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Are German Shepherds Large Breed Dogs

How Much Does A Giant German Shepherd Cost Puppy Prices And Expenses

German Shepherd Dog Breed Guide

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Giant German Shepherd puppies price ranges from $800 to $2,500. King Shepherds are quite more expensive than Shiloh Shepherds.

The price range for Shiloh Shepherd puppies is only $800 to $1,000 while the King Shepherd puppies cost from $1,200 to $2,500.

But wait, theres more! After purchasing your puppy, you still need to cash out money for its initial medical needs like neutering, deworming, and blood tests which will cost you a rough estimate of $300.

Dog essentials like bedding, collar, bowl, and toys will cost you around $200. Training, license, annual medical needs, and other miscellaneous expenses will cost you not less than $600.

With all these being said, if you plan to own a Giant German Shepherd, then ready your pockets and wallet.

Keeping Things Calm Consistently

One of the most important things to remember about German Shepherds, as well as dogs of a similar size and energy level, is that they require a lot of exercise. The more exercise dogs get, the more likely they are to behave.

Always make sure your dogs get rewarded for behaving themselves. The more they associate behaving themselves with being rewarded, the more they will be inclined to behave appropriately.

Never use punitive behavior like hitting, shoving, or kicking. These actions frighten dogs and betray their trust, but might also cause dogs to act out with aggression, something you want to avoid in a big dog like a GSD.

Several breeds make excellent companions for German Shepherds. However, knowing how to make the proper introductions is key to making sure all goes smoothly.

Places To Find Giant German Shepherd Puppies For Sale And Adoption

Whether you plan to purchase or adopt a Giant German Shepherd puppy, you should always consider the breeders and rescues reputation.

Here are some of the reputable breeders and rescue centers where you can get your Giant German Shepherd.

Here are some places where you can purchase a Giant German Shepherd puppy from breeders online:

  • The American King Shepherd Breed Club Inc The official dog club of King Shepherd breeders in America. You can look for available puppies on their website as well as reputable breeders of King Shepherds.
  • LPC King Shepherd LPC King Shepherd is a recommended breeder of King Shepherd by AKSBCI. This breeder facility started in 2013 and is owned by the secretary of the King Shepherd Club International.
  • International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club This is the official international Shiloh Shepherd dog club. Reputable Shilo breeders are listed on their website as well as puppies on sale.
  • Abbas Shiloh Shepherds This Shiloh breeding facility is one of the many reputable breeders listed in ISSDC. Puppies and stud services are offered by this breeder.

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If you want to give a homeless Giant German Shepherd a new home, then you can adopt from these rescues instead:

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What Is The Smallest Shepherd Dog

As per AKC records, the smallest shepherd dog but is still an expert herder is the Welsh Corgi. Both males and females grow between 10 and 12 inches in height.

In terms of weight, male Welsh Corgis are generally 30 pounds, and females are 28 pounds. Sitting at second place is the Miniature American Shepherd, who is only a couple of inches bigger.

German Shepherd Breed History

large,big, oversized german shepherds

German Shepherd history is steeped in a division that continues to this day. The GSD was first known in 1899, but the German desire to standardize dogs began in the 1850s. The Phylax Society was founded in 1891 to advocate dog breed standards, but it lasted only three years. The members debated how to standardize dogs: for show or performance. This “show vs work” conflict remains to this day.

One Society member, Max von Stephanitz, was responsible for the first German Shepherd Dog. He argued that Germany’s dogs should be working dogs. He “discovered” his ideal dog at a dog show, renamed him Horand von Grafrath and founded the Society for the German Shepherd Dog. He recognized this herding dog would survive only if it were repurposed for police and military work.

Due to WWI, the AKC changed the dog’s name to Shepherd Dog. In Britain, they were called Alsatian Wolf Dogs. If you read up on Alsatian history, you’ll discover that the name change was necessary.

After WWI, GSDs were exported to America. One GSD was saved by an Army corporal whose home was in Los Angeles. That puppy became Rin Tin Tin and appeared in 26 Hollywood movies. The movies popularized the GSD. By 1931, the AKC had returned to using the breed’s original name. By 1922, von Stephanitz became upset over the surge of increasingly undesirable temperament traits and remarkably poor health.

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The Top 5 Reasons That German Shepherds Are The Best Dog Breed For Seniors

Dogs are great additions to anyones life, however, they are especially great for seniors that are looking for companionship and something to keep them busy. Though any pet is beneficial for an aging adult, dogs are perhaps the most as they have so much to offer. With the various dog breeds available, seniors have many options when it comes to finding the dog that is right for them and their lifestyle.

What Are The Health Concerns To Be Aware Of With Large And Giant Dogs

Large and giant dogs not only have to carry around more weight, but their hearts and organs have to work harder, and the dog itself has to deal with genetic disorders and health conditions that are common to their breed.

