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Do German Shepherds And Cats Get Along

A Step By Step Guide To Introducing German Shepherds And Cats

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Introducing german shepherds and cats without prior warning can be harmful to both the cat and dog. To prevent a German Shepherd from reacting negatively to the presence of a cat, we recommend these simple steps

Step 1: Introduce Scents

During the first few days, keep both your German Shepherds and cats in two separate rooms and spend time with each pet individually without bias. Take a towel or blanket which your cat has been using and introduce it to your German Shepherds space.

Do the same for your cat as well. If either of them sniffs the towel, German Shepherd Dog HQ advises to either praise or offer a treat to develop a positive association with the scent.

Additionally, Susan Parrets advises placing your cat and German Shepherds food on either side of the door.

This will ensure that while they are eating, they smell the others scent and associate the scent with something good.

Step 2: Expose your Pets with a Barrier in place

After you notice that your pet is no longer, barking, your cat is no longer hissing, and both pets seem accustomed to the scent of the other, then it is time to try a controlled introduction.

German Shepherd Dog HQ Suggests exposing the two pets through a glass door, Susan Parrets suggests keeping the dog on a leash and allowing the cat to explore the room, other articles suggest having one of the pets, preferably the German Shepherd, caged or barricaded from having quick access to the cat.

Step 4: Barricaded Introduction

What If The Introduction Turns Bad

When you are in the process of introducing your pets to each other, you need to watch for the signs that indicate the introduction has taken a downward spiral that needs to be stopped immediately.Some of the key indicators that you need to intervene are:

  • The cat appears to be frightened even after the initial introduction. Some signs of this may be hair standing up, growling, or hissing with widened eyes.
  • The dog appears overly excited. Sometimes when the prey drive sequence begins, it can be mistaken for overzealous behavior. If you notice this, you need to remove the dog immediately.
  • The dog lunges at the cat.
  • The cat begins to paw at the dog.

If you notice any of these behaviors, you need to slow down the introduction process and revisit the initial scent-swapping until the two can comfortably be in the same room together. You may need to go through this process several times before the two can be comfortable together.

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Personality Of The Gsd

The GSD is a herding dog with prey drive. Its natural instinct is to herd, chase, and protect. They may not mean any harm, but this can be quite scary and alarming to the animal being chased even if the GSD is just having fun.

This does not mean that a GSD will chase every cat every time, but it is important to be aware that this is an inherent characteristic of the German Shepherd.

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Supervision Is A Must

You will want to have as much control over the situation as possible. Though the chance for aggression may be low, it is always better to play it safe.

So we recommend being present from start to finish. We even would suggest continuing to be present for all future interactions, until you are absolutely sure your German shepherd and cat get along.

You can take steps such as:

  • Having a barrier between your GSD and your cat
  • Keeping your cat or GSD in your arms the whole time
  • Having a leash on your GSD
  • Or anything else that can maximize your control over the situation

The German Shepherd Character

Do German Shepherds Get Along With Cats?

You will need to perceive the German Shepherds temperament. Right here are some things to bear in mind about this breeds persona.

German shepherds are herding canines and operating round is of their blood, in addition to herding. You will need to contemplate this pure tendency when educating our German shepherds to get together with cats.

German Shepherds are wickedly good and are constantly ranked as one of many smartest canine breeds. This implies correct coaching is critical for them to get together with cats or different animals.

German shepherds are loyal and wish to please theirs owns when handled effectively. Theyre recognized to reply rapidly and fortunately to any coaching. Nonetheless, this breed is understood for being protecting, particularly in the case of the those that they love.

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Living With A German Shepherd

For many people having a German Shepherd means that you are protected. You are well guarded and you can be sure that no intruder will go unnoticed.

However, this also means that you will start living an active lifestyle to ensure your German Shepherd does not become bored and resort to destructive methods of energy expulsion.

According to Embora Pets, German Shepherds are curious, intelligent, and active dogs. In their younger days, they are cute and cuddly, but as they grow, they require added time to play, chase, and work towards attaining their owners success and happiness.

Because of this character trait, they easily take up a persons time and energy playing, and interacting with their owners, this, of course, includes coming to lay down their 75-95 pound body on your lap .

Even at a young age, German Shepherd Puppies are known to play for long periods. Because of their history and DNA make-up, German Shepherds will want a lot of attention. They have a lot of energy, being raised as farm dogs, and so have a desire to play and complete tasks.

