a fully mature skeletal system will need one to two hours of vigorous exercise, activity, and playtime on a daily basis to be a quiet and calm housemate inside your apartment, according to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County.

Earlier than that, you will want to provide 30 to 60 minutes of moderate training, exercise, and interactive playtime per day to achieve the same result.

That being said, some German Shepherds may have a higher energy level than others, which may mean your particular dog needs less exertion than this or more every day. The key is to identify in advance where and how you will meet your dogs needs.

How Will You Handle With The Hair Shedding Of A German Shepherd

Even if you take a lot of time out of your daily routine and spend it with your German Shepherd to keep him physically active and mentally stimulated, there is still a problem associated with him in apartment life.

German Shepherds are infamous as the breed that shed a lot. Some people even name them as German Shedders.

This is because they have a double coat of hair, and whenever the season changes from fall to spring, they shed a lot.

So the problem is that you have to vacuum and clean a lot if you have a German shepherd in your apartment. Also, if someone in your household has allergies, their shedding can make it worse.

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Why German Shepherds Make Good Apartment Dogs

Most people believe that large dog breeds such as German shepherds can only do well in areas where they have large space to walk on. However, the truth is that a dogs size doesnt play any role in determining whether they can make good apartment dogs or not.

Whether you have the pint-sized Chihuahua or the ginormous Mastiff, the quality of their life isnt dictated by the amount of space they get but by how well you meet their basic individual needs. That means that your German shepherd, just like any other dog, will do well in apartments.

So, what apartment space is enough for your GSD? Well, any space is just fine to give your GSD a happy life. Of course, we dont rule out the fact that dogs need large space to roam around and stretch their muscles.

However, that shouldnt prompt you to live in large and expensive apartments that are high above your budget. Provided that you afford them enough room for lounging and playing with their toys, your GSD will live a happy and comfortable life just like other GSDs in areas with lots of space.

How Much Physical Exercise Do German Shepherds Need

Can German Shepherds Live in Small Apartments? An Ultimate ...

The noble German Shepherd was bred as a herding dog and typically assisted with watching sheep and other livestock. German Shepherds, therefore, need a lot of physical activity.

Without meeting their need for physical and mental stimulation, they grow bored, display destructive behavior such as chewing or digging and act out through barking or whining.

It is generally accepted that German Shepherds need at least two hours of physical activity every day, and that doesnt mean just leash walking!

Check out this 2-minute video on how to keep a dog happy and healthy in an apartment or smaller space. Number one on the list is to make sure your dog gets lots of exercise:

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Are German Shepherds Easy To Potty Train

Being the German Shepherds recognized for being easy and fast to train makes potty training relatively simple.

For the training process to be successful, the secret is to be consistent, patient, and dedicate enough time to it.

When you live in an apartment you have to teach your dog to go to the bathroom outside.

For this its necessary:

  • Choose an area near the apartment that is preferably a grass surface. Dogs develop a preference for doing their thing on certain surfaces.
  • At first, you have to frequently take your dog outside to the designated area to go to the bathroom. Puppies need to go to the bathroom every one to two hours.
  • Every time your dog successfully goes to the bathroom in the designated area, praise and give him a delicious treat. Slowly your dog will understand where he should go.
  • Accidents are inevitable. When you find your dog red-handed doing his things, immediately take him out to the designated place and let him finish there. Praise and reward him when he is done.
  • When you find an accident in your apartment, there is no point in scolding him since he will not relate the accident to scolding. Just try to clean the area well with an enzymatic cleaner so that there is no trace of odor.

Teach Them To Be Quiet

When you live in an apartment, be considerate of your neighbors. A loud dog isnt going to make your life easier.

Living in an apartment means you hear sounds from every direction. An untrained German Shepherd will bark at the slightest sound.

Just because your neighbors love dogs doesnt mean they wont be annoyed. Whats worse? When your dog starts a barking chain reaction in the middle of the night! Youll have pissed off neighbors in the morning.

