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White German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Ma

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7 week old White German Shepherd puppies

PuppyFinder.com is your source for finding an ideal German Shepherd Dog Puppy for Sale in Massachusetts, USA area. Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area.

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Oversized AKC Imported Champ Working Lines

Date listed: 10/31/2022

DIAMOND OAKS RANCH 19880 Tenaja Rd. Murrieta CA 92562 AKC – Exceptional Champion Working lines – Absolutely an excellent choice for your family!!!Over-Sized – Traditional German…

Date listed: 10/31/2022

We have one German Shepherd puppy from this litter that is ready for her forever home. They are large, old fashioned, flat back style GSDs with no slant to their backend and…

Date listed: 12/03/2022


Tempest’s Mr. Fireside Flurries is a black and tan male puppy born 10-12-22, priced at $1250.00. His registration is AKC, American Kennel Club. He has a calm personality. He is a…

Date listed: 11/30/2022


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Czech Sheperd puppies. READ THE WHOLE ADWorking Line German Shepherds. These dogs are fearless, with strong work ethic, are extremely…

Date listed: 11/21/2022


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Runchkin Hill Farm And Kennel

Runchkin Hill Farm and Kennel has been working with German Shepherds for over 30 years. As stated on their website, these breeders are trainers of world-class working German Shepherds from the finest bloodlines. What they mark as high priority is the loyalty, temperament, and health of their dogs.

What are their German Shepherds like? Well, they are definitely versatile at the same time, they are family dogs, good protectors, therapy dogs, service dogs, and sport-oriented dogs.

If you are thinking about trying these breeders, be prepared for them to check if you really are the right owner for one of their German Shepherds.

Runchkin Hill Farm and Kennel emphasizes that they want to be sure that each and every one of their dogs goes to the right family, which will ensure that their puppy has the best quality of life.

Breeder Info:

Phone number: +1 978-423-0877

Puppyspots German Shepherd For Massachusetts

Since youre searching for the best German Shepherd breeders in Massachusetts, then PuppySpot might be the go-to solution. PuppySpot is a platform filled with many available German Shepherd puppies, which means that you can browse at the comfort of your home in Massachusetts.

You can rest assured knowing that your German Shepherd puppy will be safely shipped to your home in Massachusetts. However, before you continue on your search for a German Shepherd puppy for sale in Massachusett, check out the link below.

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Ask About A Health Certificate

This is something you certainly shouldnt forget to do! Before you decide to buy a German Shepherd, check with the breeder if their dogs have AKC health certificates.

If you are dealing with a reputable breeder, this is the most normal question, which you will not even have to ask because for reputable breeders, a health certificate is a must.

However, if the breeder avoids answering this question or does not offer any specific answer, take this as a warning. He is probably a frivolous breeder who does not care enough about the health of his dogs.

How To Care Of Your German Shepherd

Becker, a White Male German Shepherd Dog Puppy 660266

It is always exciting to bring a new dog home. When you introduce a German shepherd to your family, you may feel you have joined the cool club. You want to provide your Shepherd with the appropriate care. German Shepherds come from a long line of working dogs and a herding heritage. Your GSD will not do well alone nor will she like not having anything to do all day. You need to provide your dog not only with attention, food, and love but also a meaningful job or activity. Agility, Schutzhund, herding, or interactive games can keep your Shepherds mind active. Be imaginative. Your GSD puppy should eat three or four times a day. An adult German shepherd should eat four to six cups of high-quality dog food daily with an animal protein source in the first five ingredients. Divide feedings to help prevent bloat or GDV. Your Shepherd may need as much as two hours of exercise daily. Best results come from breaking physical activities into two or more sessions a day rather than doing all of them at once. For your young German shepherd puppy, you need to focus on not injuring its growth plates. Never pressure a puppy to keep going beyond the point he has indicated he wants to stop. German shepherd puppies need more time than some other dog breeds on socialization. The GSD is beginning to develop a reputation for unprovoked biting and is receiving bans in alarming numbers because of poor breeding, improper training, neglect of socialization, and handler mistreatment.

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Hands Over All The Paperwork

Good breeders will be eager to show you your puppys pedigree and health checkup papers. They will also have vaccination documents. Good German Shepherd Breeders in Massachusetts are always excited to talk about their puppys personality and do not hold any information back. They will tell you if there are any underlying health conditions that your puppy has or might develop in the future.