Unlike other dogs that like to be cuddled, German Shepherd puppies, as cute and cuddly as they are, do not like to be carried around all day.

These pups love to play rough. For this reason, make sure your puppy has all the dog toys and ropes they may need for play and activities to do by the end of the day, otherwise, they will adopt more destructive methods of play.

How To Teach Your German Shepherd To Ignore Cats

Teaching your German Shepherd to ignore cats requires some patience and proper measures from the very start.

To start with, you need to understand the special nature of your beloved doggie.

In fact, German shepherds resemble humans a lot. Some are more outgoing and ready to develop some relationships, while others may be more closed up.

Some German shepherds may even get along with cats from the very start.

Depending on your dogs character, you need to make sure it ignores your cat as much as possible.

To start with, you need to give both of them enough space.

Preferably, provide a spare bedroom for your cat and make sure it has all the resources it may need. That will make both of them feel loved, and it will save you from having to cope with any extreme signs of aggression towards each other.

It is also vital that you make them get used to each others scent as soon as possible.

To achieve that, gather one clean cloth from each animal and carefully rub it on their scent glands.

Afterward, place each cloth in the other animals room.

That will make both of them get used to each others scent, and you soon notice that your German shepherd is no longer paying much attention to your cat.

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Can A German Shepherd Puppy Learn To Live With A Kitten

Of course, this is the best time to introduce the two pets together. When they are both little, they are open to learning new things, and this is the chance you should take advantage of. They adjust quickly to the new environment and the atmosphere it has. Once they get used to it, they will become good friends.

Do German Shepherds Get Along With Pugs

Kitten With German Shepherd Puppy Get Along Well | Share Water Bowl

All dogs are social animals, it doesn’t matter what breed theyare. Whether or not two dogs will get along together depends on thedispositions of the individual dogs -not their breed. Puppies andyoung dogs, who have interactions with other dogs, will have bettersocial skills as adults and be more likely to “get along”. Dogs ofthe same sex are more likely to feel competitive with each otherand may be aggressive. Dogs of the opposite sex will usually feelless competitive and be more likely to get along.

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Personality Of The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a very intelligent herding dog and as mentioned earlier, has a natural instinct to chase, herd and protect. While your German Shepherd may not mean any harm and is just having fun, this can be quite scary for the cat thats being chased. While the German Shepherd will not chase a cat every time he sees one, it is very important to understand that chasing is an inherent characteristic of this breed.

Will My German Shepherd Be Good With Cats

Many German Shepherd owners, depending on the length of time they have cared for and handled their pet, have a rough idea of what their dog is like and the kind of reaction it may have to share its home with a cat.

When your German Shepherd has the following characteristics, then the likelihood of getting along with the cat is high.

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Why Is My German Shepherd Obsessed With My Cat

German Shepherds are a breed that is known to have a strong prey drive. This means that they have it in their nature to chase after small things like cats, rabbits and even small dogs. This is likely to be why your German Shepherd has been obsessed with your cat. They have actually been known to kill small animals.

Are German Shepherds Good With Cats Including Helpful Tips To Get Along

Do German Shepherd Get Along With Cats?

So, are German Shepherds Good With Cats? Having German Shepherds and cats living together is not impossible, but it will require a lot of planning, patience and careful monitoring to be successful. A range of factors can affect how well the introduction will go, including age, personality, previous experiences and even health. If they are introduced slowly and calmly, cats and dogs can form incredibly strong bonds.

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Why Do German Shepherds Like Chasing Cats

Anything German Shepherds Notes, German Shepherds enjoy chasing cats due to their herding instinct and high prey drive.

Historically, German Shepherds are herding dogs known to chase after cows, sheep, and other livestock, rounding them up and pushing them towards a certain goal, for example, into the pen, to walk on one side of the road, etc.

For this reason, when a German Shepherd is introduced to a cat, the cat may feel threatened and start running away from the dog.

When the German Shepherd sees this, it will instinctively chase after the cat. This may result in injuries of both pets as the German Shepherd may land on the cat injuring the poor ten-pound animal or get run over by oncoming traffic.

Because different dogs react differently, it is crucial to ensure that you minimize the risk of this happening by training both your German Shepherds and cats to get used to each others presence before you formally introduce them.

What About The Cats Characteristics

As for cats, the main character to look out for pertains to temperament. It would also be essential to look at your cats disposition before introducing it to German Shepherd dogs. Cats can react differently to different types of pets. Some cats might be less likely to fear German Shepherds, whereas others may take a disliking to them.