So teach your German Shepherd the command quiet.

To start, dont reward their vocalizations. For example, your dog barks because they want you to pet them. Wait for them to quiet down before petting them.

Now this is of utmost importance:

When they are barking, do not yell at them. It will only excite them and encourage them to bark some more. So now youre both yelling and annoying your neighbors.

Heres a way to teach them the quiet command:

  • Tell them to bark .
  • Quickly tell them quiet and hold a treat in front of them.
  • Let them have the treat and give praises such as good dog.

Repeat until your German Shepherd mastered this trick. Try practicing it in other rooms of the apartment and outside as well.

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How To Deal With German Shedders

German Shepherds are notorious for being heavy shedders.

They are a double coated breed, meaning they have an undercoat. The undercoat is the dense fur under the top coat.

Not only do they continuously shed, but they also shed a ton of undercoat in the spring and fall. Thats a lot of fur!

That said, vacuum regularly to keep fur from blowing everywhere.

Brush your German Shepherd at least twice a week. Then rake their coats during the shedding season. This prevents skin problems from developing.

Australian Shepherd Activities Outside Apartments

Can I have a German Shepherd in apartment

Therere a lot of activities that would be great for burning your Aussies energy when you two head outside the apartment.

Hiking is a favorite for dog owners with an active lifestyle. It will help your Aussie get their exercise, and youll burn a few calories also,

Swimming is another good type of exercise. Look for a nearby lake or a large pond.

Some owners will play fetch or something similar outside with their pooch before they go to work. And after work, theyll spend another 45 minutes or so playing fetch or chase.

Then after dinner, they head out for a 30+ minute walk. Theyll then go back home and work on something mental together. That level of activity should be enough exercise for the average Aussie.

Most Aussies like to swim. Its a high energy exercise, so its a great activity to tire your Aussie. Aussies that love to swim can quickly get a good workout in 30 minutes or so of dog paddling.

During summer months, it can provide some welcome relief from a hot and humid day.

Playing catch using a ball or frisbee is a big favorite with dog owners. Aussies love these activities, and it doesnt take much effort on your part.

If you train your dog to return the ball or frisbee each time, all you need to do is throw.

There are a ton of exercise ideas for you and your pooch. You just need to commit to putting in the time and effort.

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How Much Exercise Does An Australian Shepherd Need

How much exercise your Aussie needs will depend on their age, but generally, a healthy adult Australian Shepherd needs at least two hours of exercise every day. An Aussie puppy generally needs 5 minutes of exercise per month of their life, and elderly Aussies will need to wind down as they get older.

Their exercise is best split into two or three walks per day. Its also a good idea to vary walks by going to different places and incorporating different things into them, like running, hiking, swimming, and playing games of fetch.

You should always stop to interact with friendly dogs and people, as well. Aussies are naturally very social dogs, and social interactions can be just as fulfilling and tiring as exercise and play.

Are German Shepherds Easy To Train

German Shepherds are very intelligent and easy to train dogs. They are fast learning dogs and are always eager to please, being one of the best breeds when it comes to training.

Its important to start training them from an early age.

When training a German Shepherd you must establish yourself as the leader of the pack from the start. This doesnt mean punishing your dog and reacting violently. They do not react well to harsh treatment and can respond aggressively as self-defense.

Establishing yourself as the leader of the pack means being confident, calm, and consistent. You have to be firm but without resorting to violence or fear.

Its good to start by teaching him the rules and limits of the house. You have to stay consistent in order to see results quickly. The lack of consistency causes your dog to feel confused and not know what you want from him.

Its important to consider that an essential part of the development and training of a German Shepherd is socialization. You need to start socializing him at an early age.

Socialization consists of introducing our dog to a variety of environments and situations where he can interact with various people and with other pets.

Socialization allows a German Shepherd to be calm and confidently in various social situations. This helps prevent a dog from growing into a fearful and suspicious dog.

