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Do Huskies And German Shepherds Get Along

What Is A Lab Shepherd Mix

My German Shepherd and Husky

The Lab Shepherd mix, also known as a Sheprador, is a cross between the two most popular dog breeds in America. These are the Labrador Retriever and the German Shepherd. A Labrador German Shepherd is a mixed or designer breed that results from the mating of a purebred German Shepherd Dog with a purebred Labrador Retriever.

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Do Siberian Huskies Get Along With German Shepherds

Owners can spend weeks and months agonizing over the decision to potentially share their home with two dogs, instead of one. There can be many reasons for wanting to do this, maybe you just love both breeds and need them both in your life. Maybe a friend of yours is unable to keep their dog, for whatever reason, and you want to help them out. Or, maybe you just love animals and you want to help out your local rescue center. Whatever the reason, youre absolutely right to do your research. Not all dogs get along with other dogs.

The very worst thing that can happen is for you to jump into a decision, without doing due diligence and then, a few months down the road, you finally have to admit defeat and accept that the two dogs you were hoping would get on so famously, just dont. Maybe theres been aggression, maybe previously unseen possessive tendencies have come to the surface and the situation has become incompatible with your family and home.

This is a question that is quite common as these two breeds actually have a lot in common but that doesnt mean they will automatically get along

Are Huskies Aggressive Towards Other Dogs

Huskies are quite friendly dogs. They are called one of the best family dogs for a reason. They are loyal, social, and playful. They are hardly ever a nuisance and genuinely like company. Be it humans or dogs.

At certain times, however, a Husky may display signs of aggression or become outright aggressive. One of these times could be when they feel their power over their owner receding. This may happen when a stranger comes over or simply when you pet another dog or pet. Huskies are loyal pets, and this trait tends to be a part of their personality.

Another incidence may be due to their instincts to prey. This may arise when they see a small animal, a baby, or smaller children. While this is a natural trait, it is trainable, and we all have seen Huskies be cuddly with babies and toddlers. So, no worries there.

Other than these, your Husky may get aggressive due to territorial intrusion by another animal, person, or someone/ something else. Work dogs tend to be strict about what they consider as their territory, and when someone/ something new enters that space, they dont like it and will try to get rid of it. Your home, car, a particular room, or something/ somewhere else might be your Huskies territory.

In general, Huskies are well-mannered with everyone. Even foul play from other dogs very rarely instigates a Husky. This is why they are a great companion dog for your first pet. And very welcoming if youre looking to bring home another.

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Husky German Shepherd Mix Origins Where Did This Breed Come From

The German Shepherd Husky mix is a relatively new designer dog breed. Very little is known about where and when it originated. Many dog experts claim that the first of this kind was bred intentionally sometime in the late 1980s.

Originally, a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky parents were mated to produce a first-rate working dog, since both the parents are excellent working dogs. Soon, because of their sheer strength and quick intellect, they were used to assist with search-and-rescue operations and took military and police roles.

It would help to get a glimpse of the origin of the parent breeds to have a better understanding of German Shepherd Husky mix.

The German Shepherd , which originated in 1899 in Germany, were used to herd sheep and pull heavy loads under tough conditions. They were imported and used as sled dogs during the Alaskan Gold Rush. The breed eventually became popular throughout Canada and the United States as great pets. The Siberian Husky is believed to have originated over two millennia ago from the Siberian Arctic. Nomadic Indian tribes used these dogs to help with pulling sleds and heavy loads. The Siberian Huskies made their way to North America in the 1900s.

Despite having relatively short history, German Shepherd Husky mixes have already become fashionable and increasingly common.

Do German Shepherd Husky Mixes Make Good Family Pets

Do German Shepherds And Huskies Get Along? (Explained) (2021)

The high training and exercise requirement of Husky Shepherd mix dogs makes them an ambitious choice of dog.

If you dont have experience of keeping dogs before they could prove an overwhelming place to start.

Likewise, the amount of time they demand could be hard to fit around the demands of a young family.

But not right now doesnt have to mean not ever!

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Huskies Must Not Be Left Alone

Huskies love company and dread being left alone for long periods. They are susceptible to separation anxiety if you often leave them alone for long periods. It is recommended that you utilize a crate after thoroughly training your Husky to remain in the crate. Otherwise, their boredom and separation anxiety could result in destructive behaviors.

Husky And Pomeranian Background

Huskies and Pomeranians both descend from working dogs.

Other dogs that fall into The Working Group are Akitas. Akitas, Pomeranians, Samoyeds, and Malamutes are Spitz-type dogs. These dogs all come from the North. The name Spitz comes from a group of islands located in the Arctic Ocean north of Norway.

Did you know that Pomeranians are named like that after the region which they come from? Pomerania is a place a historical region to be precise, split between Poland and Germany.

Pomeranians used to be quite large and pull sleds.