A cat with a shy or nervous temperament will not get along well with german shepherds because they may frighten the cat by jumping on them or trying to play chase. But cats that have a calm temperament and are not easily intimidated by other pets will do fine.

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Face Time Through Glass

The next step in the progression of introducing your GSD to your cat is to give them some face time together. You can do this by keeping your cat inside of your house and your dog outside using a patio door as the barrier.

This gives both your cat and your dog a choice of whether or not to approach each other. This is very important, as you do not want to force an interaction because that may cause uneasiness and apprehension in one or both of them.

If possible, have both people be either household members or people with who the animals recognize and are very familiar. Do this repeatedly for a few days, about 5 or so minutes each time.

Will My Cat Hurt My Puppy

High Prey Drive GSD Learning To Get Along With Cats

Some cats are quite bold with puppies, even a little aggressive. They are not about to give up feline privileges and will give the puppy short shrift. Especially if he tries to get up close and personal with them. Even a disciplinary cuff from a cat can hurt a puppy quite badly if it catches him in the eye.

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Precautionary Measure When Introducing German Shepherds To Cats

There are some precautions that you might want to consider to keep your cat safe. The most likely method of attack would be your dog chasing and biting the cat, so you could try to prevent this by keeping them separated when theyre both at full strength.

A second precaution would be to keep your German Shepherd on a leash when its outside of the house or in a large outdoor area, just in case your cat disappears. This will make it much easier to keep them separated. When youre bringing them together for introductions inside the home, there should be no need to use a leash.

Finally, make a safe space for your cat. When bringing home your dog, you could create a space where your cat can hide until its comfortable enough to adjust to its new companion.

This will make your cats and dogs feel like they have their territory to avoid skirmishes or confrontations. But dont let the dog have complete access to this space because youll still need to keep it and your cat separated for a while.

Do German Shepherds Get Along With Cats Everything You Need To Know

If you have a cat at home and are thinking about getting a German Shepherd, youre probably wondering how the German Shepherd and a new kitten will get along. After all, the German Shepherd is a relatively large dog with a high prey drive if it takes an interest in your cat, your kitty may be spending the rest of its days hiding in small corners where your dog cant reach it.

Despite obvious challenges, it is possible for German Shepherds to get along with cats. Because it may prove difficult for your German Shepherd to overcome its prey instincts, there is no guarantee that your pets will be friends. In this article, we will discuss some of the best strategies for socializing your German Shepherd with your cat.

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What You Need To Consider Before Getting A Cat

Here are a few things you should consider before getting a cat companion, especially if you already have an adult German shepherd or adult cat.

  • A German shepherd who has a high prey drive or has been bred and worked as herding dogs will be unlikely to become a suitable companion for a cat. Either he will chase her until the cat is exhausted, or he will stalk her until she files a restraining order.
  • If the cat is adopted first, the chance of adapting to each other is higher. Still, depending on the cats individual personality and behavior, your outcome may be different from other dog owners.
  • A cat with a timid personality is not going to be a good match for a German shepherd dog. A cat who exhibits more confident and aggressive behavior is going to pick a fight with any dog she sees. Ideally, a cat that is going to live with a German shepherd dog should be calm, quiet, and laid back.

Can All German Shepherds Coexist With Cats

Do German Shepherds Get Along With Cats?

Probably not. German Shepherds are very big and powerful dogs with a high prey drive. You need to take careful steps to ensure your cats are safe when introducing them to a German Shepherd. I will talk about these steps later.

That being said, German Shepherds are very loyal to their family. If you can get your dog to see your cat as part of their family, they can be very gentle and loving toward the cat. The dream is to have your German Shepherd and cat snuggling, but the first goal is to train your German Shepherd to ignore your cat, then respect your cat, and lastly hopefully adore your cat. And vice versa. I got this idea from AnythingGermanShepherd.

I think this partly depends on the temperament and history of your animals. Pay attention to your current pet. Are they particularly aggressive or frightened by other animals? Perhaps they are not a two-animal home kind of pet. Or perhaps your current pet may feel less intimidated by an older dog instead of a new puppy or a kitten or a female instead of a male?

On the flip side some cats and dogs become friends almost immediately with no help from you. We started with 2 very timid cats and a highly excitable 8 weeks old German Shepherd puppy.. so weve had to take things very slowly. That might not be the case for your puppy.

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