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Best Cage For German Shepherd

New World Pet Products Folding Metal Dog Crate Single Door & Double Door Dog Crates

Best dog crate/cage unboxing for gsd puppy | Best for training

This crate features two large doors, one on the front and one on the side, that are easy to open for larger German Shepherds.

The front door of the crate measures 26 inches by 22.5 inches, and the side door is 26.75 inches by 20.75 inches, which allows plenty of room for large dogs to easily walk through it.

The kennel also features dual latches to keep your dog safe from escape.

The bottom of the crate is designed with rubber stoppers to prevent slipping and scratching, which makes the crate slip-resistant and keeps your floors safe from unexpected scratches.

The bottom tray has a latch to keep it in place if you have a high-energy German Shepherd puppy or large dog.

This crate includes carrying handles that are easily repositionable, which make it easy to transport the crate to a new location or for travel.

This model comes with a metal wire divider and a removable floor pan for easy cleaning. It is also foldable for storage or travel, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

What Are Other Factors To Look For In A Good Dog Crate For German Shepherds

Dont forget to consider the following points when picking a crate for your pooch:

  • Quality If a German Shepherd happens to react badly to confinement, a crate of more substantial quality, such as a metal or steel crate, would be deemed necessary. Good crates should be sturdy and have door hinges made to withstand escape attempts and resist bending. Moreover, they should have a durable bottom-lining tray so the dog cannot push out, chew, or dig.
  • Comfort Windows and Ventilation are two factors that are important because if the crate is overly confined, this could result in separation anxiety. A well-ventilated crate will ensure that a German Shepherd is comfortable and kept inside for longer durations.
  • Security Locks are an additional factor to consider as these will prevent any escape attempts while keeping the dog safe during transportation times. Look for double locks to provide the maximum level of security while slam locks easily engage, making securing your dog in the crate easier.
  • Ease of Assembly This relates to the issue of portability. A crate that is easy to collapse, carry and assemble is ideal for a German Shepherd being transported frequently.
  • Ease of cleaning Ensure to choose a crate that is easy to clean. You can do this by looking for a crate with a cleaning tray attached, which will dispose of the dogs waste much more conveniently.

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Whats The Best German Shepherd Crate Size

The best German Shepherd crate size is 48. Its more useful to have extra room rather than a crate thats too small. Buy a larger crate so that it continues to comfortably house your dog as they grow. A 48 German Shepherd crate size allows your dog to turn around, stretch, lie down, and stand with space to spare. If you keep your dog crated longer than a few hours the recommended crate size for a German Shepherd is 48 for comfort and health.

A full-grown German Shepherd needs space to stand, sit, lie down, and stretch. Not to mention, turn around with ease.

And most 48 crates come with a wire divider for keeping your German Shepherd puppy in a smaller area as they potty train. This means they arent tempted to soil their crates on one side and simply sleep on the other thats clean.

Are German Shepherds Aggressive

The 7 Best German Shepherd Dog Crates of 2020

The breed is naturally protective of its owners. If the German Shepherd is not properly socialized, it can become too aggressive with strangers. The German Shepherd is more likely to bite a stranger than a Labrador Retriever, but it is not nearly as aggressive breed as a Pit bull or Rottweiler.

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Is Big Always Best

If crates come in such huge sizes, why not just get the biggest crate possible for your dog?

For some people, it is a matter of space. The bigger the dog crate, the harder it can be to find space for it in your home.

However, a crate that is too big for your dog can be problematic for other reasons. If you are housetraining your dog, he may use half of a big crate as a toilet, rather than using it just for sleeping.

We will tackle how you can stop this in puppies later.

Crate training your dog will be much easier if you choose one that fits him properly.

But, now weve looked at the best size of crate for a German Shepherd, lets look at what crates are used for.

What Is The Best Size Crate For A German Shepherd Puppy

What is the best size crate for a German shepherd puppy?

Should you get something small at first, then buy another larger one as he grows?

Or is it best to just get him used to his forever crate right away?

Well take a look at the answer to all of these questions, then Ill share my top 5 recommendations!

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Icrate Dog Crate Starter Kit


Dimensions: 42 x 28 x 31 inches

Weight: 36 Pounds

Warranty: 1 year

Youre tight on budget so you want a good do crate with all accessories you need to give your German Shepherd a cool second home, eh?

Well, if thats what you desire, you should read our iCrate Dog Crate Starter Kit review.