Month Old Working Line German Shepherd

This Male Sable German Shepherd is just 6 month old on September 27th. He is from a European working line. We have the AKC papers, he just needs to be registered in new owners names. His parents were imported from Europe and his grandparents were world chanpions. Very smart and obedient. Would be a great search and rescue or great at sports. He is very busy and needs a job to do! Very sweet but would do better in a family without children or other pets. He is completely house broken and he will come with his crate.Buy Now

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White German Shepherd Puppy For Sale

White german shepherd puppy ,Dreaming of the perfectpuppy? Then meet Lucy. Shes sure to make allyour dreams come true! Lucy is a sweet and playful girl that cant waitto meet her new family. Once you see this cutie, it will be love at firstsight. Just look at that precious face! Who could ever say no to her?Lucy will arrive up to date on vaccinations and pre-spoiled.

german shepherd puppies for sale near me

Get ready fora mess of fun with this great girl at your side! *AKC Registered,1 YearGenetic Health Guarantee, Shots Up To Date With Complete Health Papers,leash, Toys, very adaptable to a new environment, ET*

Potty Training Your New German Shepherd Puppy

White German Shepherd Dog loves her Cat

One of the most important things you will need to do when potty training your new puppy is to be consistent. You should take them out every time they eat, drink, or play and also after they wake up from a nap. If you see them start to pee or poop somewhere inside then you should say NO in a loud voice and immediately take them outside. Reward them with lots of praise and a treat when they go potty in the right spot.

It can be helpful to put your puppy on a regular feeding schedule as this will help with predictability when it comes to going potty. Once your puppy is consistently going potty outside you can start to slowly lengthen the amount of time between bathroom breaks.

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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Massachusetts

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. How could you resist them? They are such courageous and intelligent working dogs.

There are few things these amazing dogs cant do they are great watchdogs, herding dogs, search and rescue dogs, and among all they are perfect family dogs.

If you share my passion for this marvelous dog breed, and you would like to become a German Shepherd owner, lets find out more about top 12 German Shepherd breeders in Massachusetts.

What Is The Average Price For A German Shepherd Puppy In Massachusetts

The average price for a German Shepherd puppy in Massachusetts is $1,000. But prices can vary depending on the breeder. Prices may vary by as much as $1,000 if the breeder has their own breeding program.

When looking for a breeder, it is important to set your budget before you start searching for a puppy. If you have an exact price in mind, this will help you eliminate breeders that are outside of your price range.

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Ask For References From Your German Shepherd Breeder In Massachusetts

Make sure the breeder has a list of references that you can contact who have purchased dogs from them in the past. Do not be afraid to call or email these people and ask questions about their experience with the breeder, whether they are happy with their dog, if they recommend her, and if they would buy a dog from her again.

Be prepared to wait for the right puppy.

Be cautious of any German Shepherd Breeder in Massachusetts that does not offer you references.

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Choosing The Right German Shepherd Breeder

Yeti, a White Female German Shepherd Dog Puppy 666636

When adding a German Shepherd to your family, you must look for a reputable breeder and avoid backyard breeders and puppy mills.

Because this breed is predisposed to various genetic medical conditions, it is essential to find a breeder that makes the health of their dogs and puppies a priority. In addition, puppies can always be a challenge when it comes to training, which is true of German Shepherds.

A reputable breeder specializing in this breed has a great understanding of the dog they are willing to share with you. This can help when it comes to training, grooming, and more. When looking for a reputable breeder, consider following these tips:

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What Kind Of Grooming Does Your Gsd Need

You should brush your German Shepherd every three to five days. Usually, you need a pin brush and a de-shedding tool. The former helps give the guard hairs shine while the latter removes loose tufts from the undercoat. When your dog experiences heavy sheds during fall and spring, you will probably need to brush her every day. Clip nails and bathe in a mild shampoo about every six weeks.

Levon The Sable German Shepherd Says Hello

BillNow Married…

Just wanted to give you an update on the fine pup you sold me…Levon. He’s fantastic…just over a year and a half old now. He’s healthy and he’s a damn good dog. He’s perfect with all other dogs and all humans. He lives a very active life…plays with other dogs every single day, we do hikes, he plays fetch now, goes on runs…he’ll do and come anywhere. Update 2014: Best dog ever. Thinking about pulling the trigger on a second one. Gonna wait till after my June wedding!

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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Near Me

6 Month Old Working Line German Shepherd. This Male Sable German Shepherd is just 6 month old on September 27th. He is from a European working line. We have the AKC papers, he just needs to be registered in new owners names. His parents were imported from Europe and his grandparents were world chanpions. Very smart and obedient. Would be a great search and rescue or great at sports. He is very busy and needs a job to do! Very sweet but would do better in a family without children or other pets. He is completely house broken and he will come with his crate.

Adorable puppies german shepherd lab breed. These fun and loving pups are now ready to go to new homes that are loving . They are use to be around large dogs and kids ..

Puppy for sale. Her name is Princess. She 3 months old almost 4 months. She lovely, friendly, sweet, she make a good family pet.

