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Liver German Shepherds For Sale

Places To Find Liver German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Or Adoption

Liver shepherd puppies available @SRP Kennels | Rare puppies | Bush coat puppies

Ethical breeders that genuinely care about their puppies can be tricky to find but dont worry, they are out there!

To help you get started, here are some of the best places to find a liver German Shepherd puppy for sale:

  • K9 Pines Dubbed as the home of liver GSDs, this North Carolina-based breeder specializes in unique variations of the beloved breed. As of writing, they are more active on their Facebook page, where they regularly upload photos of puppies for sale. Browse through their social media pages to see if a liver puppy fits your taste!
  • Ruskin House of Shepherds This breeder in Florida offers liver-colored German Shepherd pups that exhibit superb temperament. Interested buyers may visit their facility by appointment only. You may also view their application page via their official website.
  • Wolfgang Haus German Shepherds Based in Texas, this breeder offers liver German Shepherd puppies and other unique color variations of the well-loved breed such as blue, wolf mask, and isabella. All their available dogs are sold with AKC limited registration. They also come with a 1-year health guarantee after being sold.

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If your budget is tight, I will encourage you to adopt an adult liver German Shepherd instead, given that there are so many loving dogs that need a loving home.

If you want to avoid paying premium fees, here are a few GSD rescues to find liver German Shepherds for adoption:

Isabella And Tan German Shepherd

While the double dilution affects the tan color, sometimes these changes can be so minor that it will seem as if your pup still has a tan base, while the black saddle markings will be dark purple.

You can differentiate these dogs by their brown or pink noses. This is the biggest difference that sets them apart from regular black and tan GSDs.

Liver German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

liver german shepherd puppies for sale are the affectionate, ultra-loyal family dogs youve always wanted but never knew you needed. Bred to herd sheep and help with pastoral tasks, German Shepherds are not only smart and versatile, they are good-natured and have the stamina to work and play all day long. If youre looking for German Shepherd puppies for sale, then there are a few things you need to know before you bring home your new puppy. Like all dogs, German Shepherd puppies need frequent exercise, a nutritious diet and an owner with the time and commitment to train them properly. As a medium-large breed, German Shepherd puppies are not small, even when they are young they need room to run and play if they are to remain fit, happy and healthy. Like many herding breeds, German Shepherd puppies learn quickly readily follow commands and are happiest when they have a job to do. German Shepherd puppies are remarkably adaptable and intelligent, two characteristics that have earned them roles as K9 police officers, soldiers and guide dogs. Though German Shepherds are smart enough to succeed at almost any canine role, the role in which they do best is family pet. German Shepherd puppies are astoundingly loyal to their owners and crave human affection.


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Where Can I Get A Liver German Shepherd Puppy

Liver Shepherds are quite rare. As such, you will not have much luck in finding one in your local dog shelter.

However, it doesnt hurt to keep on looking. The best option to get a liver GSD is to buy one.

But, you need to know from whom you can buy healthy liver German Shepherds.

We cant stress enough: dont buy from backyard breeders or puppy mills!

Theres no way to prove that these breeders are responsible or whether they look into health issues and genetic disorders. Backyard breeders often dont even have clear records on the ancestors or even the general profile of that dog line.

If you want a high-quality and healthy liver Shepherd, you will need to find a breeder registered by official authorities. Puppies from these breeders cost from $500 to $1,500.

Adopting is, of course, always cheaper, from $50 to $500, which covers adoption fees, spaying, neutering, and vaccinations. However, you need to be lucky enough to find a liver German Shepherd in a shelter.

Liver German Shepherds Are Some Of The Most Energetic Dogs Around

AKC White &  Liver German Shepherds for Sale in Florida

These dogs are known for being incredibly full of energy youre likely looking at around 1 1/2 hours of playtime a day. If your pup isnt given enough time to work that energy out, they could turn to destructive behavior. Take them for multiple long walks or give them lots of time to run around in the backyard with you.