Giant German Shepherds may be more susceptible to the following health concerns:

Obesity if overfed, which can lead to a range of issues


You want to make sure they care about the dog and eventual owner, as opposed to breeding purely for the purpose of producing giant dogs for more money.

You might look for the following things when specifically looking for a Giant German Shepherd:

Evidence of tests and checks for Degenerative myelopathy

The dog has been Cardiac tested

OFA certification of hips and elbows, plus x rays of the hips

A guarantee on health and temperament of the dogs

Check whether the breeder states that size is secondary to the health and temper of the dog

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What Are The Other Names Of Shepherd Dogs

Due to their skills, the most common name for a shepherd dog is herding dog. Other names include stock dog or working dog. As these terms suggest, shepherd dogs are trained to control the movement of livestock.

They are trained not to see these animals as prey and, at the same time, maintain their hunting skills.

Origins Of German Shepherd

German Shepherd Dog Breed

Dating back to 1899, the German Shepherd came into existence due to the efforts of Max von Stephanitz, a cavalry captain who wanted to create a distinct German herding breed. The captain travelled to multiple dog shows throughout Germany searching for the type of dog he envisioned as the founder of this new breed. In 1899, he found that dog at a show, purchased him, and created the breed.

Over time, von Stephanitz saw that the breed would need to be more than just a herding dog as farms were becoming scarce and herding dogs were no longer in demand. He saw that the German Shepherd could be so much more than a herding dog this breeds future was in military and police work. During World War I, von Stephanitz convinced the German government to use the breed for a wide range of responsibilities including as a messenger, guard, sentry, and Red Cross dog.

The German Shepherd became popular in America after an American corporal found a five-day-old puppy in a kennel in France during World War I. He trained the dog, and the dog became one of the most famous Hollywood animals, Rin Tin Tin. The dog starred in 26 movies and put the breed on the map in America. During World War II, the breed declined in popularity and was even renamed to avoid the German moniker the American Kennel Club renamed the breed the Shepherd Dog, and in England, the breed was called the Alsatian Wolf Dog. The breed regained its name via the American Kennel Club in 1931.

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Saddle Coat German Shepherd

The German Shepherd dogs of this type are also called Saddle Back Shepherds. They are the most recognized German Shepherds of all time. There are two colors present on their coat, as with all other German shepherd types apart from the solid black shepherd. It is their distinct pattern and markings that set them apart from the other types.

Best Large Breed Dogs For Families With Children

With so many things to consider, its no wonder many people feel overwhelmed trying to select the right dog for their children. To make things a little easier, below youll find a detailed list of the large breed dogs that have proven to be great choices for families with kids.

Every dog listed below has a long track record of being a great family dog. However, please be sure to properly train your dog, whatever breed you choose. None of these attributes will matter if your dog hasnt been trained and properly socialized!

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German Shepherd Breed Standards: Size

The modern German Shepherd is a medium to large-sized breed that is athletic, strong, well-muscled, and has an overall proportionate and balanced appearance.

The German Shepherd Dog is one breed that should definitively look masculine or feminine. Males are taller, heavier, and squarer through the face. Females are shorter, lighter, and narrower through the face and muzzle area.

The Breed Standard dictates the following ideal height and weight requirement for a GSD:

Is It Time To Spay Or Neuter Your Dog

7 Facts About The German Shepherd

A 1 year old female German Shepherd is likely to have had her first heat already. Many vets prefer to arrange spay surgery promptly after a heat cycle, in order to avoid performing it just as a new heat cycle is beginning. If spay surgery isnt something youve considered yet, you can talk over the pros and cons at her next vet check, and when the optimal time for surgery would be.

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German Shepherd Breed Characteristics

  • German Shepherds stand around two feet tall. Males can reach 24 to 26 inches and females between 22 and 24 inches.
  • A medium-to-large sized working dog, male German Shepherds weigh between 65 and 90 pounds and females between 50 and 70 pounds.
  • German Shepherds have a double coat. The outer coat is dense and can be straight or a little wavy, whilst the undercoat is thick but soft.
  • German Shepherds are one of the most common police dogs used for everyday duties. The trainability and intelligence of the breed make it the ideal candidate for police work.
  • German Shepherds are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds, along with the Border Collie and Poodle.
  • Contrary to popular belief, German Shepherds are very loving and protective pets of their owners. However, they can display aggression if their aggressive tendencies arent kept in check.

Are There Any Large Breeds That Should Not Live With German Shepherds

In most cases, a German Shepherd not getting along with other dogs is more due to training issues than problems that involve other breeds. Proper socialization makes a difference in the case of any multi-dog situation.

Dog Breeds List considers the German Shepherd a good match for most other breeds. However, there are some exceptions where large breeds are concerned.

Even though they have some popularity due to their beautiful appearance, wolfdogs are some of the most aggressive dogs around. Since many are part Shepherd, they often end up in homes with a German Shepherd present.

