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What Does Sable German Shepherd Mean

Are Sable German Shepherds Rare

Sable German Shepherd On Raw Diet âeating whole goat shoulder rawâ?

Since the sable German Shepherd is not a crossbreed but a variety of the normal German Shepherd, these dogs share the same traits and temperaments.

But sable German Shepherds are often not as popular as other German Shepherd colors, making them more expensive than other GSDs.

However, there are some species of sable that are very rare, the rarest kind among this breed being the recessive black. The dog is always entirely black and also carries sable or tan genes.

Where To Find Sable German Shepherd Puppies For Sale From Reputable Breeders Near You

In terms of Sable German Shepherd breeders, youll want to find a breeder that cares more about the dogs, their health and the breed than the financial reward of breeding.

Here are some very helpful guides on finding reputable breeders near you, and how to spot ethical breeders:

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German Shepherd Colors Black & Silver

These uniquely beautiful colors are not as well known, but they are always eye-catching!

The silver portion is likely because of a recessive gene of black or brown.

The silver usually appears as a saddle across the dogs back, which is why these German Shepherds are sometimes called a black saddle silver.

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Of All The Colors Available For Your German Shepherd I Think That The Only Color That Should Be Reserved For The Face Is Blue Sable

It is the most beautiful color that a German Shepherd can have, and it is even more desirable in a breed that is often described as having a dashing appearance.

There is a sort of golden tint to the coat that is reminiscent of the dark and mysterious beauty of the North. It makes it look as if this sturdy breed is covered in something rich and dense as if covered in earthy earth. The color of this coat also makes it a favorite for those who have been looking for a color that will stand out but do not want the color to be too close to the eyes, because of the impression that it creates.

If you have ever owned a German Shepherd or if you know anyone who has owned one, then you have no doubt seen this color in use. The eye color of the German Shepherd is brown, and this blue is very close in tone to this. It is easy to see why this particular shade would be a favorite and is likely to be the one that most people choose.

However, just because this is the popular color, it does not mean that blue sable is the only breed of German Shepherd that is blue. There are other colors available as well, such as the white one. Another is the black, and there are several other shades that the breed could have.

Nature Of The Sable Gsd

Sable German Shepherd (FUN Facts &  History)

The Sable GSD is actually very similar to German Shepherds. There isnt much difference. But we are going to talk more about sable dogs and their nature. This is such a great dog that they deserve it.

The Sable GSD weighs between 75 to 95 pounds and is up to 26 inches tall. The females are a bit smaller. They weigh between 55 to 73 pounds and are no taller than 24 inches.


The Sable German Shepherd actually has Agouti genes, and thats also the proper term for these dogs.

The Sable German Shepherd puppy has a double coat, which means they have a dense outer layer with a softer undercoat. Their double coat protects them from cold and hot weather.


Did you know that the color of a dog can affect its temperament? Even health? For example, some colors of English Cocker Spaniels are more aggressive. Also, some shades of Labrador Retriever appear to have longer lifespans than others.

But, this is not the final rule. Science has not proven the correlation between coat color and temperament.

When it comes to the Sable GSD, there isnt a known difference to the GSD. At least nothing documented.

So, the Sable GSD has the same traits as regular German Shepherds. Which is great! It means they are good dogs.

The Sable GSD is loyal and smart. They love their family and would do anything for them.

They are working dogs. So they do best if they have a task! They hate being without a job. So always find something for your GSD to do!

Health and grooming

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Do Sable Gsd Puppies Change Their Color

Sable German Shepherd puppies have a tendency to change color as they grow. They can darken or lighten, or have parts of their coats darken while others lighten!

Dark sables are often born tan, with their darker fur coming in later. Silver sables would have the opposite effect and be born dark, lightening along their sides as they age.

Aside from their ever-changing fur, the agouti gene can manifest in a recessive manner.

Im talking about the black agouti, whereby a Black German Shepherd inherits the agouti gene and doesnt express it quite simply because his fur is already black.

The banding in its individual hairs will not be apparent, making them look solid black.

According to dog genetics, there are three distinct types of sabling. Clear sables will look like red dogs. Shaded sables have minimal black pigment around their ears, back, head, and tail.

They sometimes have masks. Shaded sables are red dogs with dark fur and often have masks. This doesnt apply to GSDs because they are not technically sables.

The confusion comes from the fact that agouti and sable both come from the A gene series and are exhibited identically through black-tipped fur.