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Apartment Living With Any Dog Is All About Management

First, let me say that properly meeting your dogs physical and mental needs is key when it comes to any breed living in an apartment. Whether you have a ginormous Mastiff or a tiny Chihuahua, you have to address your dogs individual needs to give them the best apartment living situation. Exercise, separation issues, mental stimulation all of these things have to be addressed.

But were talking about German Shepherds today, so lets take a look at what it takes to make apartment living with a German Shepherd a success.


  • Finding an Apartment
  • First things first. Youll have to find an apartment that accepts a dog as large as a German Shepherd. Youll have a few things stacked against you on this front. For starters, many apartment complexes have size and weight limits. In addition to that, many complexes put German Shepherds into the aggressive category, which means they wont allow them in any of their apartments. This is ridiculous, but what can you do?

    I dont think I have to stress to you how important it is to be upfront and honest about your dog breed when applying for an apartment. Ive known a few people who thought they could just fib a bit and sneak a banned breed in after they signed all the paperwork. German Shepherds are very distinct breeds. No one is going to believe that hes just an overgrown chihuahua! Youll be busted the first time you take him for a walk.

  • Exercise
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Finding The Right Apartment

    Can German Shepherds Live in Apartments?

    Once you have figured out where the best area of town for your German Shepherd to live is located, its time to find the right apartment. And with a German Shepherd, this may take some extra effort on your part.

    While many apartments and apartment complexes allow you to have a dog, provided that you put down a pet deposit, you should assume that this will apply to your German Shepherd.

    In fact, this policy will very likely not apply to your German Shepherd. This is because German Shepherds are a fixture on restricted breed lists.

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    The Size Of Your Apartment

    Living in an apartment does not mean: living in a shoe box overlooking an alley but it is clear that size counts. Large dogs such as German Shepherds will enjoy a space where they can move at ease and rest quietly when they need it. While, even in a small apartment, the tiniest dogs will look like true adventurers due to their size . Your apartment should have enough space for your dog to be able trot freely without too much obstacles in his way .

    Is It Against The Law To Keep Your German Shepherd In Your Apartment

    It is not against the law to keep a pet in an apartment. But the law on keeping a dog in an apartment varies from one location to the other. So it is important you check with your apartment owners. Certain apartments will have a dog of a particular weight and size. Take time to make the necessary research and seek permission from the appropriate authorities.

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    What Do I Do With My German Shepherd While At Work

    Start by using a baby gate, not shutting the door. This allows your pup to still see you, even if she cant reach you. Start slowly, leaving your GSD alone in a crate or safe zone for just a few minutes. Leave a treat or new toy with her, some food, water, and soft bedding, then walk away for 3 5 minutes.

    Be Aware Of The Hair German Shepherds Shed A Lot

    Living with a German Shepherd in an apartment | living in an apartment with a dog

    Its a fairly well-known piece of information that German Shepherds shed a lot. And by a lot, I mean that the shedding will exceed your every expectation if youve never owned one before.

    You will have dog hair covering every facet of everything you own. It will be on your clothes, on your floors, and on your sheets.

    Even if you dont allow your German Shepherd on your bed, your dogs hair will still wind up on the sheets. It will be in every conceivable place that you can and cant think of.

    This requires extra work on your part. Be prepared to always have a lint roller or an adhesive roller handy, and make sure that you have a very good vacuum cleaner that is up to the task.

    Hardwood floors or tile are great to have, as they make sweeping and vacuuming much easier. The downside is that they may project more noise if you live above the first floor.

    But on any carpeted surface, a good vacuum cleaner really is essential. You will find that a German Shepherd sheds so much that it can easily clog up a vacuum cleaner that is not up to the task.

    And not only does your vacuum cleaner have to be up to the task you have to be up to the task. So if you are the type of person that cleans your apartment once a week, this will not be enough to maintain cleanliness around your apartment in the presence of a German Shepherd.

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