Once Queen Victoria of England fell in love with a smaller version of a Pom. Thats what inspired her to introduce the trend to take care of tiny Pomeranians. She even opened her very own breeding kennel.

But enough about Poms

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What If They Arent Getting On

Even with the best will in the world and as much patience as you can offer, sometimes it just doesnt seem to work out, what then?

Dogs can be very territorial and although the Siberian Husky isnt possessive, the German Shepherd can be. So, you need to make sure that it doesnt try and make itself the alpha and dominate sections of the house. Remember, they dont have to share everything at the start or indeed, going forward. Get them their own food dishes, bedding, and toys.

They need to know whos running the shop and that would be you. A dog wants someone to take control, otherwise, it will assume that position itself. You need to ensure that no aggressive tendencies are practiced by any dog and if you see this you need to correct the behavior by being firm and confident and providing clear instruction to the offending dog that this behavior is unacceptable.

Positive Reinforcement also works so when you see good behavior, make sure you reward it. Give them a treat when you see good interaction between them both, especially if its unusual. Getting a reward for such behavior will make them more likely to repeat this behavior. You will also need to act the same to both dogs so make sure you dont show one dog more affection than the other!

The vast majority of the time you will succeed and I almost dont want to talk about the alternative, which is of course to return one of them. Have patience, see a canine ethologist and persevere make it work!

Husky Shepherd Mixes Live Relatively Long Lives

Husky VS German Shepherd – German Shepherd VS Siberian Husky – Blondi Foks

Generally speaking, the larger a breed is, the shorter its average lifespan. Chihuahuas often live to be 15 years of age or more, but Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds often live only 7 or 8 years.

Shepherds and Huskies have average lifespans of about 9 to 12 and 10 to 15, respectively, and the offspring of the two will likely enjoy lifespans near the high end of this range.

Just be sure to take very good care of your new Gerberian Shepsky including both his physical and emotional well-being and hell likely be alive and kicking for a long time.

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What Dogs Get Along With Huskies

The ideal companion would be another dog that will keep them company and have complementary characteristics or match completely with a Husky. This means your next dog has to be ready to exercise and smart with a friendly personality. To make this task easier for you, Ive done the research and curated a list of dog breeds that will get along very well with your husky. Whats the wait! Lets go!

How To Make A Pomeranian And A Husky Get Along

If you really want to have one dog of each breed in the same house, its best to take two puppies and provide them with plenty of socialization.

While theyre both small, theyll teach each other bite inhibition. This is especially important so neither of them bullies the other one.

Besides giving them a lot of time with each other, you should take them with you to a variety of places.

That way they will also learn to get used to other dogs and not overreact to certain situations once they become adults.

Last but not least, obedience training could always come in handy. With dogs that are that smart am energetic, you wanna do the right thing. Professional dog trainers could introduce you to a whole new world.

Once you unlock your dogs intelligence by signing them up for training with certified professionals, you can bet good things are on the way.

Then you will be able to fully enjoy time with your dogs, understand them better, and be sure to prevent dangerous situations before they have even happened.

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Do German Shepherd Husky Mixes Smell

While this varies, many Shepsky owners have noted that the dog doesnât have a typical musky âdog smell.â

This is because Huskies do not have an oily coat, and those natural oils are largely responsible for that characteristic odor. Many Huskies pass on their low-oil coat to their crossbred offspring.

If you do adopt a Shepsky, remember not to bathe your dog too regularly. The lack of oil can make them prone to having dry skin, and excessive washing can exacerbate this problem.

What Characteristics Best Suite A Husky

Do Huskies and German Shepherds Get Along (2021)

Although the list above contains only 10, there are still many more breeds that go well with huskies. It all depends on some basic characteristics.Of course, its important to know that every dog is different and some traits you expect a certain breed to have, may not actually have it. All dogs differ in their personality so its vital to keep that in mind. The best type of breed for your husky would be:

  • Extremely outgoing
  • Similar physical size
  • Naturally sociable
  • Preferably not stubborn
  • Obedient

Most breeds with these traits will get along well with a husky. But, youll never really know until you get the two to meet for real!

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Husky German Shepherd Mixes Are Pretty Large Dogs

Given that a German Shepherd and Siberian Husky are both pretty big dogs , it shouldnt be surprising that Gerberian Shepskies are pretty large dogs too. Most will fall somewhere between 60 and 90 pounds, but outliers arent uncommon.

Theres certainly nothing wrong with large dogs , but you must be prepared for the big impact big dogs can have on your life.

For example, big dogs require more dog food, more space, and larger toys and supplies than their smaller counterparts do. Youll also need to consider the fact that big dogs can be more challenging to handle and control than small dogs, which may present problems for smaller individuals.

German Shepherd And Husky Mix Training Suggestions

A fairly intelligent breed interested in learning and in caring for their owner, a German Shepherd and Husky Mix is relatively easy to train. Not properly trained, these dogs can acquire habits that make the owners clench their teeth pull their hair out. From howling too much to knocking things over to chewing on shoes, there are many things you must keep your dog from doing.