This bed is made for large dog breeds weighing 71 to 90 lbs. but small and medium German Shepherds can fit in perfectly.

It comes in 1 carton containing 2 door iCrate, 1 crate cover , fleece pet bed, and 2-1-quart Snapy Fit Food bowls attached to the dogs crate. Notably, the manufacturer also includes a durable, leak-proof and easy to clean plastic pan. Theres a free divider panel for adjusting the space according to your dogs size.

Say youre planning a trip you can easily use the strong detachable carrying handle to lift the crate.

What we liked:

Thin tray so heavy dogs can crack it

Awful shipping. Some customers complained their crates arrived damaged

For mellow dogs. Aggressive ones will rough it up.

Not sturdy enough

The locking mechanism isnt perfect. If you have a clever dog, it can sneak out

Takes up a bit of room

Experts opinion:

If youre a new pet parent, this is a good crate to start with as it comes with all the must-have accessories as opposed to buying each one separately.

We also recommend it for people on a budget but if your pockets fat, spend on a better model.

Going Into The Crate On Cue

German Shepherd Rumor wins Best in Show | Westminster Dog Show (2017) | FOX SPORTS

This was not included as a step because it could go anywhere in the process.

Rather than picking him up and putting him in, you want a cue that when he hears it, he knows what to do.

For example, youve decided to use the words in your crate. When hes walking into the crate to get his food or toy, say in your crate.

Eventually, he will associate those words with the action, and wherever he is, he will know what to do.

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Make Sure The Kennel Is Big Enough For Your Dog To Move Around Comfortably Inside

German Shepherds are big dogs, so a small kennel may not be able to accommodate them. 2. Be sure the kennel is sturdy and made from durable materials. German Shepherds are known for being strong dogs, and they may try to escape from a flimsy kennel. 3. Choose a model with locks or latches that your dog cant easily open himself. German Shepherds are notorious for escaping from traditional kennels, and if they can get out, they may damage your home or themselves in the process.

Do German Shepherds Need Dog Crates

Purchasing a crate for your German Shepherd can be beneficial to both you and your dog.

Crate training a German Shepherd is not just a task but rather a responsibility for the owner.

Having a young or untrained German Shepherd in your home is not a good idea and could be potentially dangerous as well. Neglecting to crate train a German Shepherd could result in the dog wreaking havoc around the house.

In addition, it is impossible to have constant supervision of the dog, and it only takes a second for them to get into trouble.

Using a crate for your German Shepherd to get your dog used to your environment is likely to be the least stress-inducing option for you as an owner.

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Smithbuilt Crates Heavy Duty Cage Crate Kennel

Next on our reviews is the SmithBuilt Crates Heavy Duty Cage Crate Kennel. One look at it, and you will know that this is Dog Crate means business.

This 42 Heavy Duty Dog Crate For German Shepherd is made from premium quality materials. The frame and tubes are made of steel for maximum strength and durability. This ensures that your German Shepherd will not escape from the Dog Crate.

The finishing on the Dog Crate For German Shepherd is an ultra-durable, multi-layer finish. It is said that this finishing is much stronger than conventional finishing that you see in regular Dog Crates. It has the unique combination of being rust and corrosion resistant, as well as being fade resistant too. If you are looking for versatility for your Dog Crate, you will be glad to know that the SmithBuilt Crates Heavy Duty Cage Crate Kennel can be used for both outdoors and indoors purposes.

This Heavy Duty Dog Crate For German Shepherd has two doors too. The top door allows you access to your dog. The front door has double latches that adds as an added security for your German Shepherd. In addition to that, if you are worried about cleanliness, you will be glad to know that there is a removable metal pan and a floor gate. The removable metal pan can be easily taken out for a good washing down. Read the full review here.

Pros: Have wheels and grate. For both indoor and outdoor use.Cons: Can be heavy.

Crate Size: Too Small Versus Too Large

The 7 Best German Shepherd Dog Crates of 2020

A too-small kennel isnt suitable. Its uncomfortable and even cruel for German Shepherd Dogs.

When left for long periods a small crate doesnt allow your dog to stretch. This can cause joints and muscles to stiffen.

Its important to allow GSDs to stretch since they are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. An area too small can lead to tightness and stiffness and could increase anxiety and cause long-term joint damage if excessively used.

But, an area too large just takes up extra space. Contrary to what others may say, a puppy or smaller dog will go into a larger crate. Use a crate divider, which is usually provided with most dog crates, if you want to decrease the size of your puppys crate to make it less appealing for them to soil.

