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German Shepherd Mix With Pitbull Puppies

Pitbull German Shepherd Mix Breed Personality

Pitbull and German Shepherd Mix Breed Dog One Year Update

The dog has a calm, loyal, and affectionate personality toward its owner. Since this breed has the traits of a German Shepherd and Pitbull, it can be very protective of its owners and home. The canine will also have leadership traits and will often try to dominate other dogs. Finally, this dog likes to receive attention from its owner as well as spend quality time bonding.

How To Train Pitbull German Shepherd Mix Puppies

The unfortunate truth is that this hybrid is not easy to train and is not suited for first-time dog owners. You need to be a firm and confidentalpha, or he will try to control you. Be patient and try not to give in.

Positive reinforcement works well with the GSD-Pittie cross, and hell definitely learn more quickly with treats and praise than with punishment.

Socializing him at an early age helps him interact better with other animals and encourages a better sense of adaptability in the dog.

Socialization also fixes anxious and timid behavior and will help your pet get along with your family members.

Socialization can be time-consuming, so youll need to patient. Youll have to introduce your puppy to plenty of people and bring it to places youll frequently visit so your dog will be desensitized to new faces and environments.

This breed may be intelligent, but he has a certain level of stubbornness when it comes to training.

Its best to consistently follow a training plan so your German Pit puppy will learn good behavior.

This hybrid tends to bark quite frequently, too, so you may want to include a routine that will help you control excessive barking. Try including crate training and leash training in your sessions.

Starting it young is the best way to train a German Sheppit. The best age to start would be at seven weeks old. An adult dog can still receive training, although it will be more difficult.

Life Expectancy Of A Shepherd Pitt

The German Shepherd breed can live between 10 and 12 years. The Pitbull can also live quite a long time, from around 11 to 13 years. With that information, we can estimate your Shepherd Pit to live between 10 to 13 years.

So you can expect your mixed breed to live quite a long life as long as your dog does not have any health issues. However, if you are ever worried about your dogs health, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian.

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You May Not Be Able To Eliminate The Tendency For Dog Aggression

Many Pit Bulls learn to tolerate animals and show no aggression against other dogs.

We have volunteered at temperament-based dog parks where Pit Bulls were among the most common attendees with no incidents.

However, some terriers are true to generations of breeding and will always be dog aggressive. Still, other Pit Bulls have high predatory drives and will chase down anything that flees from them.

Each pet is an individual, and you will need to make regular assessments of your Shepherd Pitbulls temperament to determine her suitability around other animals.

Enlist a professional if in doubt. Aggressive tendencies may not manifest until your dog reaches six months of age.

Females often show less aggression, but neutering your pet usually helps tremendously, especially with attitudes towards other dogs.

Your mixed breed may or may not have dog aggression but will likely have at least a moderate amount of prey drive.

Always use caution around other animals, especially small ones like cats and those with high flight potentials like sheep and horses.

Dietary Requirements Of The German Shepherd Pitbull

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix [2021] Sheppit GSD Hybrid Dog &  Puppy

In most cases, your German Shepherd Pitbull will be okay eating just about anything. Although as they age, you may want to consider creating a diet that is suitable for their current stage of life.

As puppies, youll want to give them wet food that is easy to digest and nourish them sufficiently while growing. Since theyre prone to bloating, youll want to train your pup to eat only what is necessary without eating too quickly or stuffing themselves.

As they go through various stages of development, youll want to ensure that their diet is balanced and healthy. Theyll have to take just the right amount of calories, protein, and sufficient nutrients. This will usually be indicated on the food packet and should be double-checked with your vet to ensure optimal growth.

You can consider supplementing their diet with extra nutrients and specifically calcium, as they age. Since theyre prone to bone problems, youll want to give them the best possible chance of postponing things like arthritis and dysplasia.

During their senior years, a senior diet will do wonders for them. So, be sure to constantly refer back to a vet before changing or supplementing their diet.

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American Pit Bull Terrier

Originally bred in the British Isles, the pit bull was a working dog that was used in hunting because the dog could easily take down wild boar. Later, the breed was also used in blood sports. The pit bull was primarily a farm dog, and like the shepherd, could be trained to work, protect livestock, and guard the farmer and their family.

Fun Facts About The German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

Despite the popularity of this mixs German Shepherd parent dog , the German Shepherd Pitbull mix is not a common dog. This is partly because Pitbulls are outlawed in certain countries or states. For example, in the United Kingdom, the Pitbull is a banned breed. The AKC does not recognize the Pitbull in its registry, but the United Kennel Club formally recognized the breed in 1898.

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German Shepherd Pit Bull Mix Appearance

The German shepherd pit bull mix is larger in appearance than the German shepherd and heavier than the American pit bull terrier. Shepherd pits mostly have the body of the pit bull, though leaner, and come in combinations of plain tan, white, or black, or have a unique tan coloring with a black saddle mark, like the German shepherd.