A German Shepherd and Husky Mix is very sensitive to vocal commands, making the training process more efficient and much easier. Start obedience training at an early age to prevent annoying habits from developing, and so that you and your pup both can live a happy life together.

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Do German Shepherds Get Along Well With Small Breeds

A very popular question is whether or not German Shepherds get along with little dogs. The answer is both yes and no.As long as your German Shepherd doesnt have a tendency to chase smaller breeds and animals, then there is no reason why your GSD cant get along with a smaller breed. The prey drive in a German Shepherd varies, and it would not be a sensible idea to get a small or miniature breed if youre aware that your GSD has a thing for cats, rabbits, or any small creatures you come across during walks. The risk is just too great and its not advised.The other point to note is that some small breeds are actually too hyper for a German Shepherd. GSDs love to play, but most of them also like to chill out and lounge around, at least for some part of the day. Some small breeds like Jack Russell and Foxhound Terriers are constantly buzzing around and this may not work well for a more relaxed German Shepherd.So, yes, small breeds can work, but its just a matter of their temperament matching up correctly. It helps to be physically similar, but its not necessary and there are countless examples of German Shepherds living harmoniously with little dogs.

The German Shepherd Husky Mix Exhibits A Combination Of Personality Traits

Husky VS German Shepherd | GSD VS SIBERIAN HUSKY

German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies are both celebrated for their lovable personalities, but that doesnt mean their personalities are very similar in fact, theyre pretty different in a number of ways.

German Shepherds, for example, are rarely inclined to stray far from their owners, while Siberian Huskies wont hesitate to run for days just to explore the neighborhood.

German Shepherds are a little braver in the face of danger, while Siberian Huskies are more likely to run from danger. Huskies tend to be less interested in training than German Shepherds too. Many owners also note that German Shepherds are rather sensitive dogs, while Huskies are a bit happy-go-lucky.

These varied traits can occur in a variety of different combinations when these two breeds are bred together. This can make it a bit difficult to know what to expect from a given Gerberian Shepsky. So, be sure to spend some time with any ShepherdHusky mix you intend to adopt or purchase.

Note whether the puppy runs up to you confidently or keeps his distance for a while. Try to determine whether he keeps his eyes locked on you, or if hes quick to run off and investigate other things. You can also roll a ball across the floor and see if he just stares at it, or if he launches an attack on the ball.

These types of clues can give you a better idea of how an individual puppy will turn out as an adult.

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Want To Train Your Husky With Peace Of Mind

If you havent trained your husky properly, then this is the perfect time to start. Whatever bad behavior your shepherd has, whether its barking at night or other bad behaviors, using the right training program is the key to having an obedient and happy pup.

The training program I love and highly recommend is Brain Training For Dogs.

With Brain Training For Dogs youll save yourself a ton of time and effort. Instead of banging your head against the wall trying to figure out why your dog wont listen, youll follow a path that has been tried, tested, and most importantly, thats given proven results. Not to mention the fact, youll be able to fit the course around your schedule, not fit your schedule around a trainer or obedience class.

So instead of worrying about whether theyre going to be well-behaved or not, youll only have to worry about how much fun youll have with them!

And in most cases its still going to be:

  • Cheaper than hiring a professional.
  • Cheaper than replacing everything they might break.
  • And definitely cheaper than a lawsuit against you, if they decide to bite someone.

Just imagine how great it will feel to finally be able to trust your husky completely and never worry whether theyll be naughty or not. Instead, youll have the peace of mind that you have a well-behaved pup, and the boundaries you set for them, will always be there, EVEN IF YOURE NOT.

The Personality Of A Husky

To determine why Huskies and German Shepherds get along, its important to examine a few key features of their personality. In regards to a Husky, they are notorious for having high energy levels.

According to the American Kennel Club, Huskies enjoy getting along with other dogs. This is likely due to their history of working with other dogs to complete a goal.

Huskies are famous for winning sled dog races. Without learning to get along and working together, the dogs would have never been successful in making it to the finish line. That sense of teamwork and pack mentality can be transferred to other dogs.

One potential factor that may influence how well your Husky gets on with your German Shepherd is its prey drive. According to the Siberian Husky Club, owners should be wary of the prey drive that exists within Huskies.

A dogs prey drive typically refers to an instinctual response when it sees something that it considers prey. For a Husky, that typically means small animals. Cats and smaller dogs, for example, may fall prey to a Husky.

Whenever the smaller animal goes running off, the Husky will feel compelled to chase it down and perhaps attack it. Owners of German Shepherds shouldnt have to worry as much about prey drives with their Huskies.

German Shepherds are typically a little bigger than Huskies. They can hold their own against them. However, it is one negative trait that dog owners should be aware of when it comes to Husky.

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