Wolfdogs are less predictable than many other types of dogs, due to their recent wild ancestry. These dogs are less likely to obey commands given to them, and less likely to respect their owners leadership. These dogs may be quite aggressive.

Staffordshire Terriers or American Pit Bulls, though known for being agreeable to most people, often tend to be aggressive towards other dogs. American or English Staffordshire Terriers have a dogfighting history.

In the case of American Bulldogs, these dogs were used for catching livestock. The traits that make these dogs capable of capturing livestock can also prompt aggression towards other dogs. Dogs with these traits can cause injury.

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German Shepherd Breed Description

The German Shepherd is considered a medium to large dog breed. Adults can be expected to reach 22-24 inches in height from ground to shoulder and weigh between 75-95 pounds. Their size makes them large enough to be a helpful for many working dog tasks without jeopardizing agility.

German Shepherds are extremely loyal dogs to their family, but they tend to be wary of everyone else . They breed does well with children as long as they have been socialized with children at a younger age. German Shepherds do well with other pets, especially if introduced while a puppy.

The breed has high energy requirements and needs moderate to heavy daily exercise. Lack of exercise can cause the breed’s excess energy to lead to behavior problems including digging, chewing, and barking. German Shepherds shed year round and will need to be brushed a few times each week to keep their coat healthy.

Giant German Shepherd: 14 Important Things To Know

Best Companion Dog for German Shepherd: Which Breeds Top the List?

Weve already put together a guide outlining the different types of German Shepherds and, we make mention of how Giant German Shepherds fit into the breed as a whole in that guide.

As a dog breed, German Shepherds fit into the large dog category, not the Giant dog category that you would find Great Dane and St. Bernard dogs in.

So, what the heck is a Giant German Shepherd, and is this type of German Shepherd healthy?

We set out to find information on these sorts of questions, to give you a more in depth picture of how a Giant German Shepherd fits into the German Shepherd breed picture.

Lets find out more!

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What Colors Do German Shepherds Come In

The most common colors are black and tan, black and red, black and cream, or black and silver. These colors cover the dog in one of these three patterns:

  • Saddleback the black overlays the dog’s back and sides . The rest of the dog is tan, red, cream, or silver. Usually there’s some black on the face, as well.
  • Blanketback the black extends further down the shoulders and hips.
  • Bicolor like a Doberman or Rottweiler, which is mostly black with small tan/red/cream markings specifically confined to the head, chest, and legs. Honestly I don’t know why this pattern is called bicolor, which simply means two colors. As we’ve just seen, the other two patterns also have just two colors.

Another common color is sable, which is an overall shade of gray, golden, or red, with black-tipped hairs that create a “dusted with black” effect.

A less common, but perfectly acceptable, color is solid black.

“Faulty” colors

Then there are two controversial colors: blue and liver:

  • Blue German Shepherds have inherited a color-modifying gene that changes their black pigment to smoky gray. Many blue dogs look as though they’ve been dusted with flour.
  • Liver German Shepherds have inherited a color-modifying gene that changes their black pigment to brown .

Blue and liver are considered serious faults by the official German Shepherd clubs and breeders who show their dogs in the conformation ring. But you can still register these dogs and compete with them in activities such as obedience and agility.

My Experience With German Shepherd Temperament

Temperament and behavior stem from what the breed was designed for

To understand a breed’s temperament and behavior, ask, “What was he developed to do?” Whichever traits help him accomplish his intended work have likely been “hard-wired” into his genes not perfectly, but generally.

The German Shepherd was developed from various sheepherding dogs. So you would expect sheepherding traits such as athleticism, a compulsion to chase things that move, and swift responsiveness to their human shepherd/master.

German Shepherds were also developed as military messenger and sentry dogs, and as personal protection and police dogs. So expect traits such as aloofness toward strangers and protective/territorial instincts.

The breed also excels at search and rescue, bomb and drug detection, and guiding the blind. Certainly you would expect high intelligence, high self-confidence, trainability, and an ability to focus.

All of those traits are what you get in an ideal German Shepherd. One of the most capable and trainable breeds in all of dogdom, an ideal German Shepherd, when properly raised by a confident owner, can be a magnificent companion. There’s a good reason my first dogs were German Shepherds!

Unfortunately, it can be difficult today to find a German Shepherd with an ideal temperament. Or at least an ideal temperament to be a good family companion.

Different lines have different temperaments

My recommendation for a good family dog

I hope you can see….

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How Big Can German Shepherd Dogs Get

Just how big can a GSD get?

That can depend on whether it is a purebred or mixed breed GSD.

While purebred GSDs will never grow to a truly giant size, a German Shepherd mixed with a giant breed can potentially inherit the giant parents size.

Some GSD breeders specialize in big purebred German Shepherds.

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