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German Shepherd Puppy Teething Toys

Nylabone Power Chew Textured Dog Chew Ring Toy

When Do German Shepherds Stop Teething? Stages & Baby Teeth Timeline

Easy grip, chewing-friendly design, and great attention diverting ability this teething toy can be a perfect choice when the dog tends to show high chewing tendency. For an aggressive chewer like GSD, this toy offers a delightful option. Its size fits the gripping ability of your big poonch too.

So, the moment you find any teething discomfort displayed by that furry angel, just hand him over this chewing and teething toy designed to complement gentle to extreme chewing style. The hidden treasure lies in its ridgy design and protruded nubs that actually can help in maintaining dental hygiene by preventing tartar or plaque build-up.

The Good German Shepherd

It is hard to control a teething puppys chewing habits. Sometimes, the aggressiveness is irritating. The puppy has no control over what they chew. This could lead to damage to your furniture or shoes. Fortunately, teething toys are available in plenty to help control unwanted chewing behavior for your German Shepherd puppy.

Teething toys satisfy your dogs urge to chew. They help calm the puppy down and keep them occupied. These toys also act as play tools and could be used to bond with your puppy. The toys come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and qualities. To help you get the best teething toys for German Shepherd puppies, we have some of the best on the market below.

The best teething toy for German Shepherd puppies is KONG Puppy Toy. It is designed with natural soft rubber for teething puppies. This toy is great if the puppy has separation anxiety. It keeps the puppy occupied playing with it due to its ability to bounce in different directions. The toy can dispense puppy treats such as peanut butter. It is long-lasting and recommended by vets. It soothes the gum while giving an exciting playtime for your German Shepherd puppy.

Nylabone Durachew Chicken Monster Bone

Another name you can rely on when youre looking for the best chew toys for German Shepherds is Nylabone.

This large size chew bone* is flavored like chicken and is marketed as long-lasting.

Its made of durable nylon, and its textured for extra enjoyment.

This bone will keep your German Shepherd busy, satisfy their urge to chew, and helps clean teeth while they chew.

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Overall Best Dog Toys For German Shepherds

Puzzle toys can be very appealing to dogs, and the Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Volcano falls into this category. The core design has six stuffed volcanos that you can put inside the volcano in different places for your dog to pull out. This playstyle makes for a good solution for pups that enjoy pulling stuffing from couches.

The dinosaurs on their own make for fun toys, both for fetch and cuddling. Each dino has a built-in squeaker to make your German shepherd interested in playtime for extra excitement. While the toy can be sturdy through its intended use, you should always supervise your dog while playing with it to keep the volcano intact.

If youre ready to play tug of war with your dog, youre going to need a rope that can stand up to your German shepherds strong jaws. Mammoths Three Knot dog rope toy is overall durable, and it can last through regular use when it comes to either tug, fetch, or whatever other game your pup enjoys. The durability means it can take a bite, but its still best not to leave it out as a chew toy.

As your dog does gnaw on this rope, though, it will help with their dental health, as the fibers can help floss your pups teeth. The design uses only one-hundred percent natural cotton, making it safe for play. The large size is excellent for bigger dogs, giving plenty of space between your dogs mouth and your grip for a quality game of tug of war!

Alternative: Fayogoo Grenade Dog Chew Toy

Top 7 Teething Toys for German Shepherd Dogs
  • Material: Durable Rubber
  • Type: Chewing Toy

If you want to get into a dog owners good books, then this grenade chew toy will do the job. As a large breed with a powerful bite, German Shepherds need something that can withstand a good chewing!


  • Perfect for strong chewers.
  • Suitable for puppies and adults.
  • Tested by aggressive biters and found to be nearly indestructible due to using the toughest tear-resistant materials.
  • Add doggy toothpaste to keep your dogs teeth clean and their breath smelling fresh.
  • Contains an extra rope hole for tug-of-war games.
  • Ideal as a fetch toy or for individual chewing time.
  • One of the best teething toys for German Shepherds.


  • The only discernible con about this toy is that it may tire owners out more quickly than their pets.
  • Perhaps one more con is that this toy is not cheap but affordable. Add it to the list of ideal gifts for German Shepherd lovers.

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Overall Best Dog Toy For German Shepherd Puppies

The puppy years are a critical time to teach your puppy good play and toy habits. Chewing is also a concern, especially as puppies go through teething. For these situations, KONG toys can be indispensable. Designed as a hyper durable chewing toy, the puppy variation has a lot in common with the adult version of these toys while having a softer texture for developing puppy teeth.

