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Long Coated German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

How Rare Are Long Haired German Shepherds

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Genetically in German Shepherds, the short hair gene is dominant and the long hair gene is recessive. This means if two short haired German Shepherds are mated, but neither carries the recessive long hair gene, then no long haired puppies can be produced. However, if two short haired German Shepherds are mated and both carry the recessive gene, then long haired puppies can be produced.

Breeding German Shepherds Since 1985

AKC Inspected & Approved!Available In All Colors & All CoatsWe Are Now Offering Shipping25% off Hurricane Sale Limited Time Only For As Long as I have been breeding dogs we have been given 10% Discount to Military, Veterans, Police and all other first responders.

Breeder of all popular and rare colors black and red, black and tan, sable, solid black, solid white, silver, silver sable, black sable, liver, panda and blue German Shepherds with standard, plush, and long coat.We also import European German Shepherds.We offer a 10% discount to all military, veterans, police, and first responders.941-321-2305Ruskin House of Shepherds provides basic training classes with a certified trainer at no additional charge for you and your new furry friend.

Why We Earned 5 Ratings By Our Customers

At Von der Otto we spend many hours with our customers learning their needs, encouraging them to visit their puppy each week and answering any questions. We make a point to keep in touch with the families throughout the puppy’s life. Communication, honesty and the relationship we build with our customers are very important to us. We have been blessed with some of the best customers in the world. Many customers appreciate the special touch we can give as a small kennel owner. We are able to give our customers, the puppies and our dogs the time and attention that most large kennel s just cannot do. This alone makes a huge difference on socialization of a puppy. At Von Der Otto we realize our success depends on the relationship between us and our customers.

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Reviews From Happy Owners

Here are a few pics of Koda at the cottage he is such a good pup! We love him a ton!!! He is extremely protective of Seb he is always by his side and just cries and worries whenever we are swimming. He is our fluffy goofball!!

– Gen from Ottawa

Sam’s ears are up today! I love him so much and can’t get over how smart he is! He is really becoming a very handsome boy. We have become extremely close in a relatively short period of time.Thanks for everything!

– John

We received Apollo from you about 2 years ago. He is doing wonderful and is a beautiful dog with a great personality. We are looking into getting another puppy, Thank you so much!

– Chelsa from Lethbridge, alberta

How Can I Identify A Long Haired German Shepherd Puppy

Superb Female Long Coat Slant Back German Shepherd Puppy For Sale...not ...

In the photo below are two litter mates from a recent Nadelhaus litter. The puppy on the left is a long coat and the puppy on the right is a normal coat. The long coat has wispier hair on the chest, back, face, tail, and on the backside of its legs.

Left: long haired German Shepherd puppy, Right: short haired German Shepherd puppy

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Do Long Haired German Shepherds Shed More Than Short Haired German Shepherds

No, this is a common misconception. Long haired German Shepherds have a thicker topcoat than an undercoat, so there is less shedding because theres less undercoat. Although they shed less than short haired German Shepherds, their coats still require regular maintenance.

They will need regular brushing and grooming, especially if you enjoy hiking or outdoor activities with your GSD. You may notice the occasional leaves, twigs, or burrs getting caught in a long haired German Shepherds fur, but regular brushing is an easy fix for this.

It is also a common misconception that long haired German Shepherds dont have an undercoat like their short haired relatives. While it is a rare occurrence for a long haired GSD to not have an undercoat, most of them do have undercoats. And just like short haired GSDs, their undercoats will shed more or less throughout the year depending on the season.

How Big Do Long Haired German Shepherds Get

Long haired German Shepherds are structurally the same as short haired German Shepherds, therefore they can both grow to similar sizes.

  • Males: 24-26 inches tall, 65-90 pounds
  • Females: 22-24 inches tall, 50-70 pounds

Since both German Shepherds are physiologically the same, they also have the same temperaments: loyal, intelligent, energetic, courageous and protective. German Shepherds are ranked #2 on the AKC Breed Popularity list and make for wonderful family companions and working dogs.

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Where Do Long Haired German Shepherds Come From

Historically, German Shepherds originated in Germany and were native sheepdogs. In 1899, a dog club called the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde e.V. was founded by Captain Max von Stephanitz. He firmly believed that the standard of the German Shepherd breed should not include dogs with long hair. Throughout the 1900s, long haired German Shepherds were considered unsuitable and unacceptable for breeding. It wasnt until this past decade, when the SV and FCI approved the change in conformation standards, that long coat German Shepherds became officially accepted into club breeding standards.

Should I Trim My Long Haired German Shepherd’s Coat

Long Coat German Shepherd puppy for Sale with Father and Complete Family

The decision to trim a long haired German Shepherd comes down to personal preference, but it is not a necessity. Trimming can help make for more manageable living around the house. If you choose to trim, you can trim around the backs of the ears, on the back of the legs and then thin the bushy tail.