Lets take a look at Prima, a Sable German Shepherd, and watch her owner demonstrate how her coat differs from other non-sable dogs:

Sable represents a different type of coloring for other dog breeds, but for the German Shepherd, it is used interchangeably with agouti.

How To Recognize Sable Color In Dogs

Author WDF Staff


Deciphering dog coloration can be a tricky business. Sable color in dogs is one of those colors that are not commonly used worldwide, so some owners might have a problem when picturing what a sable colored dog looks like. To fully understand a sable colored dog, first, we need to understand what sable means.

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Blue Sable German Shepherd Fur Coats Come In Many Different Textures As Well

They range from short hair types that are curly and soft and can be brushed, to long curly types that are just right for summers and hard to brush, to an ultra-long type that can seem like it is frozen in time. As you can see, many colors can be considered for this breed.

One great thing about this breed is that they are easy to care for. Unlike some breeds that require special attention or extra grooming, they can be kept clean and groomed without a problem. When you are looking for a great breed for your family dog, you may be surprised at how easy it is to maintain.

It is important to make sure that you choose a breeder that is willing to show you their German Shepherd. This is something that you do need if you are looking for a well-socialized and trained pet. It is very important to take the time to learn about this breed so that you know what they need and want.

Which German Shepherd Is Best Single Coat Or Double Coat

Black German Shepherd: What Should You Do To Get This Rare?

This undercoat serves as an excellent insulating coat in winter, the undercoat which we call a Guard Coat is thicker and stronger. This, coupled with the second coat, makes the double-coated dog well suited for all types of weather. Single coated dogs, on the other hand, only have an outer, protective coat.

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Agouti Is The Genetically Dominating Pattern In The Entire German Shepherd Dog Breed

The banding of color on each and every individual hair leads to a variety of shades and colors which can vary extremely from sable dog to. If you have a long coat shepherd fetch, hiking, running, and also agility are all great means of exercise for german shepherds sable german shepherd: What does a sable german shepherd look like? But what are you going to call them?

Is A Sable German Shepherd Dog Right For You

You should never select a breed of dog based only on its appearance or color. First, you need to research the German Shepherd Dog. Next, determine if a working-line German Shepherd is right for you and your lifestyle

If you expect your dog to spend its days sleeping on the couch and lounging in the back yard, a working-line German Shepherd is not for you. These dogs are genetically programmed to work. They need socialization, obedience training, pack structure, and a lot of exercise.

If you are interested in getting involved in search and rescue, competitive obedience, or sport work, a working-line German Shepherd is the right choice. If you prefer the sable color, you will need to do some research on finding Sable German Shepherds or breeders.

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Which Gsd Color Is Right For You

It really depends. If youre looking for a German Shepherd as a pet and companion, then personal preference should be the top criteria.

If you like how it looks, whether white, dark, or blue, then you should choose accordingly. There really is no wrong choice with color.

However, if you are considering breeding a German Shepherd or if youre interested in exhibitions, then your color selection should lean toward richer colorations that favor blacks and tans.

Unfortunately, white German Shepherds will be out of the picture, despite its aesthetic appeal. It sucks because Im a huge fan of white dogs.

Either way, coloration in a German Shepherd covers a wide range of options, and each of them are simply just colors.

No single color indicates better health, temperament, skills or anything like that. Instead, itll be up to you and how you train, treat, and raise the dog.

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What Is A Sable German Shepherd Temperament Like

Does Your Hair Smell Like a Wet Dog? â Scary Symptoms ...

Temperament is not scientifically related to color in dogs.

In German Shepherds, the West German working lines, East German/DDR working line and Czech working lines were all originally bred to have a high drive and ability for working.

However, the lines have either been mostly diluted now over the years, or breeding programs for an individual line might have their own intentions for the temperament of their dogs.

Looking at the temperament of the parents can give you some indication of what the temperament of the puppy might be like.

If the parents both have stable temperaments, thats good, especially for a family dog.

If you want a dog with say a working ability, or the temperament that matches show conformance dogs look for that in the parents.

Temperament can also be influenced by how the dog is treated, socialised, trained and bonded with to a lesser extent.

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Some Famous German Shepherd Colors

There are formally eleven colorations inside their breed description.

These consist of bi-color, black, black and cream, black and red, black and silver german shepherd puppies, black and tan, blue, gray, liver, sable, and lastly, white. So, inside the variety of German Shepherd colors. Even as black & silver is extra uncommon than a few others, its simply one instance of the style of colors which may be visible inside this breed. If youre looking forward to a silver Shepherd to be natural silver, thats now no longer commonly the case. Its much more likely that any silver GSD may also have huge regions of black on their body, face, and legs.