Milford ma. I have 3 german sheppard puppies available. They are vet checked and ready to go. Adorable lovable and well socialized

German Shepard. Pure Blood German ShephardComes with Papers2 years old in October

Bambi ,8 months. Bambi is a female German shepherd, she loves to be outside and loves a ball that is her favorite toy , sheâs fully vaccinated and spayed, she needs a little bit of training but she is friendly. My schedule is to busy to keep her she needs her exercise and I donât want to keep her in the cage for long periods of time . She needs someone take has more time for her.

Best German Shepherd Breeders In Massachusetts

Amazing dog. White German shepherd.

January 26, 2022 by Andy Lam

If you are searching for the best German Shepherd breeders in Massachusetts, then you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for the perfect family companion, a guard dog, or a service dog, the German Shepherd is a breed that fits every need. However, when thinking about adding a German Shepherd puppy to your family, there are a few things to consider.

Here we take an in-depth look at the breed and why it is essential to find a reputable breeder when looking for a German Shepherd. To help you begin your search, we also include a list of Massachusettss top five German Shepherd breeders.

Before scrolling down this list of German Shepherd breeders in Massachusetts, check out these other breeder recommendations: Best Pitbull Breeders in MassachusettsandBest Cockapoo Breeders in Massachusetts.

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Genetic Health Problems Of The German Shepherd Puppy

Health problems can manifest early in the life of a German shepherd puppy or appear later in her life. A couple of the most common growth abnormalities are hip and elbow dysplasia. Dysplasia causes joint incongruences that lead to pain and eventual arthritis. Panosteitis is generalized bone inflammation fairly common in German shepherd puppies that causes severe pain and may have a link to overnutrition in fast-growing breeds. The GSD breed can also suffer from diabetes, bloat, hemophilia, von Willebrands disease, epilepsy, and degenerative myelopathy. Large deep-chested breeds are vulnerable to gas distension of the stomach with life-threatening complications such as gastric torsion. Hemophilia and von Willebrands both involve abnormalities in the clotting pathways or factors of blood. Epilepsy is often a genetic problem, and the affected dog will have seizures with no known source. Finally, DM is a progressive neurologic disease. Dogs begin with a weak gait and eventually suffer paralysis. When you are trying to choose from German Shepherd puppies for sale, the AKC recommends you check that the parents have had hip and elbow evaluations. Such thorough analyses may be impossible if you acquire your dog through a German Shepherd rescue.

Does Your Massachusetts German Shepherd Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use

One of the things that you will want to ask your breeder is if they have a good veterinarian that they use. This is important because you will want to make sure that your puppy has all of its vaccinations and is healthy. If the breeder doesnt have a good vet, then its probably best to find one who does.

When looking for a German Shepherd Breeder in Massachusetts, it is important to ask if they have a good veterinarian that they use. This will help you to ensure that your puppy is healthy and has all of its vaccinations. If the breeder doesnt have a good vet, then its probably best to find one who does. Happy and healthy puppies are the goal of every breeder.

Veterinarians can provide you with a written health guarantee for your puppy

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What To Expect From A German Shepherd Puppy

Although you have your expectations, its best to take note of the following. It will help you prepare for your pet, especially in the first few days of living together.

As you allow your pet to adjust, do your best to create a stress-free environment for it. Always supervise it as it familiarizes itself with its new home.

At the same time, prepare yourself for your pets habits in the first weeks:

Noisy Sleeping

Snoring is not that common in German Shepherds. Still, it would be best to prepare yourself for loud noises when your pet is asleep.

Moderate Training

German Shepherds are highly trainable. It simply means they respond well, especially to positive reinforcement. For this reason, you may need to allot an hour or so each day for your dogs training.

Squeaky Toys

Out of all toys, your pet will love the squeaky ones. For this reason, prepare for a lot of loud squeaks every time your pet is active.

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White German Shepherds Breeders Since 1972

White German Shepherd Puppies

OUR WHITE GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES ARE PURE AKC WHITE GERMAN SHEPHERDS AND HAVE HAD NO WOLF ADDED INTO THEIR LINES, even though most German Shepherd breeders in other countries are adding wolf back into the bloodlines to improve on the breed. This information is first hand knowledge from the breeders themselves.

Further details upon request.

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Different Types Of German Shepherd Puppies Near Me

A German shepherd can illustrate several goals of different groups for the breed. After its beginning in 1899, thanks to Max Stephanitz of Germany, the German shepherd developed into seven major lines. Stephanitz placed heavy emphasis on the GSD as the ideal working dog while the breed that shipped to America developed into a proficient show champion where looks and conformation were top priorities.

  • American pet Ancestors are American show lines
  • West German show
  • East German working DDS line

Experts agree that show dogs make better pets than working pedigrees. Working dogs are more intense than show animals and need considerably more exercise. However, when considering the breed, all German Shepherds need a considerable time commitment to exercise and mental stimulation. Pets usually get along better with children and other dogs than working dogs.


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