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How To Potty Train A German Shepherd Puppy

Shouting At Your German Shepherd Puppy Is An Absolute No

How to Potty Train a German Shepherd Puppy!

Unless he is born with a hearing defect that is detected by a vet, your German Shepherd puppy has a perfect hearing ability. You, therefore, dont need to shout the commands.

If you do, you will train him to be anxious or eventually create the idea that shouting is the norm. You certainly dont want that, so be calm and patient. Heres how to discipline your German Shepherd, and more importantly, what not to do!

What Happens When You Dont Train Your Pup Early

Potty training your GSD puppy might seem a little too much at first, but with time and continuous efforts, your dog will start to learn. However, many owners make a mistake of letting their GSD pup enjoy its first days in the home without making it learn important behaviors and discipline.

A GSD puppy doesnt have control over its bladder or bowels.

Thats why as owners, you need to take full responsibility of keeping an eye on their behavior. If you see your pup getting uneasy or arching its back, know that it is time to take it outside. If you leave the puppy alone, it will make a mess inside the home, on beds, and floors. This will be a lot of work and a dirty one, so it is always better to adopt a preventative approach.

Another issue with GSDs that dont get trained in the initial days is that they tend to become dominant and disobedient. If you dont want your GSD to get control over you, make sure that you potty train it from the first day. When a GSD knows that it is not being stopped, it will develop it as a habit that will be hard to get rid of once it grows.

Tip : Stick To A Feeding Schedule

Having regular mealtimes isnt just part of establishing a routine. It will also help you more accurately predict when they need to go potty.

For young pups, free-feeding also means free pooping, and thats exactly what you dont want while youre potty training.

Try to limit feeding times to three times a day for puppies younger than 6 months. German Shepherds that are at least 6 months old can eat once in the morning and then again in the evening.

While potty training, it is also ideal to keep snacks and heavy treats at a minimum when you cant take your pup outside immediately.

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Crate Training And Why You Should Do It

Dogs are denning animals. This means that they actually seek out places where they feel safe and enclosed. This is why your GSD may often go under tables or covers. Its an instinctual behavior.

So training with a crate is actually comforting to your dog. My GSD loves his crate. Its not a place of punishment for him. Instead, its a comfortable, safe, and cozy environment in his eyes.

Your puppy has a few natural instincts. These include:

  • not use the bathroom in its own bed
  • to pee and poop after eating

You are using your puppys instincts to train it, rather than trying to teach it a new set of unfamiliar rules.

Some people speak out against crate training, often suggesting that its a cruel practice. This could not be further from the truth. Crate training beneficial for both you and your dog.

So really, ignore the naysayers. Crate training your puppy is efficient and effective.

How To Potty Train A German Shepherd Puppy: A Simple Step

How To Potty Train A Puppy German Shepherd

Potty training your German Shepherd Dog can get very hard, especially if you dont start early. He will poop all over the place if he is not trained well.

A GSD or German Shepherd Dog is highly intelligent, easy to train and protective. They make great pets and are very loyal!

However, although German shepherds are good at following commands to carry out tasks, potty training can be difficult.

So, if you have adopted or got a German Shepherd Puppy recently and wondering how to Potty Train a German Shepherd Puppy? This guide is here to help


  • Final Verdict
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    Use Positive Reinforcement Techniques

    Positive reinforcement is key with any type of training. As you toilet train, it can mean the difference between constant accidents and success.

    Dogs do best when you shower them with praise and rewards. So, give your puppy a treat when they do a good job.

    Make sure that you reward them regularly. Your puppy will come to expect a treat after they go outside. They’ve done their part, so don’t disappoint them! Rewards can also include attention and verbal praise. Just do something that makes your GSD puppy happy.

    German Shepherd Puppy Training: Basic Commands

    Don’t believe ANYONE who tells you puppies can’t learn! Some dog trainers won’t start until the dog is 6 months old, at which time he is past the socialization and bite inhibition period and he is probably doing all sorts of naughty things. You can start training your German shepherd puppy from the first day you bring him home.

    From weeks 8-12 you can start teaching your canine many commands, however I strongly advice you keep your focus on socialization, bite-inhibition and potty training.

    If you have time to train basic commands.go ahead! Your pooch will love it! If not, dont worry and start German Shepherd puppy training after week 12 .

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    How Often Should You Take Out Your German Shepherd Puppy To Potty

    You should take out your German Shepherd puppy every 2 hours for an 8-week-old pup. Add an hour for each month your pup is old. So, a 12-week-old dog needs to go out every 3 hours. And a 16-week-old German Shepherd needs to go outside to relieve themselves every 4 hours.

    Heres a visual chart to help you remember so you dont have any accidents inside your house.

