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Are German Shepherds Police Dogs

Dog Breed Specifically Mentioned In The Bible

German Shepherd police dog protecting and helping Policeman | Best of Trained Dogs

The Bible is a great book for all sorts of references, but what about the one dog breed thats mentioned? The bible mentions the Canaan Dog, which is also known as the Israeli or Hebrew dog. If you happen to be looking for a new pet and are thinking about this breed, read on. What is the only dog breed specifically mentioned in the bible?

Why Do Police Use German Shepherds Instead Of Dobermans

Despite being highly intelligent and loyal, the Dobermann is not commonly seen in police work in the USA. Perhaps the most important reason is the breeds lack of an undercoat. Dobermanns have a single-layer coat with short hair, in contrast to the double-coat of the German Shepherd. A double coat acts as an insulator, keeping dogs warm in the cold and cool in the heat. This quality makes the German Shepherd better suited for work in extreme temperatures than Dobermanns. Furthermore, the Dobermann reasons internally before taking action. If these dogs encounter a problem, they will take a new approach the next time they encounter it. A German Shepherd, on the other hand, is more likely to use the same approach that they were taught.

State-level Indian police forces sometimes use Dobermanns as police dogs today. For example, a female Doberman named Tunga uncovered over 50 murders and 60 thefts in Karnataka, India. This included one murder, where she ran over 12 km to apprehend the murderer. In the USA, the Dobermann proudly works as a military dog, guard dog, or personal defense dog. In fact, during World War II, the Dobermann was the official war dog of the USA. These intelligent and active dogs also make excellent athletes, excelling at several canine sports!

Why Do Police Dogs Use European Commands

Lots of people might think that the reason why police dogs are given commands in a European language is so the suspect cannot command the dog to back down, but this is not the case.

The reason why police dogs receive commands in a specific European language is that the dogs are often brought over from Europe, which is where they are trained in basic behavior.

So, this would be in the language of their country of origin.

The reason why the command words will be given to the dog in their native tongue is that is makes much more sense for the police officer to learn a few new words in a different language than it would for the dog to have to learn a whole new set of commands in a different language than what they were trained in.

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How Did German Shepherd Become Police Dogs

If you didnt know, Max Emil Friedrich has developed this wonderful dog breed in the late 1800s. The main reason for developing this dog breed was for herding sheep, protecting flocks from predators, and keeping the property and farm safe, but no one knows that German Shepherds will become soon one of the greatest dogs ever.

Their owners have been noticed that they are so dedicated to their work. Thanks to their high energy level and body structure, they can do their job almost all day, they can run faster than almost every dog at that time, and with their high intelligence, they can make the right decisions in a second, and with a little bit of hard work, they can easily communicate with their owners.

Everything that has been noticed German army, and started using these dogs in World War I, and once again, German Shepherds surprises the whole world with their intelligence.

In addition to the fact that Germany used German Shepherds as military dogs, they start using German Shepherd as service dogs to protect and cure their wounded soldiers.

They were surprised how one dog can be so bonded to its owners, and basically give its life to protect humans. After World War I, they become even more popular, not only in Germany but around the world. Because of that, they are now one of the greatest dog breeds developed ever.

Luckily, wars have been ended, but criminals werent. Because of their incredible ability, German Shepherds are now police dogs.

Lets dive right in!

Why Do Police Use German Shepherds And Not Rottweilers

German Shepherd

Rottweilers are still seen in the police force today but are less popular than German Shepherds for several reasons. To begin, the average male Rottweiler weighs between 110 and 132 lbs. In contrast, the average male German Shepherd weighs between 66 and 88 lbs. Police dog handlers must be able to lift their dogs in the field. Thus, the Rottweilers heavier weight can be a liability in some cases. The Rottweilers stockier build can also make it less agile in the field. Next, the Rottweilers bite force is considerably stronger than the German Shepherd. While strength is an admirable trait for a police dog, it is also important to reduce damages where possible during apprehension. This makes the German Shepherd more suitable for suspect apprehension, in some cases. For these reasons, some police departments prefer the German Shepherd over the Rottweiler.

During World War I and World War II, the Rottweiler saw use as a messenger, draught, and guard dog. Proving themselves as a valiant and loyal breed, their reputation allows them to continue their work today. Modern Rottweilers boast a good nature, exhibiting devotion to their partners as well as an eagerness to work. Similar to the German Shepherd, Rottweilers are not quick to trust strangers an overly-trusting nature towards strangers could compromise the breeds effectiveness in the field.

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Selection Of A Police Dog

Selecting a police dog, in large part, requires looking for a dog with a high natural prey drive.

Breeders will sometimes begin testing and training entire litters of puppies at the 6 weeks old, and during this time they are keeping their eyes open for puppies that display this drive.