Because of the durable construction, this chew toy should last even if your pup chews a lot. Additionally, you can put small snacks or pastes like peanut butter inside, which will come out over time when chewed. This feature makes the toy especially engaging for pups, catching their attention. The toy is also safe to put inside the freezer before play, which helps alleviate teething pains.

What Dog Toys Are Best For My German Shepherd Puppy

With so many dog toys on the market today and from so many different manufacturers, it can be extremely difficult choosing the right dog toy. Raising a German Shepherd dog will keep you busy enough, you shouldnt have to spend time worrying about getting the right toys for the pup. To make your life a little easier, weve put together a list of what we consider the 5 best dog toys for German Shepherd puppies as long as a short review of each product.

Keep in mind that what works well for one puppy may not necessarily be the right choice for another pup. You may have to experiment a little to find what works best for your puppy and which toy the pup seems to prefer. Overall, though, these are a few of the best toys for German Shepherd puppies.

The Tanzanian mountain ball typically provides GS puppies with hours of fun. Its unique ridges on the outer part of the ball give off whirring should when its thrown through the air. That in itself piques their interest! The balls light design allows it to go along way, which provides longer playtime as the pup continues to run and fetch. It has enough bounce to it to keep the pup interested and stimulated but not too much bounce that it would cause a problem.


  • Customers claim it doesnt last real long.
  • Easy to chew off parts, which can pose choking hazard

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Put Your Puppy In A Confined Space

If you are going for a shower or about to take a nap but are hesitant to leave your teething puppy alone get a crate or a playpen to lock your puppy. Make sure the place is spacious and has food and water for the little one. This way you can take your eyes off the puppy for a while knowing they will not get into any trouble while you are away.

The Best Toy For German Shepherd Puppies With Sharp Teeth

An impawssible choice! Excited German Shepherd dog dives into box of pet toys

The round shape is great for rolling across the floor to have your puppy and dog chase for extra fun.

And the enhanced flavor keeps your dog coming back to enjoy the tastiness, which is great for puppies who are teething and looking for some pain relief.

Its so tough and durable that youll be shocked at how long the toy lasts with your strong chewer

Even your German Shepherd puppy with tiny shark teeth!

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How Do I Know When My Puppy Has Started Teething

Youll likely know because your GSD will be biting on everything.

Additionally, when your four-legged baby starts teething, you may notice a little blood on their favorite chew toys. Dont panic! This is normal and should stop on its own.

You may also find a few baby teeth around the house. Theyre tiny about the size of a grain of rice!

Your pup might also start to drool more than normal and may even slow down their eating pace.

As your pup loses its baby teeth, permanent adult teeth will begin to emerge. This is a painful process! Well talk more about teething relief for puppies later in this article.

When Do German Shepherds Stop Teething

Generally, your german shepherd pup will complete the primary phase of teething by about 4-6 months. By that time your vet should inspect his mouth for any dental issues.

If something is out of whack, veterinary surgery may be advised to correct the bite. If its not done right away, your dog may be struggling every time he eats in the future.

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Outward Hound: Dog Smart Puzzle

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Sometimes puzzle toys are a bit too hard right out of the gate. If your dog is a puzzle toy beginner, you can give him a boost of confidence with this beginner level treat-dispensing puzzle tray.

It comes with nine removable, bone-shaped caps that hide treats or kibble. Your German Shepherd will need to use his nose to figure out which caps the treats are hiding under, then figure out how to get them.

There are two levels of difficulty built right in. Startwith the caps elevated to help your dog learn the game. After shes got thehang of it, bump up the challenge by placing the caps flush with the tray.

This is a washable, reusable, interactive toy that can helphone your GSDs sense of smell and problem-solving. A bonus to this toy is thatit can act as a slow feeder, too.

Kong Extreme Dog Toy Toughest Natural Rubber

Best Dog Toys For German Shepherds: Puppies, Adults &  Seniors

One of the most popular and the best toys for German Shepherds and other aggressive chewers is the KONG Extreme Dog Toy.

It is made of natural rubber and without any toxic materials hence it is totally safe for dogs. It is also considered one of the best indestructible dog toys for GSDs.

Another softer version of this chew toy is available is KONG Classic, which is suitable for adult dogs. For German Shepherd puppy and senior GSDs, KONG Puppy and KONG Senior variants are also available.

This toy is even more enticing to play with as it can be stuffed with treats or kibble inside it.

It can be easily stuffed with kibble, peanut butter, KONG Easy Tasty Treat, Snacks, and Ziggies, which then can be sealed with the KONG Easy Treat Paste. Additionally, the toy is also dishwasher safe and hence provides easy cleanup.

Its all-natural black rubber formula makes it tough and strong enough to even withstand the most aggressive chewers like some of the high-energy German Shepherds.