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How To Care Of Your German Shepherd

It is always exciting to bring a new dog home. When you introduce a German shepherd to your family, you may feel you have joined the cool club. You want to provide your Shepherd with the appropriate care. German Shepherds come from a long line of working dogs and a herding heritage. Your GSD will not do well alone nor will she like not having anything to do all day. You need to provide your dog not only with attention, food, and love but also a meaningful job or activity. Agility, Schutzhund, herding, or interactive games can keep your Shepherds mind active. Be imaginative. Your GSD puppy should eat three or four times a day. An adult German shepherd should eat four to six cups of high-quality dog food daily with an animal protein source in the first five ingredients. Divide feedings to help prevent bloat or GDV. Your Shepherd may need as much as two hours of exercise daily. Best results come from breaking physical activities into two or more sessions a day rather than doing all of them at once. For your young German shepherd puppy, you need to focus on not injuring its growth plates. Never pressure a puppy to keep going beyond the point he has indicated he wants to stop. German shepherd puppies need more time than some other dog breeds on socialization. The GSD is beginning to develop a reputation for unprovoked biting and is receiving bans in alarming numbers because of poor breeding, improper training, neglect of socialization, and handler mistreatment.

Adopting A Liver Colored German Shepherd From A Shelter

Sometimes, people who are unable to sustain their German Shepherd dogs give them up for adoption.

There are also cases in which abandoned German Shepherds end up being rescued and taken to shelters.

What all this means is that it may be possible for you to get the liver color German Shepherd you need from a local dog rescue shelter.

To be sure, high value dogs such as German Shepherds rarely end up in these shelters. But there are those few cases in which they do.

Therefore in theoretical terms at least, you may be able to find a liver German Shepherd at a shelter.

The good thing with these shelters is that they dont sell the dogs. So you wont be buying the dog, but adopting. Therefore you probably wont have to spend a great deal of money.

All you may have to make is a small monetary or non-monetary donation to the charity that runs the shelter you are adopting the liver German Shepherd from.

Then again, you need to know that some of the dogs that end up in these shelters are dog that have gone through very hard times.

Some turn out to be dogs with deep traumas. Others turn out to be dogs with very difficult behavioral issues.

Most shelters will, however, allow you to interact with a dog for quite a while, before making a decision to adopt.

Ultimately, if you decide to adopt the dog, there will be some paperwork to complete. Then you can take the liver color German Shepherd home, to start a new life with it.

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The Pastoral Breed Group

The Pastoral Group consists of herding dogs that are associated with working cattle, sheep, reindeer and other cloven footed animals.

Usually this type of dog has a weatherproof double coat to protect it from the elements when working in severe conditions. Breeds such as the Collie family, Old English Sheepdogs and Samoyeds who have been herding reindeer for centuries are but a few included in this group.

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Blue Liver German Shepherd

liver color German shepherd puppy sale

Blue liver German Shepherds are not a result of breeding crosses, but a simple recessive allele.

We have here the dominant allele D that determines that the pigment is not diluted, no matter what the coat color is.

Then, we have the d allele, which determines the dilution as in the color, blue.

There are German Shepherds that have DD with normal pigmentation, and also Dd with normal pigmentation, but carriers of dilution , and finally manifesting dd dilution.

Many people mistake them for Grisons, a grey and tan GSD. But, there are those that lack pigment, and are considered faulty and disqualifying by the AKC and the FCI.

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Description Of The German Shepherd

Regardless of whether it comes from show or working lines, the GSD is 22 to 26 inches tall at the shoulders and weighs between 50 and 95 pounds. There should be noticeable masculinity of males and femininity of females. German shepherd puppies for sale should be outgoing, friendly, and inquisitive. As he becomes older, you will notice your German shepherd will be polite but aloof with strangers and openly hostile against intruders and threats. Show lines, including pet dogs, are generally less intense and do not require as much exercise as working GSDs. The breed standard is similar between the lines, the major difference being on the interpretation of joint angles. American show dogs, for example, have an extreme angulation of the hind legs leading to an exaggerated slope of the topline. A German shepherd is a medium-large powerful dog with tremendous stamina. She has a distinctive head with a slight dome shape to the top skull and large open upright ears. Eyes are medium, almond-shaped, and steady in their gaze. The breed is significantly longer than tall, a build that supports trotting effortlessly over long distances with short explosions of speed. A German shepherds athleticism has ensured its longstanding excellence and versatility in police and military operations, search and rescue, bomb detection, drug-sniffing, criminal apprehension, agility competitions, Schutzhund, herding trials, physical assistance, and guide dog for the blind.

German Shepherd Color History

German Shepherds are among dogs that are easy to recognize. Their black and tan saddle pattern is so recognizable that any dog with a similar pattern will be confused with a GSD.

These black and tan dogs are indeed considered the breed standard according to all major kennel clubs, including the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club .