The following technique is one way that breeders use to select dogs suitable for police training:

A ball will be rolled underneath a couch or other object and the puppies will naturally attempt to get it. However, some puppies will lose interest and give up in favor of something more interesting.

A puppy with a high natural prey drive will be persistent. It will not give up and it will keep trying to get the ball. It will remain focused on its target until it gets it.

Try this with your puppy at home. See how it responds. Does it give up, or does it persist? This is a good way to gauge how much of a natural prey drive your puppy has.

Knowing this can be useful in the future when introducing your GSD to other people or animals. If your dog has a higher than usual prey drive, then you know to be extra cautious in these situations.

German Shepherd Police Dogs Or K

Physically, German shepherd police dogs sometimes called German shepherd K-9s are well-known for their large, agile, and muscular body. They also have high intelligence levels which make them highly trainable.

They easily remember words of importance, range of commands, and many tasks taught by their trainer because they have a fast and retentive memory. Since they can assimilate and retain training easily, their caretakers should avoid teaching them bad habits.

Aside from extraordinary physical and intellectual characteristics, they also have outstanding personality traits. They are loyal, courageous, confident, and most of all, they are willing to put their lives on the line.

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Why Do Dobermans Cry So Much

Dobermans have a habit of whining and crying when we least expect them. This may be both alarming and irritating in the long run!

Whether it’s whining, sobbing, or barking, all-vocal activity boils down to expressing and sending a message. It is, in fact, a vital activity that allows people to feel in command of their surroundings. It would be difficult for us to communicate with our Dobermans if they could not convey their fear, enthusiasm, or dissatisfaction.

If your Doberman screams after they’ve been crated for too long, whines when you get home from a hard day at the workplace, or cries when someone accidentally steps on their foot, this is to be anticipated and isn’t regarded as excessive health issues.

When the breeds need anything, such as a potty expedition, food, or for their water bowl to be refilled, they may become noisy. Whining or crying is quite fine in these situations, and it’s really a wonderful thing that your dobie is expressing themselves about something they need or require.

When vocalizations occur for no apparent purpose or occur too frequently, they become troublesome. Similarly, if their persistent whimpering is interfering with family life or occurs along with other behavioral concerns like digging or destructive activities, there must be a problem. Furthermore, if your Doberman whines whenever you leave the room or growls through the night, you can be certain there is an underlying issue and can work with a vet or a trainer to resolve this.

Are German Shepherds Police Dogs

Retired Police K9 Dog | German Shepherd

The most common police dogs used for everyday duties are the German Shepherd and the Belgian Malinois though other breeds may be used to perform specific tasks.

Do German Shepherds work? As such, German Shepherds were ideal candidates for police and military work. In the 1910s, Stephanitz approached German police departments to see if theyd be interested in using the dogs for work, and many began testing the breed for tactic work, protection, and tracking.

Is a Malinois a German Shepherd? Both the Malinois and German Shepherd are members of the Herding Group and can trace their origins to livestock herding dogs. As their names imply, the Belgian Malinois was developed in Belgium and the German Shepherd in Germany. The Malinois was one of four varieties of Belgian Shepherd Dog in use in the late 1800s.

What is a shepherd dog? In fact, Shepherds were initially bred in the early 1900s to be a working dog, including for police and military service. Breeder Max von Stephanitz, a German Army veteran, began selectively breeding GSDs for key traits, including intelligence, loyalty, and persistence. As such, German Shepherds were ideal candidates for police and military work.

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Traits Of A German Shepherd

German shepherds are fun animals with aloof personalities. This means that every dog is unique in its own way. As a purebred dog, though, their personality is a little more predictable.

Were going to take you through their temperament, appearance, and responsiveness to training, so you know what youre getting yourself into.

Which Type Of German Shepherd Is The Best

Dutch Shepherd dogs are herding dogs bred by Dutch farmers and shepherds to adapt to tough conditions. Dutch Shepherds are among the best shepherd dogs and most competent at herding, agility, obedience, and guarding. They are great companions who are very loyal and protective of their owner and family.

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Speak And Quiet Method

In the method, you have to forcefully give the speak command to your dog. You have to then give him a treat every time he barks on your command. Do not give him the treat if he barks earlier or later than your command. Similarly, give the Quiet command loudly when you want him to stop barking. Likewise, follow it up with a treat for correct behavior.

Here is a myth buster for you! Many people believe that the commands are spoken in a code language so that the dog and officer have a secret channel of communication between them while being under attack by an invader.

However, this is far from the truth. As mentioned, many police German shepherds undergo training in European countries and thus, learn their basic commands in a foreign tongue. It is just easier to continue with the terminology rather than retrain the dog in English!

The German Shepherd Police Dog

Battle Ground police dog Luca to get protective vest ...