German Shepherd Pitbull Temperament

9 month old puppy |German Shepherd and Pitbull Mix

The German shepherd pitbull mix is generally a calm dog when it comes to people. However, it can often be quite timid, and it is known to have weak nerves.

While it is a friendly dog with humans when socialized properly, the same cannot be said with its interaction with other dogs. Taking after its Pitbull roots, this dog does not mix well with other dogs, which is when its aggressiveness is more prominent.

You can, of course, curb this aggression through proper training. Most of the time, you will get a very friendly, loyal, and loving dog breed. Just make sure you begin your training when your dog is a puppy. Get your dog socialized to a variety of different things, people, animals, and sounds.

The German Shepherd parent will also pass down intelligence to its offspring. You will notice right away just how smart your dog is. Your dog will be able to listen and pick up commands easily. You better watch out because your dog wont listen to you if you are not the alpha.

Despite the Pitbull parents reputation, you can train your dog to be a very loving and friendly dog. Just remember to give your dog all the love and patience back!

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Lets Meet The Parents

The parent breeds determine everything about a dog from appearance and temperament to its physical and nutritional needs.

Lets learn the most important details and make a German Shepherd vs Pitbull comparison:

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd breed originated in Germany in the 1800s, and its of medium to large size. This is among the most popular breeds, recognizable by its pointy ears and long muzzle. The coat colors are usually black, sable, gray, blue, and brown, but you can also find rare representatives in brindle.

These dogs are incredibly smart and loyal, but they need early training if you want to keep them as pets. Theyre naturally suspicious towards strangers and will guard your home with their lives. Its a working and herding breed thats an essential part of our police force for tasks like tracking criminals and detecting narcotics.

German Shepherds are easy to train and could be a good match for a first-time owner, but only if youre prepared to dedicate a lot of time to training and socializing them. Similar to a Pitbull mixed with a German Shepherd, these dogs require 12 hours of daily exercise and a high-protein diet. If you want to learn more about the breed, read our guide on German Shepherds.

American Pitbull Terrier

German Shepherd Pitbull Mixes Are Working Dogs

You may assume most dogs become badly behaved because their owners do not spend enough time with them, or they are the victims of abuse.

Perhaps biting dogs are simply the result of careless backyard breeding or they remain chained to a stake all day.

However, one of the most common causes of dogs acting out is a lack of exercise and mental enrichment.

Working dogs, especially, require more exercise than you might even imagine, and 30-minute walks do not cut it.

Both German Shepherds and Pit bulls are working dogs and, in some cases, performance animals.

Pit Bulls need 90 to 120 minutes of exercise daily, and some working Shepherds require over two hours of activity every day.

Expect your mix to require at least an hour and a half of exercise each day. You should split his exercise into a couple of sessions.

Ideally, half of his activities need to be strenuous. Additionally, dedicate about 25% or more of your German Sheppits exercise to training and socialization.

Training can include reviewing previously learned skills and teaching new behaviors. It can also involve engaging in team activities or performance events such as agility.

Treat socialization as an ongoing process for at least the first couple of years of your dogs life. Exercise requires commitment and imagination on your part for numerous reasons.

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Exercise Regime For The German Shepherd Pitbull

Start by walking your puppy for 5 minutes at a time. You can increase this by another 5 minutes every month until youre walking them for about 45 minutes at a time twice a day. While this sounds hard, its a simple walk to the park and back.

Your pup should be fine if you happen to skip a day but try to keep their regimen the same while theyre training. Since walking in public and walking on a leash will feel strange to them at first, you have to try to do this regularly so that they become accustomed to commands like stay and sit.

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix: Everything You Need To Learn Here

German Shepard/Pit Bull Mix Puppy 8 Weeks Old

The German Shepherd Pitbull is a mixed-breed dog that is a hybrid of the German Shepherd Dog and the American Pitbull Terrier. These pups are medium to large in size, lively, and loyal, and they have inherited some of their parents greatest qualities.

The German Shepherd Pitbull, also known as the German Sheppit or German Pit, is the result of a cross between two breeds that are both misunderstood due to the stigma attached to them.

Although both parental breeds have a tarnished image of being aggressive, this is not the case. While they have a more assertive disposition than other breeds, with the correct training and environment, they can be very affectionate and fun companions.

A magnificent hybrid with an intelligent, loyal, and loving attitude would result from crossing the two breeds. This dog would want to please the family and spend quality time with them.

  • Is the German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Right for You?
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    Appearance Of German Shepherd Pitbull

    When cross-breeding, you can never know how the puppies will look. If working with a breeder, you should have information on the puppies parents, but you cannot be sure even then.

    A GSP will often favor their pitbull side in terms of appearance. With a big head and short snout, they will grow to be a large dog. Most GSPs will reach 17-24 inches and can be anywhere from 40-90 pounds .