In fact, most successful dogs from this dog breed came in contrasting colors of either black and tan or black and red . German Shepherds are known for coming in two tones that are quite different in shade.

Still, the original German Shepherd called Hektor actually wasnt black and tan, but rather, sable. In fact, sable is dominant compared to black and tan, and most other colors youd typically associate with German Shepherds. In other words, its easier to breed.

Still, judges from dog shows preferred GSDs in black and tan and black and red rather than sable ones, which is why these two color variations became the most prominent ones.

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Does The Locus Gene Affect The Dogs Temperament

Actually, no! The B locus gene only affects the coat coloration. The recessive genes dont affect temperament or any other German Shepherd characteristic.

So, what are liver German Shepherds like?

The liver GSD is a loving and loyal dog that puts your safety first. Theyre especially fond of kids, and they mostly attach to the lady of the house.

Liver German Shepherds are generally wary of strangers or strange animals they havent met before. They need time to make their judgment, but once they do, they will consider that specific someone a forever friend.

Just like all other dogs, a liver GSDs temperament can be the result of how humans and other dogs treat him. Early socialization significantly affects the dogs future life, even more than the dogs genetic makeup!

If You Re Ready To Meet The Perfect German Shepherd Puppy Begin Our Matchmaker Process Right Now And Tell Us All About Your Ideal Pooch

Liver German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Uk

Liver german shepherd puppies for sale near me. Ruskin house of shepherds breeds loving healthy and intelligent german shepherd pups that grow into strong devoted and adoring members of your family. 1 200 00 to 5 500 00 compare the cost of pennsylvania german shepherd puppies to all nationwide. Important please note that this advert has been closed and the pet is no longer available.

Find liver german shepherd puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. Available older puppies adults application for puppies our health guarantee german shepherd color chart our male adults our female adults our retired female male adults spaying neutering your pup dog customer testimonies photo gallery previous litters german shepherd clipart. Liver german shepherd puppies.

German shepherd puppies for sale near me overview you might always search for a breeder online since there are some information portals offering advice regarding breeders. Some breeders thought that another male had gotten to their female and the resulting brown looking puppy was a mutt. June 28 2020 view more.

Liver colored german shepherd puppies for sale. Member since feb 2019 n a n a. The liver german shepherd dog gsd has been kept undercover for far too long.

Required fields are marked. How are german shepherds priced near the pennsylvania area. Others knew what they were and put them down as they did not want anyone to know they were producing anything other than traditional colored shepherds.

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Puppies Born January 24 2022

Puppies are priced at $1000 as Family Companions

The deposit of $500 , will hold your puppy for you.


Black and Tan German Shepherd

Blue German Shepherd

Liver German Shepherd

White German Shepherd

Please use the contact form for information on new liters of adults for sale.

Take Advantage of Our Discounts for Military Members, Veterans, & First Responders

Located In Northern Idaho

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What Are The Different Types Of Liver Colored German Shepherds

There are solid liver color German Shepherd dogs. Then there are bi-color German Shepherd dogs.

In the solid liver color German Shepherd, this color will be present throughout the dogs coat.

But in the bi-color German Shepherd, another coat color may be present. For instance, a liver and tan GSD would be in this category. So would a liver red German Shepherd.

Isabella German Shepherd Puppies

German shepherd puppies for sale / liver tan color

Isabella color is the result of a recessive gene. This means that for the intentional breeding of Isabella German Shepherd puppies, both parents would have to be Isabella-colored as well.

However, Isabella isnt a popular color in German Shepherds and not many people prefer it. This is what makes these pups so rare. Most Isabella puppies are the result of accidents and hidden genes in both parents.

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How Does A Liver Gsd Puppy Look Like

Although adult liver German shepherds have a brown color throughout the entire skin, puppies tend to be a little different. Granted, the fur and skin is liver except for the toenails which are usually white and the footpads which come in pink. Once they become adults, both the footpads and toenails change to liver. In addition, GSD puppies have blue or green eyes which later changes to light brown or amber when they turn six months.

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Is The Liver Coat Recognized By Akc

The liver color is listed in the American Kennel Club list of German Shepherd fur colors. As a result, any liver German Shepherd can be listed and take part in any of the organizations events.

Although, the notes for a German Shepherds states that having a liver-colored coat is seen as a fault. The American Kennel Club says that German Shepherds with rich and strong colors are much more desirable.

A liver German Shepherd wouldnt be disqualified due to their coat color, however, they are very unlikely to win certain events.


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