You can easily use this metal divider to block off an area too large if it bothers you or your German Shepherd. All of the wire kennels on this page are recommended since they have free dividers included .

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Pros And Cons Of Stylish Crates

Shouldnt be difficult to find one that blends into your décor. Not suitable for destructive dogs who can easily damage the material.
Top can be used as a table, so no extra space needed. Not recommended for house training because material stains, and odors are very difficult to get out.
Fine for use as a dog bed or hidey hole. Can be expensive compared to other options.

Second Crate Or Lots Of Moving

Now that you see the daytime and nighttime uses for a crate, the question now is do you move one between the two locations, or buy a second crate?

I dont know your situation, so I cant answer this question for you. I can, however, give you a few things to think about that may help.

  • Is your crate portable enough to move back and forth?
  • How long do you plan on letting him sleep in your bedroom? If its not for long, you may be able to get away with just one.
  • Are you willing/able to invest the money in a second crate?
  • If you do decide on purchasing another, think about what other uses it can have i.e. airline approved for flying with your dog, safety during car travel, overnight stays
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    Which Crates Are Best For German Shepherds

    For German Shepherds, like other big dogs, you have a variety of crate styles to choose from.

    • Wire metal folding crate. Crates in this common style can be assembled quickly and folded for easy travel. They are also easy to clean and fairly indestructible, which is key for active breeds such as GSDs.
    • Folding soft crates. Most of these crates are made with nylon or canvas and are not suitable for dogs that like to chew or dig. Additionally, some may not be available in a size large enough to accommodate your big dog. If youre considering a soft-sided crate, read the manufacturers descriptions carefully to make sure the crate is large enough and durable enough for your pup.
    • Furniture crates. These are decorative additions to your home, and some can even double as end tables or credenzas. Most of these are constructed of wood or a composite material. Because they are primarily decorative, make sure the construction is durable enough to stand up to your strong and active GSD.

    Before you purchase a crate for your GSD, decide how youre going to use it. Looking for a sturdy crate you can set up permanently at home? Give some thought to where youre going to put it. If youre looking for a travel crate or something youll be setting up on occasion, you might want something more lightweight.

    Frisco Ultimate Dog Crate

    GSD!! – 7 Reasons Why the German Shepherd is the BEST Dog in the WORLD

    The Frisco Heavy Duty Dog Cage is our pick for durable, heavy-duty dog crates. Some dogs just dont like going into their crate, and owners need to be sure they wont have an escape whenever they leave the house for a few minutes.

    This crate is large, durable, and easy to assemble. Your dog will be comfortable inside and wont be able to find a way to break free. The crate also sits on wheels, so its relatively easy to move around the house.

    Of course, there are some downsides to picking a heavy-duty dog crate. Theyre bulky, heavy, and they dont collapse, so bringing them with you is going to be a chore. Youre also going to have to spend a bit more money for this crate, but you get what you pay for in terms of durability.

    We love that this crate has extreme durability, and is practically impossible to break out of. It has a removable plastic tray for easy cleaning. Its easy to assemble and break down, despite the fact that its thick, heavy, and tough for any dog to penetrate or break out of.

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    Stick With The Perfect Size

    You may be wondering why you should not go for a larger size when such a large selection is available. Choosing larger dog crates can bring plenty of difficulties.

    Firstly, you will require enough space for the larger crate. Its quite difficult to manage a larger space for placing the dog crates. During housetraining, your German shepherd can use half of the crate as a toilet instead of using the whole crate for sleeping.

    Conversely, crate training is much easier in the right-sized crate. Thus, its better to use the appropriate size crate.

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    How To Pick A Dog Cage For German Shepherd

    Theres more to cages for German shepherds than just picking out the correct size. You want to get acquainted with each crate type and learn about its flaws and advantages. Well go through their differences, similarities, and many other things in this simple guide on how to get your German shepherd the perfect crate.

    Average Crate Size Most of these crates are sized as 42-in long dog crates. Crate length is the proportion used to determine crate size. 42-in long crates are considered to be large. We did review a few 36-in long crates because sometimes you might want to get this size depending on your dogs gender and breed type. To know for sure its best to measure your dog.

    How To Measure A Dog For A Crate Sometimes crates will come with their own size charts to make it easier for you to pick the right size. If thats not the case its good to know how to generally measure out a dog for a crate. What youll want to do is take your dogs length and height and compare it to the crates to see if the crate is at least 4-in larger than the dog.

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