As dog people, it is not uncommon to find ourselves in a light-hearted verbal sparring match with one of our fellow people. The topics change day to day depending on current events and articles we have read. However, one subject that will never be allowed to fade away is what breed is best and why. A persons favorite breed is always as unique as the individuals themselves and I often find myself opening my canine encyclopaedia after a light-hearted debate to reference a particular breed I had only just learned about. You see, there are so many weird and wonderful breeds in this world of ours that it is almost impossible to have even a basic knowledge of them all. No matter the direction the conversation steers, it will always find its true north and you will eventually discover yourself talking about the one breed everyone knows. I am talking, of course, about the German Shepherd.

They come in all shapes and sizes, some heavily muscled, others wiry and athletic. Their coloring is as versatile as their build, with the American Kennel club listing eight official colors ranging from solid white to solid black. Some have thicker coats than others and their posture can be different depending on the dog. However, no matter how versatile in appearance this breed will be, a decoy, a suspect and even cat people know when they are dealing with a German Shepherd.

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He Can Work For Hours Without Getting Tired

This breed loves to work, and they are born for that. Unlike other high-energy dog breeds that enjoy most playtime, German Shepherd most enjoy it while he is working.

Maybe at first sounds weird and you think who loves to work?, but when you love your job, you will try to spend as much as possible time working.

K-9 unit usually spends their whole shift with their dogs. Of course, this doesnt mean that they work every day, the whole day. When a neighborhood is calm, they usually patrol, train, helps, and teach other people.

Benign a part of the K-9 unit its not an easy job at all. They risk their own lives to protect ours, and we should respect that.

Adopt A German Shepherd Police Dog

Whether you are looking for a loving and loyal friend or companion, or an asset to your team of law enforcement, the police dog is an important part of any group. The German Shepherd police dog is an excellent choice for police dogs.

Many people find that owning a German Shepherd dog makes them feel like a hero. They are known as great pets for their loyalty, affection, and devotion. In fact, many German Shepherds are used by police forces because they are so easy to train. A dog like this will not only be a great partner for you but a great companion for your family as well.

If you are thinking about adopting a German Shepherd police dog, there are a few things you need to know. Before you go and get one of these dogs, make sure you take the following tips into consideration:

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Detection And Explosives Training

You might have heard of certain police dogs that are referred to as sniffer dogs, and these are the dogs that are trained in detection and explosives.

They will be trained to sniff out things like explosives, blood, money, illegal drugs, and even electronic devices. Cadaver dogs will also fit into this category.

Matching A Dog With Their New Partner

Police dog training, Miami K9 Enforcement German Shepherd

German Shepherds are equally as important as the people that they are matched with, and due to this, police dogs are actually matched with their handlers based on their personality.

The matching process is far from simple, and it can actually take several weeks for a police dog to be properly matched with its new handler.

The officers will have to go through a lengthy training process to ensure that they are able to train the dog well, and a police officer will only become eligible to transfer to a specialty K-9 unit for training after completing at least one or two years of patrol service.

The exact length of time will depend on the specific department.

As well as all of this, the police officers prior career life will usually be assessed, and some of the questions that will be asked about the police officer can include:

  • How familiar is the officer with canines in their day-to-day life?
  • Is the officer very physically active on the job?
  • Has the officer demonstrated an active role in inserting themselves immediately to handle adverse situations?
  • Has the officer actively taken on people and problems?
  • Is the officer generally responsible?
  • Does the officer possess good communication skills?

It is also really important that the officer that is being matched with the German Shepherd is energetic by nature.

This is because German Shepherd police dogs are highly active and energetic, and they will need the same from their handlers.

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Which Is Stronger Doberman Or German Shepherd

At one year of puppy age, both breeds are huge dogs, weighing 50-100 lb and standing 26-27 in tall. When fully mature, Doberman Pinschers are the larger of the two breeds. The Doberman is usually slightly taller and leaner than the German Shepherd, who is of a stockier build rather than super tall despite this fact, both dogs are active. Their backs are likewise more slanted than Doberman pinschers.

Both dogs are full of energy, but German Shepherds have it much more well-rounded in nearly all aspects.

When it comes to temperament, both dog breeds are calm in daily life, but when a situation provokes them to be aggressive, German Shepherds can take charge and charge into action. A note about this temperament is that early and persistent obedience training is required to keep this characteristic working the way it should. A Doberman’s temperament, on the other hand, is more aggressive, especially if they believe their owner is in danger.

Both breeds require consistent and severe training to drastically reduce or eliminate aggression. German Shepherds are noted for having a lot of energy throughout their lives. GSDs do not adapt well to tiny spaces and require plenty of freedom to run around thus, they are not recommended for apartment life. Dobermans, like other breeds, require regular exercise, but they are more flexible. A Doberman enjoys regular walks but may also adapt to a smaller living environment, such as apartment life.


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