    Their coat can favor their German Shepherd side, growing slightly longer and leaning toward tan and black. Or they will have a short to medium coat that could be tan, black, white, gray, or a mixture of colors.

    However, from what we have seen, this mixs coat tends to stay on the shorter side, drawing more from its Pitbull origins.

    German Shepherd Pitbullmix Diet And Nutrition

    Feed your German Shepherd Pitbull Mix high-quality dog food or homemade food. Diet plans vary based on each dogs size and health status. You can contact a veterinarian before preparing a diet schedule to formulate according to their nutritional requirements. For an adult German Pit, you can serve 2 to 4 cups of food twice a day.

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    German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Breed Info Characteristics And Pictures

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    German Shepherd Pitbull Mix is a cross of German Shepherd and American Pitbull, also known as Shepherd Pit or German Sheppit. Its a medium to large size dog, at about 17 to 26 inches tall, weighing between 65 to 85 pounds. The lifespan of this crossbreed is around 10 to 12 years.

    I always emphasize the importance of checking that a breed is the right match for you and your family, so read on to see if the Pitbull German Shepherd mix is the dog for you.

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    A Temperament Better Than Expected

    Pet of the Week: German Shephard, Pit Bull mix puppies

    Pit Bulls passed temperament tests that gauged fear and aggression with an 86% rate in close to 1000 dogs. Similar numbers of Golden Retrievers passed with 85% success.

    Even accounting for breed misidentification and Pit Bull prevalence, Pit Bull Terriers continue to account for the majority of fatal dog attacks on both humans and domesticated animals.

    However, most bites still occur due to squalid or criminal environments from whence the Pit Bulls originate.

    Behaviorists and scientists frequently attest environment has the greatest effect on a dogs likelihood to bite, although you cannot completely disregard genetics.

    Once you account for Shepherds popularity, they rank No. 39 of dogs most likely to bite.

    Unfortunately, publications usually only show that Shepherds rank No. 4 in incidents behind Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and mixed-breed dogs.

    All this to say, you will have a mixed breed with negative publicity and stigma that you will have to invest a lot of time socializing and training.

    Otherwise, Pitbull Shepherds are good-looking, friendly dogs, loyal and affectionate to their owners and fun-loving, willing to please, and work-oriented.

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    How Much Activity Does This Crossbreed Need

    A Pitbull German Shepherd hybrid has a strong and robust physique and he requires plenty of physical activity. Hell need at least 90 minutes of exercise per day.

    You can take your dog on a one-hour jog or run in the morning and a 30-minute walk in the evening to keep him in the excellent physical condition and as release excess energy.

    Without a proper exercise regimen, he may exhibit unruly and destructive behaviors like excessive barking, hole-digging, or chewing on slippers.

    If you have no love of running , hopping on your bicycle and holding on to your dogs leash while letting him run beside you will do the trick.

    Remember to keep it slow with a German Pit puppy because his legs are shorter. After that age, you can increase your speed as long as he can keep up.

    He can also have some playtime, like romping in the dog park. Or maybe play some fetch and let him catch a frisbee so his brain gets a workout, too.

    These crossbreeds require a high level of physical and mental activity to be in their best form.

    Pitbull Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix And Families

    The Pitbull Rottweiler German Shepherd mix is a working dog that can be a spectacular companion for many types of families.

    Pitbulls have excellent adjustability and can do well with couples or large families. They also adapt to different living spaces if they get enough exercise. A Pitbull is happy to form bonds with all family members.

    German Shepherds tend to bond most strongly with one person although you can socialize them to be more family-oriented. Rottweilers are gregarious with the entire family, but they may pick one or two favorite people.

    Both Rotties and Shepherds will be protective of everyone in the household, seeing all members as belonging to their leader.

    Your mixed-breed dog will be social with the entire family although she may pick one to three favorite members. She will likely be at least mildly protective of your property but also social with your guests.

    Socialization is a consistent theme in this mix and is vital to its harmonious interactions with children.

    Your dog is likely to be a great playmate for your young ones but might not be so tolerant of unfamiliar children. The breed is generally friendly enough to warm up to youths with a proper introduction.

    Again, breed composition can play a part in how your dog reacts to strangers. Finally, be extra vigilant around toddlers because the Pittie Rottie GSD mix is strong, potentially rough, and rambunctious.

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    Final Thoughts On The German Shepherd Pitbull

    So, there you have it. Honestly, German Pits are exceptionally great dogs to have. Theyll eat just about anything, play with anyone they trust, and always have your back.

    Theyre good breeds to bring home to your family and will protect each individual at all costs. This does not make them vicious or evilit allows you to see their caring and loving side, and understanding this will help you develop a stronger bond with your pup.

    The only concession is that youll have to be sure you have what it takes to care for this beautiful breed, especially since youll most likely find your forever friend at a shelter or rescue center. They are not the easiest breed to maintain, especially if you give in to the stigma, but they are definitely so worth it.

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