    Puppy Age

    You Might Have To Give Up On Your Sleep

    How to Housebreak and Potty Train your German Shepherd Puppy

    A lot of pups and dogs pee more often during the night. It is natural that your dog cant hold their bladder for over four hours in total.

    So they might pee on your carpet or any other convenient spot in the house.

    To prevent that, initially, wake up several times in the night and take him to the designated spot to pee. This might interrupt your sleep, but in the end, your German Shepherd Puppy will be well trained!

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    Training Them To Go Outside After Using Pads Indoors

  • If you set up your pads near the door you use to take them outside to their elimination area, then you can transition them to go outside more easily.
  • So, place or move your puppy pads closer to the door from their original spot to begin the transition to outdoors.
  • Move the pads over a period of two weeks so that your pup learns the new spots to use the bathroom and doesnt experience stress or confusion. Its better to go slowly than rush them to figure out an entirely new routine.
  • When your pads are close to the door, watch them for their elimination signs and get them to the outside as swiftly as you can.
  • You can either encourage them to go outside instead of to their pad by calling them with the door open, or you can scoop them up if you think they wont hold their bladder and take them outside yourself until they learn the potty routine you want.
  • While I generally use a crate to house train my German Shepherd puppy I also totally understand that you might prefer to learn how to potty train a German Shepherd puppy using a puppy pad .

    Im not here to judge and I love that you want to help your pup learn his potty routine quickly by reading up on this training!

    Train Your Puppy To Potty On Different Surfaces

    Most people train their dogs to potty only on certain kinds of surfaces. Do not make this mistake.

    For Example, If you train your German Shepherd puppy to potty only on hard surfaces, then your puppy will not know what to do when he finds himself in a different situation.

    You should teach your puppy to defecate on grass, sand, rocks, dirt, etc.

    If you feel nervous and you are forcing your puppy to relieve fast, then you can stress out your puppy and stop him to relieve.

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    Why Choose Doggielawn Grass Potty Pad

    Doggielawn grass potty pad is formulated from hydroponically grown grass, making it easier for all potty training sessions to continue regardless of the harsh weather outside.

    This Doggielawn grass potty pad is lightweight for easier relocation, whether on a boat with your dog or in your apartment.

    Next, this grass potty pad has no smell that most dogs dislike, and it requires low maintenance, ensuring all the potty training sessions never have a glitch.

    To curb urine from penetrating and corroding your floor, this Doggielawn grass potty pad uses unique harmless microbes to break down your dogs urine, making it less smell and while still ensuring this grass potty pad last long.

    How To Potty Train A German Shepherd Puppy Positively

    Potty Training

    As above, we recommend positive reinforcement training. This had been proven to be the most effective training method in all types of dog training, not just potty training! This type of training works with the natural instinct of your dog wanting to please you.

    Not only is it an effective training technique but it also strengthens the bond between you and your pet, building trust and affection.

    Positive reinforcement doesnt just have to mean treats, it can mean verbal praise, food or toys/play. As you get to know your puppy you will learn what theyre motivated by.

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    How To Housebreak A German Shepherd Puppy

    Sam Shepards

    Sam Shephard is an experienced German Shepherd owner and has learned throughout the years how to optimize the breed’s health and wellness.

    One of the main reasons to choose a German Shepherd over all other dog breeds in the world is how intelligent these little puppies are. While all dogs have the ability to be housebroken, dogs who are bred specifically for their intelligence will be much more trainable and will take to potty training very quickly.

    If youve chosen a German Shepherd, potty training might not be a breeze, but with the right techniques, it will be easier than trying to potty train just about any other breed.

    Tips On Potty Training German Shepherds Puppies

    Here are some helpful tips to make potty-training effective and easy for your GSD puppies.

  • Be consistent on the routine that you have set. GSD puppies are known for their obedience. So, being consistent in the routine will result in success.
  • Apply positive approach in dealing with little accidents your puppy might make.
  • Strictly follow regular feeding and potty time schedules.
  • Do not overfeed your puppy especially at night.
  • Observe your puppy before and after going to the loo. This will help you identify when it needs to have a go.
  • Use potty-training spray to encourage your GSD puppy to relieve in your chosen spot.
  • Do not play with your puppy when bringing it to the designated potty area. Or else, it will forget the purpose of going out.
  • Always use commands and hand signals everytime you bring your puppy out for potty time. This is for your puppy to recall the meaning of your command and hand signals.
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    Is My German Shepherd Potty Trained

    This is the question that many owners ask too quickly. Potty training doesnt happen overnight. You will need to consistent and alert. After several days of teaching, your puppy will start to learn.