Shaving a German Shepherd on the other hand is never recommended. Their double coats help keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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Our Goal And Continued Commitment To You

At Von der Otto we want to make your experience with your dog as happy as ours. Continue building relationships with our customers and customers with each other. Strive to have happy, healthy and beautiful German shepherd dogs with outstanding temperaments for everyone. Stay in touch with new customers and old customers for years to come. Answering questions for any problem that may arise. Our #1 goal is to take special care of our customer and our dogs. Read More….

Texas Breeders Of World Class Pure German Blood Lines

As a Texas German shepherd breeder of World Class 100% Pure German blood lines of VA/V rated dogs we are committed to only offering the best out of Germany and Europe for our customers. Our breeding dogs are bred to to some of the most famous well produced studs in the World. The dogs in our pedigrees are easily found with vast information on the internet with many videos and pictures of bitework and ring work in top National shows. We strive to breed only the highest quality german shepherds in America and we work hard to keep the integrity of the breed. Our puppies for sale come with a , microchip, AKC papers, pedigree, worming and shot records. The parents and grandparents are DNA and DM tested, hips and elbows certified, AKC registered and German pink papered. We offer climate control shipping of all our puppies and dogs throughout the United States.

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Experienced Breeders

Happy, Healthy Bloodlines

Happy, Healthy Bloodlines


Happy, Healthy Bloodlines

Happy, Healthy Bloodlines

Happy, Healthy Bloodlines


A Furever Friend

Happy, Healthy Bloodlines

A Furever Friend

Here at Willows Springs Shepherds, we have tested all of our dogs for DM and Hip and Elbow Dysplasia . This is to ensure you the healthiest puppy possible. Puppies come with Full and Limited AKC Registration, regular wormings, shot records and vet checked. Health guarantee and lifetime breeder support will always be part of the package deal.

We personally socialize our puppies so they are loving and playful and ready to interact with you in their new furever home

Our goal is to give our guest a quality shepherd with outstanding pedigrees and the security of knowing you have a healthy happy puppy

Come out and see our facility. We’d love to show you our fur family and Thank You for visiting.

Sincerely, Wade and Shelley Adams

Wolfgang Haus’s Storm V Mystic Valley

Long Haired German Shepherd Pups For Sale : Full Black Long Hair German ...

Now Retired, Watch for her Daughter Mazakeen

Storm wow, she is one heck of a girl. Storm is a solid black longcoat German Shepherd. She has a super wonderful pleasing temperament. She just wants to be with you all the time and has that no fear attitude. Nothing gets by this girl. She is very protective yet loves everyone. She is a true German Shepherd, loving protective, very active and playful. Not to mention absolutly stunning, This solid black girl comes from some very very large and wonderful lines, not to mention her father is a rare solid blue longcoat German Shepherd from Holland. Storm is a kind of rare dominant black, meaning no matter who she breeds with she will produce some solid black german shepherd puppies. She also possibly carries the blue gene, so bred with the right male she should produce some solid blue german shepherd puppies. All with very outgoing temperaments.

Storm as a puppy about 14 weeks old

Storm at about 5 months old

Storm 1 year old

Some of Storm past puppies

Storm’s Dad Brody, he is a solid blue german shepherd with an amazing long coat. He was imported from Holand and he is a Stunning dog

Storm’s mother Gypsy owned by Jennifer D. She is a wonderful calm and huge girl


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Proudly Producing Show Quality Dogs For Family Homes

Shiphra German Shepherds is an Ontario breeder of only the finest German Shepherd Puppies. We are a smaller German Shepherd breeder. We produce Quality not quantity. We breed very Strong and healthy dogs. Our Dogs have very stable temperaments. We have German Shepherd Puppies from world champion bloodlines, suitable for family companions, for show or sporting, agility and protection. We aim for perfection and a very rich black and red coat. We are ranked one of the top German Shepherd Breeders in Ontario. Only The Finest German Bloodlines From World Champions! FCI, GERMAN or AKC Registered German Shepherds. WE IMPORT MOST OF OUR DOGS WITH THE HIGHEST PEDIGREES POSSIBLE, TO GIVE THE CUSTOMER THE HIGHEST QUALITY IN A GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPY.

We are German Shepherd Breeders near Kingston Ontario Located in Napanee Ontario Canada. Our breeding stock consist of only the finest German bloodlines. Slight to No Slopes! We find that the West German lines are the best dog suited for family, companion, working, obedience and protection, because they are very balanced in their drives. Meaning these dogs are very stable, calm, yet driven, easy to live with in the house, easy to train, willing to please and ready to defend.

All around very versatile. These German Shepherds have a very correct, harmonious and balanced structure resulting in a smooth, efficient, beautiful gait and very high endurance.

Why Top German Lines Make Such A Difference

The West German lines from Germany are tested for years to insure they are qualified for breeding. Germany will not breed two dogs together just because they are purebred. It takes much more then that to get a German shepherd papered in Germany. To receive a World Sieger Champion VA/V title takes years of continued work to achieve. This gives them an advantage over the standard American German Shepherd dog you see today. The West German bloodlines are bred for great attitudes and superb temperament making them extraordinary in show, search and rescue, service dogs, protection and most all the ultimate family dog.