Darker Shepherds are extra popular Strong, wealthy colorations are commonly preferred. This can be why silver-gray German Shepherd Dogs are much less common. Washed-out colorations, consisting of blues and livers, are taken into consideration an extreme fault. The white coat color is unwanted in the authentic description and ends in disqualification from the display ring.

How Often And How Long Do You Have To Go Out With Sable German Shepherd

Like any other dog breed, Sable German shepherds also love exercising, walking, and training. It is crucial to train the puppy Sable German Shepherd, right from their birth, to make them well mannered. Train a shepherd German Shepherd and Sable puppy for at least 10 minutes twice a day.

And slowly increase then exercise time as they grow up. A fully grown, Sable German Shepherd is very proactive. Thus, they at least require a long walk twice a day apart from their daily training. They are workaholic and aggressive dogs that love to exercise and play all day long.

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Silver German Shepherd Temperament

German Shepherds have a recognition for being fiercely intelligent, intensely loyal, and captivated with paintings or exercise. This is a courageous and brave breed, in addition to being greater aloof than a few others. German Shepherds will bond speedy and strongly with their families, however dont count on them to need to make pals with all and sundry they meet.

They are precise round children, and regularly tackle a father or mother position for the ones inside their personal family. As with any breed, make certain to set limitations to your personal and journeying children. Make positive your German Shepherd has the selection to go away any social putting with strangers in the event that they wish, and make certain visitors recognize to appreciate your canine in the event that they select now no longer to engage with them. GSDs dont typically like being left by myself for lengthy durations of time. This is really some thing to undergo in thoughts in case you paintings farfar from home.

How Rare Is The Sable German Shepherd

Sable German Shepherd what not to do on a hot days

Although sable isnt quite as popular as black & tan, it isnt considered as one of the rare German Shepherd coat colors.

In fact, it is quite easy to produce sable offspring as it only takes a single sable parent to produce a litter thats at least 50% sable.

The sable coat is associated with working line GSDs, which is the reason why it doesnt seem like a very common color. German Shepherds that are found in households and even working in commercial settings are typically of the show line.

Nevertheless, among the working line German Shepherds, the sable color is pretty common.

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Differentiating Between The Belgian Malinois And The Sable German Shepherd

Belgian Malinois

Although superficially similar in appearance and used for the same tasks , the Belgian Malinois and the German Shepherd have distinct differences. A Belgian Malinois can be a solid red or tan with a black muzzle, or they can be sable. Many people find it difficult at first glance to distinguish between the two breeds when they are both sables.

Physically, the major difference between the two dogs involves their build. German Shepherds are built more prominent than the Belgian Malinois. Male dogs of either breed should be 24 to 26 inches at the withers, but a 26-inch male German Shepherd will typically weigh 80 to 90 pounds while a 26-inch malinois is generally only 65 to 75 pounds.

The other pronounced difference between the breeds is their hind end structure. The Belgian Malinois has a classic endurance trotter canine build, being just slightly longer than they are tall, with a level back, and their hind end angulation matches their front end angulation.

German Shepherds have a unique build among canines. They are significantly longer than they are tall, and their hind ends are more angulated than their front ends, which causes their back to slope downwards from the withers towards the tail.

This peculiar structure allows them to perform a very flashy extended trot. Conformation line breeders have exaggerated these traits to the point that the dogs cant do anything except perform a flashy trot.

Solid Color German Shepherd Dog

The solid color German Shepherd dog is less common than the Saddle Back, but they shouldn’t have any other differentiating characteristics. Their health status and temperament should not be informed by color. It is possible to have powder blue colors in the dog’s coat, but it is unlikely this will be solid. While a GSD may be accepted in competition, they will likely be marked down for both this color and liver. However, for solid colors, you tend to only get solid black or solid white German Shepherds.

Solid black German Shepherds are accepted in competition. However, solid white German Shepherds are one of the few color variations which tend to be immediately disqualified. While black GSDs are due to a recessive gene, white GSDs are thanks to a dominant gene which exists in some litters. It should not be confused with albinism. Neither should it be confused with the Berger Blanc Suisse, also known as a White Swiss Shepherd. Perhaps partly due to their disqualification from competition, solid white Germans Shepherds are not very common.

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