    • If your pup stands in front of the door and looks back at you, know that it wants to go out and poop.
    • If your dog scratches the door, know that it is nature calling.
    • To confirm the effectiveness of potty training schedule, you will need to wait a few days to check your dog. If your dog doesnt poop inside the house even when it really needs to, youll know it is trained.
    • Do not stop the process until your dog has truly learned to potty in its designated area.

    How To Crate Train Your German Shepherd

    How To Potty Train A German Shepherd Puppy: The Most Clever Tips

    Many people think crate training is inhumane. But, the truth is, crate training helps your German Shepherd to become more disciplined. And it helps with potty training as well.

    Firstly, introduce

    Place some toys in the crate and near the crate. Moreover, you can put some treats inside which your pup loves. Close the door of the crate when your pup seems to be comfortable inside doesnt seem distressed and confused.

    When your pup is done playing, open the door and let him out. Do this once a day initially for a short period, then increase the time gradually. As time increases, increase the time between each treat, you add for the pup.

    Now, take him out

    Let your pup play in the crate for about two hours, after this put a leash on him and take him out, choose specific words like potty and take him to the spot you want him to do the act at. Once it does, pet him affectionately.

    Free time

    Once your pup has come inside, unleash and put him in the crate again. Again, add treats and his favorite toys to the box, wait another two hours, take him out again leashed and say potty again so he knows. Once he comes inside, you can let him roam about the house freely and play. However, make sure this isnt more than forty minutes. After this, put him back in the crate and repeat the process.

    Repeat if necessary

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    How Do You Use A Crate To Complement Potty Training

    Using a crate can speed up the training of your German Shepherd. Crates embrace the basis that a dog will instinctively not use the bathroom where he sleeps.

    Pups discover as quickly as they can crawl that they should go outside the den to potty. As they age, they go further from the den to relieve themselves.

    The trick to an efficient crate is that it must be small sufficient that a puppy feels extremely difficult using the toilet in it.

    A crate must only let a puppy lay down when using it for potty training. Some crates have a detachable wall, while in other cases, you need to keep purchasing new kennels as your pooch grows.

    It would be best if you taught your German Shepherd puppy to accept the crate. Crate training requires discipline on your part and conditioning your dog.

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    How Long Does It Usually Take Potty Train A German Shepherd Puppy

    A German Shepherd doesnt have complete bladder control until around 5 to 6 months of age, so intend to maintain your potty training efforts until they have control of their elimination behavior.

    While you might start housetraining your GSD puppy as soon as you have them, expecting them to have no mishaps early on is unrealistic because theyre physically incapable of controlling themselves.

    Begin a positive potty training plan that includes guidance, schedule, and routine for the best results.

    Bladder control develops with age, yet a variety of factors can alter this. The amount of water consumption, activity level, and if your German Shepherd has any underlying medical problems can create your pooch to have more regular potty breaks.

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    Using Dog Potty Grass Pads

    Sometimes, you may find it hard to stick to this strict routine of potty training your puppy. For example, you may overstay at work at times, and no one is at home to take your pup out to pee. And some days, the weather outside will be unfavorable to take your puppy out to his designated bathroom place.

    With such a scenario, what do you do? Such are tough situations that founders of using grass potty pads like the Doggielawn grass potty pad had.

    So what are grass potty pads? These are rectangular or square patches of artificial or real grass that help make house training your puppy easy.

    Such grass pads come sitting on a base or a tray. With such a grass pad, you can either place it indoors, outdoors. After all, youll still achieve better results when house training your puppy.

    How To Potty Train Your Puppy On Puppy Pads

    How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy

    If for whatever reason, youre unable to take your dog outside frequently, you can teach them to use a puppy pad instead.

    Before we begin, there are two important rules to keep in mind. Firstly, make sure that the pad is placed somewhere with easy to clean floors, for instance, the bathroom. Secondly, make sure that you place more pads down than you think your puppy needs. This is because puppies have a poor aim and often miss the pad entirely.

    Here are some steps for training your dog to use a potty pad:

  • Set up the pads. Place the pads where you want your puppy to go in an area thats easy to clean. When possible, use a hard surface floor, for example, tiles or hardwood.
  • Introduce your puppy to the potty pads. Take your puppy to the spot you want them to use and have them sniff around.
  • Introduce command words. While your puppy is sniffing around, repeat the command words that youre going to use each time they need to relieve themselves.
  • Reward your pup or give them positive reinforcement. After your puppy has done their business, praise them and offer them a treat as a reward.
  • Repeat the process. While training, visit the designated room often. Ideally, 10 minutes after every meal works well, as well as right before bed. Each time you visit the room, repeats the steps above.
  • Monitor the process. Watch your puppy closely as they go. German Shepherd pups often miss the pad entirely and potty on the floor. When this happens, interfere and redirect them to the pad.
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