The black color variant of this chew toy is also the toughest chew toy amongst other color versions like KONG Classic.

The brand also provides a 60-day satisfaction guarantee under which if the product does not meet the quality that was promised then you will get a coupon for a refund or replacement of this KONG toy.

However, with its quality and durability, you will seldom need to replace or return the product.

To conclude, we think this is the overall best dog toys for German Shepherds.

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It Can Help You Find Out About Recalls Or Safety Issues With Products

Lastly, reading reviews can help you find out about recalls or safety issues with products. If a product has been recalled, it’s probably not worth your time or money. On the other hand, if a product has good reviews but there have been some safety concerns, you might want to do more research to see if it’s right for you. This is also true for the best dog toys for german shepherd puppies you’re seeking.

The Teething Stage Of A German Shepherd Puppy

First things first dont be concerned if you start seeing small blood spots on your German Shepherds toys or loose teeth in your carpet. This is completely normal during the teething phases. But when should you expect this to start and then finally stop?

Heres an overview of the teething stages you can expect to experience with a German Shepherd puppy.

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How To Stop Your German Shepherd Puppy Chewing When Teething

Keep in mind that your German Shepherd puppy will want to chew anything and everything he sees because its a way to cope with his teething pain. When the baby teeth fall out and the larger adult teeth push through, it can be very painful to your pups.

Therefore, chewing is a coping mechanism for your puppy as it provides him with the pain relief he needs during this excruciating and uncomfortable time.

Its best to monitor your pups closely or prevent them from entering any rooms with the furniture you dont want to get ruined. In some cases, you may have to hide items in the house so it doesnt get destroyed by your pups chewing.

Its normal for a German Shepherd puppy to chew anything he can get his teeth on because its his natural instinct during this time. Here are some things owners can do to make them feel more comfortable.

Chew proof your house

When my dogs were puppies and were going through the teething stage, I had to make sure doors to certain rooms with expensive furniture were closed when I wasnt home. When I was home, I had to put up foldable dog gates to prevent my pups from entering certain rooms.

I also place the stuffed animals in places where my puppies couldnt reach them. My mom also covered the edge of the bed and sofa with thick blankets.

A teething German Shepherd puppy isnt afraid to chew through anything so beware!

Provide them with cold treats

Exercise to expend their energy

Entertain your German Shepherd puppies

Provide them with chew toys

Qt Dog All Natural Chew Toy

German Shepherd with a floppy fish toy! Smart ending

Antlerz brand natural chew toys* are made from naturally shed deer antler.

It contains no plastic or chemicals.Its a long-lasting chew and customers note that there is little to no odor on them.

Some reviewers warn that occasionally they have received one that has dry rot on the inside, but it can be returned and replaced with a better quality one.

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Kong Extreme Ball Dog Toy For Power Chewers

German Shepherds are highly active dogs and love to chase balls!

But many German Shepherds destroy tennis balls and other store-bought play balls with their power and teeth.

With this KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy, your dog can still enjoy chasing balls, all while burning their energy and keeping entertained!


  • Manufactured from patented KONG Extreme ultra-durable rubber for heavy chewers and rough play sessions.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Perfect for games of fetch to keep your active breed busy and healthy.
  • A large hole allows for the addition of tasty treats to keep your dog occupied longer.
  • Puncture-resistant material withstands even the most aggressive chewers and gnawing!
  • Safe and non-toxic material.

German Shepherd Puppy Teething Guide

Sam Shephard is an experienced German Shepherd owner and has learned throughout the years how to optimize the breed’s health and wellness.

Just like humans, German Shepherd puppy teeth will eventually fall out and give way to a new set of adult teeth.

Believe it or not, dogs arent born with any teeth at all. Just like they are born blind and deaf, puppies dont have any teeth yet. Those first puppy teeth wont start erupting through the gum line until approximately three weeks, give or take a few days. What do you need to know about German Shepherd puppy teeth?

  • How many teeth does a German Shepherd puppy have?
  • How to puppy-proof your house
  • How to make puppy teething easier
  • A note on bite inhibition training

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Best Toy For German Shepherds Who Like Bouncy Games And Fetch

This is another tough and strong chew toy for German Shepherd puppies who are teething and need some chewing comfort.

It stands up against VERY sharp puppy teeth and helps soothe their aching, sore gums as their adult teeth push through.

Plus, it bounces and rolls for a longer play time and man uses. If your dog loves fetch, then youll find this chew toy ready for service!

If you want to extend the playtime to avoid German Shepherd boredom, stuff it with peanut butter and their regular kibble and freeze it for your dogs entertainment.

As an added bonus, many dog dental sticks also fit perfectly inside the lip of the hollow tire for more engaged chewing time.


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