Most people do not understand the big difference in German shepherds and why it so important to know exactly what you are looking for when choosing your next family member. First, you need to understand the difference between working, show, German, American and most of all the problem with most German shepherds in America from back yard breeders go to our German vs America page…

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After The Puppies Are Born:

  • I will contact you with the details of each puppy .
  • I will do my best to give updated pictures of the puppies every couple of weeks.
  • Youll be picking out your puppy between 6 and 7 weeks of age.Puppies are chosen by order of deposits received. I will inform you when the person ahead of you has picked their puppy. All puppies must be chosen by the morning they turn 7 weeks old, or sooner if possible.
  • Puppies must be picked up, or shipped at 8 weeks. There will be a $25/day boarding charge for puppies that have not been picked up by 8 weeks of age, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • When the time comes for you to take your puppy home, please bring cash only for the remaining price of the puppy.If the puppy is being shipped, the total amount for the puppy must be paid and funds must clear our bank by the time the puppy is 7 weeks of age.

For those of you that have bought a Tiltonhaus puppy, we encourage you to keep in contact with us and share photos of your new family member. I am also able to offer BOARDING for our puppy buyers.

Enjoy visiting through our site, and make sure to visit our Testimonial Pageto read reviews from our clients through the years. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

My Goal:

Katie Lieb Vom Majic Forestbred To

German Shepherd Longcoat Puppy for Sale | Father |Doggyz World
Katie Lieb Vom Majic Forest Ammo Von Den Sportwaffen
1. POL: Chrris & Nicole Paul of CO2. Bret Nelson3. Joseph Ford of CO4. Isabella Phillips of CO 1. POL: Aly Chung of CO2. Dave Knetsch of MD3. Tyler Vukmer of CO4. Joni Hantelman of CO5. AVAILABLE6. AVAILABLE

Options for purchasing your payment of cash, Venmo or Zelle All deposits are non-refundable

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Im Interested In A Tiltonhaus Puppy Whats Next

  • If you are interested in a Tiltonhaus puppy, the first step is to fill out our Im Interested form. You can , or on the Im Interestedtab on our menu bar above.
  • I will contact you within 48 hours so that we discuss Tiltonhaus German Shepherd puppies, so please be watching for an email from me.
  • If we both see this as a good fit, you will pay a $500 non-refundable deposit,along with your full name, address, email address, phone number, litter that you want a puppy from, sex of puppy, long or stock coat, I will put you on my waiting list, and let you know when the puppies arrive.
  • Then, you can Like our Facebook Fan Page, and watch for new puppy announcements.

How Much Does A Long Coat German Shepherd Cost

Whilst a long coat can be a far more desirable dog for some people, when it comes to price they can actually work out around the same price, or even cheaper, than a standard German Shepherd. This is because a long haired dog can’t be registered with the AKC as they’re not considered true to the standard breed.

The dogs we breed and train here at Regis Regal come from some of the best bloodlines in the world, and so whilst the dogs we have won’t be the cheapest, we feel very confident that you will struggle to find a better dog.

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Bergerhaus Long Coat German Shepherds

Our German Shepherd Long Coat puppies are raised indoors and in close proximity to our family’s everyday life. They are accustomed to household sounds from the day they are born and are socialized with children and other pets. They have AKC papers, will be Vet checked, up to date on all shots, wormed 4 times before going to their forever homes and also Microchipped. Will not leave our care until they are 8 Weeks of age. All our Puppies come with Life-Time support and a 2 year Genetic Health Guarantee.

We do NOT currently have any of our own Puppies available . We are accepting deposits on future litters, a $500 non refundable deposit is required to hold any puppy, 1st come 1st serve based on deposit date, we also allow visits before placing a Deposit. Please give us a call for more information 903-9977 or email us at

Please follow us on Facebook to watch the babies Grow 🙂

Welcome To The Home Of The Calico Junction German Shepherds

Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Nebraska

You will find that there are different types of German Shepherd dogs. They display a difference not only in their appearance, but also in their ab Shepherds/Calico Junction Mule Ranch are striving to keep the gene of the long coat ancestors alive, thereby keeping the original conformation with a calm disposition while maintaining the natural protective and working instincts of the dog. We specialize in breeding and raising exceptional German Shepherds for caring, loving and responsible owners. With our standard, plush or long coat German Shepherd puppies you can be assured of acquiring a healthy, well-socialized family companion that will add many years of happiness to your home. My German Shepherds are noted for their gentle, and loving disposition, making them an excellent breed for families with children. My dogs are not in kennels, they are out every day socializing with people and children that come visit us along with socializing with other animals here at the ranch. I have never seen another breed of dog that is so intelligent and versatile as the German shepherd.

Long Coat Stock, Standard or Short Coat

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